Top 10 Best Rated Gardening Tool Belts (2022)

Best gardening Tool belts for Daily Use

In this article, we talk about the best gardening tool belts which is helpful when you do gardening. Hobbies are always the best getaway from the hectic and monotonous daily life. Among the plenty of hobbies that people choose from, gardening is the most popular and preferred.

You won’t have to think hard to get the answer to why!
Though labor-intensive and time-consuming, the end results are itself the motivation factor to stick to the hobby.
So, if you are a person who loves gardening and admire the potential of this hobby, then we say you read through as we discuss things that are important.

Any hobby, let alone gardening, becomes more of a chore than a hobby if not done with passion. Having plants in and around the house has quite essentially become a trend and more of a necessity today. Keeping that in mind, you cannot ignore the importance of the right tools and equipment. It is literally a waste of time and energy to run around every time to grab a gardening tool. All the required tools should be within the hand’s reach to make things easier. We here List some of the best gardening Tool belts available on the Market.

Top Pick for gardening tool belts
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The Top 10 gardening tool belts
Here, we have compiled a list of the best and most popular among tool belts fit for gardening, which can even be used for cleaning purposes.
Gardening isn’t only a man’s job! There are a number of women who are experts in the field and many aspire to become one. So, if you are a woman who thinks that gardening belts are all “macho” and only designed for men, then think again. Stick around as we review the best-selling women’s gardening belts too!gardening tool belts

Top Gardening Tool Belts Comparison

Product NameWaist”/SizePocketsMaterialBuy Now
1.Garden Tool Belt


29″- 43″7,8Water proof material
Check Price
2.FASITE YL003F 7-POCKET Gardening Tools Belt27″-30″
20Wear-resistant waterproof Check Price
3.Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt31″ to 53″20,31Plastic clasps Check Price
4.Handy Helper Tool Belt, Organizer, Carrier for Garden29″- 44″3,4Heavy-Duty Suede Check Price
5.Geboor Gardening Tool Waist Bag Belt26″- 43″7,8Oxford fabric Check Price
6. Tommyco 44020 Little Garden Belt29″- 43″4Polyester Check Price

1. Garden tool belt by gardener’s phone pack

This holster belt is best designed to accommodate all basic tools.  It is very compact and can be carried around with ease. It is very stylish in design and one of the best models for men in gardening. The belt can be worn on the waist or on the hip as per your convenience. It is durable and waterproof in design.  This is a perfect gift for the person who loves gardening.

What we love

• Plastic line pocket for sharp tools like pruners and scissors
• Deeper pockets to prevent spillage
• Waterproof material
• Large pocket for bigger objects like phone, water bottle, etc.
• 1-1/2” wide webbed belt
• Heavy-duty clasp
• Key clip to hold keys
• Easy to wash and maintain

What we don’t love

• Material is stiff and sturdy

2. FASITE YL003F 7-POCKET Gardening Tools Belt

This amazing gardening tool belt is from Fasite, leading tool bag and belt producer in China. It is waterproof and resistant to daily wear and tear. This is owed to the 600D polyester fabric thickening material used in its production. The hanging bag can help to improve efficiency in your work and helps to protect and carry tools more easily. This tool belt comes in an attractive green color that is suitable for both men and women.

What we love

• 7 wide open pockets for storage and organizing tools
• Open- weave material sheds water and soil
• Made of 600D polyester fabric thickening material
• Adjustable waist straps
• Available with or without reflective feature

What we don’t love

• Pockets are not deep enough resulting in spillage of tools

3. Esschert Design Garden Tool Belt

This is a very economical option for an efficient tool belt for gardening. The grey and green color combination is very attractive and suitable for men and women gardeners. The adjustable belt can be worn by people of any body size. It is made of very durable material, hence is most suited for use in the garden and yard. Esschert design is an American brand that is focused on tools and equipment for gardening.

What we love

• Wide pockets
• Adjustable strap
• Compartment for markers
• Plastic clasps
• Pockets are deep
• Made of heavy canvas material, hence, waterproof
• Thick canvas hence sturdy and durable

What we don’t love

• Quite bulky in size

4. Handy Helper Tool Belt, Organizer, Carrier for Garden from the helper brandsl

This is a versatile tool belt that is fit for use, both in and out of the house. The handy helper is a great accessory to keep your tools and supplies at the nearest reach. The belt is best designed with deep pockets to hold all the hand tools, hence ideal for gardening. It is 100% customizable because of the adjustable feature and very easy to wash and maintain. The black color is suitable for both men and women.

  What we love

• Versatile
• Lightweight
• Machine washable
• Made from Soft and light material
• Add-on bags available
• Towel/ tool loop
• Adjustable
• Easy to wear
• Machine washable cotton fabric
• No metal or plastic used in the design

 What we don’t love

• Quite expensive compared to other belts

5. Geboor Gardening Tool Waist Bag Belt

This heavy-duty garden tool belt is made of oxford fabric that is very durable and washable. The belt has 7 pockets in the front and back. The pockets are of varying sizes and depths and hence, can hold any kind of tools. The fabric will not add heat while worn in summer and is favorite among many gardeners today. This belt from Geboor is designed for both men and women gardeners.

What we love

• Made of high-quality oxford fabric
• Seven pockets of differing size and depth
• Five pockets in the front and two at the back
• Adjustable belt stay fastened while at work
• The loop on one pocket to hold tools tightly
• Three shallow grilling pockets to hold small contents
• Lightweight
• Hook on one pocket to hang keys

What we don’t love

• Pockets are wide with no seal to keep closed

There are people who suffer from back pain and other medical issues. They find it difficult to use a tool belt as all the weight is usually concentrated on the waist and hips. In such circumstances, it is advisable to  a tool apron. This allows the weight of the tools and supplies to be distributed evenly to a large part of the torso. Thus, it is a convenient and easy way to carry supplies in the household set up.

