7 Best Roofing Tool Bags For The Year 2022: Review

Best Roofing Tool Bags 2021

Best Roofing Tool Bags

We’ve done extensive research on some of the best roofing tool bags available for roofers in the market as of now. As you might have already noticed, there are literally hundreds of options available when it comes to the best tool bag for roofers. Here we list some of the most popular options available online.

Product NameImageSizeItem WeightBuy Now
1.Mahi Leather tool bag12 Inch1 pounds Buy Now
2.DeWalt DG5543 Tool Bag 16 Inch 3 pounds Check Price
3.Gear Carry Tool Bag Buy Now
4.WORKPRO W081021A Roofers Bag14 Inch1.83 pounds Buy Now
5.CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 NA4.6 pounds Check Price
6.Meterk Heavy Duty Tool Bag16 Inch2.65 pounds Buy Now
7.Multi-Compartment Tool Bag17 Inch2.35 pounds Check Price

Our Pick: Top 7 Tool Bags for Roofers



  1. Stanley STST70574

    Amongst all the tool bags in the marketplace, you may always pick this product from Stanley and you’ll surely not be let down. It is a soft-sided product featuring a strong rubber base which preserves its form & protects the utensils in the event you drop the product from a height. The inside is not very well divided however you could utilize the outside pockets for things that are harder to discover.

    The primary compartment seems closed using a zipper while one external slot features velcro strap that assures the user won’t lose small utensils.



    • The wide opening offers easy storage of multiple tools.
    • Can easily fit in a limited storage area.
    • Side pockets available on the inside as well as outside.


    • Shoulder straps are not offered.
  1. DeWalt DG5543 Tool Bag

    This is a 16″ tool bag from DEWALT with stylish design and suitable size that comes with a big compartment on the inside.

    The inner compartment comprises 14 pockets and the bag offers a convenient way to access different tools. Furthermore, you get 20 pockets on the outside. The pockets easily enable you to place all the required tools. Other features include reinforced corners and a worn resistance base. The shoulder straps can be adjusted and come with proper padding with the slip-resistant feature.


  • Comes with a padded shoulder strap.
  • Capable of holding different sizes and types of tools.
  • Sturdy rubber base and superior stitching.


  • Zip may come off during extended usage.
  1. Gear Carry Tool Bag

    When it comes to job site accessories & tools, the GCB line offers additional storage for roofers. The product comes with a dual-layer 1000D Cordura® construction that easily that is proven to last a longer period. The tool bag also comes with different size options to suit the needs of every roofer. Other features of the tool bag include double slider zipper mouth & satchel carry handles.


  • Sachet style carry-handles.
  • Variable size options are available.
  • Long-lasting Cordura® construction.


  • Does not include outside pockets.

  1. WORKPRO W081021A Roofers Bag

WorkPro W081021A is among the best roofing nail bag for individuals having several hand tools or medium-sized accessories. On the top, you have a zipper for closing its entire mouth. It helps you store essential in a comfortable manner inside. Besides, it also features outer mesh pockets which offer an adequate area to store personal stuff or small items as well as accessories.


  • External mesh pockets
  • Strong rubber foam base


  • The bag includes only 10 pockets in total.
  1. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539


    When selecting a tool bag to carry accessories, a comfy and rugged design are major characteristics to recognize. Created of sturdy mesh fabric, LeatherCraft 1539 can carry several items irrespective of their weight. The sides seem tough, thus the bag can stand upright. Both the exterior & interior comprise smart compartments which house a number of utensils of different sizes. You also have eight small pockets inside & outside besides 3 key compartments in the product’s interior section.


  • Vertical pockets offer easy access to different tools.
  • Easily handles heavier tools.
  • Zipper covers ensure tools don’t fall out


  • Cannot prevent water leakage.
  1. Meterk Heavy Duty Tool Bag

    Meterk Heavy Duty Tool Bag features 17 pockets in total with reasonable storage size. The ergonomic design of this tool bag offers additional comfort. Overall, the tool bag is lightweight and convenient to carry. The add-on padded handle along with flexible shoulder strap provide better comfort when you’re carrying several heavy tools at once.


  • Double stitching allows up to 70kg of load-bearing capacity.
  • The bottom is sturdy and waterproof to avoid any leakage.


