10 Best Roof Cleaners Reviews & Comparison

Buying Guide For 10 Best Roof Cleaners

It is no doubt that washing a roof is the most challenging weekend errand. But definitely, if the right product is used you can make a lot more difference and feasibility. So, if you’re wasting ton of your hours on the internet in finding the right one, then don’t fret! Check out our list of the 7 best roof cleaners.

These enlisted items are based on actual customer reviews, expert advice, and our vision. Whether you’re dealing with varied shingles or moldy roofs, there is something for every one of you. With such incredible roof cleaners, you can have a roof that is as neat as a button.

Don’t be one of those for whom roof is an afterthought while spending most of the time on ground-level features of their homes. So, don’t exaggerate so much that filth, dark streaks, and patches of moss are ingrained on your roof surface.

If that sounds familiar to you, stress not! You can protect your roof from all that stuff. All you need to do is to take out some time from your busy routine and get yourself with the finest roof cleaner. You just have to do a little spraying and scrubbing. These special formulas will get your roof clean and renewed in no time revealing your roof’s true colours.

Best Roof Cleaners


Types of Roof Cleaners

Don’t rush for a roof cleaner just step up and educate yourself about your roof. Once you set up that ladder, you’ll see that different cleaners work differently on every roof. Just do a little research and pick the best roof cleaners parallel to your roof material. Enlisted below are some of the types of Roof cleaners. Let’s dive in! 

  1. Bleach-Based

For headstrong smudges and blotch, of course, you need a bleach-based cleaner. This is the way to slay your roof. They’re the tense one which means that you don’t even require to scrub or rinse the roof down for them to do their task. Just apply them to your roof and let them dry on their own. This bleach-based cleaner will cut through the filth and grime that you never know.

Some talk of the town you should know about them is: they’re way too harsh. I mean it affects you if you breathe in its vapour. It can damage your plant. Its fumes are so intense that you have to shut your windows for few days to avoid the odour of it.

  1. Chemical-Based

In the market bleach isn’t just the only one that reshapes your roof’s old glory. Some other formula-based roof cleaners are there too. What chemicals do they contain? Well, its ammonia, copper sulphate, and trisodium phosphate, and others. It also eliminates stains, mold, and mosses that are there on your roof.

Some things that you need to know about these are that they’re punitive for your plants too. Noted: lesser than the bleach-based roof cleaners. Rarely, you have to do a little scrub after its application. But mostly there is no need to shut your windows. Usually, they come in concentrates and in conjunction with water you have to spray them unless your roof is stubborn as hell.   

  1. Eco-Friendly

If you’re an environmentalist then you did think of the eco-friendly one. You make a detrimental approach to clean the roof through this one. These formulations cut the filth, algae, and mold without facing the intrinsic dangers of chemical and bleach compounds.

These cleaners are safe for your kiddos, plants, and the animals that are might roaming around the landscape of your home. But make sure to test it as it causes an allergic reaction in some. So, what do they probably do? These roof cleaners use oxygen to cut dirt, algae, and mold. With such cleaners, you might use a long-handled scrubber or brush to get away the spots and discolourations.

  1. Pressure Cleaner

If you want to work with a flashy roof cleaner then have a look at the pressure washer. Its pump can cause an explosion of water from its nozzles and by that filth and dirt comes off.

But be careful as by pressure it might blast off your shingles. For that matter, you can use some products available in the market and mix them with the water. Why any product? Because water alone can’t kill any residual moss and algae.

Best Roof Cleaners Comparison

  1. Wet and Forget 10587 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Product Specification


Volume: 1 Gallons

Dilution Rate: Dilute 1 part Wet & Forget Outdoor to 5-part water.

Formula: Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

Coverage: 100 – 300 square metres

Used For: Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Years before the traditional way of washing the roof wasn’t easy-peasy. You had to hop one plane of the roof to the other until your fingers felt numb. Fortunately, those strenuous days are passed.

