Best Roofing Harnesses Reviews & Comparison

Working on a roof can be dangerous, which is why you should always take some safety measures before climbing it. On a height where a single mistake can cause you the biggest problem of your life. Some best roofing harnesses are always there to save your regret. 

Whether you work on the roof regularly, or this is the first time you are going to climb it safety harnesses are a necessity. They really ensure that you are significantly protective while working on the roof. Some of the best fall protection for roofers through these harnesses are because of the choice of attachment point they can make. It makes sure, you are safe while working on the heights. 

Often, many people don’t have sufficient knowledge to buy the best roofing harnesses for themselves. At that time, they desperately seek an ultimate guide that can teach them how they can buy the best roof harness for themselves? To help those here is one of the most trustworthy guides to get them the best fall protection on the roof.Best Roofing Harness

Product NameShock Absorbers Adjustable Leg Straps Quality of Roof Anchor Material Fit Type Buy Now
1.ATERET Fall Protection Roofing Bucket Kit


Yes Yes PremiumPolyesterUniversal Buy This
2.Frontline RK5PTB50 Combat Complete Roofers KitYesYesPremiumWebbing Universal Check Price
3.KwikSafety THUNDER 3D Ring Safety HarnessYesNoGoodPolyester Webbing Universal Buy Now
4.Guardian Fall Protection 1703 Velocity Economy HarnessNoYesMeet all standards of ANSI & OSHA NA Universal Check Price
5.Malta Dynamics Warthog Full Body HarnessNoYes GoodNASmall & Large Check Price
6.WELKFORDER 3D-Ring Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness YesYesGoodPolyesterGeneral Check Price
7.3M DBI-SALA Medium Exo Fit Full Body Vest Style Harness Yes Yes PremiumNylon & PolyesterUniversal Check Price

Only Trust-worthy Harness Buying Guide in the Market! 

 While buying the best roofing harness often, people forget about things that must be considered before. This guide is only focused n those aspects, which you should remember before buying a guardian fall for their safety. 

Things to remember before buying a worthy harness for yourself: –

Type of Work Needs to be Done

The types of work needed to be done play a very important role in selecting the best roofing harness for yourself. While selecting it, your main motto should not only be roof but, you also need to consider the material you need to do that work with, the level of heat you need to execute it, the requirement of water, & many other major things that play a significant role in harness. 

To make this aspect a lot easier for you to understand. Just take an example, you need to do a lot of welding on the roof. In this situation, you will need heat-resistant material. It will not only help you to cover the amount of heat you need, but it will also protect you from accidental burns. 

Also, while some of the jobs are done with a safety harness consisting of only a single D ring, some of the jobs require a lot more position of the D ring. That’s why it is really important to consider what kind of work is needed to be done, on the roof before purchasing any fall protection for roofers.

Weight of the Harness  

 Fixing a roof is not only work that requires precision, but it also needs dedication & a lot of effort from the worker. In this aspect, you need to pay special attention to the weight of the harness before buying a guardian fall for your help since no one wants to carry extra weight while hanging on the roof. 

In this aspect, you must consider what kind of tools are required to fix the roof. To do that, first, you need to understand the work. Without knowing it, there is no chance you can get what tools are required to fix the problem. You can also look for aluminum-made materials because they are lightweight compared to steel tools.

One of the biggest news for modern harnesses is, nowadays it is made by considering both lightness & durability. With this, it is possible to carry a lightweight metal that is also durable in case of lasting. 

Size for the Harness

 Often, people never consider their own weight & size before buying protection for roofers. It is an important aspect when you are trying to get the best roofing harness for yourself. Logically it never happens where any size can fit anyone. You need to know how much your body weighs? What body size is perfect for you? to find which harness suits you best. 

The positioning of each part of the harness depends on how comfortable you are inside it. If you aren’t feeling comfortable or it’s loose or too tight. You are probably going to face a lot of difficulties while fixing your roof. 

