Top 15 Best Rated Tool Vest Reviews (2022)

All trade professionals have to deal with quite a load of tools and equipment. These tools won’t ideally fit into a tool belt or apron. Moreover, when you use these accessories, there are other limitations that motivate you to switch over to a tool tool vests

Top Tool Vest Reviews and Comparison

Top Pick for Tool Vest
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Unlike tool belts, tool vests:

  1. Are worn over the shoulders and not on the waist or hip.
  2. Provide even load distribution
  3. Can carry a wide assortment of tools and supplies
  4. Reduce physical discomfort of carrying heavy tools
  5. Are suitable for people with back pain and other health issues
  6. Are better organizers of the tools and supplies
  7. Have a number of pockets

So, it is safe to say that if you are a trade professional and haven’t already got yourself a tool vest or tool jacket, then it is high time that you consider buying one.

Stick around as we review the best-selling tool vests

Top Tool Vest Comparison

Product NameWaist”/SizePocketsMaterialBuy Now
1. Dickies work gear – tool vest 57023


32″- 50″9 Leather
Check Price
2. Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest28″-46″
28Occidental Leather Check Price
3. Stanley FMST530201 Fatmax Tool VestSmall to XL20,31Air mesh material Check Price
4. High Visibility Tool Vest with Built in Hydration Pouch40″ – 60″10,11Nylon Check Price
5. Holmes 10-3530-MHBLK tool vest28″-44″Multiple tool pocketsOxford fabric Check Price
6. Occidental Leather 2580 SuspendaVest 29″- 43″Multiple tool pocketsOccidental Leather Check Price
7. DURATOOL Lightweight Heavy Duty Tool VestSmall to XL16 Pocketsbreathable material Check Price
8. Gihuo Men’s Summer Outdoor Work Fishing Vest with Pocketsrefer to size16 Pockets Nylon Check Price
9. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest 40″-54″Numerous front pockets heavy-duty nylon Check Price
10. DEWALT DSV521-M Industrial Safety VestOne sizesolid Twill pocketspolyester mesh Check Price
11. Carhartt men’s high visibility tool vestM to XXLLeft-chest pocket with pen stall Polyester Check Price
12. High Visibility Pink Safety Vest For WomenSmall to Large7 multipolyester material Check Price
13. Milwaukee M12 Heated AXIS VestExtra Large2 hybrid AXIS Ripstop Polyeste Check Price
14. Blaklader Kangaroo Mesh Vest Large4,5Fabric: 65% polyester/35% cotton Check Price
15. Bosch WHV 09 Professional Tool Vest S to XXL5,6Fabric blend: 65% polyester/35% cotton Check Price
16. Atlas 46 JourneyMESH Open Pocket Magnetic tool vest32″ – 50″9,10Full fabric Check Price

Tool vests- what to look for?

There are certain features that you need to keep in mind while getting a tool vest for yourself. They are:
1. Pockets– the number and depth of the pockets on the tool vests depends upon the nature of your job or trade. Make sure to check the strength and reinforcements on the pockets if you are handling sharp or pointed tools and instruments.
2. Adjustable straps There are vests of different sizes and styles. Make sure to look whether the straps are adjustable for fitting it perfectly according to your body type. A perfect fit is essential for comfort and safety.
3. Breathability– quite often tool vests are made of heavy-duty or polyester material. It is important to have mesh fabric or ergonomically designed material for breathability. Otherwise, a tool vest will increase heat in the body and make it unsuitable to work with.
4. Safety features– There are certain safety features that are available on tool vests. This may include reflective strips, high visibility material or a bulletproof feature. If your work conditions involving working in the dark, then you ought to be careful to check for the safety features.
5. Price– always keep in mind that a good and efficient tool vest, especially with safety features will cost more. Low priced items may have certain drawbacks or limitations that you cannot account for when you work in hazardous or dangerous situations. Never compromise on the quality when looking for tool vests on sale.

