Guide About How To Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding?

How To Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding?

How To Remove Spray Paint From Vinyl Siding

Are you the one who is wasting tons of hours on the internet figuring out ways and techniques on how to remove spray paint from vinyl siding? If this sounds like you then don’t tire yourself. I mean you’re not the only one who is thinking about this. So, what to do and from where to start without even hurting the surface of vinyl siding.

Many people are in search of tips and tricks but they are stuck wondering the right method. Remember, that if your home’s visual enhancer a.k.a. vinyl siding needs a redo of vibrant colors or a splash of paint accidentally dropped on your vinyl siding then you need to deal with its paint removal. And here comes the difficulty when the paint went dry. From there onwards you need proper skills on how to remove spray paint from vinyl siding.    

So, if you want some quick methods to vanish paint from vinyl siding then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you five techniques that you can apply to lift spray paint. Just scroll down and have a look!

What Is Vinyl Siding?

What Is Vinyl Siding

So, what is that one thing which rejuvenates your overall home look and gives it an instant aesthetic appeal? Of course, it is vinyl siding, the exoteric plastic siding that is particularly made for external use for the apartments. It is a perfect alternative to old wood clapboard. It is usually made up of fiber cement and aluminum siding. People go for vinyl siding because of decorative purposes but we all know that it has some other attributes as well.

What are they? It is smooth and effortless to install. It has durability and increased longevity. It augments the enticement of your apartment. Plus, it prevents the formation of mildew and mold. On the other hand, it is eco-friendly and its vibrancy lasts for longer periods.

The above incentive level-up the preference of vinyl siding as this economical aesthetic look gives you a pleasant effect. 


What are the behests which you should know before spray paint amputation from Vinyl Siding?

Swift maneuvering increases your chances of spray paint removal copiously from the surface. Therefore, procrastinate on this simple DIY as the sooner you’ll do the better it would be. 

Moreover, don’t act without complete knowledge, just read the instructions or guiding tutorials for each product you’ll be going to use on vinyl siding.

First thing first, what tools or products you’ll need while doing this? Remember, read thoroughly about the cautions related to the product. You’ll need a coarse cloth, a medium intensity bristle scrubbing brush, some solvents. 

Pro tip: please reflect on applying a protective sheath on your home’s siding. Such protective sheaths make the spray paint removal more than simpler.

You can give a try to goof-off products they are amazing when it comes to removing spots, stains, or even the whole paint job from any kind of surface. This miracle solvent dissolves the spray paint and easily vanishes it from the surface of vinyl siding. We recommend you to grab a professional grade 12oz. an aerosol spray of Goof-off. The best part? It didn’t damage your sidings instead give you a clean look. Just apply the solvent with a roller, a paintbrush, or a sprayer.

You can add baking soda with Goof off to increase its potency to remove spray paint from the vinyl siding. What do you need to do? Just spread a thin layer of Goof-off or Goo-gone and sprinkle a fist full of baking powder onto the wet surface of the vinyl. Then do a scrubbing with a bristle brush to lift off the access paint and the stain off from the vinyl sidings.

After this, clean the surface with the pressure washer and thoroughly clean it. Get the job done without hiring a professional. The alternate goof-off solvent is Oops, it works the same way just give it a little time to set on your vinyl siding.


Top 4 ways of removing spray paint from the Vinyl Siding

There are five diverse mechanisms by which you can easily vanish the spray paint. Want to know about these methods? If yes, then you have come to the right place. As we’ll cover you up and guide you in redoing or removing misshaped stains from your vinyl siding surface. Scroll below and have a look.

Oil cleansing

Oil cleansing is the first method you should try if your spray paint is oil-based. It goes with the chemical theory of like-dissolves-like, which means that brush off cooking or vegetable oil on your painted vinyl siding. Have a look at oil’s fighting tendency for removing oil-based spray paints. I mean why not try this fast-washing technique first to scrap the paint off. This practice works best when the spar paint hasn’t fully dried. But no worries as we’ll give it a chance.

Once the oil is setups for a few hours and gets dry this is the right time when you need to scrub the vinyl surface. You need to scrub the vinyl siding from a bristle but natural fiber brush. Don’t use steel wool as its vinyl gets some scratches. Plus, don’t put a lot of pressure on the stiff bristle brusher too as it can also leave scuff marks on the surface.

Lastly, rinse the vinyl siding with warm water and then you’ll see a difference.

Stain remover

Another option for you is to go with a stain or graffiti remover. You can do this with popular brands of spray paint remover or can go with a DIY. This method can easily wash away the water-based paints which entail acrylic and latex. Moreover, these sorts of paints are the people’s popular choice for home décor due to their durability. On the top, these paints are easy to use and easy to remove.

