10 Tool Best Rated Backpack with Laptop Compartment (2022)

What are the Top Tool Backpacks having Laptop Space – with Reviews

In case you’re working in one of the several fields which need skilled tools for completing their job, then you’ll realize how crucial it is for you to get all your tools neatly organized. No matter whether your primary day-to-day tool is a screwdriver, a stethoscope or a laptop, you are unlikely to simply throw it in your carrier bag at any time, would youTool Backpack with Laptop Compartment

Tools, obviously, are available in all sizes & shapes, as well as functionalities. Hence, if you’re a carpenter, welder, electrician or other technician working in a similar field, odds are you are likely to use different tools regularly and want to keep them in an organized way so that you can access them as per your convenience.


Product NameImageLaptop CompartmentMaterialBuy Now
1.Klein Tools: Tool BackpackYes1680d ballistic Buy This
2.VETO Pro Pac tool bag with laptop compartmentYes Check Price
3.Carhartt Legacy Work Backpack with Tablet Storage
20,31Yes Buy Now
4.Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack
1,3,8,10Yes Check Price
5.DGL-523 DEWALT Tool Backpack

(Top Choice)

17,18,20Yes Check Price
6.Milwaukee-8200 Worksite Tool Bag12Yes Check Price
7.Amazon Basics Backpack10Yes1680D polyester Check Price
8.Fluke Pack-30 Tool Backpack9Yes Check Price
9.Dead-on Tools DO-DES Destroyer20Yes Buy Now
10. WorkPro Tool Bag
Buy Now

Check those tool backpack with laptop compartment which come in handy. Like any other thing, you are offered plenty of choices with distinct sizes, capacities, and added functionality. As a result, it can get quite challenging to know where should you begin.

This is where we come into play. The following review on the Top 10 Backpacks with Laptop Compartment can assist you in making a better choice and pick a suitable bag for your needs.

  1. Klein Tools: Tool Backpack with Laptop Compartment

    Tradesman Pro is one of the most popular backpacks offered by Klein Tools that can be used by virtually any field technician. This Backpack with Laptop Compartment comes with 25 pockets along with a dedicated padded compartment that can easily fit a laptop under 3-inches thick. It is ideal when you’re working in a remote area. Also, it is quite an efficient option when you’re working on computer reparations, solar systems, CCTV, & low voltage equipment.


    • Ideal for safety glasses, hand tools, etc.
    • Tall enough to hold big screwdrivers.
    • Sturdy and durable base.


    • Not easy to accommodate heavy items.
  1. VETO Pro Pac tool bag with laptop compartment

When you’re considering a high-end tool backpack that is sturdy and comes with a lot of pockets, VETO Pro Pac is undoubtedly among the most popular names in this field.

VETO Pro Pac is a sturdy and multi-compartment backpack designed to allow comfortable and safe transport of different tools while working.

The backpack comes with a heavy-duty built and a stabilizing injection that is molded with a water-resistant base to enable technicians to access as well as organize their tools rapidly with minimal effort.

With a total of 27-pockets, Veto Pro Pac LT offers sufficient room for cable wires, hand gears, tablet, laptop, and other business accessories. The center panel design of this backpack features dual bays with twin storage platforms within every single bay.

VETO Pro-Tech Pac LT is designed taking into account the requirements of professionals who’re frequently required to walk, climb or hike to their job-site. Irrespective of where your work takes you, this bag with laptop compartment is likely to deliver.


  • Water-resistant molded bottom.
  • Twin storage bays.
  • Adjustable pouch.


  • Back pockets not as deep.
  • Too small front pockets.
  1. Carhartt Legacy Work Backpack with Tablet Storage

This backpack with laptop compartment offered by Carhartt is an ideal option pack for field technicians.

It is currently available in 3 color options:

the regular Carhartt Brown, Grey Black

Also, it can suit equally well if you’re a student! This is one of the best options if you’re looking for a reasonably priced backpack for carrying tools. It has adequate pockets for mini-items, a tablet sleeve and also a laptop compartment. This is ideal if you’re a technical student who wants to carry transport gear between your day-to-day classes.

In addition, it is not that expensive when you compare it to a few of the heavy-duty tool backpacks.


  • Pockets at the front to keep small stuff such as pens, keys, etc.
  • Excellent capacity to bear a heavy load.
  • Compartments are well-organized.