Tradesmen who require tool vests

A skilled tradesman is a worker who relies majorly on his tools to specialize in a particular occupation and builds his/ her skills based on work experience. Electricians, carpenters, construction workers, painters, welders, plumbers, automotive mechanics, and industrial workers are only a few of the broad category of skilled workers.

Tool jackets or tool vests are hence, important to these people. If you belong to any of the skilled trades then it is always a good idea to regularly upgrade your tools. Revamping your tools also involves getting smarter and innovative appliances and accessories required for the job. Tool vests or tool jackets are a part of the modern tradesmen’s tools and accessories.

Here, we give a review of the top tool vests recommended for the top trade professionals

Tool vests for Carpenters

1. Dickies work gear – tool vest 57023

This holster belt is best designed to accommodate all basic tools.  It is very compact and can be carried around with ease. It is very stylish in design and one of the best models for men in gardening. The belt can be worn on the waist or on the hip as per your convenience. It is durable and waterproof in design.  This is a perfect gift for the person who loves gardening.

Things we love

• Padded suspenders with front adjustable straps
• Fits up to 50 inches waist size
• Steel double roller buckle
• Two-inch belt loop
• Carabiner for quick clip storage
• Heavy duty webbing handles
• Reinforced pockets and loops
• Made from Treated leather or durable woven canvas
• 9 pockets and hammer loop
• Comfortable to wear

Things we don’t love

• Straps that hold suspenders fall off easily

Tool vest for Electricians

2. Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest

Occidental leather is a well-known American brand in the field of tool jackets and safety tool vests. This oxy pro work vest from Occidental is the perfect option for the busy electrician. The wide shoulder design is most favorable for carrying heavy tools and for equal weight distribution. The brand features only high-quality workwear accessories and haS been in the business since 1980. More tool vests for electricians

Things we love

• Well known American brand
• Wide shoulder design
• Open back design
• Promotes air flow
• 28 pockets and tool holders
• Intuitive pockets of varying sizes
• Made from heavy duty material
• Sturdy and rigid tool vest system

Things we don’t love

• Top pockets don’t have clips- tools fall off

Tool vest for construction workers or builders

3. Stanley FMST530201 Fatmax Tool Vest

This amazing fatmax tool vest with pockets is the perfect choice for a construction worker or builder. This vest usually occupies the top position among tool vest reviews and is one of the best options for men. This is a high visibility tool vest as it has a light reflective strip for safety and better visibility in the dark.

Things we love

• Convenient access to tools and supplies
• Secure fit for almost any size
• Tool compartments of multiple sizes
• easy access to frequently used building tools
• adjustable shoulder straps
• durable, secure and versatile
• mesh material for free air movement
• special reinforcement for sharp tools and instruments used in building jobs
• light reflective strip

Things we don’t love

• no pocket flaps
• no separate pocket for tape measure or a speed square

Tool vest for plumbers

Plumbers usually have to carry around handy tools like hand wrenches, pipe cutters, swivel heads, tube cutters and such. Also, since they deal with water quite often, tool vests for plumbers must be waterproof to ensure durability.
Here is our pick on the best tool vest for plumbers.

4. High Visibility Tool Vest with Built in Hydration Pouch

This tool vest from Vest Tech, an American brand is ingeniously designed for plumbers, electricians and other similar trades. The tool vest is made from nylon, hence, is water resistant and also, resistant to daily wear and tear. It is comfortable to wear as the weight is evenly distributed on the upper torso.

Things we love

• Made from 1280D nylon
• 2-liter hydration pouch on the back
• Built-in back support belt
• Construction harness can be worn underneath the vest
• Customizable
• Adjustable around the chest
• High visibility tool vest
• Comes in XL size

 Things we don’t love

• Too bulky even after adjustment
• Quite expensive

Tool vest for a finish carpenter

Finish carpentry is the last stage in carpentry work of a home. It ideally involves final touches like installing crown molding, windows, stairs ,and other features that require aesthetic appeal in the construction of a building. Finish carpenters usually have to carry very few yet specific tools for the job.

