Best Knee Pads for Roofing Reviews & Comparison

Best Knee Pads For Roofing Review

Best Knee Pads for Roofing

Roofing is one of those construction works which got no chill pill. You can’t abstain from woozy heights, roasting heat, or other perilous tasks linked to it. As a roofer, you must deal with swapping, fitting, and mending the roofs using varied stuff, like metal, bitumen, and shingles. For such a challenging task why not bring an apt PPE because without it you need to swallow a recipe full of blues. So, do some investment on your safety capital and bang on with a true lifesaver a.k.a. Roofing Knee Pad. What say?

Thus, don’t sore your knees more as I’ve listed down the Top 12 Best Knee Pads for Roofing. Then, what are you waiting for? Just bite the bullet!

  1. NoCry Professional Knee Pads

Premium features

Brand: NoCry

Size: Adjustable for all

Materials: 600D polyester, EVA foam, PVC, Neoprene, Nylon

Weight: 0.074 lbs.

I know how important functional rooftopping is for you. But you can make this experience less miserable by wearing NoCry Professional Knee Pads. The best thing about them is that they do not flop all-around or slip under your knee after you put them on. Its 600D polyester mesh gives you absolute ease all day long.

These quintessential pair of knee pads are comfy and rugged at an affordable price. This ideal choice allows you the freedom to walk around while the pads remain in the position. Its double neoprene straps with a circumference of 22 tied up in an X-pattern behind your knee and provide sustenance exactly as you want.

Probably you’re thinking that what makes them super cozy? Well, it has a flabby gel core that cushions even the more sensitive knees. Not just that, its heavy-duty EVA foam padding gives the roofers ergonomic support and abstains them from the roofer’s knee. A condition in which persistent pain and swelling occur in the knee due to a ton of strain.

Plus Point: Its external waterproof polymer layer shields your knees from deep incisions no matter how coarse the terrain is. They are adjustable and Easy to fix clip and No-slip leather stabilizers hold you tight on the slippery and sliding surfaces. These hugged straps are easy to take off and on due to quick release slip buckle clips.


  • Optimized Tranquility
  • Firmed fit
  • Heightened shock absorption
  • Intensive poly outer lining
  • No rivets popping


  • Breakage of clips
  • Double straps feel like a bulk
  • Won’t last in harsh climates
  1. CLC Custom Leathercraft

Premium Features

Brand: Custom Leathercraft

Size: One Size

Material: Alloy Steel, Leather

Weight: 2.6 lbs.

Are you in search of an upright pair that stay in place and don’t annoy the hell out of you while you are trying to work? Then buy yourself a pair of CLC custom Leathercraft knee pads for roofing. It is designed in a way that meets the demands and requirements of busy roofers and contractors.

These heavy-duty kneepads have a double-thick lining of top-grain leather which is even waterproof. They have an adjustable leather strap with steel buckles giving you firm knee support.

The best part: Its advanced support provided by its deep cups and flat-bottom design gives you a secure fit. It is also designed with a thick cushioned yet foam material, which is renowned for enduring industrial usage. The padding is copious enough at the base and the pad in its entirety. This further progresses its ability to handle even adverse settings.

The rivets give you surplus stamina and durability. Also, the kneepads have adjustable leather straps so you can tailor them to your very fit. They’ve got a certain old-school appeal but don’t stress as for sure they’ll assist you in modern functional roofing.


  • Heavy leather strap
  • Stitching is extra strong
  • All day wearable
  • Super coverage


  • Stiff leather straps need constant adjustments
  1. ToughBuilt Kneepads

Premium Features:

Brand: ToughBuilt

Size: Gel Fit/Non-Marring

Material: Foam, Plastic, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Don’t fret yourself for kneeling on a roof without kneepads. Why? Because ToughBuilt offers you their exclusive discovery of durable yet comfy L-shaped pads which have a lifetime warranty. So, forget about repeated replacements and buy ToughBuilt kneepads.

They’re resistant to the harsh working environment. They have a comfortable Gel fit. Fancy, right? And why not, they have some exceptional gel cushions with foamy stuff. By that they embrace the natural shape of your knee and upper shin, distributing pressure across. The best point, its non-marring nature causes no harm to your knee even you hit on a hard surface.

