5 Best Wagner Paint Sprayer Reviews & Comparison

Top Wagner Paint Sprayer: Review And Buying Guide

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Want to get rid of that traditional-messy brush? If yes, then buy this Wagner Paint Sprayer. Roll out the barrels for the uniform distribution on almost every surface whether it is concrete, rubber, wood, or stucco. Therefore, bring captivating and vibrant colours to your home with this Wagner Power Painter and invite a sense of comfort, tranquillity, style, and enchantment into your space.

This all-rounder yet user-friendly technology will enliven your walls and ceilings with colour or even redesign them. Their products are a perfect fit for novelties, eminence, and efficiency. And why not? A beast of a project calls for a beast of a sprayer.

This coating technology will give extra comfort to not just DIYers but some industrial maestros as well. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get Wagner pain gun and sprayer with Airless, Aircoat, or PlastCoat technique. Say goodbye to pain while painting and choose the right painting tool. WORK SMART, NOT HARD!

Product NamePower SourceItem WeightItem Dimensions LxWxHBuy Now
1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint SprayerAc/dc9.8 Pounds18.5 x 12 x 12 inches Buy This
2. Wagner Spraytech 0417005 HVLP Control Spray Stain SprayerAc/dc3.39 pounds16.51 x 24.94 x 27.31 inches Buy This
3. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer‎Corded Electric‎2.11 pounds15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 inches Buy This
4. Wagner Spraytech 0520000 Power Tax Electric Corded Texture Paint SprayerNA‎2.75 pounds9.5 x 13 x 11.6 inches Buy This
5. Wagner 0529033 Home Décor HVLP Paint SprayerNA1.08 Pounds12 x 10 x 10 inches Buy This

Wagner Has 5 Series of Sprayers – Which One Is Right for You?

Wagner gives you a range of products and paints any sized wall at home or work. Their premium qualities instil some of the vibrant colours in your surroundings. We realize that you find it difficult to chase the best Sprayer for you. For that matter, we ease this process for you and enlist five of the best sprayers from Wagner. Let’s dive in and narrow your search of the best Spraytech.

  1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Prominent Features

Paint Cup: 1 ½ quarter/32 fl. Oz & 45 fl. Oz

Format: Control Spray Max

Weight: 9.8 Pounds

Hose/Cord Length

Are you tired of being on a ladder for hours with rollers dipping in a paint tray only just to paint a wall? Isn’t it a tiring arm workout? Don’t you worry because Wagner is here to make your days less laborious by introducing its new product “HVLP Paint Sprayer”.

This paint sprayer uses its special HVLP technology and gives a smooth, polished, and even coverage in less than 10 minutes. Now the question is which features does it use to give you the professional look? The HLVP which stands for High volume low pressure and the fitted air filters plays a key role by evenly separating liquid paint into fine particles, giving minimalistic and less over paint look you desire.

Further, the next area of interest is its usability, is that easy to use? For sure, this gun gives you the best spray in terms of its thickness on a variety of materials such as stains, sealers, and oil-based paint. Its HLVP technology lowers the risk of damaging any material, thus allowing the user to paint it on various kinds of surfaces. Moreover, the clear directions make it easier to set up and user-friendly. Its two-stage turbine pushes its limit at best, thus allowing the spray to easily paint the whole painting project in shorter time. In addition, the way its designs are assembled, increases its usability to almost all painters void of any experience. Plus, you might be hoping if it’s no louder than a vacuum cleaner, right? I am more than happy to announce that it’s not flashier than that!

The second most important feature that you might be concerned about is its PRICE, because why not. So, considering the technology it possesses, it’s affordable because it is multi-purposeful and more assembled than a whole paint tool kit. Plus, the result it shows is surely the most satisfactory and ideal for do-it-yourselfers alike or homeowners.

Furthermore, what makes our Wagner spray different from other sprayers, traditional brushes/rollers? The uniqueness lies in its significant features i.e., the spray’s powerful turbine and the long and sturdy 20-foot flex air hose allows the user to control the pressure and give the result they need. The adjustable spray patterns from 1/2″ to 12″ wide helps you with better optimum control to get the finest work with no overspray. Plus, it comes in size width of 0.5- 12 inches allowing users to alter it according to their want. Not only that, but it also provides you three different spraying patterns including horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, and adjustable flow and to alter these, you can align the nozzle and air cap to any direction of your own. Also, you might be worried about the spray having the capacity to withstand the workload? There’s no need to stress out about its recharging or a dead battery because the Wagner 05108080 model is a corded paint sprayer.

