Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag Review & Features(2022)

Do you need to organize all your tools in a single box?

Do you need all your tools and accessories within easy reach?

Then you have come to the right place. The Milwaukee Rolling Tool bag is one of the best tool bags in the market that will keep all your tools and accessories organized and safe. While there are many Tool bags in the market, not every Tool bag of them comes packed with a lot of features like the Milwaukee Rolling Tool bag. In this review, we’ll be looking at everything about the Milwaukee Rolling Tool bag, its features, strengths, weaknesses, pros, and cons, price, etc.Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag

Milwaukee has launched yet another storage solution with its 24inc hardtop rolling bags. People looking to transfer all their tools and accessories without a sweat can look forward to the milwaukee hardtop Rolling tool bags. Yes, all you need to do is fill the tool bag with the desired tools and drag the bag to your workplace from your car with ease.

When it comes to tool bags the major players are Klein and Husky, but with the release of the milwaukee 24 inch, Milwaukee has raised the bar to several notches in terms of handling, comfort, and user-experience.

With the launch of the new rolling tool bags, milwaukee wanted their tool bags to be seen as the best tool bags on the market. Equipped with almost 53 pockets, the milwaukee tool bag can carry a lot of tools than any other tool bags on the market.

Milwaukee Rolling Tool bag – Features

Easy to Use Handles

One of the major issues people see in rolling bags is the weaker and hard to use handles. Milwaukee has come out with reconfigured handles that will make handling extremely simple and easy. They look sturdy and well-reinforced.  Should you take a close look at the red portion of the deal there’s a small flare outside, which lets you hang your coat firmly set up.

Unlike other tool bags that come with 7inch wide handles, the Milwaukee handles are spread 11.5 inches wide that prevents the bags from hitting the ankle heels of milwaukee electrician, while dragging along the bag.


Another major advantage with the Milwaukee rolling tool bags is their sturdy construction. The rods in the rolling tool bag have been placed exactly perpendicular to the tool bag to prevent the rod from bending. Using the handles, it is pretty much very simple to push the bag along. The larger handle also enables you to place other luggage on top of the bag and carry along easily.


Milwaukee Rolling tool bags are popular for their extensive range of pockets. It allows you to dedicate pockets to individual tools and even mark their names on the pockets for easier identification. Unlike other tool bags that come with a large open space to dump all your tools in one place, here you can assign one pocket for tool. Not only this allow for easy identification, it also protects the tools from rubbing against one another and gives a longer lifetime.

The bag comes equipped with a front pocket to reach out quickly for tools that are accessed often. The main storage compartment allows you to store larger tools and accessories.

And if you have sharp tools like chisels, you can safely store them inside puncture-resistant pockets. There is also a separate pocket to hold water bottles as well.

Buy Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bag


  •  Hardtop Construction
  •  Easily carry a maximum weight of 250 lbs.
  • Comes equipped with strong 6 in all-terrain wheels
  • Strong and powerful extendable handle
  • Wide grip handles allow for easy handling
  • Foldable front panel
  • 53 pockets in total
  • Tablet sleeve included


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Need improvement with the Zipper system


Secured Zippered Pockets

Not only does the rolling tool bags come equipped with a  lot of pockets, but they are also secured through sturdy zippers to keep your tools safe and secure while transportation.


The rolling tool bag weighs only around 23.6 pounds and hence it is easy to drag along wherever you go even when it is fully loaded.



When compared with other rolling tool bags on the market, the Milwaukee Rolling tool bag is a bit expensive

Belt Position

While the handles are wide enough to push or drag it along, there are also belts provided to enable you to carry the bag where it is not ideal to push the tool bag. The belt in the bag is placed in an awkward position making it tough to carry the bag along.

Size and Cost

The Milwaukee Rolling tool bags come in two sizes, 18 inches, and 14 inches. While the 18inch rolling tool bag is priced at $169, you can buy a 24-inch tool bag for $199 only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best rolling tool bag? Klein, Husky or Milwaukee Tool Bag?

When it comes to rolling tool bags, Milwaukee is the leader as their bags come equipped with wider handles, a large number of pockets, easy handling and so on.

Can You Sit on top of this tool bag?

Yes, you can.

Are these bags waterproof?

No, Milwaukee 24 inch rolling tool bags are not waterproof.

Final Verdict

Whether you are carrying power tools or accessories to a job site or transporting some tools to another place, then choose the milwaukee 18 in rolling tool bags as they provide you with ultimate ease and comfort to drag along easily wherever you go. These bags can easily haul a maximum weight of between 200-250 pounds. Equipped with a large number of pockets, you can easily assign every tool with their dedicated pockets and even mark their names on top of them for easier identification.

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