Best Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets Reviews & Comparison

Best Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets: Buying Guide And Reviews

Best Paint Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets

Painting something to protect it from the elements, decorate it, hide imperfections or simply to make it look beautiful is a common process which has been around for many years. People paint their houses, cars, furniture, fences among other things all the time. Most of the time painting a substance achieve two purposes simultaneously –

  1. To protect the item from different weather elements, termites and other damaging substances.
  2. To make the substance look beautiful and eye pleasing. This is done either by painting parts of the surface which is also known as decorating or painting the whole surface.

You might be or have been in a situation in which you needed to paint something or are required to paint a surface and the project is not large enough to warrant the hiring of a professional you might try to do it yourself. You might have thought about utilizing a roller for painting a level surface or a brush for little articles. Then again, you might have considered purchasing a paint sprayer by virtue of its flexibility of being able paint a wide extent of things is it little or gigantic or its capacity to paint any sort of surface is it wooden, metallic or cement.

A paint sprayer is a contraption that uses air to shower a fine fog of paint through a spout onto a surface. It is also not limited to splashing just paint, it can in like manner shower ink or stain or any sort of defensive covering on a surface. It is a speedy and useful method of covering an item without a wreck or worrying about spillage. Due to its different advantages, a paint sprayer is an optimal choice for an enormous collection of painting occupations.

Paint sprayers are generally called pressure-driven sprayers reliant upon the way that they shower fluid by utilizing pressure. These are the furthest down the line decision to paintbrush and rollers and are totally controlled machines that will help you with expanding your quality game and license you to tackle undertakings faster than conventional means while in like manner giving a predominant and master result.

On the off chance that you are in the market to get yourself your very own paint sprayer yet don’t have even the remotest clue where to start or are overwhelmed by the number of decisions open, this article is an optimal one for you.

ProductPaint CupFormatWeightBuy Now
1. Graco 17D889 Handheld TrueCoat 360 VSP Paint SprayerF4-42oz FlexLiner BagsAirless6 pounds Buy This
2. Wagner SprayTech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer1 ½ quartHigh-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP)9.8 pounds Buy This
3. Fuji Spray 5175G – T75G Gravity Spray Gun600ccGravity Spray Gun1.95 pounds Buy This
4. HomeRight Paint Sprayer39 ouncesHigh-Volume Low-Pressure3.3 pounds Buy This
5. Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer1-½ quartHigh-Volume Low-Pressure2.11 pounds Buy This
6. Fuji Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System1 quartHigh-Volume Low-Pressure1 pound Buy This
  1. Graco 17D889 Handheld TrueCoat 360 VSP Paint Sprayer

Paint Cup – F4-42oz FlexLiner Bags

Format – Airless

Weight – 6 pounds

Hose/Cord Length – 1 foot

The Graco 17D889 Handheld paint sprayer is an airless format paint sprayer that is built for portability. It is equipped with variable speed control that lets you determine the speed and provides a control for all your spraying needs. It has a stainless-steel piston pump that facilitates you to use un-thinned paint at high pressure. Its VacuValve technology creates an airtight system allowing you to spray in any direction, even upside down. It can spray up to 25 gallons per year and comes included with a sprayer with 2 – 0.15 inches reversible spray tips, 4 inches narrow and 12 inches wide, 4 to 42oz FlexLiner Bags for fastest cleanup.


  • Affordable
  • Has built in paint cup
  • Paint cups have reusable FlexLiners
  • Can spray un-thinned paint


  • Cord length is just 1 foot
  • Cannot be used with external paint container
  1. Wagner SprayTech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Paint Cup – 1 ½ quart

Format – High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP)

Weight – 9.8 pounds

Hose/Cord Length – 20 feet

The Wagner SprayTech 0518080 HVLP is a handheld High-Volume Low-Pressure format paint sprayer. It can be used to paint a wide variety of materials and is fully adjustable. It has a pressure control dial and a material flow adjuster to give a perfect finish every time. It can spray is three different patterns namely – circular, vertical and horizontal. It also comes equipped with a reasonably long hose of length 20 feet for good reachability and also has a 1-½ quart cup size for storing the paint.


