BEST Handheld Paint Sprayer for Projects of Any Size (Corded & Cordless)

Top Handheld Paint Sprayer: Buying Guide and Reviews

best handheld paint sprayer

The painting job seems one of the most tedious works considering the preparation and the time it consumes. If you are still juggling between the rollers and brushes, you must be amazed to discover the world stepping ahead with the best technology of sprayers. More than before, the paint guns are now available in handy designs, making the collection of the best handheld paint sprayer products the most demanding. 

Are you curious how can a handheld sprayer benefit you with versatile painting jobs? Check out the following details and explore all about choosing and maintaining the best handy sprayers. You can even find detailed reviews of the top five products trending in the market to help you start with a reliable purchase.

ProductVoltageFlow RatePressureBuy Now
1. Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590 Handheld 110 volts8 gallons per hourNA Buy This
Upto $160
2. REXBETI Ultimate 750 110-120 volts750ml/min25-30 PSI Buy This
Under $100
3. HomeRight Finish Max 110-120 voltsVariable Around 30 PSI Buy This
Upto $336
4. Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Double Duty 110-120 voltsUp to 4.9 fl. oz. per minuteUses two-stage air turbine Buy This
Under $100
5. Graco 16Y385 Truecoat 360120 volts 0.20 Gallons per minuteUpto 1500PSI Buy This
Under $1500
  1. Most Popular: Wagner Spraytech Flexio 590 Handheld (Price up to $160)

  • Items: Handheld HVLP sprayer unit, two spray nozzles, protective carrying case
  • Weight: ‎2.11 pounds
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Flow Rate: 8 gallons per hour
  • Pressure: 
  • Volume: 1.5 quarts or 48 ounces

Wagner’s Spraytech Flexico 590 is a handy HVLP paint sprayer suitable for multiple jobs. It is a lightweight and compact design, easily fitting for the hand for small interior works and broad exterior paintings. Beating the slow process of roller or brush paints, it is an adjustable product to vary and fit for every paint and surface.

Varying specifications for versatile work

The paint sprayer has two different nozzles, one for broad fan width and another for precision work with the restricted flow. The larger one is a spray nozzle, and the smaller one is the detailed nozzle, both of which can be easily adjusted and changed whenever required.

Working with ten times the paintbrush’s speed, the sprayer effectively covers an area of 8′ X 10′ under 5 minutes. While it provides a swift flow of 8 gallons per minute, the sprayed coat is very thin and uniform, conserving the paint consumed.

You can simply use the sprayer without any preparation as the mechanism supports all types of paints, enamels, and latex without thinning. The handheld model is an HVLP sprayer that doesn’t demand an external compressor and works on an internal turbine on a direct electric supply. You can just connect the plug and start your job anytime!

Easy to use features of the paint gun

Along with the fantastic capacity to work on different projects, the sprayer is very easy to clean and store. You can dismantle the sprayer’s paint cup, nozzles, and filters to easily clean with any cleansers.

For storing this compact model, Wagner provides a protective case designed to keep all the accessories along with the sprayer itself. You don’t have to look for shelf space either.

How can you vary the controls?

As you can use the sprayer for different projects, you have the entire changing and controlling system on the handle itself. You have four options to combine and play along to get your combination.

  • Change the material flow to get the coat of desired thickness.
  • Change the pattern width at the nozzle tip to alter the fanning area. You can do this with both the nozzles provided.
  • Adjust the air control flow to set the spraying jet speed. You can change it from the lowest for small and precise work to the highest for broad and distant jobs. The dial has a variation of the range from 1 to 10.
  • Change the spraying direction between vertical and horizontal directions as per your hand positions.


  • Two different nozzles
  • Fit for various jobs
  • Variable adjustments of controls


  • Only 10 variable speeds


  1. Best Budget Option: REXBETI Ultimate 750 (Price Under $100)

  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Voltage:110-120 volts
  • Flow Rate: 750ml/min
  • Pressure: 25-30 PSI or 8-10 on the speed control knob
  • Volume: 1000ml

If you are a home painter or DIY worker, the handy paint gun is now available at the cheapest deal below $50! Light and compact, you can have different settings and nozzle adjustments for various projects.

As you don’t have to invest in separate compressors, tips, and cleaning material REXBETI’s ultimate 750 is really a big deal for you. No heavy metallic components, nor any extra requirements, this simple unit is ideal for carrying with hand for long without any sprain or effort.