  • Inadequate shoulder strap padding.
  1. Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

    The multi-compartment tool bag offers 6 external pockets and 6 to 8 internal pockets for easy organization of roofing accessories and tools. The bag ensures your gear is well-organized at any instance. This opening of the bag is quite wide and comes with a metal frame on the inside. The Our extra padding in the handle together with flexible shoulder straps ensure you can easily carry heavy loads at your worksite.


  • Big interior space.
  • The internal coating is waterproof, durable and comes with an attractive design.
  • The double fabric comes with fine stitching making it a very sturdy option for roofers.


  • No webbing for independent screwdrivers.

Roofing Tool Bags: Buyers Guide

Every time you are searching for a perfect roofers tool bag, you must take some things into consideration prior to committing yourself to buy any one of the available ones. We have added some of the important things you want to consider to pick an ideal roofers bag for your requirements.

Built Quality & Design

Whenever you keep different tools inside your bag, it may quite heavy instantaneously. So, by selecting a tool bag with an aesthetic design, you’re much more likely to carry it comfortably. The product needs to also feature a sturdy handle along with straps with paddings. This further increases your level of comfort.

The construction needs to be sturdy to avoid any unnecessary breakage whenever the tool bag is under pressure. Majority of the tool bags you see in the market are made out of nylon, poly-fabric or canvas. Nonetheless, it is important to select the ones manufactured from durable and long-lasting material. This way, you can ensure it will last for a long period. When you pick a tool bag that is both durable and sturdy, it can easily manage the weight of all the tools you require on a day to day basis.

Waterproof design

When selecting a roofing bag, make sure it is capable of holding water without ay leakage. Waterproof tool bags can easily secure any non-stainless steel items from getting wet. Plus, it can also prevent the formation of rust.

Pockets and Center Panels

Center pockets can prevent any misshape that may occur to the roofing tool while using heavy items. A panel located at the base of a tool bag can easily let you get hold of a tool whenever it is required for usage. In addition, the center panel can make sure even distribution of the weight. Custom leather tool bags must also feature vertically-tiered pockets for making them long-lasting.


Portability is another major aspect when you’re buying a roofing bag or a leather tool pouch. A roofers bag that’s not too heavy (when empty) and comes with a handle is perfect when you want to carry it without hassle.

Storage Room

Another key characteristic when buying American bags or leather tool belt is the overall storage area available to the buyers. You must count your tools which you wish to store and make the final choice accordingly. A few bags come with D-rings that let you attach tools and offer further room.

Care and Maintenance
It would be a wise option to use a mild soap to clean your tool bag in warm water, then clean it well using a suitable cloth.

In case you find the above method unable to clean off stubborn stains, use a medium-size brush to gently scrub the tool bag. The main thing is to stay gentle and avoid destroying the fabric. In the event you encounter something being spilled onto your tool bag, try to quickly wipe it up and ensure the liquid does not reach the fabric. In case you come across a severe stain or spillage, you may need to get in touch with the seller to see if they’re able to offer any suggestions on the proper way to get rid of this stubborn mess.

Tool Bag vs Tool Pouch for Roofers:

Tool Bag:

When you’re using a tool bag, you can easily keep all your tools inside it to use them at your comfort. A tool bag can help you create a professional image as a roofer in front of your customers. Also, when you’re using a tool bag, it allows you to carry additional tools with you in an emergency situation. Another benefit when it comes to using a professional roofers tool bag is theft protection. It is way easy for anyone to steal your tools and accessories in they are left unattended. Plus, it may take you much longer to identify one of the tools is missing than in case you were to put them inside a roofers bag. When you place the tools at one place, for instance, a tool bag, there is not much opportunity for thieves to steal any of your stuff.

Tool Pouch:

There may be times when the roofer’s tool pouch can be essential to further simplify the workflow. Tool Pouches are compact and also lightweight which make them a better option for places where you may not be able to carry a tool bag. The roofer’s pouch lets you keep all the necessary stuff which you want in order to carry out a specific task. Similar to a tool bag, various compartments present in a tool pouch enable you to store essential things at your disposal. Lastly, whenever you’re working from a height, you might drop a random tool while working that may hit a person in the absence of a tool pouch. Using a roofers tool pouch, you can easily hold the required safely.

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