Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Guide : Cost, Types, Pros, and Cons

Stone-coated steel roofing- Detailed Discussion

The Pros and Cons of Stone-Coated Steel Roofing


  1. Metal is known for its one of the most important properties and that is: it lasts for more than 40 to 70 years. This property makes the stone-coated steel roof to be in better condition than other roofing techniques like asphalt shingles.
  2. Even though metal looks strong to be used for metal roofs, it is quite easy and lightweight to install. Also, as metal can carry many heavy elements, it is much suitable for an odd atmosphere.
  3. Unlike other roofs which might not give variety in the looks, stone-coated roofs come with many attractive colors and textures.
  4. Roofs have a large impact inside the house. Having a metal as a roof helps you maintain indoor temperature by using its less heat absorption property.


  1. One of the most discussed and important disadvantages of having a stone-coated roof is its cost. Initially, the cost of such installation will be very high and it can only decrease with the time and years of using it.
  2. The second advantage can be the most important concern for you and that is noise! Especially during heavy rains or storms, there is a possibility that you will have to face a loud noise that comes with metal.
  3. Even though steel is coated with stones and comes with the best qualities, there might be few repair finances that you will have to think about overtime.Stone-coated steel roofing (1)

Types of stone coated steel roofing

  1. If you want to have a steel roof that has good resistance, can protect the house from storms, is perfectly lightweight, and gives maximum warranty, then the Barrel Vault Tile variety of stone-coated steel roofs is best for you!
  2. If you want to go according to the looks of the house which will be classic and clean, then the Cottage Shingle variety is perfect for you.
  3. If you want to have the goodness of both Barrel Vault Tile and the Cottage Shingle, then Pine-Crest Shake is the perfect choice for you!

Difference between:

stone coated steel roofing vs asphalt shingles:

stone coated steel roofing vs asphalt shingles

  1. In terms of steel’s lifespan, stone-coated steel lasts longer than approximately 100 years whereas asphalt shingle gives comparatively less timespan, nearly 12 to 25 years max.
  2. In terms of durability, steel again wins here. Because of its high resistance properties, it can beat extreme weathers like storms and heavy rain more easily than Shingles. Shingles are fragile and can easily blow off a roof.

stone coated steel roofing vs metal roofing:

stone coated steel roofing vs metal roofing

  1. Steel is one of the most used and important materials that you can find on commercial construction sites. Naturally, it gets used more for stone coated roofing than any other metals
  2. Process vise, steel can be an energy-intensive process compared to other metals. For example, Zinc.

Things to consider before buying Stone coated steel roofing– climate hot/cold

  1. Whenever you consider roof construction or installing a new roof system, it is important to consider the regional weather conditions.
  2. No matter if you are building a stone-coated steel roof or any other type, all will have to go through climate conditions like storms, heavy rains, and many more.
  3. That is why it is important to check what kind of climate your house is surrounded by and if the material or elements are capable of handling it.
  4. You can check if the material of your roofing is UL-listed and has a class rating.
  5. Typically stone coated steel roofs come with the benefits of high resistance to high wind speeds.

Stone-coated steel roofing installation

A typical stone-coated metal roofing consists of multiple layers built with distance. These layers start with galvanized steel sheets. There are various stages that a steel-coated roof goes through. For example, the First high-temperature seal coat is followed by Epoxy primer, Zinc coating, and steel base. After that again comes the zinc coating followed by epoxy primer, acrylic base coat, stone chips, and then acrylic overglaze. The top layer serves as an adhesive for the next layer that is stone granules. The installation ends with acrylic overglaze.

Stone-coated steel roofing Cost

Stone-coated steel roofing Cost

Installation of stone-coated steel roof comes with different price ranges. Considering just material, this process costs between Rs.400 and Rs.800 per square foot. But the installation process may vary considering which service you choose to install, the shape and pitch of your roof.


It is perfectly safe to walk on a stone-coated steel roof as they are made with the safety to walk across without any damage. It is as safe as walking on a metal roof as they are also installed with walk-on safety.

Yes. Stone-coated steel roofs are extra strong, can last longer, and are more flexible than asphalt.

Yes. Even though stone-coated steel comes with many benefits, one of the highlighted cons it has is the noise issue.

Looking at its durability and lifespan, stone-coated steel roofs are worth having for your house.

Stone-coated steel roofs are nothing but roofs that have the benefits of the combination of strong industrial metal and stone.

The average life span of steel roofing is more than 70 years and potentially it is best for 50 years.

There are various services in the market that offer steel roofing. They all come in wide price ranges that you can choose from.

There are various websites on the internet that provide a complete guide of installation and installation prices.

You can take the help of online videos or search some websites that give full steel roof installation guidance.

You can refer to websites like “Decra” metal roofing and many more that offer number one stone-coated steel roofing.

Typically, class 4 ratings can be given to its material to rate the process of the stone coated steel roof.

Total cost of installation of a steel roof for an average house is $21,000, as the cost per square foot is $5 to $12.

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