  • Has built in paint cup
  • Can spray un-thinned paint
  • HVLP format sprayer
  • Can paint variety of surfaces


  • Hose length is not very long
  • Cannot be used with external paint container
  1. Fuji Spray 5175G – T75G Gravity Spray Gun

Paint Cup – 600cc

Format – Gravity Spray Gun

Weight – 1.95 pounds

Hose/Cord Length – NA

The Fuji Gravity Spray Gun is a professional spray gun that features a side pattern control knob to adjust the size of the fan pattern. It has a non-bleed spray gun. It is very lightweight and portable. It comes equipped with a High-Efficiency Air cap for less overspray and superb atomization. It has stainless steel fluid components and a stay cool handle.


  • Has built in paint cup
  • Can spray un-thinned paint
  • Has less overspray
  • Very lightweight


  • Hose length is not very long
  • Cannot be used with external paint container
  • On the pricier side
  1. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Paint Cup – 39 ounces

Format – High-Volume Low-Pressure

Weight – 3.3 pounds

Hose/Cord Length – 20 inches

The HomeRight Finish Max Series Handheld Paint Sprayer is a High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) format paint sprayer that weighs just 3.3 pounds. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes with a powerful 450 Watts motor to allow you to achieve a powerful painting experience. It is suitable to paint on a variety of surfaces and is fully adjustable to suit the needs of any project. It also comes included with 3 brass tips of 4.0mm, 2.0mm and 1.5mm and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Has built in paint cup
  • Can spray un-thinned paint
  • Has less overspray
  • Very lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • Power Cord is not very long
  • Cannot be used with external paint container
  1. Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

Paint Cup – 1-½ quart

Format – High-Volume Low-Pressure

Weight – 2.11 pounds

Hose/Cord Length – 5 feet

The Wagner Flexio is a handheld High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer with a weight of just 454 grams. It has a 1-½ Quart cup and is 8x faster than a brush. The iSpray front end provides an improved spray pattern and delivers concentrated material output for faster coverage. It comes with an X-Boost turbine that delivers the power to spray the un-thinned interior and exterior paints and stains. The Wagner Flexio has an adjustable 10 Speed setting, adjustable pattern width, material flow control, low overspray and horizontal and vertical spray pattern. It is the ideal choice for painting decks, fences and walls.


  • Very affordable
  • Has its own paint cup
  • Completely adjustable
  • Very lightweight


  • Very small paint cup
  • Cord length is very small
  • Low build quality
  1. Fuji Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System

Paint Cup – 1 quart Format – High-Volume Low-Pressure Weight – 1 pound Hose/Cord Length – 25 feet To meet the growing demand of the DIY market, Fuji Spray has introduced the most powerful 2-stage system on the market. The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System offers features like no other in its price range. The Fuji M-Model Spray Gun has professional features such as non-bleed and a Fan Control Knob to adjust pattern size from small circular to wide (and all increments in between). A super-powerful 1400 watt 2-stage bypass motor in a metal turbine case with handy gun holder. HVLP Systems typically feature low wattage motors that are underpowered for most spraying. Its 2-stage version can handle any type of coating. The Semi-PRO 2 is for the serious user.


  • Has its own paint cup
  • Completely adjustable
  • Very lightweight
  • Very powerful 1400-watt motor


  • Very small paint cup
  • Hose length is relatively small
  • Very expensive

The different type of paint sprayers available in the market are: –

Different Types OF Paint Sprayers

Conventional/ Compressed Air paint sprayers – You might have thought about utilizing a roller for painting a level surface or a brush for little articles. Then again, you might have considered purchasing a paint sprayer by virtue of its flexibility of being able paint a wide extent of things is it little or gigantic or its capacity to paint any sort of surface is it wooden, metallic or cement.

These sorts of paint sprayers come furnished with a strain generator and tank where the compacted air is put away. Compacted Air paint sprayers accompany a strain monitor through which you can screen the tension of the air put away in the tank so that you can track down the ideal tension needed to paint the given surface.