Now, we have proficient and improved ways to treat your filthy roof. So, if you’re finding one for that matter here you go with Wet and Forget stain remover!

As the name suggests, you only require to apply this cleaner on your roof and let the magic begins. Once you leave the product to sit for a while you don’t need to scrub or rinse the roof. As the cleaners will do it pretty much effectively.

As you hear, this method is very expedient as it does not just save your energy but time as well. The best part:  it is made in conjunction with eco-friendly surfactants. This formulation will eventually aid you to get rid of that dirt, mold, moss, mildew, or any other sort of filth from your roof. And luckily when it rains, the already wobbly dirt is then cleaned off. Leaving your roof as clean as before.

What do you have to do? Similar to other solutions you need to insipid this cleaner with water. Why? Because this highly concentrated solution is very intense and it could harm your greenery or other wildlife.

You’re probably thinking that what do we mean dilution? Yes, it means the product in this gallon of the bottle produces about 6 gallons of cleaning solution. You heard it right! That much strong. But somehow this also depends on the state and porosity of the roof surfaces you’re working on.

This roof cleaner manufactures also claims that it is biodegradable. Though we suggest you take some necessary safety precautions while dealing with the acid.



  • It is versatile in nature. Means: it can be applied on siding, brick, concrete, roofs, aluminium, and so on.
  • User-friendly i.e., no extra rinsing or scrubbing is required
  • Non-caustic, non-acidic, and not comprising of bleach
  • It is smart to use because it’s designed with such a spray which allow faster and through coverage particularly for high roofs. That’s why you can keep your feet firm on the ground.
  • Inexpensive


  • It is effective more after the first and second usage; you’ll see max impact then.
  • Ineffective to clean concrete surface
  • Slight bleach like smell when it’s first applied. Not bad, but not scent free.
  1. Mold Armor E-Z House Wash 64 fl. oz. Jug – 2 Pack

Product Specification:

Brand: Mold Armor

Volume: 64 Fluid Ounces

Dilution Rate: 3 gallons from 1 gallon

Formula: non-toxic and non-abrasive

Coverage: 4500 sq. ft.

Used For: Ideal for a wide range of surfaces

Many roof cleaners recommend an easy-to-use way of washing the dirt off, but Mold Armor goes the extra mile. It comes with nozzles so you can easily apply it to filthy areas.

This is a professional-grade cleaner that washy away rugged grease, stubborn stain, and other horrid stains. It works on numerous surfaces like vinyl, brick and concrete, painted wood, stucco, trim and more.

The best part: you can use it on metal tops as it is non-corrosive to metals! And not just that you apply it on plastic surfaces, it didn’t degrade the material down. It’s a guaranteed 10-minute workout water solvent which means it is not harsh for wildlife and plants.



  • Versatile
  • Enhanced coverage
  • Eliminate mold and mildew
  • economical


  • Not enough pressure of the attach nozzles and they leak as well
  • Didn’t work at all on the cement front steps

Product Specification:

Brand: Mold Armor

Volume: 1 gallon

Dilution Rate: 3 gallons from 1 gallon

Formula: non-toxic and non-abrasive

Coverage: 2000 sq. ft

Used For: Ideal for a wide range of surfaces

If you’re still using those conventional yet scary methods to clean your roof, pity on you! But don’t stress we’ve come with a next-level formulation. It not just removes your tough stains but also eradicates more of your roof problems.

Try out Mold Armor to wash away mold, mildew, and algae without even scrubbing it. This bleach-based roof cleaner is way much effective for vinyl, wood, aluminum, and concrete roofs. Don’t have an idea? Just try it!

And not just that it can be used for painted decks, fences, and more! Thus, if you’re worried about your stubborn stains, then don’t be. Just buy it and make your life at ease.

Now you are contemplating that how can I apply it on my roof? Well, the way is pretty simple. You can easily apply it with a roller, sponge, or sprayer. I mean get a new tool from the market just grab one from your garage and here you go!