So, what you’ll need for this DIY acrylic and latex paint remover? To create this paint remover, you need 1 part laundry detergent in 4 parts of warm water. Make sure that laundry detergent doesn’t contain bleach. As if it does then it leaves an impact on the vinyl surface in the form of discoloration.  

Spray a few shots of the stain remover on the vinyl siding to see if the paint melts or not. Let the paint dry or sink in deeply on the surface. Once you leave it for hours use a brush or cloth to scrap off some sprayed particles. You can go with a pressure washer to get rid of the leftover paint.

In case, the particles didn’t remove, use rubbing alcohol on those spots and let it settle for some time. We guarantee that this technique will for sure remove it. 

Remember, apply the paint remover, or DIY record vinyl siding paint remover on some hidden areas. Give all the remover a test drive so you’ll be able to determine if any staining or fading might not occur. We recommend practicing this across the board. 

Mineral spirits to remove oil-based paints

So, if you love those intricate interiors designing then for sure you have heard of trim painting. In painting trims, you need oil-based paints which could have been slipped onto your vinyl siding. So, before it dries from your vinyl sidings remove the misshaped spots from mineral spirits.

Just grab a cloth (make sure it is clean and soft) and wet it with mineral spirits. Rub it on the spotted area and let it dry for a few minutes. Then scrub the entire surface with less pressure and a soft brush. Lastly, rinse the affected area with a pressure washer. 

For deep cleaning, you can go with bleach which is a common household item. You can do the cleaning of mold and mildew with bleach. But please be careful while touching it and as it can be irritating for sensitive skin. 

Solvents for deep cleansing

We are suggesting you this because if any of the above tricks don’t help you out with paint removing, then what will you do. If you want to remove graffiti spray paint then what to do in such circumstances. We recommend you different solvents and scrubbing methods that can help you out.

Once you apply our recommended solvents, you’ll learn that which of the solvent works best for you. Some of you even tried the oil washing method and other DIYs but your paint doesn’t come off. For that matter, we come up with something different.

Make sure that you keep away these solvents from the reach of children. These highly flammable paints must apply with the mask on. Other information and directions related to these solvents are given below.


Use acetone on your clean coarse rag vinyl siding. Let it sit for a few minutes until it gets dry. Scrap the first layer of acetone and reapply on the same surface again. But if your paint is fresh, then you can give a shot to nail polish remover as it entails acetone.

Make sure to be careful as it is highly flammable. However, rubbing, and isopropyl alcohol is generally not suitable alternative for acetone. Why? Because their alcohol makes acetone’s potency low grade on almost any type of paint. 

Lacquer Thinner

An intense replacement of acetone is lacquer thinner but its downside is that it melts some forms of plastic. Moreover, it is highly flammable as well, so be careful. Just apply a coat of lacquer thinner on a coarse rag and then scrub off the stained area with a little pressure from your bristle brush having natural fibers.

Brake Cleaner

Okay, so the next on our list is brake cleaner which has high intensity as compared to the previous two. So, what is the direction? Apply a thin coat with your clean brush or cloth. Make sure that you do this in an outdoor space that has a proper ventilation system. Why? It is because brake cleaner has a high VOC compound rate. 

Remember, use nitrile gloves while handing brake cleaner with an eye PPE and a respirator mask.

Paint Strippers

Go with a paint stripper to remove paint from vinyl sidings. You can grab one from the best seller in the market. But please be cautious while handling a paint stripper as many formulations of its are banned federally due to its hazards.    

Read the manufacturer guidelines while applying it on a vinyl siding and remove the old bottle of the paint stripper as it is hazardous to health.

What other products you must need while removing spray paint from vinyl siding?

This may seem like a peril-free errand, but the fact is, it can cause serious harm to you if you do not take safety precautions. Chemical fumes of the solvents or paint remover can dangerous for that matter you need to wear a respirator mask, as if you are not, you may have breathed issue or might be a headache. Then wear leather or cloth gloves to save your hands from irritation. And shades or face shields to protect your eyes. In addition to this, keep a fire extinguisher near you while using flammable spray paint remover.

Other surrounding measures you should ensure are proper ventilation, keeping your children away during this sort of task, covering your plants, or showering them after using any remover. Lastly, keep it away from the reach of your pets as well.


When it comes to cleaning, vinyl siding is one of the simplest kinds of stuff to remove dust and dirt. And when we talk about how to remove paint from vinyl siding, then I recommend removing the freshly dripped paint as soon as possible.

Or if you want to redo, then the above-mentioned techniques and ways are for sure helpful for you. What are your thoughts about it? Leave your views in our comment section below. Let us know about your experience with these varied methods. I’m very sure that these methods will assist you to get around this dilemma.


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