Scaffolders Tool Belt Review & Features | UK Made (2022)

Scaffolders tool belt is a great and a handy way to carry your tools with your hands being busy. It’s compact, easy to handle and can easily be carried around tied to your waste. It is very useful in places where you can’t carry the entire tool storage bags. You can simply add your needed tools to the Toolbelt kit and start working at any location. Scaffolders tool belt kits comes in different capacities, shapes, and sizes, which may or may not contain premium metal tools. The one we are here to talk about can be purchased

Scaffolding Tool Belt Set With Tools – Premium Tan Leather – Made in the UK – Connell of Sheffield

Scaffolders Tool BeltThis is a 4 piece Scaffolders tool belt kit, which has been made with the highest quality tanned leather from the UK and comes in a beautiful orange color. It has been designed for maximum functionality and is very handy for any professional as it comes with a set of premium made tools. The quality of this product can be determined with the fact, that the company provides a guarantee against any faulty material being used and manufacturing defects. This makes sure that the customer receives a well-made product at the time of purchasing it.

Built Quality and Size

The built quality of this product is top-notch, and it has been precision cut to adjust tools. The strap of the product will be 2 inches wide to provide strength and firmness to the belt and can fit around a waist size of 44’’ inches, which is great as it will fit almost everyone. It provides a great fit and a lot of comfort while wearing it. The fit of this belt is good and you will not feel the weight of the tools pulling it down. Overall, the built quality is great and the size fitting is almost right for everyone.

What tools does it provide and How many can it carry?

This product is a 4 piece Scaffolder tool belt kit. It has four sections that can carry 4 different tools, the most common tools that are required almost everywhere.

  • It has a double spanner frog, level holder, and a large tape holder.
  • It contains an IMN stainless steel scaffold spanner – swing over style, It’s dimensions are 7/16w (21mm). It is bi-hex socket and has a poka handle.
  • The second tool it contains is a priory ratchet Podger spanner, which is made of steel and is powder-coated orange finish. It has the dimensions of 21mm (7/16w) bi-hex head with flick switch and has a cranked taper square podger handle.
  • Third equipment is Stabila 10″ (25cm) rare earth magnetic level – powerful rare earth magnets which are accurate to 0.5mm/m.
  • It has a 5m (16ft) pocket tape measure which has high accuracy (EC2), blade lock, belt clip, and a wrist strap.

How useful it is?

Scaffolders Tool Belt kit is a very handy piece of utility that can easily carry your tools without adding any extra weight. The tool belt is very useful in cases where one needs to work and keep his tools close to him as well. While working you can simply pull out your tools from the belt and keep it back in, without the worry of it getting damaged or lost. Also, since you do not need to carry it in your hands, it is very handy. It will simply settle over your waist, with the tools and you will not feel much weight and discomfort while carrying it around. It is also useful in cases where the professional are levitated from the ground and they have to carry the tools with him. While being levitated, they can simply carry the essential tools and keep them in the tool belt. Check our guide and get details on electrician tool belts for sale.

</p> <h4>PROS</h4> <p>

  • Easy to manage 4 piece tool belt with a set of premium tools.
  • Made of High quality tanned leather from the UK.
  • Made from leather and steel and comes in a brushed orange color.
  • The Toolset is made up of high-quality metal
  • 2-inch wide strap give durability and strength to the belt
  • Can fit up to a waist size of 44’’, that makes it suitable for most individuals.

</p> <h4>CONS</h4> <p>

  • Can only carry up to 4 tools at once
  • Not useful for those who need to carry more than 6-7 tools at a time
  • Not available for people in a larger size than 44’’.


The Scaffolders Tool Belt is a great utility belt for managing tools, without getting your hands busy. It is very useful for a professional who wants to carry minimal tools and wants mobility at the same time. The belt discards the need for carrying bigger tool boxes at some places where the work can be completed with a handful of tools. The build quality is among the best as it is made from tanned leather in the UK. Overall, if you are thinking of a compact and easy to use tool belt that comes with a set of premium metal tools, then you can go for Scaffolders tool belt.

More options in the market and check more Reviews

Although this product is good for those who want a high-quality tool belt, there are always more and similar options that one can check out. Scaffold Brown Leather 6PCS Tool Belt with Hammer Holder Steel Saddle is another option one can check if your requirements of carrying more tools are the priority. This tool kit is made up of good quality material and hs 2 leather frogs. It can carry up to 6 tools at one time and can fit up to a waist size of 48’’. It is a lightweight tool belt with 1 Tape Measure Holder, Level Holder, and Hammer Holder. If you are looking for a tool belt with higher capacity and fitting for a larger size, then this can be your go-to product. Both these products are valued for money and will fulfill all your requirements.

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