10 Best Rated Roofing Tool Belts Reviewed (2020)

best Roofing Tool BeltsTool belts are specifically designed wearable worn around the waist to simplify carrying your most valuable tools that are used for specific purposes and urgent needs like roofing. They inevitably come in handy when there is a need to repair. When anything breaks down, tool belts are a cost-effective and efficient way to fix them. These tool belts are found in various sizes at markets explicitly built for the different uses of an individual. The most significant benefit of owning one is that they are easily portable that decreases the unnecessary hassle and sweat to carry considerable baggage around that are not just heavy but are also space consuming to some extent. As you know Average Cost to Tear-off and Replace Roof is very  high but tool belts is very important for safety reasons. Therefore, tool belts are somewhat a more efficient and convenient means of carrying those tools around one’s waist, which not just saves the space of keeping baggage but also saves one’s energy, which is otherwise drastically depleted by continually holding on to baggage. Tool Belts are highly efficient and convenient devices. 

Top Roofing tool belt Comparison

Product NameWaist”/SizePocketsMaterialBuy Now
1.CLC Custom Leathercraft 5608 Carpenter’s Combo Tool Belt29″- 46″,
17,18,20Leather Check Price
2.Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt in Polyester29″- 46″11Polyester,nylon Stitching Check Price
3.Bucket Boss 50200 Builders Rig

(Low budget Roofing Tool Belt)

29″- 52″1220% POLY; 10% FERRIC; 15% PP; 45% PVC; 10% EPE FOAM Check Price
4.IIT 91112 7 Pocket Toolbelt, Polyweb belt with quick release buckle.32 “- 52”7heavy duty grade leather Check Price
5.Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Café29″- 46″9nylon Check Price
6.Occidental Leather 9515 Adjust-to-Fit OxyLight Framer 32″- 41″ (left & right)12Leather
Check Price
7.Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights 7 Bag Framer Set


20Leather and Nylon Check Price
8.Occidental Leather 8580 XL FatLip Tool Bag SetS,M,L,XL,
20Leather and Nylon Check Price
9.CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 – Combo Tool Belt

(Budget Friendly)

29″–46″20,31Polyester Check Price
10.DEWALT Pocket Professional Carpenter’s and Roofers Tool Belt


30 “- 42”31heavy-duty Check Price
11.MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt29″–46″12Polyester Check Price
12.IIT 91112 7 Pocket Toolbelt, Polyweb belt with quick release buckle.32 “- 52”7 leather Check Price
13.GlossyEnd Pocket Leather Construction Tool Belt,32 “- 52”11Leather Check Price
14.Style n Craft 93-428 10 Pocket Top Grain Tool Belt29″–46″10heavy duty top grain leather Check Price

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By using above table you will get an idea of top roofing Tool belts. Below you can get PROS and CONS of individual products. So now one needs to look at the best available roofing tool belts available in the market..

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  1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 5608 Carpenter’s Combo Tool Belt

This leather crafted tool belt is designed with a space of 17 pockets which makes it easier to carry the items. Moreover, the pockets are spacious enough making it suitable for storing heavy items. Instead of carrying heavy items, the designing of the belts is such that it is easier to carry the belt. It has 5-inch board padded fittings in the belt making it comfortable to carry the same. Also, the double-layered buckle system gives extra protection to the belt. The waist belt can be expanded from 29 – 49 inches, weighing up to 3.2 pounds.


  • There are 17 pockets in the tool belt and the handle is firmly fixed such that it is easier for the user to carry heavy items in it. Along with this, the designing of the bag is made in such a way that it is easy to carry.
  • It is a user-friendly bag as all the parts are interchangeable and can be removed.
  • Plenty of pockets make it easy to keep the items properly inside the belt and also ensure that they do not come out. Also, there is double-layered protection of the polyester material which is stitched properly.
  • The belt that is used to hold the bag is a 5-inch padded belt for the comfort of the user. In addition, the buckle used on the top is also made from high-quality material


  • Due to heavy items which you place inside the bag, there is a tendency that the items might come out.
  • The belt might become lose and tend to come out when you try to put all heavy items into it.
  • The tap clip fixed on the top of the bag might come out.
  1. Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt in Polyester

This tool belt is designed to carry 11 pockets and it is made up of the high-quality polyester. You can get this product in khaki and black combination. If you are wondering about the longevity of the belt, you can easily get hands-on this product as it has good stitching with nylon thread. It has two holders made up of metal with metal finish. In order to upgrade your fashion statement and carry the necessary items, this is the product that you should look forward to. It is capable of carrying up to 2 pounds of weight without causing any discomfort for the user.