The next best characteristic is that it’s handy to use than the other weightage motor sprays. So, you just need to hold the spray and its cup and easily around your workspace. To make this product more convenient, Wagner has introduced a 20-foot lengthy hose to reduce the usage of other downing tools, making it easier for you all to save time and complete your task quickly. Additionally, for ladder-reaching coverage projects, here the sprayer gives the aid by providing durable metal-framed cartwheels, creating ease to move through different areas efficiently.

Most importantly, there comes the credentials to use our product. So, by starting, you need to twist the handle first. Then make sure to connect the lengthy hose between the pistol and turbine. To give this a start, shift the paint into the basing and choose a spray pattern you wish to paint. Turn the power on and there you go.

So far, the Wagner Spraytech unique, convenient, and versatile characteristics surely have convinced you to give it a try and make your life way easier.


  • Control yet consistence finish nozzle
  • Air power adjustment
  • Contains powerful two-stage turbine
  • User friendly
  • Extended and durable hose
  • Three different spray patterns


  • Not For Latex or Acrylic Paint
  • Better with thin stains
  • Nozzle size is fixed
  1. Wagner Spraytech 0417005 HVLP Control Spray Stain Sprayer

Prominent Features

Paint Cup: 1 quarter/32 fl. Oz

Format: Control Spray stain sprayer

Weight: ‎3.39 pounds

Hose/Cord Length: 3-wire extension cord

Another efficient and control model of Wagner is its HVLP Control Spray stain sprayer. This Spraytech works tremendously fine on thin materials. You can grab this one for your small outdoor projects such as patio furniture, small decks, wood décor, and more.

Their rheostat nozzles give a smooth yet solid finish on light-bodied materials such as stain, sealer, urethane, varnish, and enamels. What is the best part? Its three patterns give you a variety of shapes like horizontal, vertical, or narrow round to suit your space. You just need to turn the air can spray the paint.

This control spray painter has adjusters which control the material flow when you tap the trigger button. You can easily enhance and reduce the coating output for an even finish. This tool is specifically for small projects is the best thing in the market. But don’t stress as you can do some outside work as well. You can do minor redesigning tasks in a few minutes with less overspray. The variable trigger can use to spray from ½-inch wide to 6-inch-wide patterns.

With this, you don’t have to run after professionals you can get a fine finish of your lawn furniture or strain your deck by its continuous flow of air turbine which operates at the Air Flow Rate of 40 CFM.

The usual spray tech takes hours to clean but the Wagner Control Spray stain sprayer takes less than 5 minutes to set up and less than 10 minutes to clean. Isn’t it a relief?

Why it is called efficient and a time saver? It is due to its headlong turbine of stage 1 that can spray up to 4.1 oz. per minute with a maximum pressure of 4 PSI. Second, it’s 32 fl. Oz plastic cup holds enough paint for a small project. You don’t need to refill it again and again. Additionally, appreciate its simple engineering which causes its part easy to clean.


  • Control finish nozzle
  • Nozzle adjustable to 3 positions
  • Powerful and integrated air tribune
  • Replaceable filters
  • Replaceable filters
  • Variable flow trigger to control paint flow


  • Not ideal for larger projects
  1. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

Prominent Features

Paint Cup: 1 ½ quarter

Format: FLEXiO 590 hand-held HVLP sprayer kit

Weight: 2.11 pounds

Hose/Cord Length: 15-ft high-flex hose

Looking for a paint spray that can be used on various surfaces? Here we are introducing you to FLEXiO 590 that full fills all the purpose of spraying your indoor and outdoor appliances. This is the best Wagner spray paint for cabinets and can be applied to other several surfaces including exterior siding, fences, walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, trim, etc.

Further, how this product differs from other paint sprayers in market? So, its uniqueness lies in its features. It offers two different nozzles i.e., a larger and a smaller nozzle. The larger nozzle known as “iSpray nozzle” aids in spraying the larger paint job such as walls. Whereas, the smaller nozzle act as a “Detail Finish nozzle” to give a fine detailing on materials such as trim, furniture, etc.

