14 Best Kids Tool Belt of 2022

The Useful Advantages of a Kid’s Tool Belt

A kid’s tool belt is an effective utility tool for kids tailored as per their size, needs and requirements. It is an essential requirement for your youngster for their ease of carrying those heavy large tools around their waist for their safety as well as ease. These sets are quite useful for your little children who are so delicate that they are susceptible to any kinds of harm. There are many brands that sell these tool belts but, having the proper and usable one is quite something rare to be found.best kids tool belts

How to buy a proper and reliable kid’s tool belt for your child?

Well, there are a lot of kid’s tool belts available in the market for your child, many of which might raise a question in your mind regarding their quality. So, how do you buy a proper and reliable kid’s tool belt for your child? Well, usually, in such cases, there is less variety and hence, choosing the quality becomes the top priority. The proper kid’s tool belt might need a few pockets yet, a sturdier and stronger body built is necessary for the safety of your little one. Always remember, the top priority in case of purchasing a proper tool belt for your little one should be given to its quality rather than its price. Hence, choose a safer belt than the cheaper one. Given below are the lists of some reliable kid’s tool belt distributors available.

Top Kids Tool Belts Comparison(Toddlers)

Product NameAgeTools IncludedMaterialBuy Now
1.Big Mo’s Toys Tool Belt
3-7 Year NoDuty Faux Suede Leather Check Price
2.YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool
3-7 Years7microfiber material Check Price
3.GlossyEnd 11 Pocket Kids Tool Belt
3 -10 yearsTool Kit with baggood quality plastic Check Price
4.AllwaySmart Kids tool belt
23″- 43″20,31quality polyester Check Price
5.BLACK+DECKER Jr Tool Belt Set with 11 Tools and Accessories
S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL20Leather and Nylon Check Price
6.Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch29″- 46″22Top grain oil-tanned ‘saddle’ leather Check Price
7.Black & Decker Junior 14 Piece Toy Tool Belt SetM,L14-variousleather Check Price
8.EverEarth Childrens Tool Belt EE3371432″- 48″10leather Check Price
9.TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking ToolbeltS.M,L,XL,XXL8leather Check Price
10.Learning Resources Tool belt Set2-3 Yearsplastic Check Price
11.REXBETI 15pcs Young Builder’s Tool Set21″- 32″7suede Leather Check Price
12.My First Tool Set – Pink by DIY Jr. Girl Tool Belt21″-32″10 Suede Leather Check Price
13.My First Tool Set – Pink by DIY Jr. Boy Tool Belt Check Price
14. JoyTown Kids Real Tool Set – Junior Steel Forged Tool Kit for Children
Check Price

Unusual Benefits of Kids Tool Sets

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding kid tool sets is, what is worth buying their child a toolset. But there are some astonishing benefits of toolsets to help their child in multiple ways. Some of them are: –

1. Develops Vision – One of the most precious things that many people lack nowadays is vision. By giving them the tool, you can help their mind by questioning, what if you do this. It is the most valuable lesson you can give to your child at an early stage of life.

2. Promotes Movements– It is really hard to get yourself out of your comfort zone while thinking in your mind. But when we talk about the child, they have all the necessary energy to do the work that puts their bodywork. By giving them tools, you give them a reason to get up & work that is also interesting.

3. Gain Prediction – At first, when your kid will start working with tools. He will be completely unaware of their uses. At that point, they will assume things that will lead to a decision. Through that, you can easily give them a valuable lesson of prediction.