5. Holmes 10-3530-MHBLK tool vest

This affordable tool belt has multiple tool pockets and pouches for easy organization and storage. The removable tool pouches are a highlight of this vest. The mesh fabric adds a cooling feature to the vest. Besides, the polyester fabric provides durability, especially while handling sharp tools required for finish carpentry.

Things we love

• Multiple tool pockets for easy access and organization
• Removable pouches
• Made of 100% polyester
• Reflective stripes
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Side straps
• Hammer loop and tape measure holder slot
• Breathable mesh fabric
• Hanging loop on back neckline
• Very light in weight to carry

Things we don’t love

• Zipper not durable as expected

Tool vests for framing jobs
Framing is basically the task of planning, constructing and building of the framework for a home. Framers work with either wood, steel, concrete or structured insulated panels. Hence, they require specific tools for the job which are usually sharp and pointed in nature.

6. Occidental Leather 2580 SuspendaVest

Occidental leather is well known for its quality standards in all their tool bags and accessories. This leather tool vest is handmade under high-quality standards. This tool vest is well suited for framing job specifications and can handle sharp and pointed tools with expertise.

Things we love

• 3-inch-wide leather belt with a tunnel loop
• Very versatile tool vest
• Wide padded shoulder with dri-lex lining to eliminate perspiration
• Well known American brand
• Very durable and long lasting
• Adjustable belt
• Easy and comfortable to wear
• Abrasion resistant material
• Plenty of pockets for efficient organization

Things we don’t love

• Heavy when full with tools and accessories

Tool vest for HVAC jobs
HVAC or Heating ventilation and AC technicians have to do tasks of that of an electrician, a plumber and many more. Hence, they are required to handle an assortment of tools for the trade. A tool vest fit to carry all their basic tools is a blessing for these technicians.
Here is a vest that is suited for HVAC and refrigeration technicians

7. DURATOOL Lightweight Heavy Duty Tool Vest

This lightweight tool vest from Duratool is a great tool organizer and tool carrier. It is made from a breathable fabric hence, is very comfortable to wear all day. The vest is totally adjustable for different sizes and even has reflective stripes for high visibility and safety. There are multiple pockets of varying sizes to carry all necessary HVAC tools and accessories.

Things we love

• 16 pockets for plenty of storage and organization
• Lightweight breathable material
• Air mesh material for excellent airflow
• Reflective strips on the front and back
• Reinforced for holding sharp tools and instruments
• Two bottom pouches are attachable
• High quality and durability • Lightweight
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Reasonable price

Things we don’t love

• Few pockets are too small and deep- hard to access the contents in them

Tool vest for fishing (waterproof tool vests)

People choose fishing as a hobby to relax from everyday work tensions. Alternatively, there are people who do fishing as a professional occupation. In both these cases, it is a good idea to have an efficient vest that is suitable for the job.

Here is a tool vest that is great to wear while going for fishing, hiking, riding a bike or even while going for a walk.

8. Gihuo Men's Summer Outdoor Work Fishing Vest with Pockets

This mesh style outdoor tool vest has many pockets of varying sizes to hold all your essential necessities while going fishing or any other outdoor activity. It is very durable and last for long. It is very comfortable to wear and comes in different colors to choose from.

Things we love

• Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton
• Waterproof
• 16 pockets of varying sizes
• Lightweight material
• Consistent and rigid stitching
• Keeps flat even without ironing
• Various colors and styles to choose from
• Available in different sizes
• 7 Velcro pockets for safe storage
• Zipper pockets
• Mesh fabric for breathability

Things we don’t love

• Not suitable for hot and humid season

Tool vests for tactical jobs
Tactical workwear constitutes a superior quality heavy duty vest that is worn over regular clothing for protection and a way to carry all gear required. People on military jobs, police, law enforcement, and ammunition training are often required to wear a tactical tool vest for self-protection and job efficiency. Such tactical vests are usually bulletproof vests and provide extreme safety.

