Top 4 Roof Inspection Tools (2022): Reviews

Best Roof Inspection Tools

Roof Inspection Tools

A roof inspection is to check the roof for any damages, leakage or any other issues that cause concern. It is a part of the home inspection. There are few mandatory items that a roof inspector must possess. Roof inspection tools help inspectors to complete their job quickly, efficiently, and safely. In this article, one can read details about the roofing inspection tools, and few roofing applications which are available in the play store.

Roofing Ladder:

One must choose a correct ladder if not climbing up the roof may turn out to be dangerous. The ladder must provide enough grip so that the roofers need not worry about balancing while climbing.

Features for a good roofing ladder:

  • The ladder must be lightweight so assure quick portability.
  • Extendable ladders are more preferred. So, one can fold it back when it is not in use.
  • The load capacity must be up to 136 kg (300 lbs).
  • Roofing ladders must satisfy all OSHA and ANSI standards.

Little Giant Conquest

To full fill the requirements of roofers, The Conquest manufactured the Little Giant. This is made of fiberglass which makes it stiffer than the aluminum-made ladders. The adjustable straight side or trails provide easy access to the roofs. Moreover, Conquest has designed the Little Giant to be non-conductive. A handle is present which helps the roofers to carry the ladders easily from one workplace to another. The rocker locks present in this ladder were initially difficult to operate but, once accustomed are quicker and easier to operate than other locks.

Roofers can make various configurations like extension, A-frame, and 90-Degree to satisfy their necessity. One can easily climb from the ladder to the roof and back again as the rails are straight at the top. This ladder extends to a height of 15 feet. Roofers cannot use this to access a second-story roof. Thus, this Little Giant is not a second-story roof inspection tool. In addition to this, Little Giant also has the Revolution XE, which is made of aluminum and is lightweight. This type has flared ends but the presence of wheels improves easy movement.


Roofing Snake:

Roof Snake

Roofers can now quickly replace composition shingles effortlessly and accurately with the Roof Snake. The special offset nail-slot feature, helps roofers fix new nails with perfect spacing from the bottom edge of the current path. With the roof, snake roofers can mount new shingles without hitting adjacent shingles and prevent over-bending.

Benefits of using a roof snake:

Quick replacement: The Roof Snake allows changing composition shingles easier, safer, and more precise than traditional methods.

Perfect Spacing and Less Damage to Shingles: The offset nail-slot feature aids roofers to place the nails at the correct spot with standard spacing. One can swap and mount 3-tab shingles without over-bending or striking surrounding shingles.

Shingle nail puller claw: Roofers can quickly remove nails from roof shingles. First, place the claw end below the nail and then roll the nail out by twisting the Roof Snake.

PacTool International RS501 Roof Snake, Shingle Nail Puller, Roof Shingle Installer

It is one of the mandatory tools for the roofing installation and inspection toolbox. Ultimately, its roofers’ best friend for roof shingle replacement! PacTool International, initially manufactured outdoor construction tools such as cutting and roofing tools, siding installation gauges. But now, it is a part of the General Tools family. They deliver tools for both interior and exterior home enhancement experts and DIYers. Besides, they sell quality tools that can be relied on while constructing, restoring and maintaining a home or a building. This roof snake from PacTool is made of solid metal. It has the nail slot feature, nail pulling, and replace shingles. PacTool’s roof snake weighs about 1.4 pounds and its dimensions are 1 x 13 x 4 inches.


Roofing boots:

While climbing on the roof, the inspectors must make sure to wear roofing shoes. Walking on the roof is not an easy job. Their shoes must provide required stability to the roofers so that they don’t slip off and fall.

Required features while choosing a good roofing work boot:

  • The outsole must have the capacity to withstand the tar present on the roof and endless abrasion from the shingles. So, it must be thick, slip-resistant, and long-lasting.
  • To provide comfort to the inspector’s feet, the boots must have cushion enabled insole. These boots must be lightweight so that the inspectors find it easy to carry their feet.
  • To enhance further protection the midsole of the boots should offer shock-absorption.
  • Outer material must be strong and solid.
  • The boots must have good ankle support to ensure balance and extra stability.