Its straps are a combination of elastic, EVA, buckle, and thigh and calf which get off easily. Meaning: they hold you tight without cutting off circulation. Plus, it never rotates off your knee.

Freed mobility and steady thigh support keep your knee ergonomically positioned within the kneepad. For that matter, your range of motions is not restricted but side-to-side agility is possible through it.

And when it comes to fabric then ToughBuilt Kneepads are made up of abrasion-resistant and waterproof 1680D fabric. Its double-injected shell is rugged with outer made up of non-slip rubber and shatter-resistant plastic.


  • Massive thigh support
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Triplet of straps makes your move firm


  • Its rounded front shape makes the mobility while kneeling a bit difficult
  • The price is more than twice from its competitors
  1. Sellstrom KneePro Kneepads

Premium features:

Brand: Sellstrom store

Size: pair

Material: plastic

Weight: 1.19 lbs.

Are you in hurry in finding out the right safety gear? Don’t be! Equip yourself with a Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Kneepad for roofing. Its design tells us that Sellstrom considers what its user needs. And you know what? They’re imperishable as it is created fiercely.

The cherry on the top is its multifunctionality and applicability for almost all purposes. This makes it unique not just for roofers but for professionals as well.

Its strength is its flexible plastic-based exterior which extends below from the knee for protection purposes. Also, its developers pay close attention to the easiness of users. They include a half-inch inner foam with triple-layer, 3/4″ thick, closed-cell padding that provides the ultimate shielding layer which truly contributes to the comfortable experience.

With that, they have some speedy clips for swift attachments and it’s engineered unisex. Sound amazing, right?

It’s bendable due to its metal rivet hinge which makes you wear them all day long. Its non-marking grip strip can be securely used on any surface.


  • Robust construction for maximum productivity
  • Non-marking firm strips for best fit
  • Ultra flexible lll hybrid foam pads outstanding comfort
  • Multi-facet
  • Hinged metal rivet gives natural bending to knees


  • Thin elastic strap
  • Its rigid design prevents these pads from genuinely being a comfortable alternative
  1. BESKAR Professional Kneepads

Premium features:


Size: Full size

Material: Polyester, Leather, Synthetic Rubber, Plastic

Weight: 0.425 lbs.

Want a lightweight kneepad? Then check out BESKAR Knee Pads and hook yourself up with them. It has soft foamy padding, No-Slip Leather & Strong Double Straps to ensure your sheer coziness. So, fold your knees with double flex straps and easy to put off slip-clips.

It doesn’t knock off from your knees as its tight fit refrains you from slipping or sliding. For the nicest user-friendly experience give BESKAR Kneepads a chance made of high-density foam padding and anti-skid leather.

This kneepad is ideal for roof projects, installing shingles, constructing a metal roof, or other functional ones. Its hook & loop attachments augment the most secure fit for S, M, or XXXXL sizes. Did you know that they can be pulled on even you’re wearing gloves?


  • No-slip Leather Stabilizers
  • Heavy duty kneepads gear
  • Breathable and well-ventilated due to 600D polyester mesh


  • Not able to withstand extreme heavy duty works
  • Not available as the left-hand model
  1. VUINO Kneepads

Premium Features:

Brand: VUINO

Size: One Size

Material: neoprene

Weight: 1.74 lbs.

Do you want to own a kneepad that has sufficient grip while kneeling? if yes, then, what’s the worry when VUINO needs to carry.

Buy a remarkable pair of VUINO professional kneepads for roofing. these kneepads are a personification of comfort as they have a gel core and stabilizer padding.

Vibing like a coconut, really! Cozy from the interior and stun spongy from the outside. these are 100% shock absorption pads.

Wanna know more? Its split strap 3-layered design and Decent hold and slip opposition are tailored in a fashioned way so it becomes easier to wear on and off. I mean whenever you feel like it.


