Best Carpenter Square Review & Comparison

What is Carpenter Square?

A carpenter square, also called by many names in the market. Such as framing square or speed square. It is a type of carpentry tool used by carpenters. They use various tools that are square & many of them are made up of steel. But here, the name carpenter square is specifically to determine the tool, which has a long arm square for the use of measurement.Best Carpenter Square

Nowadays, a carpenter square is commonly recognized as a framing square. It consists of long wider arms & a shorter narrow arm to make a right degree angle (90 degrees). The material used to construct the best carpenter square is not only steel but it can also be made by using aluminum & polymers. Often, carpenter’s squares made of these materials are lightweight & provide resistance to dust.

The measurement of this tool’s longer & wider arm is two inches (51 mm). And it is denoted by the name Blade. On the other side, the shorter & narrower arm of this tool is one & a half inches (38 mm). And it is named a Tongue.

A swift check from this carpenter’s tool provides you an ability to measure & mark important angles in the dimension of complex projects, for example, roof, rafters, & stairways. In a work where the slightest mistake can lead to several problems, this tool ensures that the job is perfectly done. Not only that but knowing your tool is really important to employ & take advantage of it as much as you can.

What are the Uses of Carpenter’s Square?

If we talk about the uses or where this tool can be used. We will never get a definite answer because it can be used in various & multiple ways. Some of the most beneficial & advantageous uses of this tool are: –


Use it to Measure Straight Lines

The right-angled leg which is perpendicular to the base, also known as the Blade is designed to double the standard of the ruler. Simply, use this leg like you use some other ruler for the measurement. 

Now many people are thinking why use this tool in the place of a ruler which is already designed to do this work? For them, it not only gives you an accurate measurement but also provides you an opportunity to measure up to 7 to 12 inches. Which is not possible with the ruler. Not only that, but to measure more than this, you can also use another leg known as the tongue. And can add both the measurement to get the final answer. 

Use it to measure Angles

The point where the corner of the framing square meets is known as the pivot point. It represents the 90 degree angle to help carpenters in measuring angles. All they need to press the fence against the edge of the board & use their other finger to hold the pivot point. By carefully swinging the tool from that point, they can easily get the desired angle for the crafting. After that, all that’s remaining is to mark that angle for later use. 

Carpenter’s square measurement tool is only designed to find angles up to 0 to 90 degrees with an accuracy. Mainly, the measurement of angles is required in the job of roof rafters. And by following the method explained in the previous para. you can easily understand what you have to do for measuring an Angle?     

To Check the Precision of 90 Degree Angle

Often, in the job of carpentering, carpenters need to check the angles frequently to know they are not doing anything wrong. At that point in time, the carpentry squares are the perfect solution to check. 

By holding the square tool in the edge, you can confirm whether the cuts or angles on both sides are perpendicular to each other or not. If you think they are not, you can use the marking to trim, shape, or reset according to your needs. 


Marking & Guiding      

Use it to Mark Straight Lines

In a work where you need all the precision, you have obtained throughout your career. Carpenters need a square measurement tool to mark an accurate straight line. All they need to hold the fence to make a straight line. After that, they need to run the pencil down to the leg to draw a straight line accurately on the board. One other advantage of the raised fence in this situation is that it disqualifies the throwing of your angles in the marking. 

Easily Scribe 45 Degree Line with the Diagonal 

One of the most effective features of carpentry squares is, it represents a 45 degree angle, that bisects the right angle from the diagonal. 45 degrees & 90 degrees are the most used & common types of angle in various works of crafting. Through the diagonal side of the tri square tool, a carpenter can easily mark a 45 degree angle as well. 

Being able to mark this angle on any board, makes it much easier on joint corners for window frames, cabinets, & furniture components.   

Use of Line Scriber to Mark Length for Trimming

The 0.64 cm notches located in between the interior of the precision square are often used to mark lengthwise cuts on the board. Not only that but with the help of those notches you can also mark the area which required trimming. To do that, you need to set the fence against the edge of the board to the frame at 90 degrees. Then needs to select the slot you wanted to use. After that, you need to insert the tip of your pencil to draw the line parallel to the board’s edge. This mark that you made will indicate where you need to cut along its length. 