9. UTG Law Enforcement Tactical SWAT Vest

This heavy-duty tactical tool vest from UTG is the most preferred and popular among tactical wear. This is a power carrier with multiple pouches and pockets for carrying pistols, magazines and cartridges or shells. It is very durable and very comfortable to wear. This tool jacket is also worn by people on other challenging tasks like forestry adventures, hunting and such.

Things we love

• Made from 900D rugged nylon construction
• Quilted for comfort
• Very durable and sturdy
• Can be adjusted to a minimum of 39” chest size
• Elastic Radio pouch
• Rifle, cartridge and mag pouches
• Rear hook and loop panel
• Elastic cords to adjust waist girth

Things we don’t love

• Not suitable for large sized people

Tool vest for high visibility jobs

High visibility tool vests are required for jobs like emergency services, heavy equipment and industrial workers, security personnel, road and rail workers, and surveyors. They are required to wear high visibility tool vests for safety reasons.

Here are our top picks on the best high visibility tool vests

10. DEWALT DSV521-M Industrial Safety Vest

DeWalt is the leading brand in power tools, equipment and industry gears like tool vests and bags. This innovative safety tool vest from DeWalt is made of 100% reflective polyester material for extreme safety at risky occupations. This yellow tool vest is very durable and lasts for long.

Things we love

• 100% high visibility reflective polyester material
• Solid twill pockets
• Zipper closure
• Dual mic tabs at the shoulders
• 2” parallel heat transfers segmented tape
• 3” contrasting black trim detail
• Known brand name
• Stith reinforced pockets
• Heavy webbing

Things we don’t love

• Oversized- not suitable for small sized people

11. Carhartt men’s high visibility tool vest

This vest from Carhartt is specifically designed for job site safety. It is made of 100% polyester. Hence, is very durable and fit for machine wash. It is designed in mesh fabric and is midweight. The vest is ideal for all-day comfort and high visibility on the job.

Things we love

• 100% polyester material
• Very durable and long lasting
• Reflective high-visibility fabric
• Polyester mesh for breathability
• On/off hook and loop front closure
• Left chest pocket with pen stall
• Triple-stitched seams
• 3M Scotch lite reflective material
• Well-known brand

Things we don’t love

• Velcro fasteners not very durable
• Few numbers of pockets

Tool vest for ladies

Today women work in diverse occupations. It is not uncommon to see ladies working in the construction field, police, emergency services, landscaping, security, and airports. In such circumstances, they are required to wear tool vests for safety purposes. What could be more interesting than safety tool vests that are specifically designed for girl power!

Here is our pick on the leading women’s tool vests

12. High Visibility Pink Safety Vest For Women

this pink safety vest from Hivizi is designed with 100% reflective material and has reflective strips for added safety on the worksite. It is a multi-pocket tool vest with zippers on some pockets. It is available in different sizes to choose from according to your body type.

Things we love

• Pink color specifically designed for ladies
• Reflective vest
• 2 vertical and 2 horizontal reflective stripes of 2” width in thickness
• 7 multifunction pockets with varying sizes
• 1 pocket with zipper closure
• 1 pocket with hook and loop
• Proper fit according to size
• Made of 100% polyester material
• Very durable and waterproof
• affordable

Things we don’t love

• material is thin

Tool vest for people working in extreme cold weather conditions

Outdoor work is very difficult for people working in places with extremely cold weather. As a result, their efficiency in their job decreases or they may not even be able to start working in these conditions. There are tool vests specifically designed for such purposes.

Here is a tool vest recommended for such workers on cold job sites

13. Milwaukee M12 Heated AXIS Vest

Heated vests or vest kits are ideally suited to protect from the cold and weather on the job site. This heated tool vest is powered by red lithium battery technology and distributes heat to the chest, back and shoulders evenly. This Milwaukee heated tool vest is made of polyester and is lightweight and compressible in design.