  • Soft gel core
  • Shock absorption cap
  • Easy to hook split strap lock
  • gripped and anti-slip


  • Gel leaks
  • Stabilizer caps may not be in place
  • Limited longevity
  1. Troxell USA Kneepads

Premium Features:

Brand: Troxell USA

Size: X-Large

Material: Synthetic Rubber

Weight: 0.53 lbs.

America’s top-selling brand Troxell gives you ultra-finishing and comfort with their Super Soft L Kneepads. These kneepads offer you with finest luxury and protection, slip-resistance, and cause zero damage to sensitive roof surfaces.

They’re considered professionals in their domain of preparing top-grade PPE gears. They also have a franchise in Mexico which does some of the assemblies, when the US plant can’t cope with loaded orders. Due to its exquisite quality, it becomes one of the most expensive options. But roofers do know that it’s worth the investment.

They seem trouble-free and unbelievably tough, therefore, considered one of the durable leather capped knee pads. It’s unfair if we don’t talk about its stitching; which is closed to perfection.

It gives you maximum protection from all hazardous terrain and situations. It hugs your knees like a dream with just one wide strap which ensures that Troxell will remain positioned no matter what. The fastening band is made from neoprene and wraps below the knee.

Keep these compact kneepads in mind while replacing the ordinary ones.


  • unbelievably comfortable
  • user-friendly
  • light weight
  • slip-resistant
  • no gel leakage


  • may be less durable in extreme conditions
  1. Thunderbolt Kneepad

Premium features:

Brand: Thunderbolt

Size: Thigh Strap

Material: Foam, Synthetic Rubber

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

For a satisfactory and pleasure kneeling on the roof buy this pair of Thunderbolt Kneepad ELITE SERIES III which protects you from all sorts of possible abrasions to numerous surfaces. Its heavy-duty and anti-slip design can make you kneeling on glass, screws, and nails.

Its well-reinforced and ergonomic design makes it the best pair in town. Apart from its peer, it gives you the patellar tendon support which is below the knee. In fact, provide support to the quadriceps found over the knee.

Its soft Double gel technology and thick well-engineered pads core maximize protection and comfort. Its Pro fastening system with 7″ extension straps gives secure snug fit for all-day comfort.


  • Slip-resistant guaranteed
  • Ergonomically design to provide comfort
  • Adjustable fastening system
  • Shield a wide part of your knee


  • Subpar stitching
  • Excellent option for bigger folks, but not the little guys.
  1. CE’ CERDR Pro Kneepad

Premium Features:

Brand: CE’ CERDR

Size: Adjustable for all

Material: Polyester, Nylon

Weight: 0.89 pound

Say Ta-Ta to the terrible knee aches with this CE’ CERDR Pro Kneepads as they take good care of you. These pads have a unique design to provide you with ergonomic comfort. Also, the design facilitates the fitting of the knee pads on your knees as if they were exclusively made for you.

Another great perk in its engineering is it’s very professional and not shabby at all. You can wear it all day long without worry about them catching unwanted attention.

A great plus point of these knee pads is that they’re considerably lighter than they seem which means that you would not feel any bulk while you’re wearing them. Its unisex design makes it available for anybody without having to worry about the anatomical differences in the knee shape.

In addition to the above qualities, its usage of PVC and ballistic nylon provides absolute durability.


  • great balance of strength, durability, and ease
  • broadened applicability
  • Skid-proof and abrasion-resistant outer shell
  • Well-cushioned and EVA foam padding layer
  • quick release slip buckle clips
  • Industrial Strength Velcro


  • neoprene straps tend to bruise at the back of your knee initially
  1. Minor Miracle premium Kneepads

Premium features:

Brand: Minor Miracle

Size: Buckle Clips & Straps

Material: High Density Plastic & Nylon

Weight: 1.46 lbs.

Knee injuries can be horrible and last you a couple of days or even months. 60% of injuries including sprains and dislocation are due to the absence of some protective gear. But no worries, as Minor Miracle Kneepads will cover you up with all the protective measures and keep your knees out of pain.

Also, if quality is one of the major concerns, then these kneepads have a guarantee of 5 years. The company assures you of providing the best quality material so that your experience is always worth it. Due to all protective measures, these kneepads are perfect for all kinds of heavy work.