While doing this in your work, you need to remember to use the slot closely corresponding to the measurement of your planned cut. By keeping this thing in mind, you can effectively mark the board & then trim it.      

Setting up the Carpentry Squares for a Cutting Guide

By positioning the tool with the fence resting against the edge of the board, you can use it as a guide for cutting. While positioning, you have to remember, the guide leg should be running across the board at either 90 degree angle or a 45 degree angle. All that you have to decide according to the cut you want to make. After that, just by sliding the saw plate flush against the outer edge of the framing square. You can do your cutting neatly & without facing any problem. 

By using carpenter square as a saw guide for cutting, you can make it cleaner & more accurate. With the help of it, you can also make precise cuts, you can never make with your bare hands. Not only that, but it also reduces the weight you need to carry just because of cutting & marking. These are some of the most effective & efficient uses of carpenter square. Through this, people who are having a question in their mind how to use a carpenter square? Can get an answer to their question.  

Types of Carpentry Square

Combination Square It’s a multi-purpose measuring & marking tool used by most of the carpenters of the 21st century. It can be used for metalworking, woodworking, & stone masonry. This one tool consists ruler, & many interchangeable heads that can be attached to the ruler. Through that, a single carpenter can do several works using this single tool.

A Try Square It is a woodworking tool used for marking, measuring, & checking the angles like 45 degrees & 90 degrees. Multiple types of squares can be used on the wood but this tri square is considered as one of the most effective framing squares to work on the wood.

Trend M3 Square – Trend M3 Square is the strongest & the most lasting square compare to every other carpenter squares. Not only that, but its black color also represents the marking more accurately on the frame. So, the chances of mistakes can be reduced as much as possible for the worker.

Steel Carpenter Square Steel carpenter square is the same just like every other carpenter squares. The difference between these is, it is made up of steel. Not only that, but it also has longer & widener arms compare to every other framing square. Through this, a carpenter can, measure additionally in a single go.      

Tips for Buying an Exclusive Framing Square for Yourself

Material One of the most important things to consider while buying a framing square for yourself is its material. Often, the quality & durability of the product can only be shown by the material it is made of. So, while purchasing a carpenter square for yourself, never forget to check the material it is made of.

Markings, Graduation, and Readability The main reason behind buying this carpenter tool is to mark effectively on the board. It is the core reason for what this product is introduced in the market. So, while looking for a carpenter square, you should always check whether the marking & graduation can be done with it effectively or not. Moreover, you also need to check the readability of the scales present in the framing square.   

Scale Range and Measurement System – From the previous information provided in this blog, we all know the carpenter square has multiple uses. Oftentimes, it is used for the scale range & measurement. So, while purchasing a framing square you also need to consider that it is comfortable for the measurement or scaling.

Purpose Many times it happens, when you try to rush towards things you forgot the main reason why you are doing it. So, while purchasing the best carpenter square for yourself, never forget the main reason why you are buying it. You also need to consider that reason your first priority.

Inch Divisions There are several carpenter squares available in the market but, not all of them are reliable. Many other framing squares aren’t produced accurately. Their inch division provides a wrong scaling to the worker. It can lead him towards various problems as well as a mistake in carpentry work.

Blades – Blades of the carpenter square are the most essential part. It helps people to measure, mark, & provide an accurate scaling for trimming. So, while purchasing the best carpenter square for yourself, you should always check the blades are proper.

Product Warranty Checking a product warranty is another essential thing to do before buying a carpenter square. It helps you to know that the product is trustworthy & if anything happens to it, it can be replaced. By checking the warranty, you can estimate how much worth it holds inside.

Vital Information Tables One more thing to check before buying a carpenter square is the important information table present both online & offline. While purchasing it online you can check the details of the product to know vital information. And while purchasing it offline you can check it on the cover of the product. Through that, you can gain a lot of information regarding the framing square for quality & uses.

These are the details you need to consider before buying any framing square for yourself. Through this information, you can easily get yourself an amazing carpenter square.