Things we love

• Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Battery Technology
• Carbon fiber heating element for even distribution of heat
• Single touch LED controller
• 3 heat settings
• Quick heat function
• Hybrid AXIS ripstop polyester material
• Lightweight
• Compressible
• Can be worn inside or outside clothing
• The Kit comes with charger and M12 battery

Things we don’t love

• Bulky when inflated- uncomfortable for tedious jobs

Other best-rated tool vests (2019)

14. Blaklader Kangaroo Mesh Vest

This tool vest form Blaklader is less flashy and simple in design. Nonetheless, it has a number of useful features. It is very comfortable to wear and very light in weight. The breathable fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton and hence, is very durable. It snugly fits on to the body and is easy to wear even over bulky clothing.

Things we love

• Front and back mesh fabric
• Plenty of pockets for tools, phone ,and pens
• Snug fit for safety
• Double zipper construction
• Made of 60% polyester and 30% cotton
• Breathable fabric
• Very comfortable to wear
• Pockets on the back

Things we don’t love

• Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs and rough handling

15. Bosch WHV 09 Professional Tool Vest

Bosch professional offers high quality and industry standard design in all their products, including this tool vest. This vest is highly versatile and fit for many craftsman jobs. This is an innovative and smart solution for accessibility, storage and portability of your tools and accessories.

Things we love

• Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton
• Very durable material fabric
• Light weight- only 260 grams
• Available in different sizes
• Padded and extra wide shoulder straps
• Abrasion resistant
• Perfect snug fit
• 11 different sized pockets
• Reinforced pockets

Things we don’t love

• Lower pockets are not subdivided for efficient organization

16. Atlas 46 JourneyMESH Open Pocket Magnetic tool vest

This open pocket tool vest is a light weight tool vest and a very good tool carrier. It is highly versatile and can be used for many jobs. This vest from Atlas 46 is highly durable and can be customized as per the users’ needs. The front open cargo pockets and the magnetic strip are the highlights of this vest which provides for easy accessibility and efficient organization of tools.

Things we love

• Magnetic strip to hold tools
• Rugged 1000D Cardura construction
• Padded shoulder harness straps
• Slotted webbing for attachable pouch
• Spot for heating and cooling packs
• Seamless and large zippered pocket
• Swivel clips
• Adjustable back and waist straps
• Loop for suspender attachment
• Expandable triple front cargo pockets
• Covered flaps for back pockets

Things we don’t love

• Open pockets may result in spillage of tools when bending over

Q/A section

      1. Do we need to have Tool vests or tool pouches vs belts vs aprons?

      Tool carriers or power carriers are advised for all trades that require handling of a various number of tools. This helps the tradesman to be efficient on the job as all the tools are easily accessible and perfectly organized. The person doesn’t have to walk around and waste time to pick tools if he/she has a tool vest, tool pouch, tool belt or apron.

      Tool vests or pouches are designed with special focus on even distribution of weight and more storage and organization options. Tool belts and aprons turn out to be difficult to physical hurdle in the long run and also can carry fewer tools.

      1. how to make a leather tool vest DIY?

      It is easy to make a stylish DIY tool vest that is customized for your choice of hand tools. If you are an ardent DIYer, then this leather tool vest is for you! Get 1/8” leather material from any leather supply store. You also need wax strips, nylon and rivets ,and buckles.

      Cut the leather strip to fit your waist. Also, make incisions for tool pouches. Sew in the remaining leather strip to cover the shoulder and chest. You can design and cut leather pouches for your customized tools and supplies. Fit in button snaps or Velcro as per your choice. It is easy to make a handmade tool vest with practice and precision.

      1. What is a dog tool vest?

      Many times, when you go hiking or trekking, your dog often joins you. There are tool vests specifically designed for your dog to help you in carrying the essential necessities. This tool vest is designed for ergonomic touch on the dog and doesn’t offer much strain.


If you are a person working in trades or occupations that involve a number of tools. Or if you are working in hazardous and low light conditions. Or you work often involves using both hands while on the job. Then, we recommend that you get a good quality tool vest. You can refer this buying guide for choosing tool vests required for your specific job trade. Also, explore more on the internet for options. A tool vest will definitely add to your arsenal of tools and accessories for getting the job done most efficiently and quickly.

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