Explore the various settings

The sprayer has a fixed paint cup of 1 liter but has four different nozzles with color indications. The spraying capacity of the nozzles differs as their openings vary, and you can use them for different jobs. It is best as you can avoid changing the jet’s speed every time your work.

The nozzles are of opening diameters, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. You can only have three nozzles in the package as a common one of 2.5mm is already attached to the sprayer.

The smallest is used for near-to-the-hand jobs to spray thick liquids like stains and varnishes. The larger one is for the broad exterior walls and boards, which can paint low viscosity primers and paints.

A flow control knob is provided at the bottom of the handle, for adjusting the spraying speed according to the distance from the surface.

The best combination and proper usage of nozzles promise reduced overspray with a uniform coat. The nozzles also rotate to give three different angles to spray. You can have horizontal, vertical, and circular spray.


  • Cheap
  • Four different nozzles
  • Supports all types of paints
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Need to change nozzles every time


  1. Best for Small Projects: HomeRight Finish Max (Price up to $336)

  • Weight:41 Kilograms
  • Voltage:110-120 volts
  • Flow Rate: variable
  • Pressure: around 30 PSI
  • Volume: 27 ounces

Need a sprayer for a controlled job? HomeRight’s Finish Max is the best handheld sprayer you can ask! Made of durable brass and having complete variable controls of material flow, this paint gun is better to opt for small and precise projects.

No hassle of changing spray tips or nozzles as the unit is fixed with a single nozzle. You can have three different spray patterns in vertical, horizontal, and circular sprays to change your hand positions without much effort.

Though the sprayer supports all the paints and stains, you must make sure to thin the liquid before spraying. The package is provided with a suitable viscosity cup for helping you get the proper thickness.

The handle has a spray flow control knob to adjust the paint jet required. But here, you can’t adjust the unit’s pressure, which makes the job tricky to handle at a certain pressure only.

Moreover, since there are no nozzles and tips other than the fixed 2mm opening, you can’t alter the fan width according to the requirement. This sprayer is only suitable for small interior projects like boxes, cabinets, and furniture, but seems a tedious product for bigger jobs.

Since the cup also has less than a quart’s capacity, you need to refill the container every time you are on a bigger project. However, if you are planning to use multiple colors, it can be a benefit to some extent.

As it is easy to clean and exchange different paints without any internal cleaning, you can quickly switch the liquids in no time.


  • No hassle to change tips
  • Durable brass material


  • Only for small projects
  • Fixed pressure
  • Costly
  1. Medium Users: Wagner Spraytech Control Spray Double Duty (Price Under $100)

  • Weight:88 Kilograms
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts
  • Flow Rate: Up to 4.9 fl. oz. per minute
  • Pressure: uses two-stage air turbine
  • Volume: small- 332 ounces, large- 48 ounces

If you want a small and easy-to-use sprayer but want to use it for every possible project, the HVLP paint sprayer from Wagner is the best choice. It is a compact design with handy dimensions and requires no change of components but fits well in a wide array of jobs.

As the product packaging has two paint cups of different capacities, you can use the required on for small and bigger projects. It thus helps you relieve the undue pressure on your hand neck, assisting you in a tireless job.

The handled paint gun is complete electrically powered and doesn’t have any battery. No need to keep track or charge before you can simply plug in the general 110-120 volts supply and start your work.

How does it fit various jobs?

If you wonder how you use it for different jobs with a single nozzle fixed to the gun, there are plenty of controls and adjustments to choose your combination. This Wagner paint sprayer also comes with protection safety to avoid leakages and clips the cups to the handle tightly.

This HVLP sprayer uses a two-stage air turbine compared to the conventional compressor of the HVLP sprayers, which don’t have such high pressure but provide a smooth jet and a fine finished layer of paint.

However, compared to the smaller projects, the larger projects don’t get finished in a single coat though the sprayer is capable of dispersing with a wide fanning range. You might have to thin the paints and apply multiple coats to get a completely covered uniform layer.

You can use a variety of paints and latex, but you should take care to thin the liquid using the viscosity cup provided along with the gun.