Now, it’s time to solve the problem of some other people who are desperately searching for the right carpenter square for themselves. To help those, this blog consists of 10 effective framing squares to frame accurately. The products are: –

  1. VINCA ARLS-12 Aluminium Rafter Carpentry Square

This item VINCA ARLS – 12 Aluminium Rafter Carpentry Square is 12-inch measuring layout tool. Its 12 * 12 square presents multiple scales for various uses. Such as 1/8 -, 1/10 -, 1-12 -, *0.01. Not only that, but its yellow & black durable deep stamping makes inch scales a lot bright & visible for the worker.

It is made up of a thick Aluminium body that supports heavy-duty use. You can work with it even in harsh & rough conditions without worrying about the damage to the tool. Its wider base also helps a lot in providing a stable grip on the material. It also consists rafter conversion table to make your task a lot easier than before.

Price Range – $ 17 to $23 for 12 Inch & 11 $ to $15 for 7 Inch


  • Made up of Aluminium
  • Have different scaling options
  • Accurate in measurement
  • Visible Bright Marking


  • Need adjustment before starting work
  1. Swanson Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Carpentry Square

One of the most precious things about the item is that it gets produces in various sizes using several materials. Not only that, but it covers all the requirements & needs of every carpenter, contractor, etc. who use carpenter squares.

It includes marking common hip, valley, & jack rafter. By using all of these it becomes really easy to determine & mark angles & squares on the board. Its pocket-sized featured Swanson blue book, helps people to note down important information & angles. Not only that but it also includes 5 different features tools in one. These tools are, try square, miter square, saw guide, line scriber, & protractor).

All the way this speed square is something that belongs on every carpenter or tradesman job. So, it must be possessed by all of them.

Price Range- $8 to $13


  • Available in various sizes in several material forms
  • Clear measurement of line & angles
  • Pocket Friendly in Nature
  • Best speed square in the market


  • Little bit heavy compared to other speed square
  1. Mr. Pen- Rafter Carpentry Square

This 7 Inch triangle square is pocket-friendly & can be easy to carry anywhere with you. Its graduation includes marking commonly, hip, valley, & jack rafter. It is also effective in determining & making angles and also making squares & cut on boards.

It not only contains all the previous qualities that are mentioned but it also has some more. Its matte finish provides easy readability in any lighting conditions. This is all possible because of the high visibility white gradation with a non-glare matte finish.

Conclusively, this carpenter square can be used variously like marking square, finding the angle, drawing lines, protractor saw guide, finding roof pitch, and many more.

Price Range- $5 to $9


  • Pocket friendly in nature
  • Have clear visible gradation marking
  • Accuracy in measuring & making angles & lines
  • Matte Finished
  • Affordable


  • Need to change marking printing in some timet
  1. WORKPRO Rafter Square and Carpentry Square 

This rafter square is one of the most preferable square tools of all time. Its die-cast heavy gauge aluminum alloy makes it more durable & provides an accurate result every time everywhere. It also carries a zinc alloy & a ruler made up of stainless steel with a matte finish.

Not only that, but it also has a permanent deep marking, which makes it visible in every lighting condition. This rafter square contains all the graduation from different tools features. It covers framing squares, try squares, miter squares, & protractor squares. This combinate square has a 12 inches stainless steel ruler containing 3 types of minimum scale values.

Its wide versatility makes it the most compatible item for people who are searching best carpenter squares. This rafter square can also be used as a guide for cross-cutting lumber. And its durable material makes it a most preferable product for tracking, marking, & cutting.

Price Range- $20 to $25


  • One of the best carpenter squares
  • Have die cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Durable & Reliable in marking & angles
  • Multiple scaling options


  • Printing needs to be changed of the ruler
  1. ZOTA 2pc Carpentry Square

This carpenter square is a perfect one-stop solution for many problems, such as tiling, bricking, paving stone, lumbering, laminating & so on. It is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy & adopts propriety hardened steel with 2.6 mm thickness. Apart from all the other tools, this feature makes it unique & demanding.

This measuring layout tool, with easy-to-read numbers & continuously scribe notches is the best for any carpenter. Not only that but it can also measure in both inches & centimeters. And its stapling scale clear coating helps to avoid rust on the structure of the tool.

This metal template toolset is a must-have product for any carpenter. Not only that but for common people, it can make a great gift idea. For dads or husband who works as a tinker, carpenters, woodworkers, etc this is the best choice.