  • May not fit every single tool in your arsenal due to limited size.
  1. Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack

If you are looking for the best backpacks for work which provides ample space via pockets and compartments for keeping your tools and other accessories organized, look no further than Custom Leathercraft 1134 backpack with laptop compartment.

It comes with 2 primary compartments and has plenty of pockets, which enable you to keep tools of various sizes. There are seven pockets outside, which includes twin side pockets for accessories such as wrenches, pen, etc. Weighing around 4.4lbs with dimensions 13.27″ x 8.5″ x 16″, it is quite spacious yet lightweight.

Towards the bottom, you get rubber bases for stabilization and preventing tears. You also get the top handle, back panel & padded straps for maximum comfort as well as ease.


  • Dedicated compartment for cable storage.
  • Dual handles.
  • Shoulder straps, rubber bases, and top handle.
  • Sturdy construction, and adjustable fit.


  • Cannot stand by itself so might fall over.
  1. DGL-523 DEWALT Tool Backpack

DGL-523 offered by Dewalt can be used to store all the essential tools inside it. This backpack for laptop comes with some exclusive features which make it an excellent option depending upon your personal preferences as well as requirements.

The DEWALT DGL523 Jobsite backpack has 48 multiple-use pockets inside & 9 pockets outside. The large pads onto the backside make this bag extra comfy when you’re carrying it at the job site.

This backpack with laptop compartment also features an in-built LED light which makes your task significantly easy in low-light conditions!

You’re no more required to fumble thru the darkness just to find the right tool for your needs. Simply turn on the LED light and you’re good to go. The LED light comes with 3 options (medium field, focus field, and wide field).


  • Easy to adjust shoulder straps.
  • In-built LED light.
  • Adequate tool pockets.
  • Large pads and adjustable shoulder straps


  • A bit on the heavier side.
  1. Milwaukee-8200 Worksite Tool Bag with Laptop Compartment

Milwaukee 48-22-8200 is a rugged laptop backpack that looks exceptional which sets it apart from the list. Besides, it is tough, spacious and well-balanced making it a perfect candidate for a variety of professional trades.

The backpack measures 8-inch x 14.3-inch x 23.4-inch and comes with 35 pockets in total allowing you to easily organize all the required tools. The Milwaukee 48-22-8200 backpack with laptop compartment is also quite sturdy and robust yet light-weight. The Milwaukee weighs only 2.6lbs when empty.

You also get a molded base that reduces impact allowing you to protect it when not in use. It is a stylish and practical option for construction, welding, and other similar professions. Besides, since the load is steadily distributed across the backpack, it is quite comfortable to carry.


  • Plenty of tool pockets.
  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Easy to adjust pouch.


  • A few pockets are quite small
  1. Amazon Basics Backpack

Available in a few sizes meaning you can pick a general 22-pockets or pick among anyone up to 75 pockets.

We suggest the 23 pocket backpack with a laptop compartment which has 3 zippered pouches which enable easy access & can be utilized for storing smaller stuff such as personal items or tape measures. The larger among the 3 compartments can be ideal to keep your laptop in perfect shape. You can find 9 additional compartments inside the bag to easily arrange all the essential tools.

The backpack is built using 1680D polyester known for its hard-wearing and heavy-duty properties. You can also find shoulder straps that are easy to adjust as per your convenience. The in-built reflective strip offers additional visibility & safety to people who work at night.


  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Robust design.
  • Versatile space for the pockets.
  • Excellent for different professions.
  • Economical option.


  • May top over in case it’s left alone.
  1. Fluke Pack-30 Tool Backpack

The Fluke Pack-30 bag with laptop compartment is built from a polyester body & molded EVA accents that offer it a distinct shape. The FluNo significant limitation.ke Pack-30 backpack for laptop features a primary compartment that has more than 30 pockets that are divided into 6 key storage sections. Along with the main compartment, you’ll also see a front pocket that’s reinforced using molded EVA in addition to a durable pocket that is ideal for keeping laptops, tablets or safety glasses. The backpack is quite versatile and especially helpful due to the brackets, straps & clips on the outside.  Also, since the bottom of the backpack is water-resistant, it’s perfect for all-weather scenarios as both the waterproof bottom along with the polyester body stop the bag from tipping over.

When it comes to the comfort levels, the Fluke Pack-30 is quite comfy and lightweight to carry due to the horizontal sternum strap & padded shoulder straps which provide extra support. You can easily pack tools like screwdrivers, extension cables and power drills in Pack-30.


  • Mini-padded sleeve for a laptop.
  • Water-resistant base.
  • EVA protection on the front side.
  • Flexible chest strap.