While selecting to purchase a Compressed Air paint sprayer you should remember to look about the strain rating of the sprayer. The strain is estimated in Pressure per Square Inch or PSI, you ought to likewise take a gander at the tank size as these sorts of sprayers require that a constant stream of gaseous tension be kept up with all through the artistic creation process. Any drop in pressure will bring about the paint not being sprinkled as expected and give unwanted outcomes.

You ought to likewise investigate the CFM which represents Cubic Feet each Minute and is a proportion of the measure of air which is being delivered by the blower each moment. The CFM of the machine ought to be equivalent to or more than the CFM prerequisites of the splash firearm. On the off chance that the CFM is not exactly needed, you will encounter a drop in tension from the tank which will likewise make the paint splash out unevenly which will ultimately bring about a terrible paint work.

Airless Paint Sprayer – The most notable choice, as opposed to a compressed air paint sprayer, is the airless paint sprayer. They work on the norm of siphoning the paint out at an incredibly high strain instead of using the packed air to take the paint out with them to shape a fog of paint to fittingly and fairly cover the surface.

Airless paint sprayers are more able to be used with paint that is thicker as they handle thicker paint better when appearing differently in relation to standard compacted air ones or even the HVLP sprayers.

The essential advantages of airless paint sprayers are that they are the ones specifically that have the most vital strain rating. They similarly structure a superior fog of paint when appeared differently in relation to other paint sprayers. They can manage thicker liquid better than some other paint sprayer classification and they can help you with painting a gigantic surface quickly and viably.

High-Volume Low-Pressure paint sprayers (HVLP) – High-Volume Low-Pressure or HVLP paint sprayers work on the standard that a gigantic volume of air is used to pass on the paint drops to the surface. In light of using a colossal volume of airless tension is expected to push the paint out of the spout and along these lines, the paint goes at a more-slow rate diverged from airless or compacted air sprayers. These components help you with getting a smoother finish on a shallow level.

HVLP paint sprayers also waste less proportion of paint owing to the way that they work on lower pressure diverged from other paint sprayers yet are routinely more excessive than their partners. Something different you ought to bear in mind while using HVLP paint sprayers is to not use thick liquids with them like stains.

These sprayers are best used for painting furniture, doorway, windows and within the home. These are open in both handheld and external drive decisions and are lightweight. These are similarly the most un-requesting ones to use for youngsters and are ideally appropriate for little to medium paint occupations.

Pneumatic Paint Sprayer – Pneumatic Paint Sprayers depend on compacted air paint sprayers with the fundamental standard being that they additionally use packed air to make a fine paint fog. They are mind-blowing expecting you really wanted a smooth and even paint finish albeit like other paint sprayers that use compacted air, they are additionally disposed to over showering.

Pneumatic Paint Sprayers are the ones that provide you with the best fog of paint. They can additionally be used alternately with High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) and Low-Volume Low – Pressure (LVLP) weapons. The Pneumatic Paint Sprayer is also the loudest one among all the paint sprayers and requires a blower get together which may be hard to move.

Things to consider before buying a paint sprayer: –

How to drain an air compressor_ (2)

Overspray – Overspray is the particular thing you ought to keep in mind while using a paint sprayer. Overspray is how more paint is used than expected to cover a surface. Overspray is something common while using paint sprayers along these lines require the customer to be cautious while using it.

You can recognize overspray when the painted surface has an undesirable surface instead of a smooth one. Overspray can be of different sizes. By far most of the event’s fine particulates of the splash which stay suspended in the air settle down on a shallow level being painted and the result is the surface has a sandpaper-like brutal surface.

To a great extent in any case a gigantic globule can similarly fall on the painted surface and everything considered the surface takes after a raindrop that was frozen on a shallow level. The most widely recognized reasons for overspray are –

Wind – While you are painting in case there is a ton of wind blowing, the breeze might blow the paint particulates in an unexpected way in contrast to what is expected. This thus causes the paint task to become more earnestly difficult as the paint is being blown around causing overspray.