A perfect size harness, not only provides every tool at the correct position but also helps workers in moving across the roof. It all depends only & only on how good it fits on your body. And for that, you need to consider all these things mentioned above.

Quality of Harness  

 The material used to make a harness plays a significant role in determining the property of the guardian fall. Not only that but the durability & strength of it can only be determined through this aspect. Often at times, it also determines through what type of job is suited for the harness. 

The fabric used to make it tells on what areas it can be used such as heat, water, electricity, & many more or not. To find that, all you need is to check the product manual & it will show you what type of webbing designing used to create this harness. 

Safety Related Features

The overall motto of all the best roofing harnesses is to keep the worker safe as much as possible. But there are some harnesses, whose features make them more comfortable & safer compared to the others. 

In these harnesses, they include: – 

  • Lumbar Support
  • General Back Support
  • Tool Holders
  • Trauma & Stress Indicators
  • And Many Others 

Comfort is Primary

In most cases, roof workers fail to do their work or take too much time to complete it because they aren’t feeling as comfortable as they should be. The fact of carrying all of your body weight at straps increases a lot of chances of discomfort. So, while choosing fall protection for roofers, you should always consider comfortability.

Maintenance Require Caring

Purchasing the best roofing harness is far less complex in comparison to maintaining it with care. Taking care of the high-quality harness needs to avoid the cases of damage, such as broken parts, dirty parts, injuries, etc.

Not only that but in these cases where your parts are broken or get dirty. There is an increase of chance where you can hurt yourself. To maintain your guardian fall, the best you can do is by: –

  • Constant Inspection
  • Regular Cleaning
  • By keeping it away from the harshness

Accessories Inside Harness 

One of the most necessary aspects that you must need to consider before selecting a high-quality roofing harness is the accessories inside it. 

The most wanted accessories that all best roofing harness includes are: –

  • Tool Belt
  • Tongue Buckles
  • Shock Absorbing Lanyard
  • Holster
  • Comfy Cushion Pads
  • D Ring Extenders


Cleaning is Necessary 

Most of the times people think cleaning isn’t necessary compared to other aspects we talked about earlier. So, to make them really conscious regarding this, I mentioned this point at the end. Cleaning your harness not only helps you look professional but also increases the life span of the product.  

With the help of cleaning, you can make your best roofing harness into an ultimate roofing harness. As time passes & you get familiar with your harness, you will see how great you have done the work by cleaning your harness properly & carefully.           

Best Safety Roof Harnesses of All-time [Updated 2021]

Best Safety Roof Harnesses

If we look for the topmost scariest job in this world, construction would be on that list. It’s the job that holds many uncertainties & damages. Especially while working on the roofs workers have to risk their life & needs to do their work. So, by keeping all the safety measures in mind, we came with the best roof harnesses of all time in 2021. Also, we kept focusing on the quality so you can get the most comfortable guardian harnesses for you. The products are: –

  1. ATERET Fall Protection Roofing Bucket Kit

This premium quality product is not only reliable but also has universal 5 body point harnesses inside. It has a reusable roof anchor that makes sure the user can stay stable at the time of fixing the roof. Not only that but 50 a foot lengthy vertical lifeline rope to grab the user as well as to absorb shock.

This kit is ideal for both residential & commercial kinds of works. A construction worker can rely on this kit for completing their work. This harness also features a single D ring that passes through between the legs. It is also compatible with all the quick & safe connections of guardian fall.

The fall protection gear inside this kit is built to last & to keep the user away from harm. In this safety harness kit, users don’t have to worry about anything, all they need to do is their work with all the comfortability & safety measures given inside the kit.

Shock Absorbers – Yes 

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes 

Quality of Roof Anchor – Premium

Material – Polyester

Fit Type – Universal

Who Is IT For? –  ATERT fall protection kit is ideal for residential as well as commercial roofers. Construction workers can also use this for fixing any roof.



