17 Best Mini Mill Machine Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Mini Mill: Buying Guide And Review

Best Mini Mill

Why Do You Need a Mini Mill?

Choosing the best mini mill can be challenging especially for a beginner exploring new tools, mini milling machines simplify work and gets the job done quickly and with ease. Mini milling machines bring the industry home because they produce industrial products on a small scale. Mini mills save time and money when working on a project by modifying wooden and metal material components in the shortest time possible. The mini mill comprises of a movable table directed manually or computerized and a stationary cutting tool. Desired cuts are achieved by a rotating blade that moves around the material that is being worked on, the material is secured on the table.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mini Milling Machine; Buyers Guide

There are a lot of factors to consider before settling on a mini milling machine. Below we will be discussing most of them.


When considering the portability of a mini-mill you cannot overlook the weight, heavy machines make transportation difficult. As an operator, you must consider weight and size before buying a mini mill especially when the machine is meant for a home garage or office.


The lighter the machine the more the vibration while the heavier the machine the lesser the vibration. More vibration can make working on a material difficult as it moves the workpiece out of the concentration area. Realizing clean and precise cuts can be challenging with a lot of vibration, therefore consider going for a vibration-free mini mill.

Spindle clearance

It implies the distance between the table and the spindle. It determines the size of cutters and end mill as well as the length of the material you can drill using the machine.

Table size

Consider going for a large table because it gives you a lot of working space and also a lot of space for securing the clamp.

Movement in all 3 planes

There are 3 planes, which are x, y, and z axes. Consider going for a mini-mill that has a crank for ease of operation, moving the table along the x and y axes. Some designs support movement along the z-axis.


In terms of fire consider these 3 aspects, horsepower rating, wattage, and spindle speed. Horsepower ranges from 0 to 2 mostly, the higher the rating the more the output. Tougher workpieces require more wattages, while lighter materials will use low wattages. Spindle speed must be considered too, the higher the spindle speed the cleaner the finish. It also means that the machine can handle an array of workpieces.

Types of milling machines

There are very many types of milling machines. The first two are divided according to axes, and they are:

  1. Vertical milling machine

A vertical milling machine is suitable for making horizontal cuts, the axis of the spindle is perpendicular to the work table.

  1. Horizontal milling machine

This machine is good for making vertical cuts on a workpiece. The spindle is positioned horizontally to the work table

  1. Ram-type milling machine

This type of mini mill has the spindle mounted on top of the column. It has a ram that allows the cutter to be positioned backward and forward.

  1. Knee-type milling machine

It comprises a protrusion that looks like a knee positioned in the middle. It also has an adjustable worktable that can be moved vertically.

  1. Bed type milling machine

It has the worktable positioned on the bed instead of the top. The worktable can move along the vertical plane.

  1. Tabletop milling machine

It has the worktable positioned on the bed. It has cutters and heads in which one can perform an array of milling actions.

Top Mini Milling Machine Reviews

  1. Proxxon 37110- Best Mini mill for Gunsmithing

It is a good performer giving you value for your money. It is relatively affordable considering its remarkable features.

It has a speed of 5000 rpm that goes all the way to 20000 rpm which can satisfy small design works and electrical works.

It has a dynamic motor of 100-watt which is the recommended standard voltage. It also has a 24-pole motor that offers proper output. It does not have the highest speed setting for milling, but it is enough for design works and electrical projects.

Its dimensions are 200 by 700mm. It has a 3-T slot that comes with an adjustable ruler, making it very easy to position the workpiece. It also has an adjustable wheel with an accuracy of 0.002mm and weighs 15.5 pounds.

Price tag: Under $ 500


  • Variable rulers provide accurate positioning
  • Has a stable operation
  • It is pocket friendly


  • Produces a lot of noise during operation
  • Workings on the x-axis are rough.
  1. Erie Tools SP2102- Mini Lathe Combo

It is a completely dynamic lathe and includes a lot of features making it quite convenient for the user, and they include:
  • Swing over bed 7” (180 mm)
  • The spindle tapper is MT3
  • Tail Stock Taper is MT2
  • The spindle bore is 79″ (20 mm)
  • Chuck diameter is 4” (101 mm)
  • Variable speed control knob
  • Emergency stop switch

It provides the operator with up to 2500 RPM for accuracy when cutting metal. It also has a variable speed of 7 by 14 inches, a 7-inch swing, and a 14-inch space in between centers. Its variable speed can be adjusted from 50 to 2500 RPM in all directions.

It has a thread indicator that helps operators turn the screw from 12 to 52 TPI with imperial or metric pitches. The 5/16-inch capacity tool allows more than three cutting tools to be mounted all at once, contributing to simple substitution mid-project. It also has a multi jaw chuck that holds materials tightly when the auto-feed can be adjusted to meet the needs of the project at hand.

Price tag: $ 500 to $ 1,000


  • Modest working capacity.
  • From the left-hand threading, it can rotate in either direction.
  • It has high-quality cutters for precision.
  • It has easy-to-read RPM adjustment


  • It has a high price tag
  1. Jet JMD 18The Best Mini Mill for $ 80 and Lower

This jet milling machine is the best mini milling machine for sale below $ 80. It is good for both industrial and personal use because of its remarkable features. It has a two-horsepower motor that can reach a maximum spindle speed of 3000 RPM. To ensure quick speeding changing with a less waiting period, it is equipped with a high-end hinged belt cover. Some of the key features are:

  • Drilling capacity of 1-14 inches
  • End mill capacity of 3 inches
  • Face mill capacity of 3/4 inches
  • Swing 15-7/8 inches

It has a durable design because it is built out of tough and quality components. It is also equipped with a cast iron column, a heavy-duty material that makes maximum shock absorptions. This ensures precision during cuts.

