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Makita Roofing Pouch:

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Makita Roofing Pouch

In this article we are reviewing Makita Roofing Pouch. We already have given detailed review on top roofing pouches and roofing tools. For a carpenter, it’s important to have frequently used tools near him all the time. Often, many carpenters need to do their woodworking with their bulky tool bag at the time of work. It not only drains their energy but sometimes when they also have to deal with misplacement of tools. Not only that, but it’s really a difficult job to find a screwdriver in a bag consisting of all their tools. At that point, the time it cost to find the screwdriver is more than the time it takes to fix it, which is so foolish.

For this dilemma of carpenters, the answer is a tool pouch or a vest. These accessories are specially designed to make tool holding easy & efficient for carpenters. With the help of pockets & slots, they can handle different-different kinds of tools. The price range varies from 100 to 150$.

To solve the most common problem of many carpenters, here are some of the most top-rated carpenter pouches & vests.

S.NoImageProduct DimensionsMaterialSteel Toe ProtectionBuy Now
1. Danner Bul Run Boots

15 x 12 x 6 inchesLeatherYes Check Price


Makita P-71744 General Purpose Carry Tool Pouch

It is one of the most top-rated carpenter pouches available which can be used as a nail bag. The thing that makes it different from all the other products is that it fits comfortably with all the Makita tool belts & clothing belts.

The carry handle of this pouch is made of rubber so users can use it freehand. In this pouch, there are two compartments, one for the larger tools like a hammer & the other for smaller ones like a screwdriver. And with the help of its design, it becomes easy to identify which tool is placed where?

It not only makes work efficient for carpenters but also boosts their confidence. Not only that, but with the help of its stainless-steel side gate for hammer holding, they can put the tool without looking at the pouch. Its knife slot is also handy because of pure leather, so there is no chance of damage.

One other & most precious thing regarding this pouch is, it is in a square shape which increases the stability & stops any unnecessary danger of fixing spillage.

Material Leather
Number Of Pockets 2

Makita E-05175 Tool Belt Set

Makita leather tool belt is the most premium quality product that has helped various carpenters in many cases. It’s the only single professional tool belt that consists of 40 tool holders & pockets. With the help of these individual spaces, you can carry small & medium items to help your customer. Not only that, but it also distributes the weight perfectly according to the user’s waist so they can be in comfort for their long hard day.

With the feature of customization in the belt, users can also carry multiple pouches & holders. It also consists of quick-drying air-mesh padding, with that it dries as quickly as it gets wet. Moreover, it is one of the best hard-wearing leather tool belt sets available in the market.

Number Of Pockets/Tool holders40

Buy Makita E-05175 Tool Belt Set

Other Roofing Pouches Brands

Melotough Pro Framer Combo with Suspender

This carpenter’s belt comes with a 4-piece framer tool rig. In these 4 pieces, there are 2 main tool pouches, 1 hammer holder, & 1 tool belt suspender. With its large size, it makes holding various tools & accessories easy for the user.

Not only that but the material used to make this belt is really long-lasting. It is formed by using 1680D ballistic nylon fiber with a comfortable custom fit. This 5-inch breathable mesh pad is a lot more adjustable compared to the other belts. Its multi-purpose use makes it more ideal for carpenters & framers. Conclusively, it’s a belt that can help a hard-working person in multiple ways & can make their task a lot easier for them.

Technical Details: –


1680D Ballistic Nylon


Colour AvailableRed

Available Size


 32 to 52 inch


Buy Melotough Pro Framer Combo

Leather Gold Heavy Duty Tool Pouch

In terms of looks, it is the most professional pouch any carpenter & framer can carry with them. The leather used to make this pouch is pure, premium & natural. Not only that, but it also includes 2 steel hammer holders, which are really effective. In this big pouch, there are 10 smaller pouches of three kinds. First, perfect framer tool pouch, Second, contractors tool pouch, Third, construction tool pouch.

Overall, its oil-tanned leather look gives it an elegant look for carpenters & framers. With this pouch, they can look & feel more professional. This is much cheaper than makita tool pouch.

Number Of Pockets/Tool holders



MaterialAlloy Steel, Leather
Colour AvailableMaroon
Buy Leather Gold Heavy Duty Tool Pouch

FAQ on Makita Roofing Pouch

Tool Bags

Tool bags are often used by many people in various fields to carry their valuable items from one place to another. One other biggest reason behind carrying a tool bag is to easily access all the tools. Moreover, they are only designed to organize various kinds of tools, from where they can be easily used, as well as can be safe from any harm.


They also add comfort & make many carpenters or farmers’ jobs easy for them. They are available in various sizes including tote, shoulder, etc. They are also available in various materials & fibers including leather, metal, plastic, etc.


Tool Belt

Tool belts & pouches are made to go around the waist of the users. With the help of a tool belt & pouch, any carpenter or framer can keep their item close to themselves. Often, this kind of work requires a lot of effort & hard work from the person. Sometimes they do have to climb on a ladder to fix things. Then, carrying a belt or pouch can be very effective for the user.


It consists of pockets & loops that are only made to carry tools & equipment wherever you go. They are used in various professional works but their only motto is to keep equipment as close as possible to its users.       

Suspenders are one of the mobile parts of the tool belt that can be easily attached as well as removed from it. They are often used to solve the problem of hip & bone stress that is caused because of carrying heavy objects with yourself.


With the help of the suspenders attached to their shoulder any carpenter, framer, or DIYer can get relief from the stress of pain they are having on their waist.


For those who wanted to know “Are suspenders necessary for tool belts?” The answer is no, not all the time suspenders can be used on tool belts. Sometimes when a user has to carry a lot amount of weight on their waist for their work. At the time of scaling inclined spaces, they are mainly used by the users.

Whether you are a professional or a part-timer carpenter. It is effective to carry your tool as easily as possible. With the carpenter’s tool pouch this problem can be solved.

Every best carpenter’s tool belt has two sides of pocket & each one of them has smaller side pockets.


With the help of these pockets which is also known as a pouch, they can carry various smaller & medium items with themselves anywhere. Not only that but they are uniquely made to value users’ dominant hands. When the user is right-handed, they can carry heavy & important equipment like a hammer into the right. And when the user is left-handed, they can carry the same equipment on the left side.  

Tools to Carry in Dominant Side: –

  • Hammer
  • Chalk Line
  • Pencil & Pen
  • Knife
  • Lineman Pliers
  • Utility Knifes

To maintain tool belts as effectively as possible to make them last longer. Some steps must be followed. These steps are: –


  1. Find Time to Empty Tool Belt – After using a tool belt for a while, it’s really effective to take everything out from it. While emptying it, there is a 100% chance you will get some unnecessary items that you are carrying. By taking them out, you can reduce the weight of the belt. 
  1. Clean Your Tool Belt – Many users of tool belts avoid cleaning their belts, but by that, they can increase the span time of their accessory. To clean a belt you need- soft bristle, mild soap, & stain remover (optional).

Things to Remember Before Cleaning Belt: –


  • Emptying it first
  • Use only mild soap.
  • Do not wash it on rainy & humid days.
  • Do not wash it for a long time.
  • Drying the belt is necessary before using it.



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