  • 5 Body Point Inside Harness
  • 50 Foot Vertical Lifeline Rope
  • Quick & Safe Connections
  • In-built Pockets
  • Adjustable Size


  • Expensive in Nature
  1. Frontline RK5PTB50 Combat Complete Roofers Kit

This complete roofer kit is always ready to give a solution out of the pocket for a worker. Not only that but it also provides an essential tool to start fixing the roof as soon as possible. For beginner roofers, this safe, as well as well-equipped kit, is the best choice. It includes a combat harness, roof anchor, vertical lifeline with an integrated rope grab.

One of the most significant things about this guardian fall is that it contains a shock absorber. Its shiny universal orange color makes sure it can be visible from the distance. Its fitting is also remarkable, it provides all the comfort to the user which he needs to complete the job.

The components used to make this kit are so light that the worker can carry this with him everywhere. It also contains 1 D ring for fall arrest & 5 points adjustable chest strap with pass-through buckles.

In the end, it is one of the easiest access products for roofers. Its high-strength galvanized steel also makes it safer for the user to use.

shock absorbers – Yes

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes

Quality of Roof Anchor – Premium

Material – Webbing 

Fit Type – Universal

Who Is IT For?  –

Frontline RK5PTB Combat complete roofer kit is the best body harness for persons working in the construction industry.



  • Contain Some Essential Tools
  • Have Shock Absorber
  • Can be Seen from the distance
  • 5 Adjustable Points & Buckle


  • Mainly for Beginners
  • Common in Roofers
  1. KwikSafety THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness

This lightweight kwiksafety thunder 3D ring guardian fall is made up of sturdy units that feature a minimalist design. So, while working with this work harness you don’t have to worry about obstacles while climbing on the roof. Not only that but because of its lightweight workers don’t have to worry about working some more hours.

Mostly it is used for fall arrest & travel restraint. In a work of roof, workers can be confident while wearing this kit because of its exclusive safety features. The grasping of straps in this from shoulder to thighs makes sure it is safe & comfortable for the users. One of the biggest successes of the guardian fall is, it puts fall angle within 30 degrees vertical to reduce post fall trauma stress.

Moreover, its bright & shiny colors make sure it can be seen from the distance.

Shock Absorbers – Yes

Adjustable Leg Straps – No

Quality of Roof Anchor – Good

Material – Polyester Webbing 

Fit Type – Universal

Who Is IT For? – This Kwiksafety body harness is most compatible with carpenters, construction workers, tower climbers, & window cleaners.



  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to get in & out
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a Bag


  • Difficult to adjust
  1. Guardian Fall Protection 1703 Velocity Economy Harness

This high-quality less priced guardian fall economy harness is the choice of many workers. It meets all the ANSI & OSHA standards for fall protection. Not only that but the things that make whistle in every worker’s ear while buying this fall protection harness is because there are 3 D rings available for better positioning & the standard 3 D dorsal ring at back.

Moreover, the thing which makes it more comfortable is its lightweight. User can wear this whole day & never gets tired of it. It weighs around 250 lbs & contains 6 adjustable points that allow the user to get the right fit for himself. The buckle inside this guardian fall is made of stainless steel & can tolerate a lot of abuse.

The impact indicator inside the guardian fall protection also has a nice touch because it pops out to indicate any damage to the harness. But still one of the best qualities of this harness is its straps & buckles.

Shock Absorbers – No

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes

Quality of Roof Anchor – Meet all standards of ANSI & OSHA 

Weight – 5.5 Pounds

Fit Type – Universal

Who Is IT For? – Guardian Fall Protection 1703 Velocity Economy Harness is specially made for window cleaners as well as construction sight workers.


