10 BEST Rolling Tool Bag (2022) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Rolling tool bags helps to carry items of different sizes to work. By carrying items in this tool tote, the weight of the items can be reduced from your back and shoulder. However, plenty of options are available when opting to buy one rolling tool bag. Try to buy the bag depending on certain considerations as it will help you to get hands on the right one. Rolling tool bags or tool totes are available in different sizes and shapes. In addition, different materials are used to design them. Therefore, try to look for the latest features in the tool bag that will make it easy to carry the bag both for outside and indoor usage. BEST Rolling Tool Bag tote

Nothing can be better than having access to different tools in one bag when you are at work. If you prefer doing all the tool related work by yourself, it is important that you look for the right rolling tool bag. Since it is a rolling bag, it will be easy for you to move the bag from one place to another over any surfaces. You can also go through the product reviews mentioned in the following part of the article to get a fair idea which product or tool tote would be suitable for your work. Read on to know more about some rolling tool bags and its details.

Top Tote/Rolling Bags Comparison

ModelProduct NameWeight/
WheelsHandlePocketsBuy Now
1Klein Tools 55452RTB 19″ Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels


19/60 lbsPlasticTelescoping24 Check Price
2 MILWAUKEE ELEC TOOL 48-22-8221 18″ Jobsite Rolling Bag24/200 lbs.RubberStrong extensions20 Check Price
3Husky GP-44316AN13 600-Denier Rolling Tool Bag11/80 lbs. PlasticTelescoping13 Check Price
4CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 TechGear Roller Tool Bag9/125 lbs.RubberTelescoping (LED)17 Check Price
5DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag10/100 lbsRubberTelescoping17 Check Price
6Stanley STST18613 3-In-1 Rolling WorkShop10/40 lbsPlasticTelescoping Check Price
7Snap-On 870113 18-Inch Rolling Tool Bag3.5/90 lbsPlasticTelescopingN/A Check Price
8XtremepowerUS Tool Bag Organizer

(Budget Friendly)

5/60 lbsPlasticTelescoping29 Check Price
9Remington Heavy Duty Rolling Tote13.95/125 lbs PlasticStrong Extensions20 Check Price
10Blackthorn TuffTec Tool Bag9.45/66 lbs PlasticStrong Extensions99 ,N/A Check Price
  1. Klein Tools Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels

This rolling tool bag comes with 6 inches wheels fitted for easy use of the bag. It has 24 pockets that provide excellent storage facility. In addition to this, the interior of the bag is designed in a way to get the tools in and out of the bag easily. Also, you can carry large tools in the bag. It has a 6-inch wheel.

Bottom Line – It is an excellent option for buying rolling tool bag. It is made from high-quality items making it a durable one. It has competitive price making it among the bestselling ones in the market. Know more about Klein tool belts.


  • It has 24 pockets providing maximum storage
  • Interior accommodates largely sized tools
  • It has firmly molded plate to provide support from the tools inside
  • T’his is prepared from high-quality items that ensure durability
  •  It has a heavy-duty telescoping handle


  • The stitching of the bag could have been better
  • The zipper system of the bag should be a quality one
  1.  MILWAUKEE Rolling Bag

This is another tool bag which is made from high-quality material. It has wide wheels fitted with sold handles so that it becomes easy to use the rolling bag. It has plenty of pockets making it easy for the user to carry different sized tools in the bag. The pockets are secured with a zipper system. Also, the pocket compartments are designed in such a way that it becomes easy to take out and out in the tools inside the bag. Therefore, ballistic material designing is easy to use. The weight of the bag is 23.6 pounds, and therefore, the overall weight of the bag is easy to carry. Also check our guide on portable rolling tool boxes

Bottom line – Users can expect an average performance of the bag. Since it is a bit expansive users can expect it to be among the list of best rolling bags.Read our full review on milwaukee rolling tool bag


  • The bag is of 16 x 18 x 21 inches
  • This has 6-inches rimmed wheels
  • The bag can carry up to 200 lb of items
  • It has metal skid plates making it easy to carry heavy items
  • Rolling Bag is designed with high-quality materials to maintain longer durability
  • A solid extension handle has been fixed in the bag


  • The stitching of the belt could have been better so that it is easy to carry the bag
  • The zipper system need to be improved
  • It is a bit expensive as a rolling tool bag
  1. Husky Rolling Tool Bag

It is a 14 inches rolling tool bag of medium bags making it easy to carry different sized tools in the bag. It comes in red and black color combination with plenty of option for pouches to easily store the items. The bag also has a zipper system making it convenient for the users to use it. Buy husky rolling tool bag

Bottom line – It is an excellent product offering plenty of pocket options to easily carry the tools. The bag is heavy enough fitted with good quality handle and wheels.


