10 Best Framing Tool Belt That Framers Shouldn’t Miss Out – 2021

What are the Top Toolbelts for Framers?

The most vital criteria while choosing a framing tool belt are the type of instruments you are going to store. The aspects of durability also play a pivotal role in its selection. It was also dependent on the usage patterns of various professionals. Different professionals use a variety of tools. Some of them are heavy and sharp, and the others are lighter and not dangerous. If you are on the lookout to buy a framing tool belt, list of the tools. It would help you to find a belt that can store all the tools. The leather is a viable material, and it forms the constituent for a majority of tool belts. If you have a sore back, consider opting for framing tool belt with suspenders. If you have a broader end, consider choosing for a stretchable framing tool belt and avoiding pain. Here is the list of best framing tool belts in today’s marketplace.

Top framers tool belt Comparison

Product NameWaist”/SizePocketsMaterialNon-USBuy Now
1.Occidental Leather 5087 SM Framing Set




Buy This Over 250$
2.Rack-A-Tiers 43242 Electrician’s Combo Belt & Bags30″- 34″(M), 35″- 39″(L)20Denier DuraTek fabricCanada


Check Price
$100 – $250
3.CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614, Heavy Duty Framers 5-Piece Comfortlift Combo

(heavy duty carpenters construction framing tool belt suspender)

29″- 46″20,31LeatherCanada


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Up to $100
4.CLC IP489X 3 Pocket Suede Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt29 “- 46”1,3,8,10Heavy-Duty Suede Canada


Check Price
Up to $100
5.Custom LeatherCraft Professional Carpenters Combo

(Timber framing tool belt)

29″- 46″,47″- 55″17,18,20LeatherCanada


Check Price
Up to $100
6.MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt 31″- 49″12PolyesterCanada


Check Price
Up to $100
7.The Original Pink Box PB2BELT Tool Belt, 10-Pocket, Pink

(Women’s Tool Belt)

22 “- 44”10CanvasCanada


Check Price
Up to $100
8.Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt, Standard, Carhartt Brown
29 “- 42”9Polyester Canada


Check Price
Up to $100
9.DEWALT DG5641 20 Pocket Framer’s Combo Apron with Suspenders

(Budget Friendly)



Buy Now
Up to $100
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Table of Contents

#1. Occidental Leather 5087 SM Framing Set Leather

 It is a comfortable framing tool belt that is ideal for production carpenters. It features the large lip bag design that exudes practicality. One of the prominent features of this product lies in its design. It has 10-inch deep nylon bags. This has leather bottoms that make carrying heavy tools quite easy. It also comes with D Rings so that it is compliant with suspension systems. It comprises of multiple tool holders and is available in variants of left and right hand. These tool belts also include a hammer holder in the rear. It is available in café color which makes sure that it does not get dirty quickly. The dimensions of the tool bag make it highly portable. The professional can carry it out on a ladder too. It is also compatible with a 34-inch waist. This weighs less, and this is the reason for its surging popularity. It would let you stay organized in your workplace.


  • Features heavy duty design
  • It is not that heavy and has large compartments
  • Let’s stay in balance even when you are carrying out tasks at great heights
  • It comprises of top quality leather
  • It does not need any shoulder straps


  • The weight of the product is on the heavier side
  • Not a great belt to hold an array of tools
  • Poor ventilation as leather is so thick

#2. Rack-A-Tiers 43242 Electrician’s Combo Belt 

It is an ideal framing tool belt that comprises a durable fabric. This tool belt does not tear or rip. It includes nine pouches in which you can store a lot of tools. The openings have nylon webbings and are a perfect framing belt for professional electricians. It is for those who want to access devices regularly. Rack Tool belt comprises of air channel ventilation and has back support.

It comprises of back support for maximum support. If you have a sore back, then this is the product for you. As it involves a nylon web interior, it is quite durable. It also comprises of bar-tack stitching and also has heavy duty metal rivets. The pocket openings have nylon webbings around them. It also comes with electrician’s tool pouch and also has a hammer holster.


  • The Denier Dura-Tek fabric renders its strength
  • The pocket openings ensure that the electricians can quickly take out the tools
  • The size of this framing belt is for the waist and not of trousers
  • The belt also comes with a tape holder
  • One can also add a speed square on the side of the tools pouch


  • Stitching may come apart after heavy usage.
  • Velcro does not stick that causes the belt to sag
  • It has got the smallest pocket outside

#3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614, Heavy Duty Framers 5-Piece Comfortlift Combo

It is one of those framing tools that would render the user with high comforts. This is a suitable product for professionals who work long hours. It comprises of thick shoulder straps. This phenomenon helps in the distribution of weight in an even manner. It would also help to take some pressure off from the back portion of your body. This tool belt comprises of the convenient top carrying handles.
It is available in variants of 20 pockets and 31 pockets. The tool belt also comprised of a padded belt with a single roller buckle. It also has comfortable carry handle designs and secure storage.

The tool belts have customized pockets for faster access to the contents. The material has adjustable suspenders that aid in the usage of this product. It can fit waist sizes that range from 29 inches to 49 inches. This is also available in a lot of leading online portals. It is a very stylish product that would suit the modern day professional. With many pockets, this framing belt is the ideal one from where one can quickly take out a lot of tools and nails.