Benefits of Tool belt for Kids

Best 2021 Guide for the Kids Tool Sets

Often, many people face a lot of difficulties while buying their kids a new toolset. To help them choose the best option. Here is the best guide of 2021 for kids’ toolset: –

  • Maturity & Age – Younger kids do like banging their toys everywhere. It is better to choose a lightweight tool kit for them. So, they don’t feel any pressure in their little hands. While on the other side, according to the maturity of your older children. You can buy them original tools, so they can learn to repair small things. By giving them the real work, you can help them get relief of satisfaction. 
  • Matter of Choice – Buying a tool kit for a child who is really not interested in it is a useless effort most of the time. But by getting them their favourite colour, you can convince them to buy a tool kit.    
  • Value for Money – Look for the best quality you can get on your budget while buying tools for your child. It’s a smart choice to buy a small & premium quality tool kit, compared to the cheap big tool kit. 
  • Hygienic Material – In these tough days of Covid, choosing a washable kit is the wisest choice you can make. By giving your children a safe playing thing, you can make sure they are safe from any damage. 
  1. Big Mo’s Toys Tool Belt

Big Mo’s Toys Tool Belt is one of the best kids play tool manufacturers which is well known for providing pretend play tool belts. This tool belt has a durable plastic buckle and has 2 metal hammer loops. Its 2-inch heavy duty webbing belt comes with an adjustable strap that fits waist size of 20 inches to 45 inch which is good for the age of 8 to 10.
It consists of 5 pockets, 2 large main pockets, 2 smaller nail pockets, and 1 pocket for a tape measure. This tool belt also includes one belt with pockets and rivets at the key stress point for extra reinforcement.
Big Mo’s Toys Belt made up from Non-Toxic materials that are why it is safe for kids and they ensure child’s safety as well.


  • Enough pockets to keep tools while working on the project.
  • It won’t fall off due to its adjustable strap.
  • Ensure child’s safety


  • It is not made of suede but soft cuddly fabric.
  • No child can undo the belt once buckle up.
  1. YITOOK Kids Tool Belt Adjustable Children’s Carpentry Tool

Made from micro-fiber, weighing less than a pound and designed for young children. Giving your child a Yitkook Toolbelt is the safest as well as the most playful toy you can buy. This well-constructed microfibre belt only weighs 1 pound. Not only that but it is tested by the experts to ensure your kid’s safety. Through this, you can also encourage your child to take part in your project for more fun & learning.
This tool belt contains 1 Measuring tape, 4 pockets to keep tools, & 2 steel hammer rings. One of the most beneficial things regarding this tool belt is, it is highly comfortable & adjustable. It comes in the size of 21 inches to 32 inches & highly recommended for the 4 to 14 years age group children. It will be nice for your kid, carrying this carpentry kit all the time.


  • Well-constructed microfiber material and belt weighs less than 1 pound.
  • Easy tool access and organizing: 1 tape measure pocket, 4 larger pockets for tools (like pliers, screwdrivers, sockets, and wrenches) 2 steel hammer rings.
  • Made for kids and adjustable belt: Heavy duty nylon strap; fits waist size 21 inches to 32 inches (from ages 3-12)
  • Steel Hammer Loops specially designed for young children to stow the hammer without folding over.
  • Childhood Friend: Carrying tools are made by wearing small sized children’s tool belt.


  • Stitching can come off.
  • Keep away from flammable sources or objects.
  1. GlossyEnd 11 Pocket Kids Tool Belt

This polyester tool belt, work apron is great for pretend play it comes with 11 Pockets that can holds most of the tools and also its adjustable poly web belt quick release buckle. This tool belt is durable due to its heavy-duty grade 600D Polyester, reinforced with rust-proof rivet, special holders, and steel loop special holders for tape measures along with two hammer loops. This superior quality tool apron is the best design for pretend construction play as well as costumes for kids ages 3 to 10 years.
Its poly web belt is of width 2 inch which can adjust and fits with the waist size of 21 inches to 32 inches.


  • Quality Polyester Material

  • 11 Different Pockets and Holders

  • 2 Inch Poly Web with A Quick Release Buckle

  • Reinforced With Rust Proof Rivets


  • It is a bit large for average-sized Kids
  1. AllwaySmart Kids tool belt

This one is best for the age of kids 6 to 12, this tool belt for kids is made to hold the original tool that you use for real carpentry works. This tool belt can help your child get to know about real carpentry works. If you spend few bucks more than this tool belt can come with a toolset. Durable product due to suede leather and your child will love to wear it because the leather body is not that rough. It comes with 7 different pouches and pockets. As above products, this tools belt is also adjustable to the waist size of 21 to 30 inches.
If you trying to give your growing child carpentry tasks then this tool belt is one of the best products.