Here, we give a review of the best selling work apron for versatile jobs including cleaning chores.

6. Tommyco 44020 Little Garden Belt

This belt pouch is perfect for newbies at gardening who needs to keep only a few of the very basic tools in hand while at work. This simple yet sturdy holster belt is made from polyester material, hence is very durable. The adjustable belt is suitable for sizes till 45 1/2 inches. It is very comfortable to wear and lightweight. The belt can be moved to the side or back as per convenience. This is an affordable choice of product from the Tommy co-brand.

 What we love

Made from high-quality polyester material
• Very durable
• Lightweight
• Adjustable webbed belt
• Minimal in size
• Sturdy and strong clasp/buckle
• Very practical

What we don’t love

• Netted pocket not fit for sharp tools like pruners and scissors
• Buckle difficult to unfasten

Gardening tool belt for women
All the lady gardeners out there, it is high time you buy a women’s holster belt that is specifically designed for girl power! Also, check some women tool belts. Here are a few of our picks.

Pink Tool Belt for Women

It is always easy to carry around a soft bag than a heavy duty hard top box. This collapsible tote bag from McGuire Nicholas is quintessentially a toolbox in function but made of a softer material for easy handling and convenience. This open tool tote is sturdy and handy as a cleaning tool bag.  It helps to carry quite a lot of cleaning tools and supplies.

What we love

• 6 deep pockets
• 2 metal hammer hooks
• Adjustable waist strap
• Strong clasp
• Made of heavy-duty material
• Available in kids’ size

What we don’t love

• Not suitable for large sized people

Pink tool pouch belt from Hawk

This nylon belt in the pink color is an ideal choice for the lady gardener! It has few yet sturdy and functional pockets. It fits sizes from 28-50 inches in waist and is suitable for almost anybody. It is easy to carry and lightweight.

What we love

  • Metal hamper holder
  • Tape measure holder
  • Special sheath for a knife
  • Two roomy pockets on the side
  • Double stitching and rivets
  • Very durable

What we don’t love

• Suede material rubs off on clothing

Tiffany blue adjustable gardening belt from Vixen

This stylish and durable adjustable belt from Vixen is ideal for gardening jobs. The pockets are deep enough to hold hand tools like the hand shovel and pruners. It is very versatile and can be used for other purposes like cleaning also.

What we love

  • Strong canvas belt
  • Stylish- tiffany blue color
  • 10 pockets for storage
  • Adjustable poly web belt
  • Fits waist sizes from 21.5 to 44 inches
  • Durable

What we don’t love

• Belt not that rigid or sturdy

There are gardeners out there who prefer an apron over a tool belt.
Here is our pick of the best-selling apron in the market.

Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron

This durable work apron is very versatile and perfect for gardening jobs. It ensures all-day comfort as the cross-back strap design eliminates neck pain. It can be customized to wear and is a full coverage apron. The versatile tool pockets can hold contents small and bog. There are no bulky pockets at the waist and is designed to distribute the weight equally over a large portion of the body.

What we love

  • Cross back strap design
  • Made from 16oz waxed canvas material
  • Water resistant and rugged
  • Reinforced with heavyweight gunmetal rivets
  • Double stitched pockets
  • Full coverage bib apron
  • Large easy access pockets
  • Sleet matte black color
  • Versatile work apron

What we don’t love

• Quite expensive compared to tool belts

Gardening tool holder- why to have one?

  1. It is the best solution for easy access to the tools required for the job.
  2. It is great for keeping basic essentials organized.
  3. It is very convenient to carry around the tools- Not much effort required.
  4. Tool belts can pretty much carry anything- a mobile phone, a water bottle or even a notepad and pen.

So, which are the basic gardening tools required?

  1. Hand pruner: this tool comes very much in handy when you have to cut or prune branches or leaves.
  2. Hand Rake: This is used to turn the soil and smoothen it. Weeds and debris can be removed with this tool.
  3. Hand shovel: This is the most versatile and multipurpose gardening tool. It is used for digging, turning the soil and even transplanting.
  4. Scissors: They are handy when it comes to precision pruning and snipping.
  5. Weeder: They are used to pull out tough weeds even from the hardest of soil and the most delicate spots in the garden.
  6. Gloves: hand tools are tough to handle and may hurt your hands. It is always better to use a pair of gloves while working.

You may be a beginner at gardening or an expert who has been in the job for a while. A gardening tool belt is highly recommended in both cases. They are super-efficient and easy to carry.

gardening tool beltsSo, which are the best gardening tool belts?

The best garden tool holders or belts are the ones that:
1. Have enough number of pockets to hold tools
2. Are built of sturdy material that can withstand any working condition
3. Durable and long-lasting
4. Lightweight and easy to carry around.
5. Protects tools from getting lost in the garden

Q/A section

1. Which is better- an apron or a tool belt?
Tool belts are often tied around the waist or hip. As a result, all the weight including that of the tools lie on the area specifically. However, while wearing an apron, the weight is more or less distributed on a larger portion of the torso. This is ideally recommended for people with back pain and other health issues.

2. How to use a bucket tool belt for gardening?
For expert gardeners and other trade professionals, it may be necessary to carry around a large number of tools and heavy equipment. In such cases, it is literally impossible to rely on a simple tool belt or tool apron. Bucket tool belt or caddy style belt is designed in the shape of a bucket and holds more 100 different tools. You can fit it over a bucket and use it while on the job.

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