Max Roofing Nailer- Reviews and Features (2022)

Max Roofing Nailer-Single Product Review

Max Roofing Nailer

The Max Superroofer is a top-rated nail gun that is available in the market. Users mark it as the most-dependable nailer. Max is more of a professional nail gun which depicts that it can be used daily for several years. This roofing nail gun is user-friendly and provides consistent power. It is of premium quality, lightweight, and durable nailer. One can even use it for simple DIY projects.

S.NoImageWarrantyItem WeightMaterialBuy Now
1. Max Roofing Nailer

5 Year5.2 poundsMetal Check Price
2. Hitachi Roofing Nailer
1 Year 7.32 poundsNA Check Price


History of MAX SuperRoofer:

Max Roofing Nailer

Max is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the tools industry. It has been in the market since 1942. Max products are produced in ISO01400 and ISO9001 certified factories and are developed in Japan. First, in 1982 Max invented roofing nailer N12 for Bostitch. This was the world’s first roofing nailer. Then, in 1996 Max launched CN450R which is its first branded roofing nailer. At present, Max’s latest release is CN445R3 and this article is also a review of Max CN445R3 roofing nail gun.

Max CN445R3 roofing nail gun:

Max’s nailer is light grey and red. It weighs at 5.2 pounds and thus it is a lightweight roofing nailer. Max’s weight is an advantage over other roofing nailers like Senco and Hitachi. Some of the applications of Max CN445R3 includes fastening fiberglass, asphalt shingles, attach lath wires to plywood, wooden box assembly, and many others. Some of the features of CN445R3 are,

  • Presence of a swivel plug to lessen the twisting of the air hose.
  • A trigger lock is present to avoid the accidental firing of the tool.
  • Presence of a long Tar resistant nose which can resist tar 4x longer than other conventional tools.
  • Presence of an air-powered power source and a rapid-fire trigger valve.
  • Max USA CN5445R3 Roofing Coil Nailer can hold 120 nails and it operates at a pressure of 70-100 psi (50-7 bar).
  • Presence of a magnetized nose cap to hold the last nail in place. This prevents jamming and misfires after a reload.
  • Another unique feature is that MAX patented maintenance free end cap filter. It avoids foreign materials from entering the nailer. So, users enjoy less maintenance of the Max roofing nailer. Moreover, the durability of the internal parts is long.
  • In nailing, depth control is very important. Max has a dial adjustable depth control so a special tool for adjusting the depth is not required. So, this feature makes Max the best roofing nail gun.
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Roofers also use other nailers like BOSTITCH coil roofing nailer, Stanley fat max roofing nailer. Each one of them has its uniqueness. BOSTITCH coil roofing nailer acts as the best shingle nail gun as there is an adjustable shingle guide. This shingle guide promotes quick shingle spacing. The price varies with the features. Nail gun for roofing must be quick enough and noiseless. Above all, Max offers a rebuild kit for its nail gun. If in case any of the nailer’s internal parts are broken then the roofer can easily replace it by purchasing the rebuild kit.

Max roofing nailer helps users or roofers to drive nail quickly with the help of a ‘Rapid Fire Trigger’. First, roofers point the tip towards the work area and then press the trigger to drive the nail. Max nailer provides an excellent balance which allows the roofers to fix the nails at the correct place. Max CN445R3 SuperRoofer has a side-loaded magazine that can accommodate 120 coil nails. The size of the nails can be as small as ¾ inch (19mm) or a maximum of 1 and ¾ inch (45mm). Roofers prefer the Max nailer as it houses almost all the commonly sized nails used during roofing. Read our Hitachi Roofing Nailer Review.


How to store Max roofing nailer?

  • Roofers must apply a thin coat of lubricant to the steel parts. This is a must to avoid rust.
  • Always make sure to place the Max roofing nailer in a warm area.
  • Make sure the nailer is out of reach of children.
  • Service the Max roofing nailer when it is not in use and keep it ready and fit to be used again.


Max vs Hitachi roofing nailer

Hitachi Roofing Nailer
There is an optional tip in the Max roofing gun which can be used for vinyl siding. Hitachi roofing nailer does not have this feature. Max roofing gun has a depth adjuster dial which helps roofers to fix the depth. An additional tool to determine the depth is thus avoided. In the case of Hitachi’s roofing nailer, air overload release is always a concern. Overall, users prefer Max as it is more reliable than the Hitachi roofing nailer.

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