Complete Guide About How To Sand Wood Furniture?

How To Sand Wood Furniture?

How To Sand wood Furniture

Furniture is probably a clickbait in everyone’s home. It is a piece of artifact which carries loads of memories and your capital investment. You want this paraphernalia to never take its last breath. Wouldn’t you, right? And why would you? I mean if you have that top-notch capacity to flare up your chattels, then I must say, GO FOR IT!

So, refurbing your furniture isn’t a BIG DEAL… JEEZ! You all can do it and defo the DIYers. Don’t be like those procrastinators who keep staring at those bundle-of-bucks invested defective addition. Of course, there is an option to get a whole new chapter into your decent-looking house. But as I said above what are you gonna do with your memory-driven amenities.

Thus, I came up with the bottommost option just for you guys. In this heuristic tutorial, I’ll guide you that how to sand wood furniture? How to refinish furniture? And… there is much more for you. Be my scroll stopper and let’s see what’s next I’m going to tell you! 

How to Refinish Furniture?

Sprucing your old wood furniture is a total mirthfulness. I mean imagine that this transformed piece becomes a statement of your house. But be mindful of the fact that doesn’t rush in expressing your creativity in this furniture piece as it leads to stripping which you don’t want. Save some of your bucks by doing this DIY and head-on with some relaxing tunes.

Certainly, you want a good start-up and for that, you need a proper set of guidelines. Don’t worry you’re at the right place as we’ll go through this time-consuming task. Have a look at these ten steps by which you get better-luster furniture. check out guide to metal sanding

Initiate the procedure by applying mineral spirits

You’re probably thinking that why mineral spirits? Well, mineral spirit for a bit percolates through the wood and reveals its kinda original finish. But remember this can last temporarily and after its single coat you get a notion that what should be your forthcoming step. PS the step didn’t impair your furniture. After its application, there are two ways of either doing the last thing or going for some other steps to restore your wood piece.

So, after its usage you get the old luster back then there’s no need to fret at all. You just need to wipe the surface with a cleaner and then smear an oil-based finisher. But if the mineral spirit didn’t work out you need to step towards other major steps.

Make your wood surface as Clean as a whistle

Wash your wood furniture with a soapy water solution. What magic spell it does? It removes all the years old filth and helps to rejuvenate obviously not the old luster but defo assist the whole process.

For that, you need a liquid Ivory dish soap mixed with water. And Ready steady goes with that mixture! Pro tip: apply the upper surface with a smooth sponge or lint-free cloth with light handedness. For molds and curves in your furniture go with a paintbrush but don’t use a bristle brush. After using the lint-free cloth go with the tacky cloth to remove the rest of the muck.

Just scrub its surface a little and then wipe it with a clean towel. Afterward, leave it for drying for an hour or so. This technique will give your wood Stainer and conditioner a reason for adherence.

Want to give it a third-degree? For sure, yes!

After brushing the grime off you can examine the defaults in your furniture. For instance, if you find some white permanent wood stain in ring form then don’t panic as you can get rid these nightmares of. What do you need to do? Buy a box of petroleum jelly and then spread it all over the ring. You need to leave it for about 24 hours. So, what it does? Petroleum jell will induce into the wood and make that faded ring less visible.

There can be another way around, you can go with a Homax White Ring Remover or Liberon Ring Remover and see if it fixes it.

Knock them off! Who? THE SENILE FINISH!

Get yourself a scrapper to remove that grizzled topping. Get yourself a straightedge razor to confiscate most of the old polishing without bruising the core. So, here is the trick for which you all are waiting!

First fix the razor into the paint scrapper. Then cloak a layer of masking tape in the corners of the razer and bend it to make it a curve. What is the purpose of tape? It makes the razor pull off from the wood surface and it didn’t come in direct contact with the surface. Also, it prevents from extorting the wood. Grip the blade in an upright position and then start scraping off.

The curve in the blade is necessary as it maintains the penetration of the paint scraper. And if you tilt the razor, you’ll be able to confiscate thin layers of paint or finishing.

What to do with a Chemical Stripper?