It has multiple speed settings starting from 150 RPM, which allows the operator to set its performance to his needs. Another remarkable feature is the table measuring 9.5 by 31.75 that allows a lot of space to work on, making it more flexible when working on big projects.

It weighs 740 pounds, making it more suitable for industrial use. In terms of dimensions, it has 5 by 39.8 by 43.5 inches. It also consumes up to 230 volts.

Price Tag: Up to $ 3000


  • Remarkable maximum speed
  • Has minimal vibration
  • Large table size
  • Easy to read RPM dials
  • Has multiple speed settings
  • Quality body components


  • Has a high price tag
  • Consumes a lot of power
  • It is very heavy
  1. Grizzly G8689-Best Mini Mill Under $ 100

Product Description:

This grizzly mini machine is an affordable compact machine that provides remarkable capabilities for smaller tasks, it is also a milling machine for sale under $ 100. It can do milling, drilling, and facing because of the following features:

  • Drilling capacity of ½ inch
  • Face mill capacity of 1 inch
  • End mill capacity of ½ inch
  • Swing of 12- ¾ inch

In addition to these features, it has a cleaned spindle guard, adjustable stop, rubber chip guard, zero setting dial, safety shut-off switch, a find feed control, feared drive, and a dovetail column.

The grizzly mini milling machine has an RPM of 0 to 2500 rpm adjustable according to desired needs. Its dovetail column can be adjusted too.

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 1500


  • There is no need to change the belt during operation
  • An adjustable depth stop
  • Adjustable dovetail column
  • It has a fine feed head control
  • It is affordable
  • Has a clear guard on the spindle


  • Limited to light workpieces
  1. Klutch Mini Mill Machine

Product Description

Klutch mini milling machine is a remarkable performer, suitable for light to medium-duty tasks. It is ideal for an operator who requires a sturdy and compact machine that uses limited space. It has the following features:

  • Face mill capacity of 1-3/16 inch
  • Drilling capacity of ½ inch
  • End mill capacity of 5/8 inch
  • Variable RPM
  • 360degree swivel of the head

Other features are1/2 horsepower that uses a power input of 110V, convenient for offices and homes. It has a wattage of 350 watts capable of handling light to medium tasks, it runs smoothly achieving clean cuts with less effort.

Klutch mini milling machine has an adjustable speed because it is equipped with a forward and reverse switch. An operator is also able to adjust both the head and worktable using a handwheel. Both these features make it one of the most versatile mini milling machines.

It has a sturdy construction, even though it does not have a stand but instead a large table that provides a lot of working space.

Price Tag: $ 500 to $ 1,000


  • It has an accurate feed control
  • It has an RPM of up to 2500 rpm
  • It has 4 inches cross traveling distance
  • It has a 360-degree swiveling head
  • Tilts to an angle of 45 degrees


  • The machines come with no stand
  1. Shop Fox M1111 Milling Machine

This remarkable machine has an adjustable head that an operator can adjust to whichever height without moving the worktable. Moving the worktable can be hectic at times, therefore this machine saves the operator a lot of time and energy.

It has the following features:

  • Drilling capacity 1 inch
  • Swing 18 inch
  • Head tilts 90-degrees
  • Back-lit digital display of speed
  • Reversing button
  • Push-button motor control
  • Coolant trough
  • The front is mounted with a fine feed knob
  • The back is lit producing a display of speed
  • A push-button speed adjustment
  • Brushless DC motor

It also has a 1 HP motor, producing a variable spindle speed of 100 up to 1750 RPM. It needs 110 volts run making it suitable for homes and offices. The variable speed makes it possible to work on an array of materials.

The machine comes with a 5/8-inch drill chuck and arbor, hex wrenches, spare drive belt, and T-nuts. All these features make it the best min milling machine for small to medium heavy-duty projects.

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 2,000


  • Has a strong and durable cast iron
  • Has variable speed
  • Has a powerful motor


  • Limited capacity
  • Adjustable gib is less accurate than expected
  1. Sunwin Mini Milling Machine- Best Mini Machine for Hobbyists

It is one of the cheap mini milling machines, weighing only 6.2 pounds and this makes it very much portable. It has the following features:

  • RPM speed of up to 2000 RPM spindle speed
  • 3 handwheels for moving worktable and head
  • Strong and can cut soft metal and wood
  • Dimension 9 by 7 inches

This hobbyist milling machine can handle very small bits of steel with the help of the three handwheels, moving the worktable and head. It has a small worktable with 9 by 7 inches dimension, this can only support small projects. This machine is not suitable for professionals but rather students, hobbyists, and DIYers.

Price Tag: Under $ 1,000


  • Low price tag
  • Very portable because of the low weight
  • Can handle very small bits of workpieces


  • Has vibrations
  • Small worktable
  1. Mophorn Milling Machine

This mini lathe is made out of a variety of metal turnings. It can be used for accurate processing of parts and modeling works. It is not good for professionals, but it is recommended for modelers, beginners, and hobbyists that want to perfect their art.