  • Adjustable flow
  • Applicable for versatile projects
  • Safe design


  • need to thin paints to the proper viscosity


  1. Best for Furniture: Graco 16Y385 Truecoat 360 (Price Under $1500)

  • Weight: 59 Kilograms
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Flow Rate: 20 gallons per minute
  • Pressure: up to 1500PSI
  • Volume: 32 ounces

If you feel HVLP sprayers are not versatile enough or don’t have much pressure and variations, Graco’s airless sprayers are one of the best to invest in.

They are comparatively costly than the other handheld models and should be used with care but are one of the efficient guns to suit all the detailed and broad painting works.

The sprayer is designed for DIY painters to handle and maintain easily while they can simply adjust the controls and paint anyhow. You can use the gun at a range of 360 degrees to paint at any angle and speed, which cuts your job to learn to paint like a pro.

User-friendly design with safety features

Graco understands the efforts taken by the painters and, thus, the unit is the easiest to clean and maintain. Instead of the metallic or plastic paint cups required to wash with cleaners, this sprayer uses FLexiLiner bags of substantial capacity to last for a long project duration.

Once done with your job, you can simply discard the bag or even wash and reuse it if it pleases you.

Two spray tips are provided to change the spraying flow instead of a fixed nozzle and knob to change the speed. They are reversible tips, that help in unclogging the stuck paint at the opening if you happen to leave the sprayer for a while.

Just ensure you relieve the pressure inside the cup by just loosening and tightening it again. The two tips are the black tip of 12′ wide spray and the grey tip of 4′ narrow spraying coverage. The handle itself has a slot to clip the extra tip so that you don’t have to fear losing it anywhere.

The airless sprayers are capable of exerting the paint at a direct pressure of 1500PSI, making them perfect for heavy-duty jobs.

As the handy sprayer doesn’t even require a battery and works on direct supply, it is one of the worthy choices for being the best handheld paint sprayer for various jobs.

Suitable to be used with all pints and latex emulsions, you just don’t have to thin the liquid as in other HVLP sprayers. Simply pour and kick start your work to whip off the painting in a few minutes.

The airless sprayers of such high quality also promise two times better efficiency than the HVLP sprayers, making them the best option to try.

What else can you add?

Graco manufacturers have designed the sprayer with stainless steel piston to avoid internal rusting and corrosion as far as any liquid and paint is used. They also provide pump armor shields with many of the airless sprayers, which is unfortunately not a part of this package.

But as the armor shield is available in the open retail market, you can simply get one and use it for better storage. However, if you are a frequent painter or DIY handyman, you can avoid this purchase over the already costly product and try to maintain and keep the product clean.


  • More coverage
  • Uniform spray
  • Can be used in different angles
  • Durable design


  • Small power cord
  • Limited paint for big projects


Buying Guide For Best Handheld Paint Sprayerbest handheld paint sprayer Buying Guide

If you wish to paint the surfaces quickly and easily, paint sprayers are best, compared to rollers and brushes. They consume less paint, wind up the job quickly and give a thin and uniform coat instead of a thickly spread mass. If you are an amateur painter or a DIY enthusiast, a handheld paint sprayer would be the best choice for every single job. 

Before you jump to search for the best products, you should check for some features to select a suitable sprayer. Check out the following factors that differentiate the various brands to pick out the best handheld paint sprayer. 

  • Suitability to the job

Sprayers are suitable for small interior works or broad surfaces as walls and fences. Since the handheld models are compact in design, you should ensure they are suitable for the job. For example, an LVLP or HVLP paint sprayer requires an external compressor that isn’t suitable for exterior jobs or is not affordable for all.

Similarly, HVLP sprayers give out a concentrated jet of less fan width, which is more suitable for the near surfaces compared to the walls and ceilings. If these factors make the airless sprayers the best choice, they also have the drawback of overspray as they give out relatively large paint droplets. Thus, according to your job’s requirements, you should choose the particular sprayer.

These days, the best brands have evolved for versatile use and provide variably controlled spraying rate, adjustability with different tips, and much more flexible features to use the same handheld sprayer for different jobs in and out. 

  • Ease of usage

The weight of the sprayer is a crucial factor to look at among the handheld models. As they generally have a paint container attached to the handpiece, the sprayer tends to get heavy for usage. You can look for the lightweight models without heavy metallic make, which only contains the piston and the nozzles of durable material.

