Top 8 Best Shingle Remover 2022: Reviews

Best Shingle Remover Reviews

Do you want to fix the problem on your roof? It may be nails, shingles, staples, and more. So, to remove all these unwanted particles and fix the roof the perfect option is the shingle remover. Every time you need to change the shingles or clean your roof you cannot hire professionals. Besides, they might be costly. These works can be done easily and quickly if you have your own shingle remover. Therefore, the shingle remover is termed as, ‘Rapid Roof Remover’. A shingle removal tool is an advanced machine that makes the shingle removal procedure very easy.

best shingle remover

Roofing shingles can be removed with minimum effort by using these shingle removers which are available in the market. Buying the best shingle remover is a challenging task. Consider all the requirements for the best shingle remover before finalizing one. Check our more details on Best Roofing Shoes For Shingles.

Normally, rapid roof tear off tools must be sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to use. Check the shovel length, pick the one which is ideal for your height. To facilitate good gripping the handle must be covered with a non-slip material. Changing and cleaning shingles takes more time. Therefore, tempered steel or fiberglass is the best material for manufacturing the shingle remover. Shingle remover should not break while using them. So, a good quality shingle remover must be durable. Specially designed teeth in the shingle remover help to pull out shingle nails or roof nails. Thus, it also acts as a roof nail remover.

Apart from owning a shingle remover, you may also need other safety equipment like roofing gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and full-length pants. One can easily conquer the toughest part of reroofing with the ideal shingle remover. If you want to pick the best shingle remover then just read this article. Below, are some of the best shingle remover and pry bars for roofing.

S.NoImageMaterialWarrantyItem WeightBuy Now
1.Bully Tools ProShingle Remover

SteelLimited Lifetime 0.16 ounces Check Price
2.Dasco Pro 640 Shingle RipperCarbon, Steel
NA2.4 pounds Check Price
3.Malco SB48AE The Beast Roof Shingle Removal ToolSteelNA9.1 pounds Check Price
4..Qualcraft 54-Inch Shingle Removal ShovelSteelAgainst Defects7 pounds Check Price
5.The Shingle Eater 6126 Roof Stripping ToolSteelNA7.26 pounds Check Price
6.Bully Tools 91300 Floor Bully Flooring ScraperSteelLimited Lifetime2.7 pounds Check Price
7.AJC TOOLS 022-AJCSR Shingle Slate RemoverCarbon SteelNA3.57 pounds Check Price
8.MALCO PRODUCTS 24in. Short Handled Beast ShingleSteelNA15 pounds Check Price
Qualcraft 2500 Adjustable Roofing BracketSteelNA2.1 pounds Check Price


1.Bully Tools 91110 10-Gauge ProShingle with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle and Notched Teeth

Roofers use ‘Bully Tools shingle remover shovel’ to remove any roofing material or dirt on the roofs. It acts as a best scraper and is capable to tear off multiple layers of shingles. It is strong enough and does not break easily due to the presence of the triple wall fiberglass handle. Roofers use this remover tool to work for long hours. The D-grip handle provides great comfort and is long-lasting. The shovel removes any roofing nails, staples including 16d nails from the sheathing. So, this is possible as the teeth are spaced correctly and are sharp enough to pull out any nails. The USA manufactures this tool and it is well-built with excellent quality. This heavy-duty tool is made of superior materials and is therefore break-resistant. Thus, it is remarkably one of the best shingle removers.


  • The shovel helps to tear off the shingles or shingle nails easily.
  • Perfect solid tool available at a reasonable price.


  • Its heaviness is a concern.

2.Dasco Pro 640 Shingle Ripper Pry Bar, 24-Inch

The Dasco Pro shingle ripper helps remove shingles quickly and easily. The head and handle of the ripper are made of high carbon, heat treated American steel. It also features a 24-inch long steelhead to loosen and remove the shingle. In addition to this, the design of this pry bar makes it feasible to remove roofing nails. Professionals and homeowners use the rapid roof remover because it is heat-treated. Thus, it is strong and sturdy. One can use this on different types of materials like tile, wood, slate, and asphalt. Above all, this shingle ripper acts as a multipurpose tool and can be used for ripping and nail pulling.


  • Quick removal of shingles with less damage
  • Construction of the shingle remover is sturdy


  • One cannot use it on the tightly nailed shingles

3.Malco SB48AE The Beast Roof Shingle Removal Tool

Malco’s shingle remover is capable of lifting heavy loads of shingles and it also pulls nails out all in one step. The uniqueness of this removal tool is its lightweight but provides good control with excellent balance. This shingle remover has 48″ heavy duty fiberglass handle.  The Beast roof shingle removal tool is available with an adjustable head or a multipurpose fixed head. One can quickly complete even a tough job with the long handle in this Malco tool. In addition to this, a 10gauge tempered steel blades with variable length teeth are present which helps to pull nails. One can replace these tempered blades if required.


  • Lifts heavy loads.
  • Lightweight and exceptional balance control.
  • Buyers get a limited period warranty.


  • Priced high.
  • Users may experience fatigue in their shoulders and forearm.

4.Qualcraft 54-Inch Shingle Removal Shovel #2560P

The Qualcraft 54-Inch Shingle Removal Shovel is made of durable steel. The complete steel body gives it a rugged look. It is the perfect tool for removing asphalt roof shingles. The heat-tempered work edge is responsible for additional strength. Certain nails cannot be removed along with the shingles and in order to remove these nails, it has an additional nail puller. Ergonomically designed handle reduces fatigue. Thus, all these features make this one of the best shingle removal shovels.