Air Pressure – In case you are utilizing your paint sprayer on a higher pressure setting, that also can be a reason for overspray. While utilizing a higher pressure than required paint is being sprayed at a higher speed from the spout as more air is travelling through the machine. This makes the paint sprinkle hard on a superficial level which will give a bothersome surface to the surface.

Spray Pattern – Wrong spray pattern is likewise one of the reasons for winding up with an overspray. In case you are utilizing an off-base spray pattern that is planned for the surface, you will wind up squandering more paint than required and furthermore getting an overspray. You ought to consistently change your spray tip prior to beginning a paint task to get the right spray pattern.

Distance from the target – The distance you remain from your objective likewise affects if you get overspray. Standing excessively close or excessively far from the surface likewise generally affects how the eventual outcome will resemble.

The greatest mix-up that individuals make is standing excessively near the surface to be painted. This makes more paint gets sprayed on a specific point which in the end drives the abundance of paint to trickle and causes the terrible looking dribble designs on what ought to have been a smooth surface.

If you are standing too far away from the surface then less amount of paint is going to reach the target and will require more amount of paint to be used to cover the particular area. Standing too far also causes the paint droplets to get suspended in the air and then settle down on the painted surface later which will lead to a rough texture of the paint.

Some ways to prevent overspray are as follows: –


  • Spraying in an enclosed area – Doing the paintwork in an encased region with appropriate ventilation is one of the least expensive and most effortless methods of forestalling overspray. Albeit an encased region must be utilized to paint a set number of articles and can’t be utilized to paint the walls of a house.
  • Using masking tape – In case there are a few regions that you don’t need your paint to spill to the most ideal way of doing that is to utilize a painter’s tape or a covering tape and stick them over the surface which should be shielded from paint. In the event that you don’t have any of those, you can likewise utilize papers orbits of material and stick them onto the surface to forestall paint spilling to them.
  • Using a different type of sprayer – Customary paint sprayers are the most infamous for over-splashing. You can change around to an airless sprayer or a high-volume low-pressure sprayer otherwise called an HVLP sprayer which has low pressure and give a better and more controllable spray to ensure that it is controlled effectively and diminishes the probability of over spraying.
  • Correcting the amount of pressure – Controlling the measure of pressure being utilized is likewise a modest, fast, and simple way of decreasing the amount of overspray. On the off chance that the paint seems, by all accounts, to be trickling down or you are devouring a ton of paint, you might need to decrease the pressure.

As a guideline, you ought to consistently begin from the least pressure accessible on your machine and afterward change likewise to the sort of work that you are doing. This empowers you that you are not spraying a great deal of paint consistently.