  • The heavy items can be easily placed in a total of 11 pockets.
  • The 600D polyester material used for the bag makes it easier both for storage and transportation.
  • The antique finish of the rivets is made with high-quality material such that it does not come out easily.
  • The 2-inch wide buckle makes it easy to carry the items and the buckle is firmly stitched with the belt.


  • The strap of the belt is not flexible enough to make it fit comfortably on the waist.
  • Hammer rings become lose after long usage.
  1. Bucket Boss 50200 Builders Rig

This bag is made up of good quality of polythene and ferric, PVC, and epe foam in a different ratio. The adjustable pouches make it easy to carry the belt and also the space provided for each pocket make it convenient to carry a large number of items at the same time. The buckle of the belt is made up of steel and it can be stretched up a waist size of 52”. In addition to this, there are 12 pockets in this belt. This fairly comfortable bag makes it easy to carry all the items without the chances of tearing apart easily.


  • This belt cum bag is a mixture of high-quality items that make it strong enough to carry heavy items.
  • The 600D polyester material is used and makes the bag a high-quality one.
  • It has largely sized pouches making it convenient to place the items with the flexibility of up to 52 inches.


  • There are no internal pockets to keep small items such as pointers or pencils.
  • After prolonged use of the bag, there is a tendency that the material used to make the belt might come out.
  1. IIT -7 Pocket Toolbelt, Polyweb belt with quick release buckle

This bag comes with 7 pockets that are spacious enough to carry and easily fit inside without the tendency of coming out of the pockets. In addition to this, the tool belt has two steel and one hoop made up of leather to carry items such as roofing hammers and other heavy utensils. Also, you would also have space for small instruments such as gauges, carpenter pencils, and pointers. The belt is made up of a 2-inch wide polymer with a flexible buckle that is capable to stretch from 32” to 52” of waist size.


  • It is a spacious bag that has seven pockets to carry all the necessary items. In addition, high-quality material such as steel and leather makes the bag more durable.
  • High-quality leather is used along with rustproof rivets. The small items such as pointers, gauges, and others are used to keep in the bag


  • There is a tendency that the stitches might come out or become loose.
  • Excessive exposure of the bag to moisture makes the color of the bag dull.
  1. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

This belt is the ideal option if have to deal with carrying production items that of a carpenter. It comes with a fat bag design such that it easily fits on your waist and you do not feel uncomfortable in carrying the items. Moreover, the stitching at the corner of the pockets should be protective enough such that it does not come out when you wish to take some item stuff in it. The clothing material used to manufacture the bag should be such that the belt can be used for long. It has pre-installed D shaped rings for convenience. There are the main bag and the main tool bag that makes it suitable for the carpenters to carry all the utensils in one place.


  • The belt can be fixed comfortably on the waist.
  • The nylon bag is made ten inches deep such that it is of high quality and the leather material makes the corners and bottoms.
  • The multiple tool holder system makes it easier to carry all the items easily in one bag.


  • The product might seem to be a bit expensive.
  • There is no chain or zip system on the outer pocket of the belt.
  1. Occidental Leather 9515 Adjust-to-Fit OxyLight Framer

If you are looking for a belt that is from 32 inches to 41 inches, then this product is the perfect option that you should look forward to. The D-shaped rings are preinstalled in the belt making it convenient to carry the items. For a daily commuter, this bag is the ideal option. The hand specific holders are designed on the belt in such a way that it is easier for the users to carry the same. In addition, the shape of the bag is made in such a way that it is convenient to take the items inside the pockets of the belt.


  • The adjustable belt enables you to stretch a waist size from 32 inches to 41 inches.
  • The D-shaped ring is preinstalled in such a way that it does not come out easily.
  • With the help of this tool, you are able to maintain both purpose and fashion statement at the same time.
  • You can carry all production relation items in one bag.


  • The hammer hangs which are made of leather are loosely fixed and there is a tendency that it might come out after long usage.
  • When users place the bag with the tools in it on the floor, it tends to fall down and the items come out of it.
  1. Occidental Leather 8089 M OxyLights 7 Bag Framer Set

If you are looking for some belt cum bag to carry your heavy utensils and are made up of heavy and quality goods, then this belt is the ideal option. This product is handmade in the USA and it is the one that is ideal for the person engaged in construction work. In addition to this, the pocket in the belt should be fixed in such a way that the items do not come out of it in case it becomes a little heavy.


  • The heavy-duty construction material makes it a durable one and the items can be easily placed in the bag.
  • The product is the ideal pick to carry construction based items such as gauges, hammers, screwdrivers and the kind.