Price Range- $15 to $20


  • Have solution for many problems
  • Made up of Aluminum Alloy
  • Unique & demanding in nature
  • Present scribe notches for carpenters
  • Also have metal template tool set


  • Need adjustment before using
  1. Spear & Jackson CTS6 6 Inch Carpentry Square

This item is a perfect combination of many popular carpenter tools, such as sliding bevels, carpenter’s try square, mortice gauges, etc. for smoothing planes. One other most precious thing about this best carpenter square is, it is made up of rosewood. It is classically designed for the user who wanted to look professional. Its hardwood handles & brass fitting make this tool for a traditional carpenter for woodwork.

Its spring steel blade makes it more reliable & visible while measuring curious things for the work. With the help of this tool, a user not only makes himself a professional in the field but he can also make his measurement accurate as much as possible. One of the most beneficial things about this carpenter square is that it is easy to use for a person who already worked on this kind of tool.

Price Tag – $ 15 to $ 21


  • Multipurpose tool
  • Smooth Marking
  • Made up of rosewood
  • Perfect for woodworking work


  • Expensive for many peoples
  1. Ori Glam Carpentry Square

This triangular ruler square is an ideal tool for all building & remodeling projects. It can be used as an accurate saw guide for, protractor, 90 degrees & 45 degrees measurement, and as a ruler. This framing square includes a handy structure with a clear marking for quick measuring & scribing.

Its hard die-cast aluminum construction makes it more durable compared to any other carpenter squares. Mostly, it is used to make precise right angles, accurate cutting, & for visible drawing. It also includes tri squares, meter squares, protractor, line scriber, & saw guide all in one tool.

Apart from all the qualities it consists, it is most beneficial for the hobbyist, home builders, manufacturers, & artists.

Price Range- $8 to $10


  • Have saw guide & protractor build in ruler
  • Accuracy Results in measurement
  • Dark marking for better visibility
  • Made up of aluminum


  • Difficult in finding. Gets out of stock too soon.
  1. Starrett FS-24 Steel Professional Framing Square

This tool from the brand Starrett is specially designed to work on a project like carpentry, DIYers, etc. The robust construction of this tool makes this carpenter square resistant to bending & breaking. Not only that, but it can also handle a lot of high pressure. Moreover, this framing square has a clear coating that prevents or stops rusting from happening on the structure.

Though this tool doesn’t have any adjustable slides or scales, it is the most effective choice for the carpenter who is beginning their career in this field. Through this square, they can easily gain a lot of experience to become advanced as soon as possible.

This framing square has one 24 inches long arm & the other shorter side of this arm is 16 inches.


Price Range – $ 27 to $ 40


  • Made up of tempered steel
  • Have feature of robust
  • Reliable in crafting
  • Permanent Stamped for visibility
  • Unbreakable in nature


  • Do not have adjustable ruler or multiple scales
  1. IRWIN Tools Framing Square

The brand IRWIN is a well-known tool production organization that produces items for professionals in every field. This framing square is built with all the precision & calmness that needs to produce an exceptional item. It includes multiple scales such as 1/8 inches, 1/10 inches, 1/12 inches & many more.

Not only that but the gradation mark stamped over the ruler is so bright & lasting that you don’t have to worry about square tool regular use. It is designed with pure aluminum alloy, which makes it strong as well as durable in nature. The extra rust-proofing lair that designers add to this tool makes sure to guard it against any damage.

In the end, this lightweight tool comes at an affordable rate & is best for crafters who are intermediate or on an advanced level.

Price Range- $25 to $31


  • Perfect gradation marks for better readability
  • Made up of aluminum body
  • Includes various scales for better measurement
  • PAlso contains saw guide, protractor in the form of ruler


  • Expensive for many crafters
  1. Miles Craft 8410 MC-Square300

This Miles Craft Carpenter square is perfectly designed for woodworking projects. With the help of it, you can make your task a lot easier & your carpentry projects flawless. It is made up of aluminum which provides this tool an incredible strength & makes it durable.