  • Comparatively lightweight and multipurpose tool.
  • Ergonomically designed to lessen fatigue.
  • Best for occasional home use.
  • The perfect tool for removing fiberglass.


  • The thick blade edge makes it difficult to get under the shingle.

5.The Shingle Eater 6126 Roof Stripping Tool

The “Shingle Eater” is famous in the roofing world and it is one of the versatile shovels in the market. This stripping tool is built with rugged high-quality materials in the United States. Moreover, this shingle eater comes with a comfortable design that helps users to hold it for long hours during work. Roofers found this tool to be more productive and handled nails well. The Shingle Eater slides down underneath the shingles and takes off any materials that stand in its way. Consequently, the roofers’ job is made easy and the time spent on the roofs is reduced.

The Shingle Eater’s shovel scrapes off layers of staples, shingles, and paper. One can use this to lift a strip along the nail line. This Shingle eater is warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Thus, this shingle remover is light enough to help roofers and at the same time, it is solid enough to scrape off the roof shingles.


  • Durable with heat-tempered teeth.
  • One can use it in ice and snow.
  • A Rock-solid tool worth the investment.


  • Does not work well in heavy tar

6. Bully  Tools Shingle Removal 

This floor scraper from bully tools features a fiberglass long handle which makes it the perfect tool for removing different types of material. For example, they may be ceramic tile, carpet, or wooden flooring. Further, Bully Tools 91300 has a rubber grip handle which decreases hand fatigue even through extended use. Thus, it provides maximum comfort while using this floor scraper. Besides, it features an extra thick 11gauge steel which easily removes the floor debris. The handle is made up of triple wall fiberglass which resists any breakage but it is lightweight so that it is easy to carry. Finally, this bully tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is completely American made.


  • Genius tool scraper makes a tough job easy.
  • Perfect quality and weight.
  • A well-built tool at an affordable price.


  • Less effective when used to remove floor glue.

7.AJC TOOLS 022-AJCSR Shingle Slate Remover 25-3/4″

The shingle removing tool comes with extra-large striking surfaces on the front and back. One can use this tool to remove shingles or slate by just inserting them underneath.  The thinner and flexible AJC ripper is made of heat-treated, forged carbon steel. One can use this Shingle remover in cedar shingles. Roofers can also use it to replace damaged shingles without causing any damage to the adjacent shingles. Moreover, one can use it to remove sidewall cedar shingles. The guard is present which provides excellent grip and also protects the hand.


  • An excellent outcome when used for cedar siding jobs.
  • Durable shingle remover


  • Price is high

8.MALCO PRODUCTS 24in. Short Handled Beast Shingle

Roofers can use this short-handled Beast Shingle Remover from MALCO for roof cap removal. It is also used in places that are hard to reach. A cushion gripped handle is present to help the roofer with good handling comfort. Besides, this short shingle remover is a single piece of steel constructed with a fixed head. It also has a beveled side slot to remove nails along walls.


  • Small and handy shingle remover.
  • Comfortable foam grip to hold on.


  • Roofers usually don’t prefer short handle shingle removers

What to look for as a buyer?

WeightThe shingle remover must be lightweight but strong and sturdy enough. If it is heavy then it causes pain on the arms, shoulders and reduces the comfort level and productivity. Pick one with rugged material, unbreakable, and lightweight.

Design and durability– Tempered glass and fiberglass are the best material for shingle remover. Roofing is a difficult task and one cannot afford to work with broken tools before completing the full task. It should be strong enough until the complete roofing is done. When it comes to design, pick the shingle remover with the best shovel length. Check the length of the shovel according to your height. Watch out for ergonomically shaped handle covered with non-slip material. This ensures that you don’t get blisters on your hand.

Presence of nail removerAfter you remove the shingles the old nails and staples must be removed. So, look out for pry bars or roofing shovels with strong teeth to pull out the nails. Make sure the surface is clean before fixing in new shingles.

Removing shingles or fixing any damaged shingle can be a lengthy, tedious, and draining job, but choosing the right tool can make the job easy.  Read the reviews of all the different-sized heads, length of the shovel, and bulkiness of the tool. Buy the shingle remover based on the size and duration of roofing whether it is just a small repair or a complete replacement of shingles.

Roofing Bracket/ roof jack: Qualcraft 2500 Adjustable Roofing Bracket

The USA manufactures this roof jack. It has a flat surface to stand on while working at heights like roofs. This adjustable roofing bracket fixes to the pump jack system. It is completely made of steel and with an adjustable 6″ Or 10″ platform. One can quickly mount it as the installation procedure is easy. Finally, after the job is done it can be removed without causing any damage to the shingles.


  • Lifesaver bracket with excellent durability.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Does not feature a sliding adjustment
Buy Roofing Bracket/ roof jack: Qualcraft 2500 Adjustable Roofing Bracket

How to replace roof shingles, shingle gauge?

Does your leaking roof worry you? Follow the steps below and replace the shingles easily.

  • First, use a flat bar and tap it gently under the shingles to break the seal-down strips free. Make sure you don’t apply extra force as shingles rip easily.
  • Remove the nails from the broken shingles. Then pry up nail and shingle together.
  • Finally, get the new piece of shingle and nail them down.

How to get rid of roof shingles fast?

First, prepare yourself for the tear up. Then, keep hammer, adjustable roof jack and other essentials ready. Equip yourself with all the safety harness. Start stripping the roof from the top with the help of a roof tear-off tools. You must clean the roof after all the shingles are removed. Button up the roof, cover the roof to protect it against ice and rain. This is the last process before shingling. Be aware to look out of damaged shingles early. It might first show up along the edges. Repairing the damaged shingles quickly can help roofers to get rid of unwanted problems.

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