Top 5 Best Gloves For Roofing Reviews with Table (2022)

 Top 5 Best Gloves For Roofing 

Best Gloves For Roofing

Roofing professionals are highly prone to injuries and cuts as they handle sharp tools and accessories. Hence, protective gloves are necessary to keep their hands safe from injuries. At no point in time will a pair of branded and quality roofing gloves will cause any impact on your work or compromise the dexterity on your fingers.

Since the market is filled with a lot of roofing gloves, roofing professionals are left in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best roofing gloves. So, we have come up with this buying guide after reviewing many gloves on the market. This buying guide will showcase the best roofing gloves for professionals and will assist them in making an informed decision when buying one. Check our ultimate guide to choose top roofing tools.

In this buying guide, we’ll look at :

  • What Are Roofing Gloves?
  • Types of Roofing Gloves
  • Best Gloves For Roofing
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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What are Roofing Gloves?

Roofing gloves are a pair of protective construction gloves used by roofing professionals to protect their hands from sharp tools and accessories. While roofing professionals handle various roofing materials, tools, shingles and asphalt, its very common to hurt their fingers at one point or the other. But with the aid of these roofing gloves, they can feel relaxed and never worry about that their fingers will during their line of work. Moreover, some gloves even provide roofing professionals with additional grip and support when lifting or working with large materials like shingles and asphalt.

Types of Roofing Gloves

Are you looking for the best roofing gloves, then you need to understand that roofing gloves come in various types including:

  • Leather Gloves
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Lined Gloves
  • Clute Cut Gloves
  • Reversible Gloves
  • Gunn Cut Gloves

Let’s look at every kind of roofing glove in detail below:

Leather Gloves

The majority of roofing professionals will agree for the fact that the leather gloves are the perfect roofing gloves. They are highly regarded for their toughness, stability, added grip and durability. Leather material is generally tough and provides the needed protection for your hands.

At no point in time, the gloves would act as a hindrance to work.  One can buy leather gloves in various varieties including grain cowhide and grain pigskin. Leather gloves provide the perfect foil to protect your hands from cuts, punctures and other injuries. Another advantage of using leather gloves is that these gloves are good at retaining the heat and warmth inside the gloves for a long time. This works great for roofing professionals working in extremely cold weather during winter or while working on winter roofing or tin roofing. It also works really well in hot  weather conditions too.

Cut-resistant Gloves

As the name suggests, these gloves are resistant to cuts and if you are handling very sharp materials and require an additional layer of protection to your hands, then you can go for these cut-resistant gloves. Augurs well for metal roofing.

Lined Gloves

It also helps to choose gloves that come with liners as these features can further improve the gear’s ability to handle the threats associated with roofing. Glove liners are actually great because they are multipurpose. One function of the liner used in the glove is to offer extra warmth, especially if you work during cold weather.

Clute Cut Gloves

That is just another sort of roof glove that can be categorized depending on the pattern used on the glove. It’s really the most well-known pattern employed for work gloves assembled from flannel fabric. Within this routine, you’ll observe that the glove’s palms arrive at a seam-free single-piece layout.

Reversible Gloves

That is just another pattern employed in some varieties of roof gloves. This is sold in the kind of a routine using a thumb located on each side of the glove, so letting you wear it on either side of your palms.

Gunn Cut Gloves

One other pattern of roof glove which you can select is your Gunn cut. This particular pattern can be utilized for gloves made from leather. It’s mostly because of the simple fact that the leather stuff facing your fingers will stretch to get approximately 2/3 of their manner surrounding all your palms. This is beneficial in eliminating any vulnerable seams in the region where hands wear frequently occurs.


1. Maxiflex Ultimate Work Gloves

These are our favorite choice because of their superior quality, that’s why their cost is somewhat more significant (but still reasonable).

MaxiFlex Ultimate are ultra-skinny work gloves, created from a unique mix of substances including micro-foam nitrile, and easy knit nylon.

This exceptional mixture of substances creates the glove 360 amounts breathable. Unlike other goods, MaxiFlex breathes on the rear of the palm, in addition to one front.

The maker was able to make them thin and breathable without compromising durability. They are designed to resist the abuse and will survive more compared to other nitrile gloves that can be found in the industry.

The amount of versatility, tactility, and dexterity is outstanding, it enables you to really feel like as you are working together with your bare hands.

They are not made for impact protection for trimming protection.


  • They’re comfy to wear daily and therefore are made to present an ergonomic and skin-safe match.
  • Nitrile coating harmonious with mild oils and supply superb traction and abrasion resistance
  • Total breathability with miniature foam coat which makes the most breathable around the marketplace
  • Minimizes hand fatigue


  • Wears out quickly
  • Cuff seems to roll up automatically sometimes

2. SHOWA Atlas Natural Rubber Gloves

These SHOWA roof gloves are famous for their normal rubber glove structure. This can be specially designed, which leads a great deal to enable people feel truly comfy.