  • It comprises of 20 pockets in which individuals can store a lot of tools
  • It includes a comfortable carry handle that for simple adjustments and secure storage without spilling the contents inside of the framing belt
  • The customized design is ideal to distribute the strain across the whole length of your body


  • The materials would spill out when you bend over to repair
  • There is no hammer loop on the bottom rear corner of this product

#4. CLC IP489X 3 Pocket Suede Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt

It is one of those framing tool belts that comprise a classy exterior. This tool belt comes in two, three and four bag option which exudes practicality to the buyers. It also looks great while you wear this framing tool belt. It is one of those tool belts that is ideal for smaller repair jobs. However, you need to upgrade it if you are carrying a full toolset.
It is one of those products that have got smaller openings for nails and pockets. It is an excellent value for the price tool belt. This is one of those products that are great for the home hobbyist. It is also available in 8 pockets and ten pockets variants. It also comprises of two hammer loops. You can wear it on the left or the right side. It has got two nail and tool pockets and has separate compartments.


  • It is available at a reasonable price
  • This belt is durable, and the framing tool belt is portable too
  • The material is breathable, and hence there is scope for ventilation
  • The leather exudes class and looks stylish from every angle


  • The rivets on the inside compartments may stick out
  • It is a large belt for kids

#5. Custom LeatherCraft Professional Carpenters Combo

If comfort and ease of movement are needs of yours, then opting for this product would be ideal. All of its parts are highly portable. Quite interestingly, they are interchangeable too. You can customize it to fit your waist and carry out various repairing tasks. It is easily adjustable and has extra padding. This padding helps in the correct distribution of weight. 
It also comes with the stay-open feature that is there in the main pocket. With this feature, you do not have to worry about the closure of the pocket flap. It weighs only four pounds and is available in a lot of online portals. Comprises of 18 pockets for storage, and the sleeves would provide you with ample room. This includes an easy to carry handle design and offers simple adjustments. It is compatible with a lot of tools. It comprises of rugged and ballistic poly fabric with the double steel roller.


  • All the parts are entirely removable which aids in repair works
  • It comprises of 2 steel hammer loops and also a pry bar holder
  • The stay open feature of pockets flaps is a considerable advantage
  • It has two sizes as per the need of the users


  • It is a bit on a more substantial side and not suitable for carrying up to a ladder
  • The waistband is on the larger side

#6. MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic  Tool Belt for Carpenter

The working mechanism of this framing tool belt is quite clear from its name. It comprises of magnetic fronts so one can quickly grab the screws and nails. This is one of the most innovative frame tool belts on the market right now. It has a double-layered ballistic polyester material and can withstand a lot of heavy duty tasks. There is innovation in designing the stress points. They feature rivets. The pouches are there in a smart manner. It comprises of 100% polyester and includes 12 pockets for storage of tools. It contains magnetic nail pockets for secure storage of weapons. The main pockets would stay open even if you are working at great heights. It has ballistic polyester for rendering its durability and strength. It would keep your small tools at hand.


  • It has ample mouth pockets to keep small tools handy
  • This is on the lighter side and carrying it is a wise thing
  • It has 12 pouches for versatile storage
  • The one size fits most of the devices


  • The stitching may come out after heavy wear and tear
  • The buckle may suppress itself after extended usage

#7.  The Original Pink Box Women Framing Tool Belt

This is one of the stylish choices for those professionals who are fashionable. It comprises a lot of pockets and would keep your things stay put in an organized manner. Tool belt pouch contains a hammer loop, and the tools are in pink color. It is available in variants of styles. Available sizes are 12 inch, 19 inch, and 16-inch sizes. It comprises of canvas as its build material. This belt contains two large pouches that can store various tools. It also comes with a hammer loop for secure storage. It can fit waist sizes from 22 inches to 44 inches. The pink accents would provide you with style and fashion. It can also endure the hardworking demands of yours. It is great for storing gardening tools too. You can also save art and crafts supplies inside it.


  • It has a stylish design that would let you wear it every day
  • Tool belt comprises of canvas that is highly breathable
  • It includes ten multipurpose storage pockets
  • You can wear it anywhere


  • The material is not very tough
  • It is ideal for female technicians

#8. Carhartt Legacy Tool Belt, Standard, Carhartt

It is one of those framing tool belts that come with a water-repellent finish. This is one of those belts that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It would not get moldy in environments that comprises of high levels of humidity. This product is quite good and is durable in the long run.
It comprises nail pouches that have extra hammer loop. The waist belt is highly adjustable. It is available in variants of color and style. It also comes with a multi-tape measure holder and comprises of nine pockets so that you can organize tools. The waist belt is adjustable and can fit up to a 42-inch waist. It also has abrasion resistant corners. It also has hammer loops.


  • The waist belt is highly adjustable
  • It comes with water repellent coatings
  • It comes with the warranty against manufacturing defects


  • It is not very comfortable to wear
  • The buckle may come out after heavy usage

#9. DEWALT DG5641 20 Pocket Framer’s Combo

It is one of those tool belts for framing that have adjustable padded suspenders. It comprises eight main pockets. The padded suspenders can distribute the weight in an even manner. This is one size fits a lot of waist sizes. It also comprises of tongue roller buckle that would help keep the belt stay in a superior manner. The Carhartt provide waist sizes from 29 inches to 46 inches. It also comprises of 20 pockets and has sleeves for pencils and pens along with tools.


  • This comprises of 20 pockets and sleeves for nails
  • Also contains a 5-inch padded belt for extra comfort
  • It also has a pouch handle for facilitating comfortable handles


  • The cell phone holder is not that long
  • It can also weigh a lot of pounds when there are tools in the compartments

Some Popular Tool Belts for Framing

Price ranging between 90$ and $150
$ $90 - $150
  • Estwing Framing Tool Rig

Out of all the products mentioned above, the Occidental Leather framing tool belt is the best. Because it is available with a lot of online retailers. The brand has a considerable reputation in the market, and its parts are readily available in the market. It also embraces 10-inch nylon tool bags for framing in which you can store a lot of heavy tools. It does not include any shoulder straps. Set up are too easy for these tool belts. We have listed it in #1. Another one is CLC listed in #3 and #9. Learn more about properly wear tool belts.

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