10 Best EDC Backpacks in the Market: Reviews (2022)

Best EDC Backpacks Top EDC Backpacks in 2020: Review

In this article, find the best EDC Backpacks in the market. EDC backpacks are the ones that are used to place your day to day gears in an organized way. Most people tend to have stuff which they carry daily including but not limited to purse, id proof, cash, etc. The EDC backpacks are lightweight and aimed at easing your necessities. For the people who’re looking for a backpack which is capable enough to carry three days worth of essentials, keep reading to find out the best EDC backpack for hiking and survival 2019 based on your budget.


Particularly in this industry, you can see a rising number of vendors that make it quite tough to determine a casual and best minimalist backpack  that is inexpensive depending on your needs. The below info aims at resolving such doubts.

Selecting The Best EDC Backpacks

For helping you decide the best option for your needs, below are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Functionality

EDC backpack is designed particularly to carry electronic gadgets and travel necessities. A few of these even come with custom molding from specialized fabric for accommodating particular use cases. Before picking a specific backpack to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What kind of accessories do you wish to carry around?
  2. Do you require a backpack for clothing, electronic gadgets, sports gear, or other stuff?

Understanding your daily requirements help you refine your choices and pick the best EDC backpack.

  1. Style

Selecting an EDC pack which aligns with your appearance and taste is critical. Fortunately, EDC backpacks are available in various designs & styles which accommodate the majority of your daily requirements.

  1. Storage capacity

Picking a backpack that’s too small or too big may create an undesirable travel experience. So, size does matter. Know what size of accessories you wish to carry daily to pick the right bag.

  1. Material

Heavy-duty fabric can be ideal for outdoor usage and offers features like tearproof and waterproof construction. On the contrary, material that is softer and lighter might be appropriate for daily commuting, and regular travels.

Product NameImageWarrantyMaterialBuy Now
1.SOG Opord Tactical BackpackLifetimePolyster Buy This
2.ArcEnCiel Tactical Bag 1 YearNylon Buy Now
3.Mardingtop MOLLE Tactical Backpack

1 YearPolyster Buy Now
4.Kelty 44 Redwing
NA420D Polyster Buy Now
5.RUSH-12 5.11 EDC Military MOLLE Backpack 1 Year1000D Nylon Buy Now
6.Maxpedition MX431W-BRK Gearslinger NANA Buy Now
7. 5.11 COVRT 18 Pack1 Year500D Nylon Buy Now
8.Dragon Egg Direct Action Military Pack NA500D Cordura Buy Now
9.Maxpedition Gyrfalcon EDC Backpack NAFibres Buy Now
10. Arc’Teryx Brize 32
1 YearN420p-HT Nylon Buy Now

Best EDC Backpacks Under $50

  1. SOG Opord Tactical Backpack

    You might be already aware of the name SOG. The company is popular for its reputation to produce unique, yet highly operational knife designs. Recently, they started applying their knowledge in designing a survival bag for the people who require additional storage and not much flash.

    In regards to the best-rugged backpack made in the US, it may seem a bit. There may be folks who may even take it as a con, nonetheless, thanks to its design, you can easily adjust the weight of the bag away from your back, towards the waist using the shoulder and waist straps.

    Tha backpack prevents water leakage thanks to its polyester construction.

    This rugged backpack has plenty of add-on choices along with the MOLLE system. These include D-ring attachments. The bag is also very economical.


    • Great build quality
    • Sufficiently large backpack

    • Water-resistant


    • Zippers are not that strong

  1. ArcEnCiel Tactical Bag

The ArcEnCiel backpack is not only comfy but also a durable option. Although it might lack a few features when compared to other models listed here, do not neglect this backpack just yet.

Though most backpacks in our list feature padded backs, ArcEnCiel is the only one offering a fully-padded mesh back which enables extra airflow and keeps the user dry and cool during summer.

ArcEnCiel comes with 1000D Nylon material which is heavy-duty military-grade nylon. It resists tears, fading, and scratches.