  • Using the correct nozzle size – Utilizing the right size of the spout is critical to the measure of shower coming out from the sprayer. On the off chance that you utilize a greater spout than is required you will spray more paint which will make the overabundant paint dribble drop bringing about terrible trickle surfaces. This is the excellent motivation behind why you should utilize the right spout size and not go with the one size fits all methodology. You ought to consistently keep various sizes of spouts to use with various kinds of occupations.
  • Using Electrostatic charge – Often used by professionals to paint primarily metal surfaces, it is the process in which the electrostatic charge of particles is increased so that the particles get attracted to the paint surface. This helps in the paint only sticking to the desired area without over-spraying and also gives a much smoother finish. The paint also sticks better to the surface when employing the electrostatic charge technique.
Paint sprayers go with particular power decisions. A couple of sprayers are generally the more impressive while some are more vulnerable in the relationship. Everything decreases to the essentials to the customer on what sort of strain in the sprayers is required. All things considered; most sprayers grant the customers to change the strain that is being used to help conform to the necessities of the work. But simultaneously a couple of sprayers will have more zenith power than the others while some various sprayers will allow you to control the splash indeed and besides slice down the showering strain to a lower level at whatever point required. Paint sprayers contrast in the extent of tension they can introduce. The standard is that the heavier the paint, the more basic is the tension that is required. Speed additionally has a basic effect on play in the choice of technique. The higher the power, the higher will be the proportion of paint coming out and the speedier will be the splashing speed. Choose the force as per the endeavor you’d be for the most part managing. In the event that you are basically going to be working side interest projects that by and large include painting little surfaces, for instance, pastime things, a moderate-volume sprayer would be sufficient for you. In any case, in the event that you are a specialist and need to manage enormous endeavors, you should simply go for a high-volume sprayer that wouldn’t make you stop a couple of times while at work just to have a top off. Picking the perfect measure of force for a splash weapon is the way to accomplishing great outcomes. Applying a lot of force on a surface that just expects you to splash a smidgen of paint will make a wreck of things and utilizing too little force while painting an enormous surface will make a lopsided paint cover and give an unpleasant surface.
While purchasing a paint shower machine one must additionally remember concerning what kinds of occupation they will do and where will they do the said work. The compactness of the paint sprayer will assume a colossal part of what kinds of ventures you will actually want to embrace and at what spots or areas can you utilize the paint sprayer. If you essentially need a paint sprayer for your own use that you will use to paint side interest things or DIY projects, a convenient paint sprayer isn’t required as by far most of the work you will do will be in an appropriate spot inside your home so a decent paint sprayer will perfectly fulfil your necessities. Of course, if what you will paint requires moving a ton, going to better places or painting an outstandingly huge thing like a house you ought to consider a paint sprayer that is more adaptable. Placing assets into a minimal paint sprayer will simplify it for you to heave it around to better places. Most minimal paint sprayers will either be light enough for you to get it and pass on it to the ideal region or will go with wheels joined to them with the objective that you can pull then, and assume any position required.
Hose Length
The third thing that you wanted to fathom while keeping watch for a paint splashing machine is the length of the hose that goes with the machine. The hose length that is outfitted with the machine in like manner expects a fundamental part in choosing how adequately you will really need to paint the surface. Hose length in like manner impacts the adaptability of the sprayer as a more-lengthy out hose will allow you to show up at more critical distances and cover greater locales while keeping the paint sprayer in a decent spot without the need to move it back and forth as you are painting. A more extended out hose similarly suggests that you will really need to paint surfaces that are higher up without needing to convey up the paint sprayer up the means or keep it raised by whatever different means which could hurt the sprayer if it tumbles from tallness as a result of any unforeseen circumstance. Having a more extended out drawn-out has a lot of benefits than choosing a paint sprayer with a more unobtrusive hose size. Not only is the more stretched out hose work with you to reach further without anguishing significantly over the situation of the shower machine yet can similarly be taken care of successfully or fell if you wind up requiring a more-humble hose.