What about its dilution, right? You can reduce its concentration but adding some in water i.e., dilute it by combining 3 parts water with 1 part clean. And now you have a lot of it. But you can use its intense solution on those rugged stains. It depends on you whatever you choose to do. But forget about the scrubbing part as there is no need for it.


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to get in & out
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a Bag


  • Difficult to adjust
  1. Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner Concentrate – Exterior Mold Stain Remover – 1 Gallon

Product Specification:

Brand: Spray & Forget

Volume: 1 gallon

Dilution Rate: 10 gallons from 1 gallon

Formula: Free from bleach and phosphate

Coverage: 2000 sq. ft

Used For: Work on all exterior surface

If you’re already tired of scrubbing and brushing your rugged smudges off from your roof then don’t be. We have an extraordinary solution for you. Try an effective roof cleaner, yet not very harsh.

Some people look out for eco-friendly ones which do not contain harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and acids. And some maybe look for high-quality ones that are affordable.

If this sounds likely to you or you want such features then go and buy Spray & Forget roof cleaner. This roof cleaner comes in a 1-gallon bottle with having concentrated cleaning solution. Which is great!

But this isn’t the best thing to cherish about this product yet! As we have more. After diluting spray and forget in the water you can make up to 10 gallons of formulated solution. And you know how much square footage it can cover? Almost 2000 sq. ft. Very reasonable, right?

Then we’ll come to its versatility. I mean you can use it on enormous surfaces like slate, wood, asphalt shingles, clay, or even tile roofing. With this, its application will make you at ease. It only requires spraying and there is no need of brushing or rinsing the surface.

So, make up your mind to spray this on your roof before the rainy season and there you go away with the disintegrated dirt. Also, it is free from corrosive materials like heavy metals, phosphates, bleaches, acids, or other chemicals.


  • Very versatile
  • Convenient-Doesn’t need scrubbing or rinsing
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly


  • May need multiple applications, depending on the weather and roof condition
  • Results are not that fast
  1. Simple Green, SMP13006, Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser, 1 / Each, White

Product Specification:

Brand: Simple Green

Volume: 5 gallons

Dilution Rate: 1.5 cup simple green in 2-gallon water

Formula: Orally nontoxic and readily biodegradable

Coverage: 6300 sq. ft

Used For: Work on all exterior surface

Not unsatisfied with your cleaner not fully performing its purpose? Don’t get in a fluster when our simple eco-friendly Green industrial cleaner is here for your help.

We can guess that we shouldn’t make you wait to feel satisfied with our amazing cleaner properties. So, by starting, the first question that might crosses your mind is how this cleaner is called “eco-friendly”.

Here, we are going to proudly inform you that this is because it’s a non-toxic and biodegradable formula which means that it’s not only secure for your use but it’s also keeping the environment protected from any kind of disease or viruses. Now, precisely what is its speciality in cleaning? The dirt includes Oils, grease, fluids, grime, residue, and many more to come.

So, respected juries, by knowing all the characteristics of our innovative product don’t you declare it as super versatile and convenient to have a vital place in your house? We are pretty sure y’all did.


  • Washes and degreases all surfaces.
  • Use this by hand or put it into cleaning machine
  • Orally non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Deodorizes surfaces and upholstery.


  • Doesn’t clean that well as compare to other chemical-based cleaners.
  1. Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner – Concentrate 1 Gal

Product Specification:

Brand: Simple Green

Volume: 1 gallon

Dilution Rate: 1.5 cup in 2-gallon water

Formula: Orally nontoxic and readily biodegradable

Coverage: 6400 sq. ft

Used For: Work on all outdoor surface

Simple Green Oxy Solve masterpiece quality paves its way as it not only cleans but it deodorizes and degreases too. Then coming to the most important question of our customers that is it safe to use on surfaces, unlike other chemical-based cleaners? The answer is a BIG YES! You can safely utilize it on multiple surfaces because it doesn’t combine with perilous chemicals, therefore, making it non-abrasive, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

Further, the types of surfaces it can afford is it can be any washable surface. Like Isn’t that amazing! So, bring our cleaner into service and make it useful on your countertops, roofs, floors, upholstery, sinks, carpets, and much more! Further not only that, put it into your cleaning machines too for carpet extractors, pressure washers, steamers, floor scrubbers, and foamers.

