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A tool belt is your best friend as it hugs you tight and provides a portable caddy for you. Your hands become free and you get easy access to your darlings a.k.a. Tools.

Why do you need a tool belt?

The tool belt is much-needed workwear. You have to wear it so you can move effortlessly whether on a roof or a ladder. It makes you more productive on the worksite.

Some of the Trusted Tool Belt Brands    

Have you persistently heard of some brands more than others? Did you notice more than 75% of positive reviews on their products? Well, we are going to enlist some of the top-of-the-line brands.

Why’re you waiting then choose the best Tool Belt reviews by brand:

DeWalt_ A voguish American manufacturer of power tools and hand tools is a registered trademark of Black & Decker Inc.

TradeGear_ A family-owned company since 1937 that distributes its product in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

ToughBuilt_ The US-based firm that offers products in the building and construction industry.

Gatorback_ Contractor Pro promises its users tough, innovative products that increase their outturn.

Style N Craft_ A go-to organization for a leather freak with the unique built-in discount mechanism of Buy More, Save More.

CLC_ Custom Leather Craft is a Sweden-based manufacturer, a renowned name in work gear and protective equipment.

R Dawg_ The novel-online business acquired by Ryan out of Massachusetts provides and educates about products.

Bucket Boss_ In 1987two men based in Minnesota carry their tools in 5-gallon buckets created this brand.

Reviews of the Best Tool Belt Available

Picking a Tool Belt for you is a bit confusing as there are so many options available in the market. But keep in mind that you have to cherry-pick the one which suits your style while giving an ergonomic fit. Consider all the aspects in terms of materials and styles to choose from. We have reviewed the top best-rated Tool Belts for adults as well as kids which are available online so that you can say Ta-Ta to your worries and buy a Tool Belt right away.

  1. Custom Leathercraft DEWALT Tool Belt 

If you want a premium quality tool belt then don’t curb your needs. Instead, buy this combo apron Toolbelt that has yoke-style suspenders to make even a full load of tools feel lightweight. Don’t strain yourself for storage as it has plenty. After wearing DeWalt you easily forget the tension in your muscles as its adjustable suspenders have dri-lex 5-inch padded shoulder straps. Some complaints about this product are about its cell phone holder which didn’t fit today’s smartphones very well. Some users are unsatisfied by its suspenders who are attached to the main belt by a Velcro loop, rather than anything stitched. 

Material: Padded air-mesh fabric, Number of Pockets: 20, Waist Size: 29–49 in.

Buy Custom Leathercraft DEWALT Tool Belt

  1. TradeGear Electricians Tool Belt

Looking for heavy-duty workwear? Go for TradeGear’s burly 600-denier nylon tool belt which is adjustable and bears a heavy load. This belt has to carry handles which make it easy to tote around. Its secure grip and adequate space give enough room for your tools. Some users reviewed that because of the sagginess of its pockets their tools are falling out. Plus, its material and stiffness make it bulkier than other tool belts.

Material: 600D nylon, Number of Pockets: 27, Size Range: S–XXXL

Buy TradeGear Tool Belt

  1. ToughBuilt – Contractor Tool Belt

ToughBuilt Tool Belt sets some new level of threshold just to give a professional feel to its users. It offers the expediency of being able to take your full toolbox wherever you go while keeping your hands absolutely free. Its padded belt and Patented Clip-Tech pouches clip on & off any belt. Its users usually complain that its material is stiff and it didn’t break in like leather. And some say that it didn’t rest in centre. Find more electrician tool belt and contractors tool belts here.

Material: Rugged 6-Layer Construction, Number of Pockets: 15, Size range: 32–48 in.

Buy ToughBuilt – Contractor Tool Belt

  1. Gatorback Tool Belt

Prone to an aching back after long hours of work? If yes, then the Gatorback tool belt is the go-to for you. Its padded memory foam cushioned you and aids to ease your movements. Its fabric is airy and you can work in the summer heat. Also, it has convenient carrying handles. Your tools will stay in place due to their plenty of pockets. Some reviewed that its suspenders aren’t snug enough and rub on the neck if not wear a shirt.

Material: Dura Tek nylon, Number of Pockets: 11, Size range: 26–55 inc.

Buy Gatorback Tool Belt

  1. Style N Craft Tool Belt

Want a sleek yet classic look? Buy yourself a tanned leather Tool Belt from Style N Craft. Its two pouches are stitched by lasting durable nylon thread. It is specially designed for framing projects. An added feature in its look is its pockets which have a suede-like interior contrasted by a dark exterior for tool visibility. Its roller buckle and double-prong design are easy to put on. But some users said that it’s not secure enough. Also, they claim that it has poor stitches with a thin belt. With that, some reviewed its tape pocket which is small and didn’t secure 30ft tape.  check more framing tool belts.