  • Users can carry up to 801lbs of tools in the bag
  • The bag has a 3-year warranty
  • It has innovative skid plates to provide better protection to the items that you carry
  • To keep contents safe inside the bag,  600-denier polyester  material is used


  • The bag has a weight of its own before you keep any tools in it
  • It may not be easy to carry the bag with all items in it to all job sites
  1. CLC Custom Leathercraft L258 TechGear Roller Tool Bag with Lighted Handle, 17-Inch

This rolling tool bag comes with a telescoping handle and LED lighting system. It will help you to direct to the working area. With help of LED light, it becomes easy to find the required accessories inside the bag. Therefore, it is evident that you can easily work in the dark and you do not have to give much effort in finding the tools inside the rolling bag. Also, multiple used pockets are fixed in the bag making it easy for the users to use it. It is an 18.5-inch x 13-inch x 17-inch dimension bag which can carry items up to 9.35 pounds of weight.

Bottom Line – This product is slightly sturdy compared to other best selling rolling tool bag products. Try to check the stitching of the bag to ensure that you will be able to use perfectly.


  • It has telescoping led light handle for making it easy to carry the bag
  • Offers plenty of pockets to carry the tools
  • It has good quality led lights to find items easily in the bag
  • The bag is a durable and made from heavy-duty wheels for easy movement of the bag


  • It may not be convenient to carry this kind of rolling bags over the stairs
  • It is less sturdy compared to the ones listed among the best rolling bags.
  1. DEWALT DGL571 Lighted Roller Tool Bag

This is an excellent 18-inch rolling tool bag that has LED light fixed in it. With the help of the light, it becomes easy for the users to put in and take out the tools from the bag. It has rubber-treated wheels that make it easy to move or roll the bag smoothly. The LED lights are supported by AAA batteries to get better results. Also, the folding zipper system of the bag has a strong magnet. This is further attached to the topmost part of the handle of the bag.

With the help of this telescoping handle, it becomes easy to carry the bag or roll it. The fixing of the telescoping handle is suitable enough as it will not disturb when using the bag compartments. This bag has enough space and a differently sized tool can be easily stored in it. The handle also comes with good quality padding to make it easy to carry it without hurting the user’s hands.

Bottom Line – The tool bags on wheels is good for its excellent quality and performance. It might seem to be exceeding the budget. But it is worth buying this expensive one with all the latest features in it


  • This bag moves easily from one place to the other
  • It is easy to access the bag and find out tools from inside the bag
  • It is capable of carrying larger sized tools inside the bag
  • Even with heavy items inside the bag, it is easy to carry it
  • It has LED lighting system


  • It has a large space to carry the items, but it is not an organized one
  •  It is a bit expensive bag considering all the features that it offers
  1. Stanley STST18613 3-In-1 Rolling WorkShop

This 3-in-1 tool belt helps with multiple purposes. Manufactured in the US, it can be considered as a good quality bag. It has a removable tray which is placed at the bottom of the bag. In addition to this, it has removable organizers used for the small-sized compartments. Along with this, the telescoping handle made it easy to carry the bags smoothly.

Bottom-Line – It can be considered one of the top among the rolling bags as it comes with the basic features of all rolling bags. If it is not overloaded with tools, it can be used for several years.


  • The rolling toll bag is suitable for power tool items, and it can be sued for several purposes
  • It is able to meet all necessary requirement, and standards items are used to prepare it
  • It has a separately detachable organizer to carry small items in the bag
  • A sturdy telescoping handle is fixed in the bag to make it easy to move the bag
  • The bag a removable tray placed at the bottom of the bag. Due to this, it becomes easy to place heavy items below the bag.


  • The wheels are made from slightly poor quality items, and it cannot take a load of the items. In such a case, the wheels tend to tilt inwards and it becomes difficult to roll the bag.
  • The storage compartments are not sufficient to store plenty of items in the rolling bag.
  1. Snap-On 870113 18-Inch Rolling Tool Bag

The 18-inches rolling bag is water resistant with proper stitching system in the bag. In addition to this, high-quality polyester is used in the bag to make it durable enough even when heavy tools are being carried. Both telescoping handle and wheel make it easy to move the bag from place to the other over different surfaces. It has a dimension of 12-inch x 18-inch x 14.2-inches and users can carry a number of tools inside it.

Bottom Line – This kind of rolling bag provides strength, and it becomes easy to carry the tools in the bag. It is also a good value for the money bag. Currently unavailable


  • This is a lightweight bag that can be sued to carry different types of tools
  • The bag has a wide mouth opening makes it easy to put in and take out items from the bag
  • It has a dual zipper system making it convenient to carry the items
  • This also has a telescopic handle coupled with large wheels to make it easy to move
  • It is made from 600-denier polyester that has unique qualities such as water resistance


  • The telescopic handle fixed in the bag is a weak one
  • The wheels fixed in the bag could have been of good quality
  1. XtremepowerUS Tool Bag Organizer

This rolling tool bag comes with 41 inches handle making it easy for the users to carry it. Also, the handle of the bag can be extended easily. It is one such feature which is not available in most rolling tool bags. In addition, there are a number of small pockets both inside and outside the bag making it easy to carry different sized tools in the bag. Apart from all its unique features, the best part about the bag is its affordable price. Therefore, given the price of the bag, it is worthy of purchasing the bag. This rolling tool bag comes with wheels.