  • It is seen that the stitching seems to come out after long usage.
  • It is slightly bulky when you try to carry all items into it.
  1. Occidental Leather 8580 XL FatLip Tool Bag Set

This is another resistant bag set that you can easily wear on the waist and adjusts the size of the belt according to your need. The belt is made up of high-quality leather material making it a perfect option for the contractors to use it. They can carry heavy items such as the hammer and other useful utensils. Nylon material is used to make the belt and two layered paddings are also used to make it protective while carrying the items. To maintain both your fashion statement and utilize the bag for your work, this would be a good buy for the users. In addition, the holders used on the top of the bag are also durable and strong enough to carry the heavy weight of the bag. This is one of the best roofing tool belts.


  • The tool holders on the bag are easy to use and it is convenient for the users to carry the bag easily.
  • The double layered padding of the bag makes it convenient to retain the original shape of the bag and also comfortable for the users to carry the same.


  • Since a single handle is fitted on the bag, the users might find it bulky to carry the items all in the same bag.
  • The tap holder is wrongly fixed on the body of the bag makes it inconvenient for the users.
  1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614  Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System

This is a 3-inch padded belt which is made up of high-quality leather to make it durable. It is usually preferable to use for carrying construction oriented items such as hammers and heavy items. The designing of the bag cum belt should be such that the things do not come out due to its weight. Apart from the pockets available in the bag, extra small pockets are also attached to keep items like pointers and others. It is adjustable and you can set the bag around your waist as per your waist size. Also, the handle designing is done with adjustable range for the convenience of the user.


  • The heavy frames used to design the bag make it convenient for the users to carry the tool in one bag.
  • The three-inch padded belt also makes it more durable and can be transported easily.
  • With a comfortable handle and storage system, the waist belt can be extended up to 42 inches.


  • . There is a tendency that the rivets and holes might come out after using it for some time.
  • The stitching also seems to come out after long usage.
  1. DEWALT DG5650 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter’s Pro-combo Apron Tool Belt

Designed, by keeping in mind the needs of the daily commuter, this bag has 31 pockets with eleven main pockets and twenty-four smaller pockets, sleeves and loops that can carry different tools. It has extra capacity with enough access. Made from a heavy-duty Dri-Lex padded belt for enough comfort and a durable belt.


  • Has 31 pockets with eleven main pockets and 24 smaller pockets, sleeves and loops for nails, parts, tools, nail sets, pencils, etc.
  • Extra capacity and easy access to large gusset pockets.
  • Heavy-duty padded belt of six inches with Dri-Lex liner and a double tongue roller buckle providing extra comfort and a rigid belt.
  • Pouch handles are patented enabling simple belt adjustments, easy one-hand carrying, and proper storage.
  • Pockets are zippered for protecting the valuables and carbine for keys or lanyard.


  • Size of the bag is quite large.
  • Has a useless flat pocket.
  • The belt is horrible and does not last long enough before the stretch out.
  1. MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt

This bag is made from pure imported quality double-layered 1680 ballistic polyester with 12 pockets for the storage of tools. It has magnetic nail pockets for safe storage of your devices. It has riveted- reinforced vital stress points for easy access from main pockets. Designed by keeping in mind the requirements and ease of the modern-day consumer.


  • Made from pure polyester.
  • Imported quality material.
  • Contains 12 pockets for storing tools.
  • Magnetic nail pockets for more secure tool storage.
  • Made of durable double-layered 1680D ballistic polyester.
  • Rivet-reinforced key stress points.
  • Easy access from main pockets.


  • Pockets are immovable.
  • The belt could be longer.
  • Colour might fade away.
  1. IIT 91112 7 Pocket Toolbelt, Polyweb belt with quick release buckle.

The bag is designed, keeping in mind the customer’s comfort and convenience. This beautiful bag that is made from good quality leather and comes with rust proof rivets has seven pockets and two steel and one leather hoop. This bag has extra storage space for various instruments like carpenter pencils, laser, gauges, and pointers. This kit comes in the size of 32 inches to 52 inches.


  • Seven-pocket design with two steel and one leather hoops for additional tools like hammers
  • Additional placeholders for small instruments like carpenter pencils, laser, gauges, or, pointers.
  • Made from durable, heavy-duty leather with rust-proof rivets.
  • Two-inch wide polymer belt with quick release buckle adjustable from 32”-52”


  • Colour can fade away.
  • Stitching can come off.
  • Buttons might turn loose.
  1. 11 Pocket Leather Construction Tool Belt, Work Apron, with Adjustable Poly Web Belt Quick Release Buckle

This excellent quality belt is made of good quality heavy-duty leather for your extreme comfort. This belt has a superior quality tool apron and 11 pocket work belt design, one leather and two steel loops for hanging tools like hammers, four main tool and main nail pockets with seven smaller pockets to fit tiny miscellaneous items like nails, gauges, pliers and others. This belt, reinforced with rust proof rivets has a width of two inches and a quick-release buckle facility for your convenience.