A heavy paint gun can sprain your wrist easily while working for a long. You can also develop neck sprains if you attempt painting the ceiling with a small device. The paint gun should be adjustable to use in any direction and angle so that you can paint every inner and outer surface.

While seeking an easy-to-use paint gun, you can find it among the nozzle-operated guns instead of the ones requiring spray tips. This way, you can save the expense of buying different tips for varying fanning areas and even cut the time spent choosing and changing the spray tips.

  • Power consumption

Electric sprayer models are most popular among the paint sprayers for a quick job. As the compressor or the airless sprayer piston work on turbines and motors, there is a constant demand for electricity supply for working.

You can find handy models among the power cord connected or the battery-operated sprayers. Power corded ones generally work on standard 110 volts or 120 volts supply where you don’t have to get extension plug setups. However, compared to the limited batteries, the constant power supply might charge more electricity, but it will be continuing to work with.

On the other hand, battery-powered cuts the need for connectors and extensions, and you can easily work anywhere. But you must make sure to charge the battery completely, and the capacity is enough to last long for your job.

In a new trend, the brands are coming up with air-powered paint guns that don’t require electricity. They work on air compression and are economically feasible for affordable use. 

  • Enough container capacity

Handheld sprayers can’t avoid the attached paint container to carry around the paint to spray. Compared to the hose connected to the airless sprayers drawing the paint from the container, the handheld models have a mug attached for filling.

Usually, the capacity is 32 ounces or one quart suitable for small jobs like furniture or cabinets. However, if you wish to use them for walls and ceilings, you should look for larger ones. You can find alternate paint cups with 48 ounces or one-and-a-half-quart capacity to sustain for long.

If you wish to invest in the best handheld paint sprayer, try to look for the brands providing variable paint cups to change according to the job.

You can also look for the cleaning and maintenance of the cups. The latest models have refilling bags instead of mugs to avoid the hassle of cleaning every time. You can simply switch the bags without the need for thorough cleaning. The refilling bags are also reusable, which makes the entire product economically profitable. 

  • You can search for extra features

Latest products are always developed with user-friendly features to ease out the tedious work. Since handy paint guns are designed for DIY usage, you can find them with the latest features. You can find the sprayers compatible to use with stain, paints, latex, or different emulsions without the change of tips and nozzles.

In many models, thinning is also not required. The nozzles are changeable to provide paint spray in three different patterns, vertical, horizontal, and round spray, which makes it easy to change angles and use the sprayer in every edge and corner. Lately, metallic designs are popular among durable products to resist quick reactions.

If you are a frequent painter, you can also invest in durable ones. they generally have brass and steel components to act resistive to corrosion and climatic effects.


How can I clean handheld paint sprayers in the right way?clean handheld paint sprayer

Handheld sprayers with an attached paint cup certainly demand cleaning and protection. More can be the messy job in the case of any airless paint sprayers as the pain travels through the column. However, let’s first see why cleaning is essential and next how to clean them easily.

Why is cleaning essential?

The best handheld paint sprayer has a paint cup, nozzle, and compressor system, all in the same handpiece. It makes the paint or stain travel through the pipe to the nozzle to atomize and spray the jet. 

  • Every time we use the HVLP sprayers, the paint gets atomized near the tip’s opening, or when we use the airless sprayers, the paint gets sprayed out and atomizes beyond the spray tip. If we fail to clean the nozzle, chances are there the paint can get hardened and clog the opening. 
  • If we use multiple shades or paints, we need to exchange the container or refill the cup every time. It is also essential to clean the cup perfectly to avoid mixing the contents, damaging the successive coats. 
  • In many airless handheld sprayers, the paint travels throughout the piston and pump to get sprayed, unlike the HVLP sprayers, where the paint itself flushes out with pressure. Cleaning the internal parts is essential to ensure the longevity of the internal parts. As you may use flammable liquids or oil-based paints and stains, their accumulation in the mechanism can corrode the parts. 

Steps to clean quick

Before you directly start washing the handy gun under a tap, you should probably go through the steps or guide to clean them properly. Before jumping to the steps, you must ensure these crucial points:

  • Always have the sprayer’s manual at hand- It will help you open and easily fix the gun. If you miss out on a screw or two or even end up mishandling any part, the whole paint gun may get damaged, charging you to buy another one.  
  • Use the proper accessories suitable for cleaning- Paints usually stick quick and become tough to remove. In such a case, you can use the paint thinners to dilute the stuck paint patches and remove them out. If you are using any chemicals or mineral spirits, you should also ensure proper hand and face protection to avoid direct contact. 
  • Ensure to disconnect the power supply before you dismantle the gun- while you are dismantling the gun or washing the parts with water, an electric supply through a connected power cord can lead to electric shock accidents. If your model is battery-powered, check from the manual if you need to remove the battery before you open the unit. 