Just as importantly, can it be cost-friendly? Why not. Here come’s your win-win situation where you buy it at affordable prices as FYI price per fluid ounce is already low. Plus, you can cut down on buying other cleaners because when you have our simple- eco-friendly cleaner in your house fulfilling multiple purposes then why need others.


  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-abrasive


  • need to wipe down
  1. 3M DBI-SALA Medium Exo Fit Full Body Vest Style Harness 

Product Specification:


Volume: 1 gallon

Dilution Rate: not specified

Formula: Chemical, bleach-based

Coverage: not specified

Used For: Fiberglass, wood, concrete, plastic, vinyl, or tile

In search of a hero to remove seemingly impossible stains? Here we are introducing you to our supremely talented Star Brite that knows how to deal with mold and mildew calling itself ‘unsightly stains’ to eliminate it from your house.

Now, you might be tired with every product by doing half the job of a cleaner while scrubbing it with full effort and intensity. And you might be thinking that if Star Brite can do it? We are pleased to tell you that our product is created with formulas that in a fraction of a second, can blast away mold and mildew stains without any scrubbing.

You just have to spray it, making the cleaner lift the stain, rinse the surface and here you can surely see how the cleaner is rightly fulfilling its purpose.

Perhaps, you might be curious about what makes Star Brite perform at its best? The reason is none other than its triple-action, high-alkaline and buffered bleach formula that aids in getting rid of mold and mildew stains whereas the surfactants clean and tidier objects from grime and grease. Its chelating agents lift the old dirt.

Another characteristic of this product is how versatile its function is. You can use it wherever you catch the mold and mildew including any fibreglass, wood, concrete, plastic, vinyl cushions or surfaces, tile surfaces, grout, showers, baths, boats, and RVs. The list doesn’t end here our friend, you can also utilize it in cleaning gutters, awning, and sidings.

You shouldn’t be late to give it a test. Try it today. Offer our Star Brite a chance to showcase its talent to make your household shine against any mold and mildew.


  • High potency for quick and effective cleaning.
  • Works on upholstery, grout, awnings, and more surfaces.
  • Unique triple-action formula for effectiveness.
  • Works without intense scrubbing.


  • Strong unpleasant odour
  • Made from sodium hypochlorite

What to Consider When Buying the Best Roof Cleaner?

Now you get to know a bit about roof cleaners then just have a look at other factors as well. You must have to go through the other variants and don’t worry, we’ve outlined some vital considerations. We cover facets like roofing materials, coverage, its ease to use. Let’s sink in!

  1. Nature of Roof Material

The first and foremost thing you need to ponder is the roof substance. Remember: you have to look at materials before choosing the roof cleaner. Less sturdy materials such as vinyl and rubber sheaths on flat roofs or RVs are prone to intense chemicals. Robust materials like asphalt, metal, or slate roofs surface can bear potent chemicals. You can use bleach or chemical cleansers on tough ones.    

  1. Chemical Composition

Cleansers have categories based on their formulations. Some are eco-friendly and some are chemically treated. The earlier one isn’t harmful and for that matter, they are applied on roofs above gardens so it can’t affect plants. On the other hand, the chemical-based have ammonia, copper sulphate, and trisodium phosphate. Due to their high potency, they’re used to treat rugged stains, mold, algae, and mosses. You can reduce their concentration by (manufacture recommended) adding water.

  1. Coverage

Different roof cleaner has varied coverage per square footage. In that case, you should know the size of your roof. For that multiply each section of your roof’s width by its height. The number you get after adding up the diverse planes is your sq. ft. most of the cleaner come in small bottles of concentrated form so that you can dilute it for enhanced coverage.