  • It can carry real tools and gear
  • Made from heavy-duty suede leather
  • Quick Release buckle
  • High-Quality Stitching


  • Belt Adjustment does not go small enough.
  • Bit Heavier
  1. BLACK+DECKER Jr Tool Belt Set with 11 Tools and Accessories

This one is best for the age of kids 6 to 12, this tool belt for kids is made to hold the original tool that you use for real carpentry works. This tool belt can help your child get to know about real carpentry works. If you spend few bucks more than this tool belt can come with a toolset. Durable product due to suede leather and your child will love to wear it because the leather body is not that rough. It comes with 7 different pouches and pockets. As above products, this tools belt is also adjustable to the waist size of 21 to 30 inches.
If you trying to give your growing child carpentry tasks then this tool belt is one of the best products.


  • Includes safety goggles
  • Compatible for 3 years old kid
  • Variety of Popular tools


  • Poor Quality Tools
  • No ability of adjustments.
  • Plastic tools are too heavy for the child
  1. Fellibay Kids Tool Belt Child’s Tool Pouch

The Real Fibre Tool Belt with hammer loops along with a flexible adjustable waistband that accommodates many sizes with the width which is also comfortable for the wear. It is easy to put on and to take off. Tool Pouch has 5 pockets including two large tool pockets, 2 nail pouches, 1 pouch for measuring tape, 2 steel hammer rings, 5 durable tool pouches for placing pliers, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, etc.Flexible Belt with an adjustable waistband is a great length to adjust and accommodate many sizes and the width is also wonderful and comfortable to wear. Fits waist size 21 inches to 32 inches (for kids of 3-10 years old).


  • A real fiber tool belt with hammer loops to allow little kids to easily stow the hammer without actually folding over. The metal hammer loops do not fold or constraint folding like leather straps.
  • For Hands-on training: Easy to put on and to take off. This adjustable tool belt is perfect for kids to place all tools in his belt.
  • Perfect for kid’s construction plays, kids costumes or, kids dress up and it can stock Halloween candy.


  • Colour can fade away.
  • Fabric can wear off.
  • Seasonal changes can affect the color of the product.
  1. Black & Decker Junior 14 Piece Toy Tool Belt Set

If you want to give your child carpentry skills then this is only for you. One of the best features about this belt is that is very light weighted approx. 3.2 ounces. And this thing makes it perfectly for 3-year child age. This tool belt is made from Valour fabric which does not put a harsh effect on your child’s waist. It can be adjusted to different waist sizes. It comes with types of different tools like Wrenches, screwdrivers, nuts, hammers, goggles, and many other replicas which make a perfect impression of real gear.


  • 14 Tools and accessories
  • Safety Concern
  • Light Weighted
  • Made From Valour Fabric


  • Basic Level Tool Belt For Playtime Use.
  • The belt is too big for 3 Year Old Kid
  1. EverEarth Children’s Tool BeltEE33714

A Kids Tool Belt is safety equipment designed specifically for kids who are willing to work with their parents and guardians using heavy tools.

By giving your younger kid this belt you can give your child an opportunity for imagination & creativity. Often, at a younger age, if a child can understand the importance of invention. Undoubtedly, he can reach new heights. Feeling confident about yourself & able to transmit thoughts are really important for children. And through this tool belt, parents can make this difficult task easy for their children.

This belt is mainly for children older than 3. It consists of 4 holders for holding basic tools & has one pouch attached. If your child is younger, he will surely like this product because these kids like banging things. The material used for making this belt is highly compatible & made of plastic. So you don’t have to worry about any damage & harm.