Interestingly, you can also add the undiluted paint in the can to avoid having thin paint texture. Thus, this act as a great time saver and gives an efficient quality. Another characteristic is its X-boost power dial that provides the option of spraying with 10 different speed ranges. This will allow you to control the flow of material, giving you the result, you want and making you, own FLEXiO 590.

In addition, the spray comes with horizontal and vertical pattern settings, giving you the choice to wide or narrow the spray pattern on your own. Hence, unlike rollers it will allow you to coat the edges more quickly and easily. Its X-boost turbine produces three times more power you require than any other spray gun for un-thinned interior paints, or stains and exterior paints.

Plus, it also has a pressure-sensitive alarm aiding in controlling the paint material and avoiding overspray. Moreover, spray gun is light and handy for its users, and it also produces low noise being more convenient to our customers.

Furthermore, the next most important to consider is how it works. To start the motor, you must pull the trigger halfway. This basically gives turbine to get fully charged and have the balanced adjustable flow. Then to spray the paint out, pull the trigger to its full way back. Hence, this produces a smooth, clean finished look to your material.

Nevertheless, the maintenance of our FLEXiO is easier than any other spray. You just must follow the guide while cleaning the filters, nozzle, and air valve tubes. Also, to wash the reservoir, fill it with a cleaning solution and pull the trigger for some time.

So far, so good right?


    • Swift Coating
    • Sturdy with the x-boost power dial
    • Multipurpose for interior or exterior


  • Quick alternative Nozzle
  • Laid-back Cleaning
  • Wagner warranty



  • It has a learning curve, but you will get used to it quickly
  • With a full paint cup, this device may not be the lightest for large jobs
  1. Wagner Spraytec Power Tax Electric Corded Texture Paint Sprayer

Prominent Features

Paint Cup: 1 gallon hopper


Weight: ‎2.75 pounds

Hose/Cord Length: 20-35 extension cord

Layering is an important procedure while painting. But you need to ensure that while layering the last layer, your end-product must result in a finished one. Apply it properly as that soft texture is going to be seen by people. In that case, I advise you to go for Wagner Power Tex Texture Spray Gun as we all know that applying textured paint by hand can be tedious, right?

Tell you about its intense tribune system. Okay, so Wagner Power Tex Texture Spray Gun uses an air turbine instead of a compressor to drive the paint into an air spray gun. As it is a gun, don’t expect that it expels bullets but for sure it hit the paint in the right direction and within no time. This wholesome Spraytech is a bit big but you’ll be able to manage it in your arms because of its built-in armrest.

Another awesome feature is its three-point Adjustable Paint Hopper a.k.a. the sole source of your paint for the projects. This ideal container will give you ample capacity of approx. 1 gallon to provide enough paint. The best possible thing? This Adjustable Paint Hopper of your Spraytech can be moved into varied positions so that it can be better supported and make it to be stable while refilling.

What about nozzles, right? So, it has three dissimilar nozzles which vary not just in dimension but in their impact as well. you need to choose in parallel with your requirements and then you need to adjust the specific nozzle in it. Variations are Acoustical Popcorn style, smoother Orange Peel style, or aesthetic knockdown style.

What’s novel in it? Its Lock-n-Go spec is distinguished from all other models. As the name suggests it hooks up and disassemble parts easily and swiftly. Now, this feature helps the Wagner Spraytech for cleaning purposes which later affect its performance.

What’s its target area? Specifically, it is for those who want to paint the exterior of their living space. It gives you a spectacular three types of texture to your outers. You just need to choose the right nozzle (whose pattern you love the most).


  • Adjustable Hopper
  • Lock-n-go Tech
  • Three Nozzles Included: Popcorn, Knockdown, and Orange Peel
  • No air compressor required
  • Quick assembly and clean-up
  • Built-in arm rest
  • Easily paint large areas
  • Applies textured finishes on walls, ceilings, and other hard surfaces


  • Squeezing the trigger on the unit for extended periods can be tiresome
  • Gets clogged frequent
  1. Wagner 0529033 Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer

Prominent Features

Paint Cup: 20 ounces

Format: Home Décor sprayer

Weight: 1.08 Pounds

Hose/Cord Length: 6 ft. air hose

Want to fill vibrancy in your furniture, cabinets, decks, or anything else? Grab Wagner Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer right away! Make the first-rate choice by bringing this to your home. It’s handy engineering, easy refilling of paint, kick start your job without fuss.