Paint material compatibility
While you are wanting to buy a paint sprayer you should similarly look at the truth the similarity of paints that can be used in the sprayer. As there are different sorts of paints open in the market you should consider investigating a paint sprayer which maintains most if only one out of every odd one of such paints open watching out. Having a paint sprayer with a greater similarity rating can allow you to use different kinds of paints or stains in your paint sprayer. You realize what work you by and by requiring the paint sprayer to do, yet also recall the future prospects. For example, if or by and by you wanted to paint the outside of your house and you get a paint sprayer that is reasonable with simply that kind of paint you will be adequately prepared to deal with your work. Regardless, the thing may be said about later on you decide to paint the entrances and windows of your home too to even think about reasoning the paint sprayer you bought doesn’t maintain those sorts of paints. You will be left with a paint sprayer that can be used to accomplish only one work. You should in like manner never put conflicting paint inside a paint sprayer as it would hurt the machine. A paint sprayer works on the standard of pushing compacted air out the spout close by the paint and if the paint is contrary it may end up discouraging the spout or more deplorable yet hurting the entire machine.
Nozzle Tips
When buying or using a paint splashing weapon you ought to consider the different kinds of spouts available for the particular machine. Picking a fitting spout is key to completing the work suitably and capably. Each splash work requires the usage of different kinds of shower tips. The following are a couple of clues on the most ideal way of picking the right spout for the right work: – • Prior to starting, explore the kind of assignment to be done and the covering that ought to be applied. If the surface to be painted requires a thicker covering you ought to use a spout with greater size than is required for a lighter covering. • After you have picked the appropriate size of spout to use depending upon the thickness of the coat to be applied, you should next look at the size of the surface to be painted. Depending on the size of the goal surface, a reasonable fan width ought to be picked i.e., the shape where the paint fog will rise out of the shower weapon. Fundamentally, put on the off chance that you are painting a huge surface; you will require a greater fan width. A greater fan width licenses you to cover more surface area on the objective while furthermore allowing you to get to some degree close to the objective without the risk of over showering. Of course, if the objective locale to be painted is little you will require a little fan width that has a more engaged shower arising out of the spout. Notwithstanding this reality, you wanted to make sure to be further away from the objective to stay away from over showering. • Lastly, you really wanted to look at the splash tip that is should have been used so it is suitable with the shower firearm. The similarity of shower weapons with different sorts of tips is open in the manual or on the maker’s site.
Painting Area
Painting locale is another subject that should be contemplated while buying a splash firearm. The size of the surface to be painted and the kind of surface to be painted expects significant parts in picking which paint sprayer to get. In the event that painting a bigger region, an airless paint sprayer or a High-Volume Low-tension or HVLP sprayer may be a superior decision attributable to the way that they can shower quicker than their partners and can accelerate the artistic creation process impressively. Likewise, while painting a more modest surface a regular sprayer may toll better as there isn’t a ton of region to be painted, henceforth utilizing an airless or HVLP sprayer might squander more paint than is required. In case you are seeming to paint a metal surface an electrostatic paint sprayer may be more achievable as the electrostatic paint sprayer utilizes an attractive field to compel the paint particles to adhere to the outer layer of the metal giving a truly smooth completion meanwhile likewise expanding the grip of paint to the metal surface. Volume/Capacity – Choose the size of the undertaking you’d be by and large working on. In the event that you are essentially going to be working on interest projects that for the most part include showering little surfaces, for instance, make things, you’d be a great idea to go even with a moderate-volume splash firearm. In any case, on the off chance that you are a specialist and need to manage enormous errands, you should simply go for a high-volume shower firearm that wouldn’t make them stop a couple of times while at work just to have a top off.