It has the following key features that an operator can consider:

  • RPM up to 2500 rpm
  • Wattage of 550
  • Chuck diameter of 3.94 inches
  • Screw hole of 0.83 inches
  • Maximum circular diameter over machine bed of 7 inches
  • Maximum circular diameter over cross-section 4.33 inches
  • Hardened central spindle
  • High concentricity of the central spindle
  • Infinitely speedy variable

This machine is strong can work on hard metals without any concern about the metal breaking the machine. The motor produces a high speed of 2500 RPM and wattage of 550, enabling it to support heavy-duty tasks. It also has a straightforward gear that the operator can set between 20 to 2500 RPM.

The spindle can rotate at an angle of 45 degrees which gives it flexibility, the operator can work on different parts of the workpiece without moving the table a lot of times. It also has a digital readout display which helps in achieving precise cuts.

This machine is versatile and is designed to handle an array of tasks like threading and drilling. An operator can also use it for sample processing, modeling, and also processing parts.

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 1500


  • It is sturdy
  • It has good precision
  • Has good thread choice for cutting
  • Has an adjustable spindle


  • It has no speed marks
  • The operator has to clean, adjust and tune things upfront.
  1. WEN 33013 Compact Benchtop Milling Machine

This WEN model is versatile and convenient with a functionality of a premium milling machine. This WEN milling machine is bigger with remarkable features to satisfy an operator’s needs. It has the following features:

  • Variable speed of 100 t0 1000 RPM at a low setting and 100 to 2500 RPM at a high setting
  • Table measures 18-1/8 by 4-3/4 inches
  • Travel in the x-axis at 11-13/16 inches and 5-1/8 inches on the y axis
  • Head spindle can swivel 45-degrees in both directions
  • Cast iron base measures 23-1/4 by 22 by 29-1/2 inches

The machine is accompanied by a package that includes an R8 spindle tapper, a pre-installed drill chuck, adjustment handwheels, an emergency stop button, a transparent drill chuck guard, and an onboard measurement indicator.

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 1500


  • High level of accuracy
  • Varying speed adjustment
  • The spindle head can turn to 45-degrees
  • Very base made out of cast iron


  • Bulk in size
  1. MicroLux High Precision Miniature Milling Machine

Product Description:

This miniature milling machine produces the highest level of precision, it also provides smooth operation that results in fine finishes in both metallic and non-metallic workpieces. To ease drilling operations, the headstock is designed in such a way that it is level-actuated.

This miniature milling machine like other machines can be turned in either direction, it can be also separated from the base during movement or keeping

It has the following features

  • It has a 0.05 inch-per-turn table feed screw
  • Dials for added accuracy
  • Wattage of 500 watts
  • 2/3 HP brushless motor
  • ½ a drill chuck and drawbar
  • Belt driven swivel
  • Column lock and drill stop
  • The table measures 16 by 3 by ¾ inches

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 1500


  • Makes high precision cuts
  • Solid and stable construction
  • Powerful and quiet swivel
  • The spindle head is able to swivel


  • Limited to light-duty machining
  1. Shop Fox M1036 Micro Milling Machine

Product Description:

This micro milling machine is an affordable and reliable machine with prices falling below $ 1000. The miniature milling machine is suitable for small projects that need more precision, it has digital features that will enable an operator to precisely measure boreholes and depth in workpieces. Precision is also improved by the micro-down feed knob and speed control variable.

It has the following features:

  • Motor horsepower of 0.2
  • Lower speed of 0-500 RPM and high speed of 500-3,600 RPM
  • Table measures 8 by 3.5 inches

Price Tag: Under $1,000


  • Equipped with a digital readout
  • Low price tag
  • Highly accurate
  • Solid and sturdy structure


  • Cannot make long runs
  1. Grizzly Industrial G0705-8” by 29” HP Mill/ Drill with Stand

This drill milling machine is a type of miniature industrial machine built for small shops. This miniature milling machine is suitable for working on metal workpieces. The stand makes this mini milling machine stand out from the rest because it is equipped with a coolant trough, cabinet, and also a chip tray

This grizzly machine has the following features:

  • Motor has an HP of 2
  • Voltage is 110V or 220V
  • Adjustable speed spindle of up to 12
  • Spindle has a forward, reverse, and emergency stop
  • Feed control at 0.001 inches

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 2,000


  • Powerful HP
  • Has a stand
  • Heavy-duty
  • Graduation of 0.001 inches


  • Big in size and heavy
  1. LittleMachineShop HiTorque 3990 Mini Mill

Product Description:

This drill mill machine has features that allow precision milling, drilling, and cutting workpieces. Its price falls below $ 1000 making it very affordable for an operator with a low budget. It cuts slots, small parts, and also grooves using a powerful mini mill. It has a long-lasting iron cast and base that minimize vibration and produce quality results. The motor has a low-speed range of 0 to 1,100 RPM and a high of 0 to 2,500 RPM.

Price Tag: $ 1,000 to $ 2000


  • High precision
  • <liHigh precision
  • Precision mechanized table
  • Heavy-duty cast iron and base
  • The micro feed allows the operator to feed at 0.002inches per line


  • Small table to work on
  1. Eastwood Benchtop Mini Lathe

Product Description:

Eastwood mini-lathe allows an operator to work on materials like steel, aluminum, nylon, brass, and oiled brass conveniently at home. Its price range falls below $ 1000 making it very much affordable for a low-budget operator. Eastwood mini-lathe has all features available in a large lathe, but now in small sizes. The automatic feed and gear components enable a high degree of accuracy in complicated operations

Eastwood mini mill has the following features

  • Auto-feed and selectable gear train component
  • Has an HSS cutting tool
  • Inside and outside 3 jaw chuck set
  • Size of 7 by 12 inches
  • ¾ horsepower motor

Price Tag: Under $ 1,000


  • Very affordable
  • Highly accurate
  • Works on a range of materials


  • Has no working table
  1. JET 350017/ JMD- 15 Milling/Drilling Machine

Product Description:

This drilling milling machine is built using top-quality materials through a top-quality processing practice, therefore it is durable and reliable. It is moderately priced considering the qualities that it has, and the services it provides. This jet milling machine is large weighing 450 pounds, which makes it relatively portable. This metal milling machine also has a big worktable that enables working on any material possible, it also comes equipped with a lamp lighting the worktable at all times during operation.

