Delta Scroll Saw 40-694 Scroll Saw Review with Buyer’s Guide

Delta Scroll Saw 40-694:

Review & Buying Guide Does wood carving fascinate you? More than simple cut-out blocks, wood and metallic designs with impressive curves and artistic lines are the new requirements. The ergonomic structures, feasible dimensions, and instantly altering surface edges are no doubt any machine’s wonders! If you are aware the job is inherently a human hand’s expertise, and, what else than a saw can help with perfection? Heavy blade mechanical saws are generally used for industrial and constructional purposes to wipe the job swiftly clean.

There are several hand saws and motor-driven saws available with different features and functions. Electrically working scroll saws are among the top preferred equipment to provide an array of benefits and perfection of work. You can easily find any sophisticated model of Delta shopmaster scroll saw, which is now recommended popularly.

Although the look and features may fascinate you, do you know where and how they are used? Even if they look alike, the finest of their blades are different, making their work diverse.

If you are searching for an automatic and advanced tool for your workshop, check out this information, why and how Speed Scroll Saw is beneficial for you. Further, head forth to explore the Scroll Saw review of one of the splendid models, the Delta 40-694!Delta Scroll Saw 40-694

Why Are Scroll Saws Recommended?

There are several hand saws and blade cutters used for artistic performance, but they demand plenty of time and human precision. The machine has seldom been preferred when the lines are curved or puzzled with designs. However, the latest equipment, such as scroll saws, are developed for acute industrial purposes to fulfill the drawbacks encountered to date.

You might wonder why scroll saws are industrially favored if they are fixed and not handy. An electrically working Speed Scroll Saw is capable of heavy-duty work to support any metal or wooden block. Here are a few factors which make them stand highlighted among the mechanical saws used.

    • Quick job- Being driven by the engine, the blades operate rapidly, saving plenty of time in cutting out a single design. The workers needn’t put their efforts into getting the curves cut precisely as the blade can work non-stop with rapid speed. Compared to the hand saws, the time saved is more than tenfold.
    • Precision- Over the conventional loop-bladed saws, a scroll saw has reciprocating blades with precisely designed teeth and easy to handle dimensions. The vibrations are less compared to the hand movements, and the worker can also hold the wooden or metallic block still with their hands. The saw is fixed to a workshop table which allows stability without external movements. The reduced effects maintain the blade’s precision to draw any curved or straight lines easily. Scroll saws mainly focus on the material’s thickness around 3 inches or below, where the use of a traditional toothed saw is not appropriate for accurate work.
    • Easy to handle- Since the blade is fixed to the saw, there is less chance of accidents unless the blade snaps. The conventional models of Speed Scroll Saw have a lot of levers and screws for fixing the blades and bolts. In contrast, modern designs such as that of the Delta shopmaster scroll saw are made for ergonomic use. They are quick to install and repair and are ever-easy and safe to use for different purposes.

These benefits are not available if you choose to use a hand saw or the one with a continuous loop blade. Being perfectly fit for both industrial works and DIY craft workshops, scroll saws are versatile and flexible instruments within a cheap investment. However, as there are several companies and manufacturers, take a look at the important factors to check before you actually place the order.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Scroll Saw

Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Scroll Saw

The scroll saws are used for cutting intricate curves on hard surfaces. This description is absolutely not enough to buy the discrete instrument. If you are a craft worker or are engaged in industrial workshops, you must know the demand for different materials, different blades, and the machine settings which play a major role.

Other designs : 560 ,570

Covering every aspect, the instrument should be economically feasible and versatile for your industry’s work. Here are a few differentiating factors to differentiate the most popular speed scroll saw types.

    • Blade changing feasibility– If you are performing an array of works, changing blades can be a hassle if it is difficult. The traditional designs have removable blade holders and jibs to take out and replace the blades externally. Unlike this time taking process, the new models have adjustable levers and clampers to clip the blades then and there. The holders needn’t be removed. You can also check for the blades provided if they are efficient and thick to cut versatile material.
    • Easy angular movement– Though the machine’s bed allows a flat base for the material’s block to be placed; the blade might need to turn sometimes for bevel surfacing. If the instrument is rigidly fixed, the solid 3D structures wouldn’t be possible to shape. Instead, look for those providing pivoted angular movement to tilt the base for changing the blade’s angle.
    • Size according to work: The scroll saws are table-mounted instruments that already save a lot of ground space. However, depending on your industrial work, you should choose their size. Constructional works might require a broad throat plate and base about 16 to 20 inches wide, whereas the artistic workers might require relatively small. If you have a small piece to cut with closely packed curves, a small area is best to provide easy and precise hand movements.
    • Variable logistics: The machines are always sought to be advanced and easy to use. A perfect scroll saw should be safe to use, provide easy plugs and levers to operate, and have variable speed and pressure controls. Such versatile designs are suitable for different materials, quick blade replacements, and easy use for any sized board. You can additionally look for stands, covers, and accessories as blades and blade boxes to reduce the extra expense.

While these are some broad points to consider while buying a suitable Scroll saw, you can also refer to the popular designs to get an idea. Delta Power Equipment Corporation is one such renowned company producing advanced and industrially suitable designs. Check out their most famous Delta 40-694 or Delta 40-694 scroll saw review to explore the advanced mechanisms.


Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw Review

Among the best designs of industrial scroll saws, Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw is one of the most favored in the recent market. Easy to use and safe to handle, you needn’t be a professional worker or be mechanically trained to handle the instrument easily. Here is a detailed analysis of the product to discover its entire operations.

  • Item Dimensions- The Delta 40-694 is 30 X 20 X 13 inches in dimensions which is suitable for a tabletop. Unlike the Delta 40-560, which is a 16″ Saw, it provides a wider base to cover a large area of 20″ Scroll Saw. The instrument is also light weighted around 60 pounds.
  • Power Source- The instrument is completely dependent on electric supply accepting both AC and DC power.
  • Number Of Teeth- Two blades are provided with the instrument. They are five-inch long and have standard 15 teeth per inch dimensions.
  • Number Of Batteries- There are no batteries provided with Delta 40-694 As the motor is driven by the power supply, batteries aren’t required.
  • Speed- The Delta 40 series provides 400-1,750 SPM with variable speed adjustments using simple turn knobs.
  • Blade Quality- Blades are heavy-duty providers made of carbon steel and have long-lasting properties.
  • Motor- 1.3 Amp capacity motor for providing stroke length 3/4 the inch.
  • Enormous Capacity- The product has a vast workspace of 20 inches providing versatile use for different applications.
  • Blade Storage- The Delta scroll saws are designed in modern industrial ways facilitated with accessories and equipment. The provided blades can be stored in the blade holder attached to the top of the upper arm.
  • Bevel Cutting- Delta 40-694 provides an excellent range of bevel cutting. It allows 0-45 degrees tilt on both sides for a huge quarter coverage.

Delta models are designed with industrial perfection where they don’t focus on much of the accessories. Instead, if you wish to have more economic designs, light bulbs, and footswitch facilities, you can also check similar products among the brands like Wen or DSF. They have equally proficient designs but added accessories.


  • Flexible dust blower
  • Ergonomic knobs to vary controls
  • Blade storage box
  • Complete metal and durable instrument


  • No accessory stand
  • No built-in light source
  • No batteries provided

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WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Wen’s two-directional saw is 26.38 x 13 x 14.75 inches and weighs around 25 pounds. It provides variable speed control from 550-1600 SPM with its 16 inches long blade. The blade can be used in standard and perpendicular directions. The throat area is 16 X 11 inches with a bevel cutting angle of 45 degrees on either side. It runs on AC/DC power without any demand for a battery.


  • Adjustable air pump
  • Flexible LED light
  • Firm foot clamp to hold
  • Allows both pinned and pinless blades


  • Heavy vibrations
  • Difficult to be kept fixed
  • Difficult to be kept fixed

Buy WEN Speed Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw, 500-1700 SPM Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DSF’s scroll saw is 25.2 x 13.4 x 13 inches instrument and provides a 16-inch-long blade. The working area is a 16 X 10-inch table with variable speed adjustments. It provides a 45 degrees range of bevel cutting and high degree blade protection.


  • Vacuum dust port
  • Flexible LED work light
  • Foot switch to control
  • Enhanced air pump and blade protection
  • Flexible shaft grinder
  • Storage box


  • Small work base

Buy Scroll Saw Speed Scroll Saw

FAQ on Delta Scroll Saw

Delta Scroll Saw is a mechanical instrument used to cut detailed and complex curves through metal, wooden, or other hard materials. It provides perfection and accuracy to cut the curved lines without much vibration. The saw is firmly fixed on the table that avoids disturbance and assures a stable base to hold the material. The Delta scroll saw is one of the economically feasible designs to simply handle the instrument.

A Delta Scroll Saw is always attached with a reciprocating blade working with a rapid push and pull motion. Heavy-duty equipment like Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw is usually supplied with a set of blades of standard sizes and tooth configurations. Unlike the Band Saw, it doesn’t have a continuous loop blade and is relatively easy to change.

How Do You Change A Blade On A Delta Scroll Saw?

How Do You Change A Blade On A Delta Scroll Saw?

The Delta 40-694 scroll saw is provided with a set of two straight blades that can be easily changed without any tools. The saw is designed with adjustable blade clamps to work quickly. The upper arm can also be lifted and locked in a set position providing free space to change the blade. While carefully changing, you can follow the simple steps as:


  • Switch off the Power without fail and equip yourself with protective gear like gloves and glasses to avoid blade snapping accidents.
  • Since the levers are adjustable, you don’t have to use tools to remove the blade holder and replace it. Firstly, lift the upper arm and fix it to make space for easy work.
  • The Delta scroll saw blade holder is made of clamps that can be operated with the hands to loosen and remove the blade.
  • Adjust the new blade correctly in the grove, its teeth facing front while pointing down towards the working bed.
  • In conventional scroll saws, you have to adjust the proper tension by tightening the tension handle. However, the Delta design provides auto tension adjustment to pull the blade accurately taut.

Selection of external blades or using proper safety measures is of utmost required when working with heavy mechanical instruments. You should refer to the Delta scroll saw manual to choose the appropriate blade and replace it with care.

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