This tool will become your go-to partner who never leaves any brush marks behind. Instead, it guarantees a smooth finishing of your stuff.

Pro tip: make sure to decrease the viscosity of your paint. This technique not just prevents your sprayer from getting clogged in the hose around the nozzle. But it heightened the longevity of your Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer.

Its design does not just paint trims and furniture but it also works well for full-fledged wall paint jobs and smaller interior design painting jobs. What’s new? You can use finishing materials like chalk-type paint, stains, sealers, and lacquers and milk paint. The prerequisite of such thick paints is to use a thinner and don’t worry they provide you with a measurement gauge to ensure the exact dilution.

Wagner Home Décor HVLP Paint Sprayer is thought-provoking in a way that it takes care of those who have little space. That is why they designed this sprayer in such a way that it not just seems light in weight but also have a compact body. This feature adds up in its perks and advanced its convenience and manoeuvrability in every genre on the project.

Another spec of it is a handle in the turbine casing which offers effortless portability. With that, you can commence your operation with a substantial top-mounted on/off button. What about its power motor? Well, it is powered by an external turbine motor of 460-watt. The best thing about its turbine is that it is fixed in an external casing instead of the spray gun unit. What difference it can cause? The heaviness is taken off your hands. Your lethargy is reduced which eventually assist you to work for longer without hand, arm, or wrist ache. This feature makes it ideal for seniors as well who lacks strength.

Who are its target audience? This Spraytech is for artisans, hobbyists, and crafters who are looking to redesign their space. This complete unit is suitable for their medium-sized artwork and upcycling.

Want to know about its hose and nozzle? Its 6 ft. non-curving hose offer enough freedom and control to its users. However, its crafting nozzle allows you to have three different spray patterns. Its horizontal and vertical pattern is for bigger zones such as dressers or desktops. The circular mode is for narrower materials, e.g., spindles or chair legs. With that its material flow dial gives you a tuned paint volume output to match your base material. By its flow dial you can expel paint by adjusters i.e., if you’re retouching a dark base with a lighter one then surely it is the best choice.

Keep in mind: that the control mechanism isn’t applicable as its turbine power isn’t adjustable.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Suitable for upcycling dressers, painting spindles, addressing cabinets, reinvigorating tired tables, varnishing chests, and giving a new lease of life to old furniture.
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful enough to spray small to medium-sized projects
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Precisely marks the crafting market
  • Material volume control


  • Air tube wouldn’t stay tight
  • Start to clog
  • Apart from stains, clears, and glass paints — all other mediums will need thinning
  • Limited applications
  • Turbine power cannot be adjusted
  • Not for latex paint

Why Should You Choose Wagner Paint Sprayer?

Best Wagner Paint Sprayer (2)

Because they’re a fusion of the latest tech. They’re the best choice for DIYers and contractors as you’ll get a ton of variety in Wagner Paint Sprayers suitable for every single project.

Once you buy it, you’ll drool over its pressure and coating output. So, tune in to this Minneapolis Spraytech for your upcoming project. Wagner is in this industry for almost seven decades and they are continuously upgrading their models with some eye-opener features.   

Wagner has stored something for everyone in their vast and inexhaustible catalog. So, why not them! Choose yours after thorough research of their specifications and your usage

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wagner Paint Sprayer

Wagner does their best and puts a whole lot of effort to ease their users’ life. But somehow there are some ifs and buts in the Paint Spray. Let’s first talk about the advantages!

  • Reduction in overspray

You know the chief perk of Spraytech is its limitation with less wastage of paint. This quality distinguishes the latest Spraytech from the conventional ones. How? The conformist one relies on high-pressure air to spray paint and that transcend surplus paint to split out in the surrounding. The outcome of this pressure is a segment of paint on the surface.

Therefore, forget about other costly techniques and let’s apply the paint with Wagner Spraytech.     

  • An adjustable and Better way of control

So, what apart conventional sprayers with the latest Spraytech? It’s their hydraulic pressure that tells the difference between the two. Additionally, they reduce overspray and bounce back. Its nozzles can be personalized and allow you to find the suitable one for the job. Their fluid heaters can decrease the paint’s viscosity which causes uniform coverage.   

  • Cover huge surface area speedily

Don’t exhaust your arm and time with usual spray paint or even brush and roller. The Spraytech pump-and-hose system can thrust much more paint and cover a huge surface within less time.