You might have heard the name ‘chemical strippers’ and you know what? It’s the most untroubled method around town. So, what are the steps that you need to make sure of while using it? Mostly, it just needs to be mixed with water. Just double-check the manufacturer’s directions before spreading it. Then, get a normal size paintbrush and apply the solution smoothly to the required region. Lastly, remove the outer layer using a plastic scraper or a smooth, round-edged malleable knife before soaking it out for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Because now the surface might become soft and it could be easily removable.

Epoxy stepped into the breach of astray wood

After applying all sorts of strippers, you may get some missing veneer or chip of wood. But don’t frown your eyebrows on that you can fix them epoxy putty aka wood filler. Apply it to the damaged site and leave it for 5-10 minutes. When it gets tough, which normally takes a few hours, you can mold and stain it the way you want your wood furniture to look. You can with Quickwood and KwikWood blend swiftly with the surface.

Catalyzing the process of Sanding

After removing the outer finish head-on for a smoother finish. This is done by none other than sandpaper either manual or electric one. Use the sanding block with a grit of 220. I recommend hand one because the electric one has more pressure and it could damage if mishandles. This is for flat surfaces but for furniture curves you need to use a thick sponge having attached sandpaper.

Mucilage the broken pieces

Wanna use a coater like priming wood? It’s none other than the sanding sealer which not only is used as paint but also be applied after stains and gives a smooth even finish coat rather than several coated. So how do you need to use it? While applying the sealer you first need a smaller size paintbrush to initially brush the region and then wipe it with a piece of cloth. Then, you need to shake the can sealer thoroughly and afterward apply thin coats to the surface. While doing this you can use a paintbrush ranging from small to medium size. Also, make sure to not fill or puddle it in decorative grooves. Lastly, to wipe the excess off, wait for the sealer to dry it out completely and then use rage or grit sandpaper in direction of the coated texture. Furthermore, you can also use a clean fabric to wipe the area.

Stain or Paint: whichever you chose!

Keep this fact in your mind that first stain then a paint. And before doing this do sanding for less than 5 minutes but make sure to sand not so much. Because the surface gets too sleeked then the paint will not stick to the surface. Hence, give your surface some tooths, NOT TO BITE BUT FOR STICKING! 

So, mix stain and apply the coat with a paintbrush on your outdoor furniture or dining table. Dip the applicator in the stain and go for it with a thin layer. Leave it to dry and clean the excess with a lint-free cloth. When applying the strainer’s each coat does sanding in parallel with a grit of 220. This causes the stain to set evenly. Layers of stain are directly proportional to the color you want.

If you want your furniture price to look vibrant then you can with vivid paint color. But after applying that you need to go for a de-glosser in a circular motion which is a kind of liquid glue that helps paint to get stick to the surface.

Daub the Finish

Looking for a sealer to get that finish look after several stains? Don’t you worry as you can use the polyurethane with a fabric or a small to the medium-sized paintbrush and spread it evenly along the direction of the texture on the surface? But there are some tips and tricks you need to follow. You need to start with a corner of the region so that you can follow the painting pattern consistently without any bare spots. then make sure you are holding the brush vertically while using it. Also, you can overlap brushstrokes while moving to the next region. Lastly, you need to make that it’s dried up as it might usually take some time. Further, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface and remove the debris or any residue with a cloth or a brush. What’s more, you can coat at times as you think it’s needed.


You can sand wood furniture by a random orbital sander for the flat surface having a grit of 220. For the curves, you need to go for sanding paper which is of 50-60 grit.

The swift technique of sanding wood furniture is the random orbital sander. But I would recommend this when you get pro in your DIY business. But if you’re not then for the first-timer go with sandpaper or sand block. PS, don’t rush as it ruins the way you want your furniture to be.

Both have different functions. Stripping is done when your outer layer is 50-70% damaged and you want to get rid of it. Sanding is the process by which you smooth out your surface and get rid of those scratches or minor dents. Thus, sanding or stripping depends on the condition of your furniture

for stripping you can go with a razor or a chemical stripper. Its steps are mentioned above. For sanding, you can go with the random orbital sander or sandpaper, or even a sanding block.


I hope that this tutorial guide will help you that how to sand wood furniture. I’m sure that if you follow our above step-by-step- guide then you’ll get a lustrous and sleek surface of your faded wood furniture! So, we are waiting for your response please leave them below in our comment section.

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