ArcEnCiel also comes with a special sleeve that acts as your laptop compartment.

Since the added rain cover might not do much to prevent water from seeping in, remember to keep the cover in case it appears as if it’ll rain.


  • Rain cover for protection against water leakage.
  • Laptop sleeve.
  • Full-padded back.


  • The water-resistant feature is absent.
  • Stitching not up to the standards.
  1. Mardingtop MOLLE Tactical Backpack

    People who are not familiar with Mardingtop must get to know their products. Mardingtop offers a well-made, feature-rich backpack that’s almost of the middle level of the price range when it comes to EDC nontactical and tactical backpacks.

Mardingtop MOLLE Tactical Backpack is available in 3 distinct sizes:

  1. 25L,
  2. 28L,
  3. 35L.

Manufacturers could easily manufacture a backpack with the most economical price tag, however, if it comes with weak zippers, it might turn off some folks. Based on its current price, YKK zippers can be considered as a positive option.

Like the rest of the backpacks in our list, it comes with polyester which acts as a good water repellent.

In addition to MOLLE attachments, Mardingtop has also added security straps for safeguarding your accessories against potential damage.

As opposed to most models, Mardingtop MOLLE bag doesn’t come with detachable hip straps. Nonetheless, they’re not that hard to tuck off from the main section of this backpack.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Gear-straps
  • Sturdy YKK zippers


  • The hip strap cannot be detached.
  • Hydration pouch is non-insulated.

Best EDC Backpack Under $100

  1. Kelty 44 Redwing

For the best EDC backpack under $100, Kelty 44 offers an excellent distribution of weight. For individuals who tend to go outdoors every now and then, Kelty 44 comes with an extended waist belt and a sternum strap that prevents back pain even after walking quite a few miles.

The backpack offers adequate room inside for carrying your clothing along with other accessories. Also, it features 7 external pockets that provide easy organization of various items. Thus, you are able to access them anytime you want without any issue. The hydration within pulls dual-duty & acts as a laptop case whenever you require it to.


  • Has laptop compartment and air ventilation
  • It has water bottle holder
  • Quality Zippers and lot of smaller pockets


  • Difficult to keep water bottle when the bag is full
  • No rain cover
  1. RUSH-12 5.11 EDC Military MOLLE Backpack

    Being the smallest in the 5.11’s category, RUSH-12 EDC backpack sits alongside RUSH72 and the RUSH24.

The RUSH-12 can be considered among the most high-end military backpacks on our list, nonetheless, it’s still one of the best tactical EDC backpacks under $100.

RUSH-12 features heavy-duty 1050D Nylon which is thick enough to resist common tears and snags. Besides, the YKK Zippers are among the best standard across the globe. These are self-repairing and provide better strength.

For an EDC, the backpack is sufficiently large and provides 24L of storage, however, it appears relatively small in terms of its size. The bag is 18″ tall and 12″ wide.

The backpack comes with a fleece lining that protects your lenses from scratch by rough materials which are used within the primary pack. For people who prefer sunglasses during their travel or carry glasses, this feature can be a blessing.

Presently, you see a large number of backpacks having a front linked to the back every time you decide to open the primary compartment. This is not the case with RUSH12. Meaning you can open it flat for easier access.

The buckles are made of plastic that may come as a weak-point in regards to its overall design. You cannot get around using plastic, nonetheless thicker material may help minimize breakage.


  • Big enough without appearing bulky.
  • YKK zippers.
  • The front has the capacity to fully open.


  • A few people consider buckles as the weak point.

Best EDC Backpack Under $150

  1. Maxpedition MX431W-BRK Gearslinger

    The backpack has 14.1″ of room to keep your laptop, which makes it ideal if you want to carry it to the workplace.

The material used is ballistic 1000-denier nylon. Thus, it can easily resist water and abrasion. The Triple polyurethane coating further makes the backpack further resistant to water.

For outdoor activities, this backpack can be a superb option. It offers the user easy access to various pouches and pockets.

The YKK zippers are among the best in the market. This EDC model features breathable padding likewise, which makes traveling with the backpack easy.