  • Uniform coat

Wagner Spraytech gives you an even finished outlook as the paint is atomized into tiny droplets. And you know what? This even works with uneven or textured surfaces. 

  • Moveability

Because of its lightweight and easy maneuverability, you can move them all around in and out of the house. Whether it is stairs or your garage just bring this on and spray some colors on your wall, deck, furniture, or anywhere you want.  

Aside from the advantages, Wagner Spraytech has some disadvantages as well. Scroll this down!

  • They are usually a pricey method to spray paint on your surfaces. This factor limits many people from choosing the option which is in their budget.
  • To make Wagner Spraytech your right hand you need to ingrain some experience. A complete newbie will face some drips and runs of paint.
  • Through Wagner Spraytech you can’t create as many finishes despite the change of nozzles.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wagner Paint Sprayer

Whenever you invest your earned bucks on a particular just do thorough research on your needs and the features of the product you wanted to buy. This before-research method will work and help you to not question your buying decision later. For sure this mind mapping is a messed-up task and not everyone buys it. Therefore, we’ve come to your rescue. Below we have gathered some of the most vital points which you need to know before choosing a certain product. So, let’s proceed in and cherry-pick the best yet suitable Wagner Paint Sprayer for you!

  1. What’s your project is about?

First and foremost, tip: brainstorm a chain of thoughts about your intended use. Meaning answer these enquiries like is your project based on a small or large scale? What is the type of surface you’ll be spraying? What is your angle while spraying i.e., downward for deck or upward for celling? Such questions and many others should be kept in mind so that you can extract the most out of your unit.  

  1. Wagner spray paint engineering and capacity

As we have already discussed that Wagner Spraytech comes in a variety of series. Therefore, remember that the spray paint’s design and dimensions are directly proportional to the amount of paint it can hold. This factor impacts your usage. You need to be careful about the scale of your project and check that you don’t need to refill your spray paint again and again especially for a large project. To avoid this annoying situation, look at the features of Wagner’s spray paint series. 

One more thing, you need to scrutinize is your ability. Yes! This means that make sure that the product is handy to use if you’re a beginner. For the complicated specifications you need to heighten your ability and become a professional for that.

  1. What built-in tech this spray paint has?

If you’re a tech-nerd you know very well about the hi-fi tools of Wagner. And if you’re not just read the instructions provided in its package. After that info, you get to know that Wagner has HVLP, low paint level, HEA, Lock-n-go tech, and many other options. Such high-quality provisos have a function and you need to choose such Spraytech whose all functions will be useful to you. 

  1. Extension wire’s length

The elongation of your cord is one of the important factors you need to markup especially if you have limited power plugs. For instance, for interiors, the Wagner devices can cover you up but for exterior purposes, you need to examine the cord length. In addition to this, those spray paints that have longer power cords are more portable but most come with a slight heavyweight. And here the difficulty traps in! When the actual weight of spray tech is more than its manoeuvrability will be decreased. For that matter, hop in the features and handpick the best.

  1. Nozzles’ size and adjustable Controls

Lastly, you need to determine the paint’s flow with its pattern. Wagner Spraytech comes in 2-3 nozzles options. You’ve to decide on your own by probing the surface size. So, if you want to paint a wall you need to attach the bigger nozzle. Why? Because the small size nozzle will waste hours to cover its entirety. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any purpose for smaller ones. Of course, they are applicable for delicate jobs. Additionally, have a look at its adjustable controls by which you can change the spray patterns to get an impeccable finish.

Comparison Of Graco and Wagner Paint Sprayers

Graco product is surely the best provider of paint sprayer but I must say it isn’t the only one. Why? Because its competitor, Wagner, stepped in with some innovative techs. Below we break out some rumours and give a fact-based comparison of these Spraytech giants.  


Best Wagner Paint Sprayer (3)

Years of experience: In 1926, this Minneapolis small family-run business start-up its first sales. So, what happened years back? Well, Graco’s founder Russell Gray worked in a parking lot. As an attendant, he thought of a brilliant way to lubricate cars.

After struggling for years, he and his brother created Gray Company Inc. While working they bring about an amazing opportunity in the fluid-handling industry. And from there they carved out the paint spraying industry in 1948.

Customer Service: Because of their experience, they surely know how to handle their clientele. They finely tuned their customer service departments with some hands-on warranty policies.

