Buckaroo Tool Belt- Review and Features

The tool belt is essential as it can carry necessary tools and keep your both hands free for a task. The tool belt is an inseparable part of a worker. The proper use of a tool belt ensures safety during work. The tool belt is essential for people like a carpenter, electrician, plumbers, construction workers, etc. One can use tool belt home maintenance as well.Buckaroo Tool Belt

The primary purpose of the tool belt is to keep the worker active and secure the tools. The tools that have sharp edges require special care so that they do not lose the shape. Misplacement of the tool not only hampers your work but also cause serious injury. This is the reason you should choose the right tool belt that will make your work easier. When it comes to choosing the tool belt you need to keep in mind that, there are many brands available in the market. Too many options choose can be confusing.

The Buckaroo tool belt is an Australia Made Product which started its operations from 1971. Also, make sure to check out American made tool belts Like CLC. When it comes to the tool belt, Buckaroo manufactures the best belt in the market. It is an Australian company established in 1971. They produce authentic leather tool belt. Buckaroo tool belts are of different types and among them, the All-Rounder Belt is popular in the market. The company also
produces shoulder braces for those who need back support.

Buckaroo Leatherworks -Tool belt features

  • Material

While purchasing the tool belt one should consider the material of the product. A tool belt needs to be sturdy. The Buckaroo tool belt has a thick leather strap to provide support. Comfort is another factor that is essential. You should buy one size bigger than your actual waist size so that it sits properly around your waist. You need to get a tool belt that can last for a longer period. The most important material is leather. The leather defines durability and toughness. When longevity is the primary concern, then nothing can be better than leather.

  • Lightweight

The tool belt has to be light in weight. The tools have a weight. If the belt is heavy without the tools then it will be tough for the workers to wear the heavy belt with tools. The weight of the tool belt is 5.3 lbs.

  • Compartments

A tool belt needs to have multiple compartments. In the case of Buckaroo tool belt, the upper portion of the belt offers holders for the tools. The pouches in the belt help to hold the buckles.

  • Comfort

A worker wears a tool belt throughout the day and this is the reason the tool belt has to be comfortable. It is quite tough to carry a tool belt full of heavy tools. Therefore, the material should be light in weight. The belt has inner padding so that it does not bother the waist. You should buy the belt one size bigger in size so that you can comfortably wear it throughout the day.

  • Sturdiness

The sturdiness is the primary concern while choosing a tool belt. You should pay attention to the sturdiness to ensure safety. The rivets of the belt will not get torn easily. The material of the belt is superior in quality. The belt has a clip at the end so that one can tie the belt tightly around the waist.

  • Design

The design of the belt also plays a pivotal role. The Buckaroo belt has dozens of pockets so that you can hang a variety of tools in it. It has special pockets for pliers, screwdrivers, flashlights, etc. The important feature of the design is to have an adjustable strap. You can bring it to your waist size. The Buckaroo belt has 100% pure wool padding that helps to avoid irritation on the skin.

Pros of Buckaroo tool belt

  • The belt is rugged and sturdy
  • The material of the belt is pure leather
  • The belt has woolen padding inside the belt
  • The belt is comfortable and light in weight
  • It has adjustable straps so that you can bring it to your comfortable waist size

Cons of Buckaroo too belt

  • The price of the belt is on the higher side
  • The belt comes in one size and you need to adjust the belt to bring it to your waist size
  • It becomes heavy with tools


The tool belt is essential for the people who are into technical works. The Buckaroo tool belt is a superior quality product. The belt is rugged and helps you to keep your both hands free. The belt comes with multiple pockets so that one can keep a number of tools. The belt is also long lasting and a good pay off of your money.

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