  • Built from sustainable material, water-based paints, recycled packaging and manufactured to the highest quality.
  • Using this by role-playing, interacting with others through play, children can develop their communication skills and start to understand social interaction in a better way


  • Colour can fade away.
  • The fabric may wear and tear off.
  • Protect from moisture.
  1. TOMY John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt

An exciting piece of tool for your youngster who is willing to work anytime and anywhere. Designed perfectly for their fit and wear. Perfect for your young and energetic workman.



  • The tool belt contains the 8 piece accessory
  • The adjustable belt has the 6 set of tools with the buckle sound
  • Tool buckle has features of 2 phrases and 3 tool sounds.
  • It has been made with premium quality material
  • usable for ages 2 years – 5 years.


  • Colour can fade away.
  • The fabric may wear away.
  • Protect from moisture and sunlight.
  1. Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!, Fine Motor Tools for Toddlers, Pretend Play Toy Tool Set, Outdoor Toys, 6 Piece, Ages 2+

One of the best toys toolset for toddlers to start with. This can enhance your child’s imaginary power to work with big projects as playtime. It is fully compatible with toddlers’ use because of the safety measures the manufacturer takes. Tools are durable and made from soft plastic. This box includes a saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drill, and toolbox. One of the exciting things is that when the drill is squeezed it makes a realistic sound. This Toddler toolset is ideal for children age 2+.


  • Improves Imaginary Power
  • Realistic Tools
  • Light Weighted


  • Drill Didn’t Work Perfectly
  •  Tool Box Is Not Big Enough
  1. REXBETI 15pcs Young Builder’s Tool Set

This Tool Set is great to increase your child’s DIY skills, its gender-neutral color makes it a wonderful gift Idea for boys and girls. It is made from heavy-duty 600D fabric and reinforced by 12 pieces of rivets. Its durable stitching offers long-time usage. Plenty of space is offered by 10 pockets to carry most of the tools. An adjustable belt can fit on the waist size of 20 to 32 inches.
It includes real tools so adult supervision is must , it includes 14 real tools 6 inch kids claw hammer, 6.7 inch long nose plier, 8.2 inch magnetic flat & phillips screwdriver , 8.6 inch magnetic level , 8 inch steel ruler , D-ring ,2 pieces wood pencil * 1 piece pencil sharpener , Kids safety goggle , 2 pieces spring clamps ,10ft measuring tape.
Its tools are designed in a way that they can fit in small hands easily.


  • 14 real tools
  • Durable Stitching
  • Adjustable On Waist
  • Perfect Size Of Tools


  • Under Adult Supervision
  • Lack Of Safety Due To Real Tools
  1. My First Tool Set – Pink by DIY Jr. Girl Tool Belt

This Pink toolset is specially designed for girls to work along with daddy in the garage. As this is the real toolset so adult supervision and guidance are necessary. The tools are designed for the little hands so that they can work perfectly. It is made from last long durable material which adds pint to it.
It includes 11 pieces of real tools like Professional Grade Child’s Hammer, 6” Combination Pliers, 6” Crescent Wrench, 10’ Tape Measure, 6” Needle Nose Pliers, 1.5” Phillips Head Screwdriver, 1.5” Flat Head Screwdriver, 9” Professional Level, Child-Sized Safety Glasses, Handy Child-Sized Tool Bag, and a Riveted Child-Sized, Adjustable Tool Belt.
As with other tool belts and sets, this is also adjustable to different waist sizes so that your kids will work smoothly and perfectly along with you.


  • Made From Durable Material
  • Fitted In Small Hands
  • Adjustable For Different Waist


  • Lack Of Safety
  • Adult Supervision and Guidance Is Necessary
  • Smell Of Work Grease From The Box
  • Measuring Tape Is Difficult To Use
  1. My First Tool Set – Pink by DIY Jr. Boy Tool Belt

This toolset is made especially for little hands and can use by boys and girls. It consists of 11 Piece steel forged toolset that can last long and work perfectly. It can fit different waist sizes children. This toolset has everything to working on a small project or big project under the guidance and supervision of an adult.
Real tools can encourage the child to increase their thinking and imaginative power if you are willing to teach better skills then this is very great for that.


