10 Best Rated Lineman Tool bag, Belt and Boxes (2022)

Lineman’s tool bag is used by workers when they have to climb poles. This can be used when they have to climb up to towers for work. The belt can be worn around the waist and helps to work efficiently with both hands. In addition, two D-rings are attached with the lineman tool bag that gives support to the bag. The belt is designed in D-size and it is adjustable to be worn around the waist. The lineman has to be careful when buying the belt as they have to get the one depending on their waist size. Read on to know more about details of lineman tool bag thats would make the work of the lineman much easier.Best lineman tool bag belt box

Top Tool belts Vests for Lineman Comparison

Product NameImage/BuyItemMaterialBuy Now
1.ToughBuilt – Journeyman Electrician ClipTechPouchTool BagNylon Check Price
2.Aerial Bucket, Hard-Body Lineman Bucket- Heavy Duty Oval Bucket Bag Klein ToolsBucket BagLeather Check Price
3.Custom Leathercraft 15 Pocket 16 in. Center Tray Tool BagTool BagPolyester Fabric Check Price
4.DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case, Extra LargeTool BoxPlastic Check Price
5.VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool BagTool Bag1800 PVC Denier Check Price
6. AmazonBasics Electrician’s Tool Bag – 50-PocketTool Bag Polyester Check Price
7.Lineman Tool kit
Tool kit
600D Denier DuraPoly Check Price
8.Lineman Tool pouchTool PouchDouble Leather Check Price

1.ToughBuilt – Journeyman Electrician ClipTechPouch + Hub with Shoulder Strap (21 Pockets/Loops

This lineman tool bag is designed for meeting the ever-changing needs of electricians. With 21 pockets and loops, the linesman can carry tools and keep them handy when they are at work. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is made from good quality material so that it becomes comfortable for the linesman to carry the bag. This is rugged construction of six layers. It also has touch built quality making it easy to transport the bag.


  • It is rugged since it is made from good quality material
  • This tool bag offers ample storage for different sized tools
  • It is a versatile tool bag perfect for the lineman
  • The bag comes with an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry both short or long tools


  • A handle in the bag could have made it easy to carry the tool bag
  • The tools from inside the bag tend to come out

2.Aerial Bucket, Hard-Body Lineman Bucket- Heavy Duty Oval Bucket Bag Klein Tools

This tool bag is designed in the shape of a bucket. Plenty of pockets options are available at the front part of the bag. It is a suitable one for linesman making their task an easy one. Also, Black molded polypropylene is used at the bottom of the bag to provide hard protection to the tools you carry. It is a well resistant bag. It has 15 internal and 14 external bags.


  • It offers plenty of options for internal and external storage
  • The bucket is appropriate to use in any weather conditions
  • It has web handles making it easy to carry


  • Other than screwdrivers and nut drivers, it may be difficult to carry any other tools
  • It is too small in size for a lineman
  • The stitching of the bag could have been better

3. Custom Leathercraft 15 Pocket 16 in. Center Tray Tool Bag

Are you looking for a bag with ample space? The above-mentioned product is the ideal option that comes with 8 inner and 8 outer pockets. A wide range of tools mostly used by electrician or linesman can be easily carried in this tool bag. It comes with a padded shoulder strap that makes it comfortable for the user to carry the tools with all items in it.


  • It is comfortable to carry the tools in this bag
  • This bag has a plastic part inside that provide easy compartment facilities in the bag
  • It is capable of holding larger tools
  • The bag is sturdy enough and provides durability


  • Number of pockets are less in this tool bag
  • The loop on the bag tends to come out after prolonged use

4. DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case, Extra Large

This product is almost like a toolbox used by linesman or electrician. This offers plenty of space to store the items easily. Also, different sized tools can be carried in the toolbox. Its hardy outer surface makes it easy to carry the tools irrespective of any weather conditions.


  • It is a durable plastic case suitable to carry different sized tools
  • This toolbox is a portable one
  • It can be used to carry hard tools easily


  • It becomes a bit heavy when it is carried with all tools inside it

5. VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag

Are you looking for a water-resistant bag? The above-said product is a suitable option. It comes with 67 pockets in which tradesperson can carry different tools. Also, the zippers and the switching system of the bag are made from heavy-duty item to make it a durable one. Moreover, its portability is sure to benefit the users.


  • It is a professional grade bag suitable for the linesman
  • This has plenty of pockets and compartments making it easy to store different sized tools
  • It is manufactured from high-quality material
  • This is a water-resistant tool bag


  • It is a bit expensive compared to others offering almost similar features
Buy VETO PRO PAC Model XL Tool Bag

6. AmazonBasics Electrician’s Tool Bag – 50-Pocket

Nothing can better than getting an electrician or linesman bag that has 50 pockets in it. Each of them is of different sizes so that it becomes easy for the user to easily carry the tools with ease at work. The above-said product is made from tough and good quality material.