  • Less expansive with premium quality
  • Certified with OSHA & ANSI
  • 6 Adjustable Points with Steel Buckles


  • Difficult to wear
  • Too many straps leads to confusion
  1. Malta Dynamics Warthog Full Body Harness

This high-quality Malta Dynamics Warthog full-body harness provides fall protection & safety equipment that exceeds all the needs of any roofer. Not only that, but it meets all the standards & requirements of OSHA & ANSI. One of the best beneficial & trustworthy things about this guardian fall is that it’s designed & made by people who use it every day.

This harness can tackle up to 130 lbs to 310 lbs of the worker. It also consists of fall indicators that allow users to know when they get disbalance. The enhanced material used for making this harness is a new trustable reflective material. So, the worker can depend on it while working on the roof.

In conclusion, roofers can trust this harness because it is much more reliable than other cheap harnesses. Its fall protection & safety equipment are worthy of all the trust & weight that roofer can put on this.

Shock Absorbers – No

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes 

Quality of Roof Anchor – Good

Weight – 3.1 Pounds

Fit Type – Small & Large

Who Is IT For? – It is mainly for the workers who are working in the window cleaning industries. But it can also be used by carpenters as well as construction workers.


  • Can tackle a lot of weight abuse
  • Certified with OSHA & ANSI
  • Consist Fall Indicator


  • Comes in only small & large size
  • Difficult to balance
  1. WELKFORDER 3D-Ring Industrial Fall Protection Safety Harness 

Welkforder 3 D Ring full-body harness has all the fully passed test reports performed by ASSE & OSHA. Its combination of no-lose ends from shoulder straps to chest & legs provide all the fall protection that users need at the time of harnessing.

The best thing about this harness is it can only be used by those users who already know how to work on guardian falls. Or they need to understand what are the limitations as well as the uses of this full body harness.

Its premium quality alloy steel mating buckle helps reduce both the carried weight & required energy of the worker. Users can work on this best body harness all day long without getting tired. Not only that, but it can also easily take 130 lbs weight up to 310 lbs weight from the user’s side. Most of the time this general size harness is used for fall arrest, positioning, travel restraint, suspension, & rescue applications.

Conclusively, these lightweight harness straps are made from premium quality material which ensures the grip & safety of the user. As well as it is the best roofing harness that comes under the budget of many roofers.

Shock Absorbers – Yes

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes 

Quality of Roof Anchor – Good

Style – 3 D Ring Harness

Fit Type – General

Material – Polyester

Who Is IT For? – This general size best roofing harness is most suitable for construction workers, carpenters, painters, roofers, & window cleaners.

 like it.



  • Made up of Premium Quality
  • Ensure grip & safety of users
  • 3 D Ring Harness


  • Difficult to get size for some people
  • Expensive Rate
  1. 3M DBI-SALA Medium Exo Fit Full Body Vest Style Harness 

It is the most premium quality product in this list of best roofing harnesses. Not only it is made of the best material present in the market but it also looks good professionally. It is made by keeping all the safety measures, efficiency, & swiftness in the mind.

In this modern era where everything needs to be fast because if it is not it will be left behind. This best roofing harness makes workers as fast as possible & increases their efficiency to the next limit. It’s fast to wear & contain D rings on the hip side for better balancing & positioning. Not only that but it also has D rings on the front made of aluminum which reduces the weight of the gear. However, the most efficient feature of this body style harness is its built reflective material & the integrated trauma straps.

3M DBI-SALA Medium Exo Fit Full Body Vest Style Harness is the only guardian fall designed from the ground up for maximum comfort, security, & performance well in every scenario.

Shock Absorbers – Yes 

Adjustable Leg Straps – Yes 

Quality of Roof Anchor – Premium

Item Weight – 1 Pound

Fit Type – Universal

Material – Nylon & Polyester

Who Is IT For? – This premium quality best roofing harness gadget is a professional grade harness made for construction workers.