  • No significant limitation.
  1. Dead-on Tools DO-DES Destroyer

Among all the Dead-on-Tools range, the DO-DES Destroyer immediately sets itself apart as it comes with a signature dead skull motif on the pocket. In fact, it is quite a sturdy work backpack which can keep your tools safe & in great condition all the time.

You can use it as a tech bag, a tool bag or a backpack depending on your needs. The backpack can easily accommodate even a larger 17″ laptop, meaning there’s no need for you to keep an additional laptop bag. The 1680-D poly-material is tear-resistant and features a molded waterproof base meaning you could pop this rugged laptop backpack down on virtually any surface without worrying about the tools being affected by water inside it.

The Dead-on Tools DO-DES Destroyer can uphold almost anything. The manufacturer has not compromised on those equally significant comfort features likewise since the backpack also features padding shoulder straps, and moisture-wicking panel onto the backside which keeps the user calm and cool under all the conditions.


  • The primary compartment is large enough to open it wide.
  • A total of 6 compartments.
  • Water-resistant molded base.
  • Can easily accommodate a 17″ laptop.


  • Slightly on the heavier side.
  1. WorkPro Tool Bag

WorkPro Tool Bag can perfectly suit people who do lighter-duty works. The WorkPro Tool Backpack offers multiple internal as well as external storage alternatives. Whilst the design of this backpack may seem quite basic and mirror a school bag, it is more than capable of handling all the wear and tear that a typical tool backpack undergoes on a day to day basis.
It is lightweight and built from sturdy and ballistic grade nylon. Hence, the WokPro tool backpack can hold a majority of your tools quite easily.

You get a total of 37 pockets in addition to a dedicated front compartment that can be used for storing other daily essentials. You can also find some wider style pockets which are ideal for heavier items like power tools. The internal pouch is ideal for keeping your laptop while the bottom area is molded for further protection and stability.

Even though it may not be the best alternative for keeping cumbersome tools, still it can definitely turn out to be a durable alternative for people who engage in lighter works


  • Ideal for light assignments.
  • Adequate storage pockets.
  • Dedicated laptop compartment.
  • Built using a hard-wearing fabric.Comfy shoulder pads.
  • Sternum strap for steady weight distribution.
  • Abrasion-resistant base.


  • Not suitable for heavier jobs


Q: What is the primary purpose of a tool backpack?

A: In general, tool backpacks are intended to keep your work-tools organized and secure. These backpacks typically feature dedicated pockets for keeping different types of tools. Besides, when you use a tool backpack rather than a toolbox, it is likely to minimize workplace hazards since it frees can free your hands as well as legs for additional activities. Moreover, you can ensure the tools will be in ideal condition irrespective of the weather conditions outside. This can significantly prolong their shelf life.

Q: Is every tool bag water-resistant?

A: Not every backpack you see in the market is water-resistant. A few of these are built using a rubber bottom which can easily resist water. In addition, backpacks manufactured using heavy-duty nylons are quite effective in resisting water.

Q: How can I clean my tool bag?

A: In order to effectively clean your tool bag, make sure to wash it softly using warm soapy water. Also, we recommend you to avoid the use of harsh bleach, alkaline or detergents that may have adverse effects on your backpack. To remove a stained surface, gently scrub the backpack using a soft brush.

Q: Do these backpacks stand straight-up?

A number of tool bags are able to stand straight the moment you place them on the ground. A few even come with stiff and reinforced bottoms. You can also find a tool bag with wheels depending on your needs.faq backpacks with compartments

Q: What about the warranty period?

The warranty period may depend on what brand you pick, however many of the big brands have so much pride that you’re provided with almost a lifetime guarantee on such backpacks. But, the guarantee may also be applicable to regular wear and tear and does not cover the damages resulted due to an error from the user. We have included that in table.

Q: What are some of the most popular brands when it comes to tool backpacks?

A: These include DEWALT Tool Backpack, Klein Tools, Veto Pro Tool Backpack, and Milwaukee tool backpack.


In addition to keeping the various tools you have well-organized and safe, tool backpacks can make it your life easy in that they enable you to carry heavy tools without putting too much strain onto your backside.

Picking an appropriate tool backpack with a laptop compartment should not be a challenging task if you know how to pick the right option based on your needs. Avoid any rush while you’re going through the best backpacks for work. Enjoy your journey by seeing a number of options given above before you make your final choice.

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