  • Designed For Little Hands
  • Steel Forged Tools
  • Comes With Safety Goggles.


  • Sharp Edges
  • Poor Quality Of Tool Belt Strap
  1.  JoyTown Kids Real Tool Set – Junior Steel Forged Tool Kit for Children

This toolset comes with 14 pcs of real hand tools so that your child can better their skills of working on carpentry and DIY project. These tools set also needs adult supervision and guidance whiles your child working on any project. Its bell and bag are made up of heavy-duty fabric which ensures its durability.
Its tools are small-sized so that they can easily fit into the hands of the child which can work smoothly. Its color provides a realistic look for skilled professionals. You can also share the tools with your child which makes them feel good while working.


  • The adult can also use
  • Adjustable For Different Waist Size
  • Comes With Tools Bag


  • Size Starts From 32 Inches Waist Size

Which are the best child tool belts?

The Tools Belts that can fit easily on a child’s waist and make from high-quality durable materials, which are easy to carry are the best tool belts.

Here are our suggestions

Popular tool Belt for Kids -Craftsman kids tool belt -AllwaySmart Kids tool belt, Big Mo’s Toys Tool Belt

Carpentry Kids tool Belt- YITOOK Kids Tool Belt

Top Kids tool belt set -Black Decker Jr Tool Belt Set

-Cheap Kids tool Belt -Less than 10$-Black Decker Jr Tool Belt Set

-Pink kids tool belt girl-DIY Jr. Girl Tool Belt

-Tool Belt for boy-DIY Jr. Boy Tool Belt

kids tool belt pouch-Fellibay Kids Tool Belt

Toddler construction Contractor tool beltTOY Life Kids Tool Set

How to make yours on a DIY child tool belt?

While making a DIY child tool set keep a few points in your mind-

· How to make it easier on the little guys?

Make sure that you have all its tools right at its fingertips. Here is the step by step method to make one such canvas tool belt

Steps To Make –

· Cut two pieces of fabric, one is 13×11 inches and the other is 10×11 inches

·Fold each piece half along with a 13 or 10-inch side so that the pieces are 11 inches wide.

· Cut co-coordinating fabric pieces of 1.5×11 inches, to create a piece of binding, now fold it in half length-wise and iron flat.

· Fold the raw edges one more time towards the fold and iron flat it again. Place the binding along the top fold of the shorter piece.

·Now cut another piece of coordinating fabric which is 3 inches wide and 5 inches long.

·Fold it in half-wise with wrong sides together. Then sew the edges together. Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Fold the loop in half and pin to the edge of that bound piece

·About a half-inch below the binding. Make sure loop is facing inward. Then open up the larger piece. Divide this section into three sections. Make a straight seam from the bottom.

·Then fold the top of that larger piece down over the top of the smaller piece and line up the bottom edge and sides.

·Clip two bottom corners. Iron flat and then sew around the sides and bottom, pretty close to the edge. Cut another piece of the coordinating fabric 1.5 x 45 inches.

·Fold it the same way that you did the binding up above

·Center it over the top of the tool belt.

·Sew along with this top binding, close to the bottom fold, to attach it to the tool belt. And then continue to the end of the piece of binding, to secure the folded edges together, making ties with the ends of the binding. Now you have your Own DIY tool Belt.

Discontinued products 

Active Kyds Leather Kids Tool Belt , WORKPRO 23-piece Children’s Real Tool Kit, Stanley, Colortree, ToolToo Tool belt .


Of all these tool belts the below one has a high rating and is purchased and rated best by many users. If your kid has a great interest in various activities, you will have to make sure that you choose the right kind of kid’s tool belt. This is quite important to have the right tool belt, which provides them with safety and security too. It might even reduce the discomfort as well as prevent the injuries too. Make sure to check out pink women’s tool belt.

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