At first, they refer you to their local Graco distributor for service necessities or some technical advice. From there if you are still in the dilemma of not finding your answers then Graco has service engineers. To resolve your queries, you can connect them 24/7 through email, messages, or a call. And you know what’s the best thing about their engineers? They’ll give you genuine advice on configurations, troubleshooting, or parts repairs.

Price Point: In their case quality is earned by some extra cash. And why not? Their longevity is worth some added bucks. Their not-so-cheapest guns are surely the best investment.

Paint Sprayers: Graco walks in with their airless sprayers, advanced HVLP spray guns, such as the FinishPro 7.0, True Coat 360, Magnum X19, G40 air-assisted airless spray gun, and much more. Their range of products is suitable for DIYers or even trade-level users. All their products have basic features like dependability, accuracy, easy-cleaning, and time-saving

Who Should Use Graco Products? Anyone who wants to redesign their living area or a professional who want to ease their job can use Graco professional products.


  • Highly durable
  • Years of fluid-handling experience
  • Pro outlook
  • Fuss-free process


  • Complicate specs for a newbie
  • High-end for sporadic home improvers


Best Wagner Paint Sprayer (4)

Years of experience: Wagner founder Josef Wagner used to repair electrical motors and woodworking gears. In 1950 he came with the idea of electrical paint spraying utensils. From there his journey started and in the 1960s he came with a ground-breaking spraying tool for homeowners and contractors. In the 1970s he globalized his brand in the markets of the USA, Switzerland, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Customer service: For sure they are the best in the best industry but are they tackling their clients well? Of course, they are! just jump into their websites and you’ll see a lot of reviews and customer satisfaction pop-ups. Their customer service hotline with real customers is surely the finest service. Also, they give you a lot of instructions not just with the product but also by their how-to tutorials in case of trouble shootings.

Price Point: After hearing their whereabout you probably think that they’ll come up with some price tags. They are stick to their motto of DIYers, for that matter their goods are competitively priced.

Paint Sprayers: They’re the pioneers of airless sprayers and it just does not end there. They have multi-range products like HVLP units within two lines: FLEXiO and Control, HEA (high efficiency airless) technology, and much more. FLEXiO 5000 are best apt for larger projects while the Control line is dedicated to smaller projects and staining.

Who Should Use Wagner Products? Their variety of lineups provide you with room for projects. They have products for large, medium, and small scales.  


  • Handy and easy to wash
  • Competitive price
  • Fine customer service


  • Preferable for small and medium paint contractors

Insights and takeaways
In the end, I must say that both brands work in their range. Their excellence depends on the criteria of your work. For instance, if Graco units are equipped for large-scale ventures then Wagner is for medium and smaller ones.
Lastly, our advice for you is to check the description of each model you’re considering buying and ensure it can handle your upcoming projects. Picking between Wagner vs Graco is a matter of your needs.


  • All Wagner sprayers are of premium quality but their usage solely depends on your application. Their in-warranty line-ups of Spraytech can be used by DIYers and even heavy-duty experts. But their trending paint spray is from the FLEXiO series which is suitable not just for interiors but for exteriors as well. Moreover, it efficiently does your intricate details and is super easy to fix.

    They proficiently do their work and is 10x faster than your regular brush and roller. Another perk of FLEXiO is it’s un-thinned straight from the can spraying with better accuracy. It is user friendly and doesn’t overspray which eventually makes it easy to wash. 

    But I must say don’t just fall for FLEXiO there are others in our above-list as well. For instance, Control Series, Craft Series, Moto Coat, and Paint ready. So, choose the one which is best for you.

Of course, it is! They’re the professionals in the Spraytech industry and they continuously evolve their products by introducing HVLP high (volume, low pressure) and HEA (high efficiency airless) sprayers. The best part? Their products come in varied ranges so that they suit different genres of work as they atomize the paint.

The take is YES! Spraytech uses 33% more paint than a usual paint tool. But you know why most of the maestros and DIYers go for the Wagner Sprayer? Because even they use some extra paint but eventually, they save your TIME, which is worth it!

Wagner comes in 5 series, where each product has various functions. But when it comes to some house improvisation you should go with the FLEXiO 590 hand-held HVLP sprayer kit. Its premium features will cover you up and get your work done quickly. 