It chooses the type of fastening system which is anti-slip and its double buckle clips the upper strap measures 14.5 inches, while the lower strap is 12.6 inches long – allowing you to get the flawless fit for S, M, and L sizes.

Its EVA foam and soft gel cushion offer your knees some extra comfort. And don’t nag yourself over clearing out all the gunk and dirt. A scrubber with a trusty brush will do this favor for you.


  • Safeguard your knees long-term
  • heavy-duty thick poly shield
  • Tight and secure fit to prevent knee pads from slipping down


  • Tend to slip off while standing upright
  1. REXBETI Kneepads

Premium Features:


Size: adjustable

Material: Polypropylene, Thermoplastic Rubber

Weight: 1.72 lbs.

REXBITI kneepads will not let you down, for sure! Their resilient and solid construction, holistically maximize its longevity. Particularly, its exterior heavy-duty shell gives your knees extra protection.

Its dense padding makes you adore the REXBITI interior. The ergonomic design of these kneepads makes them the most convenient and comfortable in the market which you can wear all day long.

Also, this design ensures that your knee cap remains in the central position regardless of the roof surface. Its snug fit nature gets enhanced by its anti-slip thigh support which secures your whole leg mobility.

Its dual strong and elastic straps make it adjustable for almost all sizes. Its hook & loop closure tapes fold around the knee firmly and securely, thereby foiling them from slipping down that fast.


  • Hard outer shell
  • Easy to wear
  • Hook and loop closure shapes its anti-slip feature
  • Cushioned padding


  • Poor stitching
  1. Dead On Tools kneepads

Premium features

Brand: Dead On Tools Store

Size: Adjustable

Material: Neoprene, rubber, mesh lining

Weight: 0.53 lbs.

Gear up and buy yourself a pair of Concrete Gel Knee Pads from the Dead On Tools store. I must say you won’t regret it.  This gel kneepad has six layers: Cap, Fabric, waterproof backing, foam, gel, and neoprene.

Its soft rubber cap has some extraordinary features like non-marring and non-slip. This enhances its surface grip on difficult surfaces while roofing. Also, its PVC rubber cap makes it waterproof and it is a flexible accordion shape to promote flexibility. Then it has polyester mesh lining.

Its dual rubber straps and buckles for closure are adjustable and can be replaced. Finally, is its foam and gel padding which gives you a cushioned and comfortable feeling all day long.


  • Non-marring/non-slip soft cap
  • Gel padding for comfort and durability
  • Flexible accordion structure and waterproof
  • Replaceable rubber straps


  • Poor Straps and hard to loop on
  • Poor Straps and hard to loop on

How Does Kneepads Work?

Folks who work on the rooftopping abuse their knees every day. This punishment could be terminated if they use a good pair of kneepads approved in the OSHA checklist. This is the only solution whereby they could protect their vulnerable parts. Worthy Kneepads will protect their knees and act as shock absorption in extreme conditions. Therefore, spend a good chunk of the workday on some of the best kneepads available in the market.

Why you even need a pair of Kneepads for roofing? And what are its advantages?

We all know that the roof is probably the toughest work environment for roofers. Materials like Shingles or metal can become scorching hot on a bright sunny day. In that case, where roofers spent half of their day kneeling; some PPEs can provide roofers with extra protection. A pair of Kneepads will become a game-changer among roofers. Its perks include comfort which boosts productivity, mobility on slippery surfaces, and shielding against sharp objects. So, are you ready to buy protective equipment which dramatically lessens your strain?

This is box title

Don’t be surprised after hearing different kneepads as each one of the many functions to perform. Let’s break it down!

Traditional: its features include a soft main body with a pad as a part of the structure. The pad can be made from multi-materials that makes it suitable for a wide range of users.

Soft: it is typically made from soft materials and a non-adjustable sleeve design that slides over your leg without the use of straps. They usually don’t have an exterior shell. They’re the comfortable ones as you can wear them underneath your clothes.

Stabilizers: it is most likely parallel with the traditional one but some key differences are there. They extended above and below the knee to offer great stability and support to the shin. It’s ideal for extended projects as it aids your body to be in a natural position.