Bottom Line – This bag is a top choice which is worthy of the price. The price is almost half of the price of the top brands available in the market. Both of them offer similar features offering at a much lower cost. The designing of the bag makes it easy to carry the bag.


  • This rolling bag comes with a long handle
  • It is available in affordable price compared to the rest in the list of the best rated items in the market
  • This comes with a lot of compartments making it easy to carry different sized tools easily in the bag
  • It is an 18 inches wide rolling bag


  • The bag has weak seams
  • The 18-inch width may not be enough to carry a number of heavy tools in the bag
  • The stitching of the bag could have been better
  1.  Remington Heavy Duty Rolling Tote

This is an excellent tool tote which is portability. In addition, it has the ability to withstand elements when the bag is carried for outdoor use. It has a huge capacity of 42.25-gallon capacity making it easy to keep different tools according to your needs. It can be used both used in home and in the shop due to its excellent organizational features.

Bottom Line – It may not be that expensive, but it does not have any separate compartments for a differently sized tool that you take at work. However, you can easily cart the large-sized tools inside this tool tote.


  • It has a good lockable system that is necessary for security
  • This has a pull handle system making it easy to carry the items
  • It is made from good quality materials


  • There are no separate compartments inside the tool tote.
  • It may be difficult to find small and medium-sized items in the tool tote easily when at work
  1. Blackthorn TuffTec Tool Bag

This is another rolling bag which can also be called as a tool tote. Good quality tufted material is used to prepare the bag that makes it suitable to carry a 66lb load. It has plenty of pockets and loops making it easy to carry the tools inside the tool tote. The large space is also suitable to carry bulky items.

Bottom Line – It is among the affordable ones in the market which is easy to carry or roll. The comfortable grip gives suitable comfort to carry during work. Currently unavailable.


  • It has all-terrain wheels making the navigation easy for the users
  • This has a good quality padding system making it comfortable on the straps
  • It is both waterproof and tear-proof making it suitable to take for any kind of outdoor works
  • This bag has good quality plastic reinforced at the bottom of the tool tote to provide good support


  • It has small wheels that limit the mobility of the bag
  • The zipper system of the bag could have been a good quality one

What are the things to consider when buying rolling tool bags?

The main purpose of buying a rolling too bag is that it will offer some extra space to carry different sized tools when going for work. Some of the rolling bags have LED lights fitted in it. It helps to access the bag when working in dark. The different size of the pockets makes it easy to easily put items insides the bag and take them out from the bag easily.  Moreover, the bag can be easily moved to different places.

warrantyConsider choosing good quality material

Choosing good quality material will help get a durable bag. In addition to this, having good quality material will also get the quality performance of the rolling bag. It should also be known that different materials provide different durability. Therefore, it is suitable to choose materials such as nylon, polyester, canvas and other items.

age recommendationGet the ideal size of the rolling tool bag

Apart from choosing the right quality of the material of the bag, choosing the right size of the rolling bag is also important. Users should opt for the size depending on their requirement. Also, the size of the bag would depend on the size of the tool that the users have to carry to their work. When working with large tools, users should choose for a good quality bag. Therefore, 18 inches rolling bag would be the best option in such cases.

safetyLook for organizing feature of the bag

If you do not want to spend a lot of time choosing the right tool that would fit perfectly in the rolling bag, try to look for a bag that has all the latest features in it. Therefore, getting bags with organized feature will be an important option.

A substantial or lightweight bag

Try to opt for lightweight bags other than heavyweight ones. A lightweight one will be suitable to carry after taking all the items in it. If you use heavy bags, it would become overloaded when you put tools inside it. It is further said that lightweight bags would improve the mobility of the bag and you can easily take it to work.

Should I buy tool bags or tool belts or rolling tool bags?

It is important to buy the one which is more efficient. Other than this, it is important to look after the durability of the bag.  Tool bags or tool belts are small in size when compared with rolling tool bags. Also, there is a number of compartments in the rolling tool bags compared to the other two categories. It should be known that tool belt can be worn around the waist and adjustments can be made according to waist size. Both for tool bag and rolling tool bag, users can easily move the bag with the help of its long extended handle which is fixed with the bag. High-quality material is used to design the handle. This way the rolling tool bags can be considered to be as the most efficient one to carry different tools at work. Also, the LED lighting system should be considered when it comes to choosing between the above-mentioned categories.


With all the information about the rolling tool bags, the user should be careful when buying the bag. They should check each of its features carefully to ensure the longevity of the bag. Also, check that the bag has proper stitching and it does not come out when it is being carried to work with heavy sized tools in it.

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