With these crucial points assured, you can start the cleaning process in the following steps:

  1. Firstly, relieve the sprayer’s pressure by bringing it to the lowest. You can simply turn the varying spray knob to the lowest point or the prime position to knock off the flush. It will lock the spraying nozzle, and you won’t have any threat of spilling paint while you open the cup or accidentally press the trigger. 
  2. Then unscrew the cup holder and remove the bag or the paint container to empty the remaining paint. If it is a reusable bag, you can either store it as it is. If it is a plastic or metal container, you can simply pour back the paint into the container and wash off the cup with water and thinner. 
  3. Pour any cleaning fluid or water in the cup and attach it back to rinse and clean the internal system. You can shake the sprayer and set the flushing speed to a high range while keeping the pressure at prime. 
  4. Now hold the sprayer upside down. Press the trigger continuously for 20 seconds so that the cleanser gets into the piston column but doesn’t get sprayed out. Now tilt the valve knob to the spraying position and point the sprayer into the washing pail and spray. Hold the sprayer upside down to allow the fluid to pass through the entire piston and pipe.  
  5. Repeat this process till you get clean liquid flushed out without any traces of paint. Before the repetition, you can remove the spray tips, if any, and wash them separately. 
  6. After removing the container and discarding the cleanser, you can dismantle the entire sprayer. Disassemble the tip guards, pump, filters, and vacuum valve and clean them using a safe cleaner or simple water with a soft brush. 
  7. Generally, cleaning brushes are provided with the purchased unit, or else you can use a smooth bristled brush. Dry the parts completely and fix them back properly while referring to the manual. Viola! Your sprayer is ready to use again. 

What should I do to preserve handheld paint sprayers?

preserve handheld paint sprayer

If you are an occasional DIY painter, a professional handyman, or are simply buying the best handheld paint sprayer for your projects, you should know how to maintain and care to use it for a long. If you are investing in handy paint sprayers, here are a few tips to help you keep the unit preserved for long and ready for instant use every time. 

  • Release the internal pressure before leaving it aside

In many airless sprayers or even the HVLP sprayers, the internal pressure develops inside the cup if the unit is left alone for long. You can observe the paint dripping out from the nozzle or the tip opening clogged with dried paint.

If you suddenly start the sprayer, the paint will flush out in a mass, and the internal piston might also get back kicked. To avoid this, don’t let the sprayer sit astray for longer than four hours. Before starting your work again, just loosen the container, release the collected pressure, and close the container tightly. 

  • Clean the parts properly

Cleaning is essential to maintain the durability of the paint gun. You need to follow the proper steps and ensure using appropriate accessories to clean off the paint completely. Make it a habit to clean your sprayer after every use or project before the paint starts to get dry. Any leftover accumulation or water can corrode the internal parts damaging them quickly. Make sure you are also drying the aptly before storing. 

  • Ensure proper storage

You cannot throw off the sprayer on the table and expect it to be in the best condition every time. Proper storage requires a dry area away from moisture or air dampness that might damage the sprayer system. If you live in a cold region, make sure you keep them inside secured shelves after cleaning and drying them completely. The cold climate can easily make the components brittle if they are left out in the cold air. 

  • Use pump armor for protection

Pump armor is a protection liquid for the best handheld paint sprayer, as the name suggests. 60% of the armor contains ethylene glycol, and the remaining are water and proprietary additives. Branded products like Graco sprayers generally provide a pump armor with every of their design for the long protection of the unit.

The liquid acts two ways, one as antifreeze and two as a protective coating for the internal piston and pump. If you are using another handheld sprayer brand, you can still purchase the pump armor from the accessories store or even use an antifreeze instead.

Simply, the liquid is poured down the filter or the column by removing the paint container, and the container is scaled back. The liquid prevents freezing, corrosion, and brittleness of the sprayer even if it is left for long. 