Material: Top-grain oiled leather, Number of Pockets: 17, Size range: 36–46 inc.

Buy Style N Craft Tool Belt

  1. CLC Leather Tool Belt

This versatile yet padded tool belt offers all pouches and parts to be removed or changed. Its stay-open feature on the main pockets allows easy access to contents. Also, it has easy-to-carry handles that provide for simple adjustments, easy carrying & storage without spilling. Some reviewed that it’s not durable enough as the stitches and material ripped off the rivet from the belt loop. Check more leather tool belts here.

Material: ballistic poly fabric, Number of Pockets: 17/18/20 Size range: 29–55 in.

Buy CLC leather Tool Belt

  1. R Dawg  Suede Leather Tool Belt

Upgrade your existing Tool Belt with R Dawg leather workwear. It is quite adjustable for anyone to use. Plus, you can wear it on either front or back depending on your muscle memory and experience. The best thing about its padded strap is that it helps to increase your productivity and comfort.

Material: Suede Leather, Number of Pockets: 11 Size range: 32–45 in.

Buy R Dawg 11-Pocket Suede Leather Tool Belt

  1. Bucket Boss Tool Belt

Padded shoulders of the suspenders and inside the belt provide amply cushioning for comfort. Large metal grommets on the belt with a steel slide buckle allow for easy belt adjustments while creating a snug fit around the hips. Some reviewed about its sagginess which lays difficulty while moving. Its poor stitching and Velcro strap ruined the belt handles.

Material: Canvas, Number of Pockets: 12 Size range: up to 52

Buy Bucket Boss Tool Belt

Things to consider while Buying tool belt

The simple definition of the best tool belt is one that holds every tool you need it to. This varies for everyone no matter what type of work they do. It is better to get woodworking aprons or pouches in case tool belts is not a fit for your profession.

So, now when you set your mind to buy a Tool Belt for you, it is vital for you to know all the facts regarding the ergonomic style, the material used, stitching, no. of pockets, size range, etc. just to make a sound decision. Before taking a decision in rush just scroll to see our tips for picking out the right Tool Belt for you.

Durability and ComfortPocket Depth and sturdinessCustomizable and Adjustables Straps/Pouches:Buckle Mechanism:

A hug-quality tool belt should be robust enough to withstand the toughest situations. Leather and Nylon fabric is a good option, both materials when sewn and riveted with good, sturdy fasteners, can handle the weight of a lot of tools and stand up to day-to-day wear and tear. They are comfortable and soft to wear. It doesn’t dig into your waist as you move around and you feel a bit lighter. So, if you have some back issues, you can consider the low-weight fabric.

Canvas is used in many tool belts because of its thickness and lighter weight. Thick canvas isn’t as durable as leather, but it can withstand damage better than thin polyester material.

Contactors are involved in day-to-day work, roofing today, framing tomorrow, or installing moldings the next day may be. For that matter look at the one which accommodates your varied tools.
Though some tool belts have fixed straps and pouches, which doesn’t allow for you to customize as easily from one day to the next. But if you follow different regimes each day you should consider a system that gives you slide-off tool holders. This means that as the job changes, you can simply remove pouches with tools you no longer need and add pouches that have the things you do need.
Also look closely at the buckle mechanism, if it looks like a possible failure point in the future then pass on it. You want a simple buckle that is easy to use but provides a sturdy clasp.
Maintenance and Care of Tool Belt
Every workwear needs proper upkeep, right? For that you can soap your tool belt with glycerine soap (manufacturers recommend to condition) to entrenched moisture and flexibility to the leather, without drying it as soaking in water will do. In the end, you can Oil your pouches with neatsfoot or mink oil that eventually soften the natural binding. For materials other than leather you can just scrub off the dirt with a mesh brush.

Review of the Best Suspender for Tool Belt

Occidental Leather suspenders

You can go for Occidental Leather suspenders for an easy ergonomic fit. Its ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set gives you a cushioned feel. The plus of these suspenders is their extremely comfortable and even weight distribution. Also, its heavy-duty spring clips snap on and off the leather loop attachment system. Buy Here

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The tool belt is the perfect example of safety, convenience, and comfort by carrying all the necessary equipment at your fingertips. This is the chief reason for its high demand for the longest of time. The above guide is to help you choose the right Toolbelt for your needs like framing, carpentryhvac electrical work, and so on. The tool belt is your must-have because it helps you to complete the given task timely and with precision. So, what’s the rush when you have us! Choose from the above Tool Belts and get yourself one. Happy buying!