Tips and Tricks for Spray Painting Cabinets: –Tips and Tricks for Spray Painting Cabinets: -

Adjust your sprayer with the goal that it is on the most reduced strain setting while at the same time beginning the artistic creation process. First as opposed to showering on the cabinet surface splash on the outer layer of an old paper and cardboard to figure out the shower weapon and furthermore change its tension appropriately. At the point when the tension is low the paint will be lopsided. Continue to expand the strain until you begin getting an even paint splash.

  • Clean the cabinets thoroughly before you start painting it. Unscrew the doors of the cabinet and use warm water, wash them properly. Make sure that the surface is completely clear from any grease, oil or debris. After cleaning dry them in the sun.
  • To avoid the paint getting sprayed on other parts of your house and the fumes being accumulated which can lead to a choking hazard take the cabinet that you intend to paint outside in a clean, dry and well-ventilated area so that the fumes can get dissipated easily.
  • If your cabinet cannot be removed, then make sure that you cover all the surfaces near the cabinet like the wall, kitchen countertop, ceiling, taps and other things properly so that paint does not get to them.
  • Remove all appliances and utensils from near the cabinet and keep it in a safe location.
  • After that sand the surface of the cabinet thoroughly for better adhesion of the paint to the surface and sanding the surface will also make it even,
  • After you have sanded the cabinet use putty to fix cracks or holes and after the putty has dried sand it again.
  • Brush the surface of the cabinet so that all the sanding powder and other residue is removed from the surface.
  • To get an anticipated layer of paint onto the divider surface you really wanted to keep the shower gun at an even distance of 10 – 12 creeps from the target surface. You should moreover, make sure to reliably keep the gun at a state of 90 degrees to the divider as it will achieve an even and smooth completion.
  • After you have got the cabinet ready and your paint gun is ready spray paint primer on the entire cabinet surface and let it dry.
  • Then take a sanding paper and smooth out the primer surface and you are ready to put in paint in your sprayer and start painting.
  • Before you begin showering on the cabinet ensure that you have concealed off the hinges, knobs, handles, legs, design elements that you don’t want to paint or want to paint separately and whatever other parts that you would prefer not to be painted. You can utilize painters’ tape or covering tape or you could modest out and utilize old papers or clothes and tape them to the outer layer of entryways and windows.
  • You ought to consistently keep the holder containing the paint covered. You don’t have to keep the paint pail open to put the admission hose in it. Keeping it open will permit residue and soil to fall into the paint making it give awful outcomes and may even wind up stopping up the spout of the splash weapon. All things being equal, you can simply eliminate the more modest cap from the paint pail and feed the admission hose through it. This will keep the paint from evaporating rapidly and furthermore shield it from residue and garbage.
  • Always cross over 50% of the example and keep the firearm moving. You should begin moving the firearm prior to pulling the trigger as this will keep inordinate paint from falling onto the surface to the divider.
  • In the end, you will in like manner require a brush to complete the technique associated with painting as unfortunately splash painting will not accomplish the work completely. After you are done painting the divider surface with the paint sprayer, you ought to use a brush to fill in paint into little breaks and openings to give 100% paint inclusion.
Pros of Using a Paint Sprayer: -
It is faster than using brush or roller and allows you to cover a large area in a relatively small amount of time.
• It gives a smooth and even finish and does not leave behind the nasty looking brush strokes or roller marks that you get while using a brush or roller.
• The paint dries up much faster than using conventional means as the paint is sprayed in a fine mist and forms a thin layer of the surface.
• Ability to choose different types of spray nozzles and therefore choosing to be more precise or being able to paint a larger area.
Cons of Using a Paint Sprayer: -
•The equipment required is a lot more expensive than conventional methods that use rollers or brushes.
• Unable to cover imperfections on the wall surface owing to the fact that the painted layer is very thin and therefore cannot hide dents and cracks.
• It requires a lot of clean up after the painting process is over as spray painting is bound to cause overspray’s, paint spilling and dripping so the post painting clean-up process gets a lot harder.
• As most paint sprayers work on the principle of spraying paint at a high speed and pressure therefore it is not the ideal choice to paint small surfaces or detailing objects as the paint would not be restricted to that specific area alone.


  • There is no definitive answer to the amount of cost that can be incurred to spray paint a kitchen cabinet. Although considering that it is a medium size project and excluding the onetime cost of buying a paint sprayer the cost can range anywhere from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000.

While painting a kitchen cabinet using a paint sprayer it is best to use a spray tip of 311 as it gives a 6-inch spray fan which is ideal for paint small surfaces.

There a lot of steps to spray paint a cabinet. From opening up the cabinet doors to cleaning it, covering up hinges and nearby places so that they do not get splashed. This article mentions all the steps involved for spray painting a cabinet.

It is better to paint your kitchen cabinets using a paint sprayer rather than using a brush. The first reason being that using a paint sprayer gives a smooth and even finish on the surface of the cabinet. Secondly using a sprayer provides an even coat of paint throughout while using a brush causes brush stroke marks in the paint which does not give an appealing look.


Spray painting a kitchen cabinet might seem like an easy task but in reality, is a lot more complicated than just grabbing a paint sprayer and splashing it down with paint. From choosing the right sprayer for the project, to preparing the cabinets for painting and the entire painting process is a very involved and delicate process. Being careful or making a single mistake like overlooking a crucial step can cause to get undesirable results. But if you follow all the points, tips and tricks mentioned from getting your very first paint sprayer for painting your kitchen cabinet, you will have a perfectly good result. More over spray painting equipment is a one-time investment and can reduce the time it is required to paint your furniture and you can even do it yourself without hiring any professional.

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