This jet milling machine has the following incredible features:

  • Has a 360 degrees swivel
  • 1 HP single phase
  • 115/230 voltage
  • Easy to read external depth gauge
  • Positive quick stop knob

Price Tag: Up to $ 2,000


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Tapered base
  • Has a work lamp


  • Very big and heavy
  1. Mophorn Al-310S Power Feed X-Axis 450 in-lb Torque Vertical Milling Machine

Product Description:

This vertical milling machine is versatile, in that it can handle all kinds of jobs like compound angle milling, drilling, jig boring, and also conventional milling. This vertical mill is ideal for shops producing small parts, toolrooms, and also training institutions. Its price range falls above $ 2,000 making it slightly expensive, especially for an operator with a tight budget.

This vertical mill has the following features;

  • Heavy-duty cast iron base and frame
  • Head tilts 45-degrees both left and right
  • Has 9 spindle speed
  • It swings 13 inches
  • Vertical travel is 7.68 inches
  • Cross travel of 6 inches
  • Spindle travel of 2-3/4 inches

Price Tag: Under $ 1,000


  • Heavy-duty
  • Head tilts in both directions
  • Versatile in operations


  • Slightly expensive
  • No worktable
  1. Mophorn Al-310S Power Feed X-Axis 450 in-lb Torque Vertical Milling Machine

Product Description: This drill press milling machine is an all-purpose drill press for home garage or shop, it has a heavy-duty up to 12-speed benchtop drill press. It drills through plastic, wood, and metal with a lot of ease. It has a ball-bearing motor that operates at different speeds dealing with various materials and tasks. This drill press milling machine is easily portable and versatile, therefore it fits fully on any benchtop or table. Its price range falls below $ 200 making it very affordable to an operator. It has the following features to make it a success:
  • An adjustable depth stop with gauge
  • Has a smooth rack and pinion table movement
  • The table rotates 360-degrees and tilts 45-degrees both left and right
  • Has a heavy-duty ball bearing motor
Price Tag: Under $ 1000


  • Worktable rotates at 360-degrees
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • Low price tag


  • Small worktable

How to use Mini Mill- General Approach

Before using the mini-mill, you must set it up appropriately. Failure to do so the machine will not be effective in making drills or cuts. Below are some guidelines on setting up a mini mill machine:

Things to consider when setting up a mini mill machine

  • First thing is to ensure you have a secure work environment, look out for burrs and chips
  • Choose the best milling cutter. Always go for the appropriate size, one that fits perfectly
  • Ensure that all required parts of the machine are well lubricated. This is to ensure that the machine operates effectively.
  • Ensure that the spindle setting is in the right mode, it can be in the clockwise mode or counter-clockwise direction depending on the machine.
  • Make sure to feed the material in the opposite rotation of the cutter
  • Do not make changes to the machine during operation
  • Ensure the workpiece is clamped down appropriately so that it does not shake during operation.’

Detailed Steps in Setting Up a Milling Machine

There are a lot of mini-mill models and each has a different process of assembling and also different milling processes like face milling, angular milling, and slab milling.

Below are five simple steps in setting up a mini mill

Ensuring Safety

Ensure you have safety glasses and a pair of protective gloves, to protect yourself from shattered materials during operation. Ensure you are alert during operation because lack of concentration can cause accidents like the machine can drill your hand.

Collect all the parts

Collect all the machine parts that you will be used during operation and put them in an accessible place to prevent the hassle of looking for them later on. These tools can be wrenches, t-slots, oil, and workpieces, this will ensure fast and effective operations.

Putting on handles

Depending on the machine you are operating ensure to put the handles on before starting the machine. Also, choose the right cutter considering the type of workpiece that you have. You will also need to tightly fix the end mill or drill to the spindle.

Locate the dial and switch button

A switch is used to get the motor started while the dial is used to reduce or increase the speed of the spindle. You must ensure that you know where they are placed, it could be in the front or side. The switch and dial buttons are very important because you will need to perform different actions during operation and that is when they will come in handy. Ensure that before you turn on the switch, the dial is at the lowest level.

Set the clamp

The final step is setting up the clamp, there are spaces on the worktable that allows an operator to connect fasteners that hold the clamp. The clamp is used to hold workpieces during operation, to achieve fast and precise cuts.

Safety Rules for a Mini Mill Machine

Before and while operating these machines, it is necessary to exercise caution because they have cutting and electric parts that can be dangerous when mishandled. Below are some important safety precautions:

  • Ensure that before using a machine you have read and understood the manual. It is important to know the controls and safety features that will come in handy during an emergency
  • Make sure the workpiece is held tightly on the worktable.
  • Do not make changes to the mini-mill during operation
  • Do not use your hands to move the turning workpiece during operation, instead use the handwheel to move the worktable.
  • Use protective gloves to attach or detach the milling machine.
  • Set up the cutter last to avoid mishaps.
  • Ensure you clean the workplace regularly, keeping chips and burrs away.
  • Ensure you use splash guards when oiling the machine

The Best Mini CNC Milling Machine

Most CNC milling machines are built for commercial industries and have high price tags therefore finding a top-quality machine with low prices can be challenging especially for a new operator. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best mini-CNC milling machines, their components, and also their suitability, which can further help a buyer make an informed decision when buying a machine.