In addition, with the help of it, you can easily identify & locate angles on the board. As well as you can also do marking & make round cuts. Not only that but the framing square has 3 mm thickness & has all the scale in its position. It prevents measurements error & makes your work more accurate & precise.

Besides all of that, it has a fence that can be removed as your wish, With the help of it, you can measure even a small board without facing any difficulty. You can also hang this instrument anywhere with the hinge mounting holes that come with it.

Price Range- $17 to $23


  • Smooth Edges for Precise Marking
  • It contains robust feature
  • Durable in Nature
  • Made off Aluminum


  • Needs time for adjustment before attaining perfect angle

These are some of the best carpenter squares to help people get an answer for their question ‘what are the best framing square in the 2021 market?’. Through the help of this information, they can easily find which one is more suitable for them. Check our best carpenter nail bags.

Here, some bonus information is, carpenter tools are not the only way to increase the precision & accuracy of the project. There are some other tools & equipment like tool belts, bags, boxes, etc. That can also make their work flawless and can solve a lot of work-related troubles.

Now it is time to answer some of the most asked questions of crafters across the web regarding carpenter squares. With the help of this part of the blog, you will find exceptional knowledge regarding the framing square tool. The questions are: –


  • Carpenter square and framing square share a lot of similarities with each other. They are used for the same type of work. Performs every single task, that any of them can execute. People who are desperately wanted to know similarities between these squares. Your answer to the question is they are all same except for their size. Their uses are the same, their role is the same, everything about them is the same except for their size. Often, framing squares are big compared to the carpenter square.

There are many woodworking squares mentioned above in this blog. The ability of these framing tools makes them the best among all the other same kinds of tools present in the market. You can select whichever you like the most from the above Top 10 Carpenter squares given in this blog. Even still if you are confused & wanted us to select the best square tool for you to work on woodworking, it is a Spear & Jackson CTS6 6 Inch Carpentry Square.

Combination squares are the carpenter squares that contain several features of various tools inside one. One of the best combination squares present in the market is mentioned above which is Spear & Jackson CTS6 6 Inch Carpentry Square. On the other hand, speeding squares are those which are lightweight. Using this square can make the user lengthy task short as much as possible. Here in this blog, some speeding squares are efficient while doing framing works. One of the best among all is Mr. Pen- Rafter Carpentry Square.

There isn’t a particular solely thing that carpentry squares used to do. They can be used in various situations & can perform several roles to help carpenters. Some of the most significant uses of this tool are: –

  • Making Straight Line
  • Making Accurate Angles
  • For checking of 90 degrees & 45 degrees precision
  • Measuring Straight Lines
  • Measuring Accurate Angles
  • For perfect cutting & shaping
  • And several more

The accuracy of the framing square is around 0.0573 degrees. It contains a measurement roller on both sides. The smaller side has the outside gradation up to 8 inches & inside up to 6 inches. The larger side has an outside gradation is up to 12 inches & inside up to 11 inches. Through these, it represents a very accurate degree of accuracy. So, you don’t have to worry about any silly trouble while doing your work. 

The framing square can be used in various ways, some of the ways are mentioned in this blog inside the category of what are the uses of carpentry squares & some of them are mentioned in the fourth number of questions.   

Without a doubt every square is precious in its own way. But in the field of carpentry, it is much more beneficial for them to use combination square, speeding square, & framing square.

Combination square contains various features from many useful tools for them. It can make their lengthy task possible with a single piece of equipment in their hand.

While speeding squares can drastically decrease the time, they are taking doing their work. Because of its lightweight & efficient use, they can easily complete their task in a limited amount of time.

And framing squares are accurate which is the most needed part of their project. Every time it represents an accurate result for them.

So, in the end, it’s your choice which square you wanted to use according to your carpentry work because each one of them is special in its own way.  


In this blog you can find the top 10 best carpenter square to purchase. Among them, you can buy anyone according to the work & the projects you get. They all are excellent in their work & present accurate results to their users. 

There are many reasons for a carpenter to purchase a carpenter’s square. It not only helps them in measurement, but it also helps them avoiding silly angle mistakes, which later convert into bigger problems. If you are really into the uses & wanted to know what are the uses of carpenter square. You can check this blog; it contains a lot of information regarding these tools & how to use them.

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