  • It offers durability
  • This bag has a sturdy zipper and stitching system
  • It has a padded strap that makes it comfortable to carry the bag


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The stitching of the bag could have been better

Lineman Tool kit

1.PC Olive Drab Green Black Tactical Molle Linesman Military Mechanics Tool Bag Kit

Similar to lineman tool bag, the tool kit is also available. The above-said product comes with two small sized zipped pouches and one big zipped pouch. It comes with less number of pockets compared to tool bag but each pouch is spacious. Also, 600D denier DuraPoly is used to prepare the bag. It gives durability and sturdiness to the tool kit. It offers easy portability. For the lineman who can work with less number of pockets, this tool kit is the suitable option.

Buy Lineman Tool kit-Military Mechanics Tool Bag Kit

Lineman tool pouch

Lineman Tool Pouch, 4-Pocket, 8-Inch x 11-Inch Klein Tools 5118P4

This tool pouch is a bit different from lineman tool bag. The appearance, number of pockets, and the size of the two products are different. This tool pouch is made of good quality leather. In addition, it has a string rivet fixed on the top of the pouch. This pouch has pockets for carrying items like screwdrivers, pliers and other similar items. Due to the use of good quality leather, it gives durability to the tool pouch. It is among the best professional-grade pouches available. It helps to give precision to linesman so that they are able to complete the task easily. If the person finds it difficult to use, they can look for the same in the manual guide to be able to use the bag easily. Also check out tool pouches for electricians

Buy Lineman Tool Pouch

Job responsibility of lineman

To install and repair electrical lines, a lineman has to do several tasks. The person is involved in transmission and power distribution work. These connections are extended to individual households. The person can also repair both underground and overhead electricity cable connections. In addition to this, linesman also has to dig wrenches in order to install electricity lines, install a meter, and climb poles to repair electricity lines. Therefore, to cope up with different tasks and get tools handy when they are climbing poles, having the right tool bag to carry the required tools is of utmost importance.

Buyer’s guide to buying a Lineman tool bag

Buying a lineman’s tool bag can be a difficult task. Considering some factors would make it easy to buy the right item. Also, it would make the task of electrician, linesman and another tradesperson easy. They have to carry different sized tools when they are at work. To carry the same with ease, the tool bag should be of good quality. Some of the factors to be followed are as follows. Also, read buying guide for ironworker tool belt.

The material of the tool bag

Depending on the material used to prepare a linesman tool bag, the durability of the bag can be determined. Since it will be required at the construction site, it should be made from good quality items. It should be able to withstand any weather conditions. Since a linesman has to carry tools like sharp razors, heavy tools, and others, the edges of the tool bag should be strong enough to carry the tool easily. Therefore, the material used to design the bag should be hard enough. Some of the common fabrics used in this type of bags are nylon, polyester, and canvas. A thick and durable bag will serve you for a long time.

Style and comfort of the Bag

Similar to the material with which the bag is designed, the style and comfort of the tool bag also play an important role. The comfort of the bag would make the task of the linesman much easier. Padded handles are important as it will give comfort and support to the user. The handles and shoulders of the bag should also be well-protected so that it does not hurt the person using the bag.

Other than comfort, the style of the tool bag would depend on the taste of the user. When considering style, it is important to check whether the bag offers easy accessibility or not.

Size of the Tool Bag

The size would decide the number of tools that you can carry in the tool bag. The number of tools required will also depend on the type of work you do. For electrician or linesman, plenty of pocket options would be suitable.

The handles and zipper system of the bag should also be checked. Try to opt for a good quality one. When getting a poor quality bag, the stitching and zipper system might come out of its place after prolonged use.

Related question and answer of lineman and Tool bag

  1. How comfortable it is to work as a lineman?

Answer: Electrical lineman is also known by the name of power lineman who works with electrical power work. They are responsible to install high-voltage electric lines. In addition, they also take care of the proper maintenance of electrical power systems for different companies. They have to work in different unfavorable conditions.

  1. How essential it is to buy the right linesman tool bag?

Answer: Without the right tool bag, it might be difficult for you to carry the tools and work with ease. When buying the tool bag, quality and durability are among the top features of the bag that needs to be considered. Getting a poor quality bag is sure to ruin the easy accessibility of tools at work.

  1. What material tool bags should be preferred by the linesman?

Answer: Most of the linesman should opt for tool bags which are made from nylon, high-quality polyester, and canvas material. Also, high-quality leather should be used in the bag that would make the edges of the tool bag strong when carrying tools of different sizes.

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