What is a CNC Milling Machine?

CNC milling machines are computerized cutting tools that are programmed and monitored by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system to precisely extract materials from a work material. These machines mostly have the main spindle and 3 axes to move parts that are supposed to be processed.

The operation process involves securing a workpiece to a fixture attached to a platform in the milling machine after which a spindle or a fast-revolving tool is then applied to the workpiece to extract small bits of the material until the desired shape is achieved.

Components of a CNC milling machine

The milling machine comprises of mainly 8 parts as mentioned below


The position of the spindle depends on the machine which can be horizontal or vertical. The spindle is the most important part of the CNC milling machine, it has a rotating assembly and a tapered section. Tools are attached to the shaft of the spindle using a tool holder.


Depending on the type of milling machine and the level of work the machine handles, columns are grouped into two single columns and double columns. It gives support and structure to all other components of the machine which include base, oil, and coolants.


It’s the structure that supports the body of the milling machine giving it strength and rigidity. It has a headstock where the spindle is positioned, the headstock has to be tough to support the spindle. Failure to which there will be a lot of vibration during operation will automatically result in errors.


CNC milling machines have 3 axes: x, y, and z whose movements are programmed by a computer.

Control Panel

It has electronic tools that assist in monitoring the various actions using a programming function. It has a monitor and buttons in which codes can be punched.

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

CNC milling machine has ATCs positioned at the column or separately on the machine. It saves on time and effort, the hassle of changing tools every time is avoided by an automatic tool changer.

Tool holder

It comes in different sizes depending on the operation the machine is undertaking. There are several tool holders with different capabilities some providing dual contact points between the spindle and frame.


It has a strong base to support the workpieces directly, it can be used to mount vices that hold the pieces in position, most of the tables use T-slots to easily hold the vice. It is adjustable in either horizontal or vertical position depending on the type of machine.

Types of CNC Milling Machines

There are several CNC milling machines for sale in the market, variations coming from differences in axes and machining centers.

Below are some of the types of CNC Milling machines;

  • Vertical milling machine
  • Horizontal milling machine
  • Bed mill
  • Turret mill
  • Double column
  • C -Frame
  • Five-Axis milling machine
  • Drill tap milling machine
  • Travelling column

CNC Milling Operations

CNC milling process produces top quality, high accuracy masterpieces and maybe few inaccurate parts in small or large production. The milling operation is versatile enabling it to be applied in a variety of industries and to process different parts and designs such as thread, pockets, and slots. The most common operations are:

  • Surface milling
  • Face milling
  • Angular milling
  • Form milling
  • Profile milling
  • Gear milling

Face Milling

This milling operation uses a cutting tool that has teeth on the sides and also on the end. It follows surface milling, producing a fine finish because it can make intricate contours. The teeth on the tip handle the surface finish while most of the cutting is done by those on the sides.

Surface Milling

It is also known as plain milling; the cutting tool’s revolving axis is perpendicular to the cutting surface meaning it uses a horizontal mill. Depending on the required outcome this operation can use any size of a cutter.

Angular Milling

In this operation process, the axis of the cutters may be in line with the surface. This process uses single-angle cutters based on the design being operated to produce features like serration and chamfers.

Form Milling

This operation process uses formed fly cutters made for specific operations like concave and convex cutters to work on irregular surfaces and contours. Form milling produces semicircular and hemispherical cavities, contours, and also beads with a single machine set up.

Profile Milling

This operation involves three steps which are roughing, semi-finish, and finishing. The first step is roughing and it uses round insertions to extract most of the materials. For the semi-finish and end finish, ball-nose end mills are appropriate.

Gear Milling

 This process has two steps which are gear milling processing and heat treatment process. Gear milling involves creating gears from soft materials with a lot of ease. The gears are then taken through a heat treatment process to make the surface tough, after which the machine turning will develop the shape.

Materials Processed by a CNC Milling Machine

Materials that qualify for CNC Milling are;

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate

Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors before purchasing the best CNC milling machine, one that will cater to all your needs whether at home, office, or in the industry. In this section, we are going to shed light on some of these factors.

Size of the machine

You must consider the size of the machine and where you are going to use it. Consider where it will fit and whether it will pass through doors.

Functions of the machine

Consider the material that you will be milling whether it is steel, plastic, and aluminum, also consider the size of the workpiece. Some materials like aluminum and plastic have an array of machines capable of completing the task, small workpieces have a lot of choices too.


It is the most important determiner when settling on a machine, you will only be able to buy a machine within your budget. You can find a CNC mill for sale within a low-price range with quality output. Mostly the price of CNC milling machines normally ranges between $ 2,500 and $ 30,000 depending on the features.

CNC Milling Machine Product Review

  1. Grizzly Industrial G0727- Best Benchtop CNC Mill

The grizzly milling machine is one of the best beginner CNC machines, especially for beginners who have a small workspace, It is a small CNC mill machine measuring 5 by 8 inches. With this dimension, it can fit on benchtops in homes and small offices.