Skechers Men’s Holdredge Rebem Work Boot

Men’s Holdredge Rebem Work Boot from Skechers is made of 100% Full-grain leather. The outer look is attractive and stylish. The shaft is present at 4.75″ from the arch. Further, it has a rubber sole and memory foam. The ankle height lace-up design makes these boots more fashionable. Moreover, Men’s Holdredge Rebem Work Boot are steel safety toe certified. So, they serve as a shield from sudden impact or compression. In addition to this, Skechers‘ work boots offer a secondary level of safety on electrical hazards. They are available in three different colors.

Roof Inspection with the drone: Yes, you heard it correct. Technology is so improved that one need not carry a set of tools, increase their workload and climb all up to the roof. One can just employ a drone and quickly calculate the roof dimensions and many other requirements. Roof inspectors simply fly drones to inspect the roofs. Drones also increase the safety of the roof inspectors as they don’t climb to the rooftop.



This drone is completely foldable and easily fits in the backpack. The 3-axis gimbal has a 4K camera that captures high-quality images. Roof inspectors can also use the hand-gesture feature and other smart flight modes. DJI MAVIC PRO’s flight time is up to 27 minutes and has an incredible operating range of 7000 meters. This drone is compatible with iOS9.0 or latest versions, and Android version 4.4.0 or later. DJI MAVIC PRO’s factory package contains all the additional accessories like SD card, cable, and adapters.

iRoofing Software:

iRoofing is a mobile software platform created exclusively for roofing contractors. This application empowers roofing contractors to remotely generate do-it-yourself roof measurement reports and detailed roof estimates. They can use an Apple iPad, or Apple iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone. First, download and install the application, then use the app and take measurements from aerial, blueprint images, and drones. It is a user-friendly application. iRoofing also contains a roof project estimator, a unique pitch detection tool, roof inspection tool. So, one can quickly make digital measurements.

Besides, a roof simulator/visualizer is present which integrates with real pictures of the client’s property. It also has a pitchbook that can be personalized and digital catalogs from all key roof material manufacturers. Other in-app features include ordering of materials from distributors. iRoofing helps to organize customer details and task details. One can complete the whole process remotely and complete it with e-sign contracts. ClearoofTM is yet another feature presented by iRoofing. This aerial imagery comprises of high-resolution images captured and collected from specially-equipped aircraft.

Finally, this software is subscription-based. One can use iRoofing on 3 devices for a single subscription. If you are an iOS user then you can download this app from the Apple store. And Android users can download it from the Google Play store.

Pitch Gauge:

Pitch Gauge is a user-friendly and simple application. Roofers can use this app to calculate the total area and slope of any roof. For this purpose, there are two digital slope finders and a square calculator. One can stay indoors and locate the slope easily by using a camera-mode. The photos captured have an address stamp indicating the current address. The white-screen feature uses this digital pitch finder to find steepness of the roof by placing the device directly against the roof. Besides, make sure to calibrate the slope finder to maintain accuracy.

Pitch Guage Application

The roof shingle calculator calculates the area of the roof and the number of shingles required. Further, other roof inspection tools include infrared flat roof inspection tools and roof measuring tools. Inspection service is done easily and quickly with the help of the correct list of tools. First, one must prepare a roof inspection checklist and then further proceed.


How to inspect?

One can carry the roof inspection by just walking around the home’s exterior, spotting any damages, algae, aging of shingles. Make sure to replace all the curled shingles. Check out for any signs of water penetration under the roofs. Inspecting the roof regularly helps to identify damages at an initial phase and thus prevents further major issues.

What is a square in roofing?

Generally, in roofing terminology, a “square” means 100 square feet. Fiberglass or asphalt shingles are available in bundles and they normally cover 1/3 square. To cover 1 square, one must use 36 feet long and 3 feet wide rolls.


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