  • 11 pocket work belt design and one leather and two steel loops for hanging tools like hammers.
  • Four main tool and main nail pockets, seven smaller pocket fits nails, gauges, pliers, and pencils.
  • Heavy-duty Grade Leather and superior quality tool apron that are reinforced with rust-proof rivets.
  • Poly Web Belt width is of 2” with quick release buckle adjusted between 32” to 52”


  • Color fades off.
  • Stitching might come off.
  • Buttons may fall off.
  1. Style n Craft 93-428 10 Pocket Top Grain Tool Belt

This beautiful bag is made from heavy duty top grain leather with ten pockets and a tape and square holder with reinforced corner pockets for durability. There are two metal hammer holders and rivets with caps for safety and a two-quarter high-quality polyweb belt that has a metal buckle for a medium size waist. A must-buy product for one’s convenience.


  • Built from heavy-duty top grain leather along with ten pockets.
  • Comes with tape and square holder.
  • Pockets reinforced at corners with contrasting top grain leather for durability and style.
  • Two metal hammer holders and rivets with caps for safety.
  • 2 quarter-inch heavy duty ribbed poly web belt with the metal buckle that fits a waist size of 29 inches to 46 inches.


  • Stitching might come off quickly.
  • Quality of the bag might be affected by moisture.
  • Keep away from heat or flame.

Buyers Guide to Top Roofers Tool Belt

  • Belt material: The material of a belt matters a lot while choosing a tool belt. Many people who look for durability and large compartment go for the leather tool belt as they are much more robust material and are long-lasting. The primary compartment of the tool belt is quite larger being compared to the other tool belts which help the people to get easy access inside the tool belt even while wearing gloves.  But the downside of the leather tool belts is that they are quite heavy and not an ideal choice for the people who require mobility, unlike the soft leather bags which are quite light weighted and can be easily adjusted by sliding the tool belt. But, they are not as durable as the leather belt.
  • Fit and finish of the tool belt: While purchasing a tool belt, it is always recommended to go for the tool belts that are well padded else you may soon start feeling discomfort after a few usages. And also avoid the fixed bag tool belts as they have limited capacity.
  • Comfort: Since you will be wearing this tool belt much of the time, it is essential to pick one that is agreeable, light, and solid. Leather belts will, in general, be heavier and stiffer when contrasted with ordinary texture belts. Typically, texture belts are more agreeable than calfskin belts. Besides the material of the belt itself, make a point to get a tool belt that has a tough, however not very expansive, clasp. While a large, tough belt clasp will enjoy more power to reprieve, it can dive into your stomach when you lean down. You should purchase a belt that enables you to alter the clasp by putting it on your back by sliding in behind one of the pockets.  Make a point to discover a tool belt that has pound circles and combo square holders that are dull, not sharp.
  • Your job: Discover a tool belt that has pockets suited for your particular errands. For instance, if you plan on utilizing a marker amid development, discover a belt that got a marker holder, not only a large general pocket. If you have to complete a couple of explicit errands the most, discover a device belt that organizes those undertakings.

Make sense of which errands you will do most habitually and buy a device belt that is worked around your requests. If your device belt is excessively cumbersome or too substantial, making it impossible to utilize as often as possible, it will in all likelihood go to squander. Incline toward a device belt that offers incredible association by taking advantage of its space. Pick an apparatus belt that gives single device holders inside the biggest compartment.

  • Size: Choosing an improper sizing for your tool belt will put in more discomfort while working rather than helping you to finish your job with ease. Moreover, an improver sign can even result in an injury or even a severe accident. The tool belts mostly come in the Size D which is the measured distance between the heels of the D-rings. Over the years, many companies have emerged in the market as a manufacturer of the tool belt. It is always recommended to avoid the free size tool belt and go for the tool belt that fits your waist precisely.


Confused to choose one roofing tool belts? The product listed in #7 is one the best choice for roofing tool belts. Occidental is a leading brand but a bit pricey. You can also buy bucket boss roofing tool belt with and without suspenders. Buy here bucket boss with suspender or #3 without suspender. Learn more about the best tool belts for framing. The tool belts can be used for fixing roofers etc.

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