It is one of the cheapest CNC mills for sale in the market. It is a versatile and flexible machine that can be used to perform various tasks, it is also easy to assemble and set up.

It has the following features;

  • Has a horsepower of ½
  • A voltage of 110 Voltages
  • R-8 Spindle taper
  • 45-degree left and right head tilt
  • Table distance of 6- ½ inches
  • Longitudinal table size of 11-7/8 inches
  • Crosstable size 4-3/4 inches by 18-1/3 inches

It also has a heavy cast iron construction and is compactly built for strength. All these features make it ideal for a hobby CNC mill machine. Check out iron worker tool belts here.

Price Tag: Under $ 1,000


  • It is cheap
  • It is flexible because the mill works horizontally and vertically.
  • Has a dovetail for improved accuracy


  • Limited to small tasks
  1. Taig 5019 DSLS Micro Milling Machine- Best Small CNC Mill for Steel Cutting

Product Description:

This micro-CNC mini milling machine is a powerful mini mill machine, ideal for beginners because of its remarkable features. Below are some of the features;

  • It has the Advanced Digital Syn Lock Servo (DSLS)control applying the latest in microcontroller chip technology accompanied with new 200 oz-inches stepper motor producing rapid traverse speed of 100 inches per minute with high motor torque
  • Step resolution of 000125 inches
  • It has a steel cutting capability with a single pass 1/8-inch depth slot cut in mild steel with a 1/8-inch end mill.
  • It has an accurate engineered steel and aluminum structural design.

In general, this machine has a height of 26-3/8 inches, a width of 27 inches, with a depth of 21 inches, its weight is 105 lbs. Its maximum bearing runout is 0.0002 inches, x and y-axis dovetail turn at 45 and 90 degrees respectively. It is built of steel, anodized hard aluminum on most of the moving parts. It has a precision surface steel way which is hand lapped for durability and precision, it also has adjustable brass gibs.

In terms of capacity, the travel x, y, and z-axis are 11.375, 5.5, and 6.0 inches. Its table dimension covers 3 ½ by 18.4 inches, with a 6 spindle speed of 1000- 10000 RPM. The spindle head rotates to 90-degrees, the z-axis has a column rotation of up to 180 degrees.

Price Tag: $ 3,000 to $ 4,000

Buy Taig 5019 DSLS Micro Milling Machine
  1. Tormac PNC 440 Benchtop CNC Milling Machine

Product Description: This is a small CNC mill built to produce a different choice from most of the big machinery. This mini-CNC mill can take up space almost anywhere like home garages, shops, offices, and also schools. It has a powerful Poly-V Belt transmission system making it possible to work on the toughest metal. Frame and table are made out of cast iron, with hand scrapped hydrodynamic ways and tapered adjustment gibs. It also has a low friction PTFE- filled Acetyl-bonded sliding surface. This small CNC milling machine has 0.75 horsepower that has an RPM of 10,000 RPM. The space between the spindle nose and table is 11 inches providing enough room to work with, there is also 10 inches of travel on the x and z axes and 6.25 inches on the y axis. The table size is 18 by 6.3 inches with a table slot of 3/8 inches. It weighs 600 lbs. with a height of 72 inches. Another remarkable feature that this machine has is that it is accompanied by PathPilot CNC controller, a programming tool that has outstanding conversational programming, which will allow the operator to change programs and record progression. This feature makes it an ideal hobbyist milling machine. Price Tag: Up to $ 1000


  • Affordable
  • Very portable
  • Iron cast making up, rigid construction
  • Touch screen interface


  • Slightly low spindle power
Buy Tormac PNC 440 Benchtop CNC Milling Machine
  1. Tormac 1100M CNC Milling Machine

Product Description:

This CNC Milling machine has a tough construction and it is remarkably durable, making it one of the best CNC Milling machines for shops and offices. It is dynamic because it can cut through materials like titanium, brass, and plastic. This CNC milling machine model comes in 4 different base packages from which an operator can choose, starts from entry-level to premium package Premium package includes an electronic tool setter, digital probe, and an ATC, these qualities make it more expensive than the other packages.

It has the following features that make it competitive in the market;

  • It has a built-in feeds and speed calculator
  • It has a touch screen interface
  • It has a big program memory of up to 80GB
  • The spindle has a speed of 7500 RPM
  • It has an x. y, and z travel of 18 by 11 by 16.5 inches

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • It has a high horsepower of 2hp
  • It is affordable
  • It has 4-axis capability
  • It has conventional programming


  • Entry base model has fewer features
Buy Tormac 1100M CNC Milling Machine
  1. Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15

Product Description:

This CNC milling machine is built with an incredibly accurate ball screw, enabling it to handle any hard workpiece thrown at it. It is compact and portable, equipped with a strong iron cast base that will help eliminate vibrations during operation.

  Features of a Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15

  • A spindle motor of 7.5 HP
  • It has an 8,000 rpm spindle
  • 8 storage capacity
  • It has a Fanuc G-Code
  • The machine weighs 2,350 lbs.

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • It has a 3D graphic simulation
  • Tough tapping with peck components
  • It is manual with CNC mode


  • It has no tool or part setting probe
Buy Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15
  1. Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15

Product Description:

This CNC milling machine is built with an incredibly accurate ball screw, enabling it to handle any hard workpiece thrown at it. It is compact and portable, equipped with a strong iron cast base that will help eliminate vibrations during operation.