  • Avoid flammable liquids if quoted

You can use paint sprayers with any type of latex, water-based paints, oil-based paints, emulsions, and stains. While the best sprayers usually support all the liquids without thinning, some provide restrictions to use versatile paints.

You should refer to the manual before you start working to check if the sprayer doesn’t support any particular kind. Flammable liquids are generally not supported by many handheld models, as they can be harmful to use at hand’s length and can also lead to quick corrosion if not washed properly. 


Handheld airless sprayers have two advantages. One, they are small and compact, and second, they don’t require any external compressor to work. But if you need all the components on a single product, you should search for a better brand feasible for easy use. 


Check for the weight if you can carry it for long. Generally, the handy ones are below 4 pounds which are best for spraying ceilings and walls. The paint capacity is usually less when products are handheld.


Make sure there is enough capacity to avoid frequent refilling. For a quick job, choose the best airless paint sprayer with a nozzle of varying flow rather than changing the tips for every need. It also controls the jet of paint droplets to avoid overspray and throwing a large amount at once.

For painting broad ceilings, any best handheld paint sprayer should be light and efficient to last long. The sprayer is better if battery-powered or even a cordless paint sprayer to avoid the hassle with short wires and power extensions. You can find HVLP paint sprayer or electric sprayer brands having nozzles with varying flow control to get a variable fan area of the spray. 


Even if you choose a paint gun with changing tips, ensure you get the widely spraying nozzle consuming very little paint. While painting the top surface, you need to lift the sprayer and paint for a long, thus, ensure the product is easy to hold and carries enough paint to complete the job quickly. An airless sprayer with less overspray is most beneficial as they give a uniform layer without irregularities. 

Battery-powered paint sprayers are best among handheld sprayers as they don’t require any power cords or hose pipes connections. You can use them for interior and exterior projects without the need of searching for a power supply. Among the best brands, you can find Wagner airless sprayers or Graco sprayers with varied features. 


Once fully charged, the best paint guns work long enough to sustain a lengthy job. Since they don’t have connections, you can use them at any angle and corner without any restriction. They are relatively safe than the wired paint sprayers as they don’t have a direct electric power supply. 

While using the handheld paint sprayers, you need to lift them to the surface at least 10-12 inches apart to spray correctly. The upright bent position might not be favorable for all leading to back and neck sprains easily. The handheld sprayers don’t have enough paint carrying capacity, making it a hassle to refill the cup frequently. Since a handy paint gun is suitable for small DIY projects, you can choose the sprayer to attach the extension rods or use the hose to intake the paint directly from the container. 

The best handheld paint sprayer is the one designed for performing versatile jobs easily. You can find the best airless paint sprayer or air-powered sprayer that doesn’t need any external compressor to work. Some can have variable paint cups for internal and external work with varying paint capacity. 


You can also find variations in battery-powered and electrically powered sprayers to use according to convenience. The best brands provide variably controlled spraying systems to avoid the tedious job of changing the tips. Otherwise, you can also seek the best airless sprayers with a wide range of tip sizes to use efficient HEA spray tips. 

Paint should always be of the thin consistency to be enough to provide a smooth and uniform jet. Many best sprayer brands provide viscosity cups with the product, which helps thin the paint suitable for the particular gadget. 


Many HVLP or airless sprayers use VacuValve technology, which accepts paints of any thickness to thin them down internally. But overall, it is better if you use the proper consistency to avoid spraying large droplets. You can just dilute with normal water or use special paint thinners like mineral spirits, turpentine oil, or acetone. 

A handheld sprayer is best for small DIY jobs to give an accurate finish with a thin layer. They are best to use if you have a simple job intending to finish quickly. Compared to the brushes and the rollers, the sprayers give out a uniform thin layer and cover the entire surface in no time.


Additionally, the paint consumed would be less, and the layer would be a thin film making them the best choice for coating paints and stains on walls, ceiling, fences, furniture, or even the small artifacts. 


Paint sprayers are one of the efficient choices over rollers and brushes for painting any surface, big or small. Among the sprayers of all technologies and designs, the best handheld paint sprayer range is economically feasible and best for DIY projects or professional enthusiasts.

While you are purchasing from the best brands, ensure to check for its ease of usage, features provided, and versatile suitability to fit for interior and exterior works. Additionally, you should also make sure to take care of the paint gun with proper cleaning and storage to ensure the product works for longer. 


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