This is because this ergonomic design helps to ensure that the real bend of your palms will be duplicated, thus lowering your chance of feeling tiredness on your hands. This may also boost the degree of security and comfort throughout the whole path of shielding your hands.

One more favorable quality of the organic rubber glove out of SHOWA is it is versatility. It’s, hence, flexible, showcasing the way it can serve many functions and purposes, such as but not restricted to, roof, general upkeep, builder function, small parts construction, and hard lifting.

Having said that, I’m convinced to say it is a specialist glove when it comes to multitasking, which makes it a really wonderful add-on to your arsenal. The organic rubber substance used in creating this working glove also supplies a positive advantage chiefly due to its flexibility and elasticity. In addition, this structure is strong and promises to make available a safe grip.


  • Highly elastic
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasive-resistant
  • Flexible design


  • No breathability

3. NoCry Cut-resistant Work Gloves

These gloves are made using level-5 security grade materials that are known for their high resistance capabilities. They can also be used for large scale cooking and food preparation activities. Grade 5 security is just one of the greatest degrees of resistant materials readily available on the current market, and such glasses are 4 times more durable than leather.

Not just that but they’ve exceptional grips that could take care of all sorts of tools, items, and actions from your kitchen. The glasses have a comfortable fit that offers maximum control without the fear of them moving or slipping out of your palms.

Cut-resistant gloves from Nocry are lightweight and comfy which makes them among the greatest kinds of security with no annoyance or majority that could interfere with your job. The content is 100% food secure without any worries about contamination or tiny parts that may fall into and mess up your dishes. These gloves are acceptable for protection when cutting out edge, working together with slicers, graters, peelers, as well as carvings. Ideal to be used in a skilled or private kitchen.


  • Comes In 4 Sizes For The Best Fit
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Lavel 5 Safety Solution
  • Suitable For Personal Or Professional Use


  • Highly susceptible to getting dirty quickly

4. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Glove

Are you a professional involved in roofing jobs, then you need to invest on the best roofing glove. Yes, why not take a look at the ironclad roofing gloves for roofing that gives you ultimate protection to your hands. It also comes with an excellent durable design and lasts for a long time too.

To put it differently, it’s powerful and hard enough it won’t reveal signs of tear and wear also quickly. The deftness and texture supplied via this roofing glove will also be wonderful. Yet another strength of the work glove that’s also fitting with the roof is it is designed to safeguard against scratch.

The most scratch-resistant character of the work glove frees me since it also contains duraclad reinforcements created to fortify these skills. With these aids, I immediately noticed that it’s eight times more powerful and more durable than gloves assembled from a synthetic substance.

 Specifically, I like its own cuff feature as it insures one of its own fit.

You may even quickly launch it due to its speedy-release constructed for extra security. Not only that but it uses thermoplastic rubber to the emblem of the company, which leads to helping safeguard your knuckles out of scratch and impact.


  • Long lasting design
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent dexterity


  • Not much ventilation provided

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 124 Flex Grip Work Glove

Last but not the least on our list of the best gloves for roofing is CLC124 flex grip roofing gloves. Regardless of being tender and comfy, this job glove remains tough, enabling it to resist quite a few dangers on your current work atmosphere. This job glove can be protective and powerful enough it is suitable for demanding jobs.

It can satisfy the requirements and needs of a vast assortment of employees, such as roofers, mechanics, building laborers, and maintenance staffs concerning safety. Numerous features incorporated into this job glove only prove just how safe it is.

It’s bolstered palms that I realize valuable as its capacity to offer enough scratch-resistance is worried. But one thing that creates a cause for a worry is that these roofing gloves are not sturdy enough like the gloves listed above. Hence, they are susceptible to wear out quickly. A little more toughness would have made this roofing gloves move a couple of positions above in the list.


  • Comfortable wear
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Best for roof inspections
  • Can easily slid into your roofing pants


  • Not sturdy like the others

Which gloves protect your hand from harmful chemicals?

When it comes to protecting your hands from chemicals, the SHOWA Atlas 370B Nitrile Palm Coating Glove is one of the best gloves that various threats including chemical spills and splinters.

What are the different types of gloves for roofing?

Roofing gloves come in various types including:

  • Leather Gloves
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Lined Gloves
  • Clute Cut Gloves
  • Reversible Gloves
  • Gunn Cut Gloves

How to clean your leather work gloves?

You can always use a clean hand holding fabric or a microfiber washcloth to clean the gloves. You can also use a mild soap to create a lather and then wash the gloves to remove all the dirt and dust from it.


Final Words

With that, we come to the end of this buying guide. Hope we have provided all the information that you were looking forward to when it comes to buying the best gloves for roofing. The above guide will definitely be useful when it comes to making an informed decision to buy the best roofing glove that suits your requirements.

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