  Features of a Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15

  • A spindle motor of 7.5 HP
  • It has an 8,000 rpm spindle
  • 8 storage capacity
  • It has a Fanuc G-Code
  • The machine weighs 2,350 lbs.

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • It has a 3D graphic simulation
  • Tough tapping with peck components
  • It is manual with CNC mode


  • It has no tool or part setting probe
Buy Fryer Compact Toolroom Mill CM-15
  1. Kent USA BM-3 CNC Milling Machine

Product Description

This CNC milling machine offers the biggest table size, offering a large working area of 10 by 15 inches, it has a strong frame capable of supporting heavy workpieces. Compared to other CNC milling tools it is the cheapest CNC mill, especially for buyers with limited resources.

It has the following features that enable it to be effective:

  • It has a 3-horsepower spindle motor
  • It has a 4,500-rpm spindle.
  • It weighs 4100lbs
  • It has an x, y, and z travel of 34 by 16 by 24

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • It has a bigger working area
  • It has a 12.3 LCD Screen for monitoring progress


  • It is not portable
  • It has a limited drilling capacity
Buy Kent USA BM-3 CNC Milling Machine
  1.  Fadal VMC 2015 HS-II

Product Description

This machine is very suitable for shops, it is versatile enough to satisfy different demands made by customers, it also has a computerized tool changer, therefore, saving on time. Another incredible tool it has is a precision ball screw, which enables it to obtain accuracy and repeatability on workpieces. It is also equipped with Spindle Air Blast technology that will cool the machine tools to prevent wear and tear. To keep the machine running smoothly, this CNC milling machine is equipped with an automatic PDI lubrication system.

Apart from the features above, it has more feature that enables it to function effectively like:

  • Tool capacity of 20
  • A standard RPM of 12,000
  • It has a spindle oil cooler
  • A linear Roller Bearing Ways

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • Has 4th axis
  • It has backward compatible with 88HS and MP
  • 2,500 block/sec look ahead
  • Has tough tapping


  • High cost
  • Tool probing is not included
Buy Fadal VMC 2015 HS-II
  1. Syil X5 Mini CNC Milling Machine

Product Description

This CNC milling machine is compact and beginner-friendly. It takes up small spaces making it suitable for homes. It is a good hobbyist milling machine perfect for small shops and home garages because of its small space uptake. Equipped with the Siemens 808D controller that gives the operator great control of the 3-axis system, it also has an optional 4th axis attached to it.

It has the following features:

  • Storage capacity of 8 tools
  • 5,000-rpm spindle speed
  • Travel dimensions of 10.8 by 6.1 by 9 inches

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • Low price at the entry-level
  • Has an iron cast base
  • Has a compact structure


  • Low spindle power
  • Tool change takes longer
Buy Syil X5 Mini CNC Milling Machine
  1. CNC Master MAX Milling Machine

Product Description

This small benchtop CNC mill is completely equipped. It is a bed mill with a lot of space on the x-axis, therefore it cannot handle workpiece parts with tight tolerance. It has a digital probe, coolant control, a quick tool changer option, and a tight tapping.

 It possesses the following features;

  • Has a precision ball screw
  • Spindle speed of 4,500-rpm
  • The travels are x, y and z with 21.5 by 10.5 by 4.5 inches

Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • Low price tag
  • It has CNC Masters custom software
  • Head tilts for horizontal drilling and milling


  • Lacks precision of other compact mills
  • It is not enclosed, so safety is a concern
Buy CNC Master MAX Milling Machine
  1. Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Milling Machine

Product Description This Bridgeport mill machine has been a reliable tool for decades, it is used for drilling, milling and boring metalworks. For years it has maintained quality gaining the trust of professional operators and business people because of its versatility, accuracy and high level of precision. It has some remarkable features like an innovative airflow cooling system that avoids expansion from heat build-up and extends bearing life span. It has an array of accessories like gibs and chrome-plated ways to ensure the machine lasts for long Bridgeport Series 1 features are:
  • It has a height of 87 inches high with a 49 by 9 inches worktable.
  • Power Quill Feed 3 drilling capacity of 3/8 inches and a manual drilling capacity of 2 Cl per minute.
  • Speed range of 500 to 4,200 RPM
  • Weight of 2075 lbs
Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000 Buy Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Milling Machine

Desktop CNC Mills – Reviews

  1. Haas Desktop Mill

This is the best desktop CNC mill for students and lab operators because it is built for training purposes. It is equipped with incredible features like:
  • A rotation per minute of 15,000 rpm.
  • Complete and functional Haas Control Panel
  • Cutting area of 6 by 10 by 1.5 inches
  • It has an ER 11 Collet
  • It has run on a single-phase of 120V or 220V
Haas desktop mill is designed for toolboxes and workbenches, it is compact and portable enabling it to be moved around easily. It is a good hobby mill designed with new operators, hobbyists and those who want to better their skills consideration. This hobbyist milling machine’s price ranges below $ 10,000, and because of this, tools are changed manually unlike other bigger machines that tools change automatically. It can cut small parts of workpiece within a tight space and budget. Price Tag: $ 1000 to $ 2000


  • Does not need a coolant
  • Does not require compressed air
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Completely functional Haas Control Panel


  • High price tag
Buy Haas Desktop Mill
  1. Pocket NC V2 -50 CNC Desktop Mill

This desktop CNC Mill has a 5-axis machine system, and it can deliver remarkable functionality and abilities. This machine is used professionally in fields like medical technology, jewelry making and also Research and Development. Generally, it is one of the best benchtop CNC mill choices for a shop or home garage. It is ideal for making tough cuts like brass, titanium and steel, it can also be used to cut aluminum and plastic.