Before buying what are some of the characteristics you must consider in a kneepad?

Before buying exclusive kneepads, you should consider some important variants. I picked the features for you:

Nicely Fitted: Your kneepads shouldn’t be slipped down to see the fitness of it. This will raise your performance at work otherwise you keep staring at them.

Cushioned Foam: A soft cushioned kneepad is all that you want while kneeling and crawling across the roof.

Comfortable: Balanced rigidity and comfort of kneepad are surely the best way to reduce strain in your knees.

Protective: Your kneepads must be such rugged material that protects you in every extreme condition you’ll bear on a roof.

Scratch Resistance: The exterior surface of your kneepad must be scratch-free so that it prevents you from sharp objects.

Adequate Grips: You should buy those kneepads that provide traction as well as avert slipping by providing enough grip.

 Easy To Put on and Put Off: Prefer easy-to-wear kneepads so that you feel at ease all day long.

Easy Adjustable: Either your kneepads have Velcro tape or buckles it should be adjustable enough to work by any size of the knee.

Durable and Lightweight: You need stability and balance on the roof for that your kneepads must not be heavy.

Hey roofers, you rely on your legs and knees while climbing and moving across roofs. You strap your kneepads so it stays in place for a longer period. But keep in mind, do not hold your knees tight as it causes restrict knee movement and blood flow. Thus, before buying look at the adjustable straps of your kneepads and their circumference.

There isn’t a major difference in them but yes while buying your pair of kneepads for roofing you must consider its heavy-duty nature and its thick outer shell. Why? Because you face more extreme environment on a roof instead on a floor.

Just like other PPEs, you must take care of your kneepads. Just rub down a damp clean microfiber towel and wash the debris with lukewarm water. You can also do a little scrubbing to remove the dirt. For the straps just use a couple of spritzes of a disinfectant spray to prevent them from smelling and the bacteria. Also, you can do a thorough reading of your product to know the washing instructions.

What kinds of knee problem you face while roofing? Are there any kneepads for bad knees?

It’s certain that if you’re without PPEs while kneeling, you experience a ton of strain in your knees. This causes constant pain and swelling which is known as Roofer’s knee or prepatellar bursitis. To prevent your bursa (small sacs of fluids that protect and cushion your knees) from filling with blood you must wear a suitable kneepad.

If you’ve already bad knees then I would suggest a few from the list: ToughBuilt, CE’ CERDR, Dead On Tools, and Thunderbolt kneepads. Buy them to continue your work like a pro and forget about Roofer’s knee.

What are the safety things you must check while Roofing?safety during roofing

Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 fully ensures the protection of workers by enforcing their rules. For roofers, there are some safety rules which by OSHA they’ve to abide by:

  • Take the fall protection training with the use of the right systems. For instance, a personal arrest system, fall restraint system, and a Guardrail system.
  • Proper usage of aerial and All-terrain forklifts.
  • A safety monitor system (who is a competent person) must always be there for roofers so they follow a warning line system which consists of ropes, wires, or chains, and supporting stanchions.
  • Practice covers to protect roofers from falling through skylights and other holes/openings on roofs.
  • Ladders for an easy way to access upper work levels. Plus, train roofers for a secure footing so the ladder couldn’t sink, shift, or slide. For that matter, extension and stepladders could be used.
  • A qualified scaffolding for the roofers must be designed.

While roofing what kinds of roofing pants you should wear? What is its buying guide?

As a roofer, you should choose the friendliest cargo pant which made everything (obviously your tools) in your reach. When buying one from the market you must check out that it is breathable, flexible so you can do your job comfortably, and it provides lodging from a loaded-up tool belt to a large pair of tin snips.

Also, you should look at these tips while buying like Waistband, Zipper, Strengthened Crotch, Front and rear utility pockets, Side cargo pockets, Easy-to-access pocket for cell phones, and Loops for tools. You can go for Blaklader work pants, Propper Kinetic Tactical Pants, or even Duluth Trade Tek Cargo Pants.

Bottom line

Choose the most suitable kneepads from our given list and check them out swiftly. Do let us know in the comment section about your favorite one.

Happy buying!

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