  1. User-Friendliness

As fancy as it sounds, but does user-friendly cleaner mean? Well, it means that such a chemical formulation which when you spray od its work and require less scrubbing. Of course, cleaning the roof isn’t a fun activity, right? That’s why you must make it as painless as possible.

And when it comes to spray bottles it should also be kept in consideration for higher roofs. For this, attach the concentrate bottle at the end of your hose for easy application.

  1. Effectiveness

How proficient it works for most of your roof problems. Here effectivity means that it removes stains, mold, algae, and discolourations with fewer coats. Less effective products don’t eradicate the issue by root. They’ll remove the smudges by the thing that cause it will keep coming again and again. For that, you have to apply the cleaner often.

What Are the Benefits of Using Roof Cleaners?

  • Bleach and other chemical cleaners remove the rugged smudges, mold, algae, discolouration, in few goes.
  • You don’t have to scrub your high roofs.
  • You escape from the heavy-duty work of roof cleaning which requires brushes and a lot of water to clean it.
check our article on gloves for roofing


  • Okay. So, you must wash your roof after every 12 to 24 months. Initially, you have to spray the roof cleaner often like after 2-3 months. But when the mold and grease start to loosen up then you can ensure that your rood is clean and free from further growth other than, it also depends on your roof i.e., if at any time you feel a mild discolouration, moss, mold, or mildew just spray it and give your roof a good start.

To give a clean start to your awnings just give your awnings an eye. Why I’m saying this? So, if your awnings are of vinyl or fabric then don’t use a heavy-duty roof cleaner. It will damage the material. Use a biodegradable or water-based solvent that is for low-duty. That works quite well for your awnings.

Yes, you can. It depends on the situation of your roof. If your single roof is covered with rugged mold and algae then do use a concentrated roof cleaner. And as you know cleaners come with and without dilution. So, if your stains are tough use a cleaner that is concentrated. Otherwise, you have to use it multiple times or even require some scrubbing as well.

If you love your darlings a.k.a. plants, then you have to take some exclusive yet simple measures to reduce the drastic impacts of the roof cleaner. What are they? Let’s follow up:

  • Conceal your plants from some kind of tarpaulins or plastic wrappings.
  • Apply that amount of chemical which you need to clean the roof.
  • Make sure that your sanitary or water lines work properly. As if they’re not then the clogged chemical-laden water can flow to your plant soil. Eventually, destroy the roots.
  • Water your plants before and after the spray. Why? Because if some fumes of the chemical run down to the soil or set on your leaves top then you can dilute it with a lot of water. This method reduces the risk of damaging the plants.

Yep, there are some. And why not? You’re working on the roof which isn’t an easy task. You have to take some safety measures. Some rudimentary tools are safety glasses, a respirator, gloves, and long sleeves. For some rugged stains, you probably need a long-handled brush or roller, or a pressure sprayer. These gears will definitely make a difference while you clean your roof.

Mostly, professional roof cleaners have chemical-based or eco-friendly formulations. The popular one is bleach or sodium hypochlorite

So, there are varied sorts of roof shingles. You need to know your shingle stuff, right? Once you do that, you’ll either do pressure washing or soft washing. Brick, concrete, aggregate shingles require pressure washing with high potent chemical-based cleaner. You can go for Star Brite Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover. If you have shingles of this material: stucco, wood, painted, metal, cedar, or asphalt then go for the low duty ones. You can go for the Wet and Forget one.

Yes, they work absolutely work for varied types of roof surfaces. You can choose a roof cleaner depending on the stains and material of your roof. I mean why go for the ways like scrubbing or brushing when you have this tech.

You can use the above-mentioned roof cleaners to wash the moss off. The roof cleaners which we enlisted can wash away your moss.


This absolute how-to and thorough guide will give you the best roof cleaners mind map. So, you can choose the best roof cleaner which is right for your job. Comment below if you have any queries left. Happy buying!

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