This desktop CNC mill steel is versatile thanks to the following features:

  • Spindle speed of up to 50,000-RPM
  • Can cut through aluminum and titanium
  • B-axis has continuous rotation
  • A-axis rotation ranges from -25 to 135 degrees
  • It has a maximum XYZ travel

Price Tag: $ 2000 to $ 3000


  • Comes with a vise and hardware
  • Low price tag for a 5- axis machine
  • Can operate with standard G-Code


  • Required air compressor
Buy Pocket NC V2 -50 CNC Desktop Mill
  1. Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine

It is a small desktop CNC milling machine built to cut aluminum at a fast speed. It is designed with very tough construction making it compact in structure, it also weighs 70 lbs making it very much portable. It has some incredible features like:

  • It has real-time software feedback during operation
  • There is easy integration with a fusion of 360-degree Cam
  • It is fully enclosed with 180-degree window visibility
  • It has a drag and drops SVG with built-in auto CAM software

According to customer reviews, it is one of the best desktop CNC milling machines for sale in the market. Setting it up is quick simply because it incorporates top-speed machinery, it has a conductive probing system that makes setting tools a lot easier. A built-in clamping system and at-slot bed enable workpieces to be secured during operation.

Price Tag: $ 2000 to $ 4000


  • Fully optimized for cutting aluminum
  • It is compact and portable
  • Low price tag


  • Requires more premium options needed in terms of part replacement
Buy Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine

Uses of a Mini Mill

The mini mill is used for making accurate cuts at right angles, making flat surfaces, and drilling holes. It works on softer metal like aluminum and unhardened steel. The mini mill is used to slot guard stops, bevel bolsters, wood scales, and flatten bolster.

It is has a drill press that is very important in knife making especially when installing knife handles.

Features of a Good Mini Mill 

There is an array of features to consider before purchasing the best mini mill, of course, these features will depend on the intended functions the machine is meant for. Some of the factors to consider are:

Adjustable table position.
Reasonable distance between the head and the table.
Clamp to secure materials in place.
Good speed range.
High motor and horsepower.
Inbuilt lighting.
What do you need to know about mini-mill usage?

As an operator, you will need parts like end mills in different sizes, collet holders, end mill holders, a vice, and a good clamp. Most of these items will need to be replaced time and again because of wear and tear. Different mini-mills are serving different purposes, the motor power, and speed range will determine the type of cut or material it works on.

Orientation of a Mini Mill

The mini mill comprises 5 major parts that are: head, spindle, column, table, and base. In this section, we will be looking at some of these parts and their functions. The mini mill is a vertical mill, therefore the spindle is vertical as compared to horizontal mills in which the spindle is horizontally placed and it also uses a different cutting tool.

Head and spindle orientation

In a mini-mill, the spindle is positioned inaccurate bearing with the head casting. The spindle has a rotating shaft vertically positioned and has cutting tools mounted on it. A collet joined with a tapered socket of the spindle, holds the end mill precisely centered on the spindle axis, the collet also holds the end mill tightly in position. The head and spindle are oriented to move up and down along a column, another feature of the mini-mill is that both coarse and smooth movement are available. After the head is in the required place, it is locked in position before beginning the cutting process

Table orientation

The mill table is very important and it is precisely mounted below and perpendicular to the spindle. The top of the table is ground to become a flat and fair surface, it is slotted for mounting bolts to be inserted in the clamp. A milling vise is positioned on the table by use of clamps and the material being processed is clamped in the vise. For precision, the workpiece has to be tightly attached to the milling table.

Table movement in some mini-mills is guided by a leadscrew having handwheels, which can also be controlled to precision on any axis. Subsequently, the table can be moved in any direction, front to back and also right to left. The lead screws have calibrated collars that guide the operator when moving the table in different positions.

Motor capabilities and power consumption

Many mini milling machines have a lot of motor capabilities, however, higher wattage is accompanied by a high value in the market. It is convenient to go for a mini-mill machine within your price range with affordable power consumption. Heavy-duty mini-mill machines consume a lot of power while the lighter-duty ones will consume less power.


It is the driving power of the machine; therefore, it needs to be variable and strong. Variability allows it to handle more dynamic cases like using a drill press in milling aluminum. As an operator consider a milling machine with dynamic speed control because it provides resting room when handling tough workpieces.


There is an array of mini milling machines with different qualities and an operator should first consider his or her needs before purchasing one. As an operator, you must consider the factor we have discussed and align them with your needs to make a sound decision when making a purchase. The best mini milling machine will depend on every operation, you could go for a lighter machine and get the job done or a heavier machine and still get the job done.


  • It is a cutting tool controlled manually or computerized used to cut through compact and hard materials like aluminum and steel. It works by extracting materials from the material.

A mini-mill is a versatile tool with different uses, it is used to drill, cut gears, produce slots and also remove materials from solid items. It is another version of industrial mills only that this one is smaller.

The milling machine uses a spinning feature called a spindle to cut while a lathe is used to spin the objects that are being cut. However, both machines are used to process solid workpieces by making incisions in them.

Some of the most common materials processed by mini-mills are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Thermoset plastic
  • Wood

This is a milling cutter co-joined with the spindle of the milling machine. It has various shapes and sizes depending on the type of machine and function required. Some have big tools to extract more material and do it fast, on the other hand, there are those with small teeth that have finer finishes.

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