  • Have Shock Absorbing Nature
  • Made of Premium Quality
  • Affordable in Price
  • Fast to Wear


  • Too many straps cause confusion while wearing


  • Jobs like roof repairing requires a person to climb then fix it by using their method. But before all these fixes, you need to be prepared for climbing because while climbing 15 to 20 feet no one wants to take a risk when they can be safe.

Often, at that time, people wanted to know how much weight their roof can hold? To help those people, here’s the answer to their question.

Most of all, the roofs are designed to withstand the combined weight of both live loads & dead loads for structural safety. The dead load for a wooden roof comes to approximately around 15 pounds per square foot. On the other hand, it’s closer to 27 pounds per square foot for a cover made from clay tile or metal.

Knowing this information from the start can save a lot of time & money. Even it can also save some of your bones from breaking.

About 30% of roofer’s injuries drives by their improper use of fall protection. At the time, while climbing 15 feet to 25 feet, users of guardian fall must be wearing it properly. Otherwise, this uncurtaining lack of knowledge can lead them towards various injuries & breaking.

While using fall protection to fix the roof, the priority of the roofer is must be climbing. The other things that are must be remembered before climbing a roof are: -If possible, avoid carrying extra weight on the ladder.


  • Use a helper or a bucket who can help roofers while taking out tools or for putting supplies
  • While climbing the ladder, make sure it is at least 3 feet close to the roof, so you can have that space required to hang on the roof.
  • Keep two hands on the top rung of the ladder when you first step on the roof.
  • Build a side guard with roof brackets for your first line of defense.

No, it isn’t illegal to work either on domestic roofs or chimneys without scaffolding, health regulation, & safety measures. But still, getting the best scaffolding is the most appreciable thing you can use while fixing your roof as well as the chimney.

For larger jobs such as sloping roofs, HSE makes sure to recommend the use of scaffolding to stop material from falling for the worker. However, when there is only one person to work or the work is small, HSE prefers to use a safely secured ladder.

In window cleaning industries or construction industries, workers need to climb a height for completing their work. With the increase in height, there is also an increase in the risk they have to take for fixing.

Often, many workers get in injuries just because they don’t know how to use a roof safety harness. To help those workers who wanted to know how to use or put on a roof safety harness while starting working on the roof.

8 basic steps must need to be followed by workers for putting roofing harness perfectly on their bodies. The steps are: –


First Step Always lift the harness by using its dorsal D ring

Second Step – Put the shoulder straps on both of the shoulders alternatively. And make sure the dorsal D ring lye just between both of the shoulders.

Third Step Buckle up the chest strap.

Fourth Step – Pull the leg straps between the legs & connect opposite by using special buckles that are only designed for comfortable balancing. Repeat the same process for the other leg.

Fifth StepMake sure to pass the remaining straps through the loops because the loose ends can expose some unnecessary risks.

Sixth Step Make sure the Dorsal D ring on your back is easily accessible with your hand.

Seventh Step – Finally you can check your harness is a perfect fit for you or not by sliding your four fingers under the thigh straps of it.

Eighth Step To ensure finally the harness is perfect or not, you can also do some body moves like sitting & jumping to make sure it is completely fit.

Generally, the average life of a safety harness is around 5 years. But mainly, it depends on the maintenance as well care you do. Not only that, but the other aspect that matters for the life of the harness is the material that is used to make it.   

Some safety websites ensure that writing on a tag of the harness is valid with sharpy brand markers. But the OSG says, writing on any part of the harness compromises their integrity & should never be done. 


The guide provided in this blog regarding selecting the best roofing harness for yourself is the only perfect guide to help roofers buy according to themselves. Not only that, but the list of harness products added here is the most compatible products to help roofers buy an ultimate guardian fall for themselves.

If you are new to this business, this blog is going to help you a lot in so many different ways. All you need to fix your eyes as well as mind on it. And if you are seeking answers to some of your questions. Here at the end of this blog, you will also get some frequently asked questions from the roofers or genuine persons.   

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