On the whole, the quality seems quite good, and the user can load the backpack with heavier accessories without worrying about any breakage.


  • It has Anti-Theft Zipper Capture System
  • Y-Compression Strap


  • Design can be better
  1. 5.11 COVRT 18 Pack

    COVRT 18 is versatile and easy to use. The Covrt 5.11 is a spacious bag with primary & secondary compartments to store small and big items.

The backpack also comes with a side entry belt compartment. It is big enough to fit a regular firearm within its compartment.

You also get Quick Tact straps at the shoulder region. The grab handle of COVRT 18 is durable and reinforced. There’s also a laptop compartment in addition to a pocket to keep the lenses or sunglasses.

Made up of 500-D nylon fiber, the 5.11 COVRT 18 comes with YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware.


  • Comfy to use in most situations.
  • The spacious design makes it easy to pack overnight.
  • Compartment for water bottle and sunglasses.


  • Zippers not as expected.
  1. Dragon Egg Direct Action Military Pack

    Although this is one of the most expensive options when it comes to the best EDC backpack, there’s no doubt that Dragon Egg Direct Action comes packed with all the features which make it an option worth considering.

Although some backpacks may seem to provide a MOLLE feature, the majority of these come with certain restrictions. This is certainly not the case with Dragon Egg. The whole bag consists of MOLLE attachments.

Without a doubt, 1000-D Nylon may be good, however, it does not have anything on 500-D Cordura. Not only is Cordura a sturdy fabric, but it also has a very tight weave making it way tougher as opposed to typical nylon fiber.

Besides, the egg shape of this backpack enables extra storage in spite of a tiny footprint.

Virtually all backpacks that you encounter feature a grab handle, however many of these are sewn on the strap. This backpack replaces the normal strap with a para-cord handle which is obviously a better alternative.


  • Egg shape enables additional storage
  • Full MOLLE structure
  • Paracord handle


  • On the expensive side.

Best EDC Backpack Under $200

  1. Maxpedition Gyrfalcon EDC Backpack

    The internal casing of Maxpedition Gyrfalcon is both customizable and detachable. The shoulder straps featuring lattice cushion are breathable and well proportioned. The sternum strap ensures equal distribution of weight through your abdominal region. A detachable waist pack offers the user additional stockpiling alternatives.

Different compartments and pockets allow the proper organization of different items. The frame enables you to carry different size loads comfortably by directing it on the hip region and towards the frame.


  • Well-made pack with plenty of dividers and pockets.
  • Easy to organize your gear efficiently.
  • Medium size with adequate space to hold various items.
  • Molle webbing allows you to attach any gear to outside.


  • Plastic Buckle
  • Price
  1. Arc’Teryx Brize 32

    In case your upcoming trip will be taking you far off from metropolitan cities then, it’d be a wise option to consider something like Arc’Teryx Brize 32 backpack. The Arc’Teryx is a 32-L backpack that can blend your travel with adventure due to several beneficial features which make sure all your bases are properly covered. A tiny pocket onto the top-flap can be ideal for users who wish to store accessories that do not take too much space such as passport, wallet, etc. It also features an attachment point for keys.

The primary compartment is easy to secure using the drawcord system which cinches your backpack shut. The waist strap as well as the sternum strap work in unison so that the user’s back does not need to carry most of the weight when he/she is traveling out and enjoying their trip.


  • Side access to the water bottle.
  • Excellent arc quality.
  • Large pocket at the top.
  • Handy exterior pockets.


  • Not easy to adjust should strap from the area above your shoulder

Final Words:

We hope the information provided in this article will assist you in deciding the best EDC backpack based on your budget. Irrespective of which of the above options you pick for your outing, it is wise to take into account your basic priorities, if you wish to buy an inexpensive backpack, or you don’t mind spending some extra dollars to avoid any compromise on the quality. The backpacks listed in this article have different designs and may suit various circumstances. Also make sure to check Tool Backpack with Laptop Compartment.

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