Don’t fret if you’re new to the Wagner brand. Just read their instructions given in a book and get yourself familiar with their product. In case you didn’t understand the written part, don’t worry then. Hit their site link and follow their steps or you can even get some assistance from their customer support.

We’ll also don’t aloof you, just follow our step-to-step guide for better results.

  1. Get yourself and your surrounding prepared for paint spraying

Before gearing up on your project gather all your right items in one place so that your work goes smoother. Remember: cover up the surface which you don’t want to be get dyed. So, whether it is the interior or outer surface of your living area just wrap all things up. Just buy yourself some plastic which is usually found on hardware and in paint stores. Apply the painter plastic and tape to hide off all windows, doorways, floors, or anything you don’t want to get paint on.

Once you mask off all the important stuff now you need to grab a ladder. The ladder must be heightened so that you can reach the peak points. In addition to that, make sure to read the safety instructions given by OSHA guidelines.

With these on your hands cover your face with a mask. This abstains you to inhale the overspray (esp. on an airy day) of paint.

  1. Train yourself for the paint sprayer

After following the prerequisites like wearing a face mask, covering everything up, painting tape and plastic, ladder, and other things on the list, you’re all set to start your paint sprayer. but before you take this pro step and get yourself on the ladder to start painting houses, interior walls, furniture and more, we highly suggest you learn how to use your paint sprayer. check out your chosen paint sprayer for each function. To familiarize yourself with your Wagner paint sprayer just read the poster with the given instructions. For some added hands-on experience of spraying, you need to practice and get yourself comfortable with your tool. Probably thinking where to practice? Well, large flattened out cardboard boxes work great too. On that practice horizontal and vertical spray paths.


  1. Set your paint sprayer adjusters

You can adjust your Spraytech from its nozzles, hose, and turbine power. After you control these adjusters, you can get the pattern in the compact or huge area of your choice.

  1. Upright spray pattern for lateral spray painting

Before you going to spray on vertical surfaces make sure you attach the correct nozzle to it. For side-to-side a.k.a. vertical spraying you need to fix the tall or oval nozzle into your Wagner spray paint. Catch the lateral pace and move your paint sprayer in a consistent direction. Keep in mind, while doing this uniform movement you need to keep the sprayer 6 to 12 inches away from the surface. Do not arch at the terminal of your stroke. Regulate your detachment and speed to get the tuned and finest coverage of paint. 

  1. Plane spray patter for perpendicular spray painting

For that you need to pick the wide oval-shaped nozzle so you get up-and-down strokes. Practice the above-mentioned method and you’re ready to go for any Wagner paint sprayer.

  1. How to spray paint on surfaces

 you want to test the exact colour of paint spray you need; you can easily try It out by spraying a coat of primer first. Also, primer is useful when you want to paint a darker colour over a light one. However, we are excited to suggest to you some of our beneficial tips make your paint spraying work efficiently.

  • Firstly, keep your work at the angle near to light so that you can spot the areas and paint them in the suitable amount it requires.
  • Next step is where from which direction you should start painting? We recommend you always start spraying from the corner and in a back-and-forth motion. This way you can fill the gaps by overlapping every stroke, having half of the spray pattern on your next stroke.
  • Further to avoid messing with the paint dripping other than the exact surface you should try to keep the spray gun in motion with constant speed.
  • In addition, don’t forget to brush out paint drips as quickly as possible. Plus, try to immediately spray gently on brush marks so that it can easily cover up the brush strokes.
  • Finally, the last step is to keep a wet towel or a rag handy with you, just in case you get paint on surfaces other than you want to paint. This way you can wash it out in split seconds without any stress.

Each brand has its speciality and the same goes with these competitors. It is no doubt that both Wagner and Graco showcase some excellent Spraytech. But their superiority depends on the type of work you want to do with them. In that case, Wagner introduces HVLP technology which complements your DIYs and daily task and for that matter, Wagner wins the hearts of most people.


After going through our inclusive round-up, we hope to have provided you with some clarity on this topic as to which Wagner paint sprayer you get for yourself. Don’t forget to consult our Buyer’s Guides and reviews before purchasing any gear.

This absolute how-to and thorough guide will give you the finest Wagner Paint Sprayer. By this, you can choose the best paint sprayer which is right for your next project.

These Wagner paint sprayers are your must-have because it helps you to complete the given task timely and with precision. So, what’s the rush when you have us!

Do let us know if you have any queries left with the name of your favourite one. Happy buying!

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