DeWalt Electrician Tool Belt: Review and Features (2022)

Read our review on the DeWalt electrician’s tool belt. DeWalt has been in the business of producing power tools and hand tools industries like construction, woodworking, and manufacturing. In fact, the company started in 1923 by Reynold E DeWalt. This American company grew rapidly and diversified into various sectors.

DeWalt now is the leading brand in power tools and cater to a major chunk of the main industries.

So, how has DeWalt managed to capture the number one position in the field?

  • The major concern for DeWalt has always been understanding the consumer’s minds and catering to specific needs as per job requirements.
  • The company has thus, manufactured everything from power tools like drills, screw guns and grinders to saws, hammers, and screws.
  • The company has been focused on customer satisfaction and reviews like never before.
  • High-quality standards are maintained in every stage of the production of the tools and instruments.
  • It is very popular in providing tools suitable for commercial contractors.
  • DeWalt has managed to capture the international markets and establish itself well all over the globe.
  • Fair Pricing
    DeWalt electrician’s tool belt

DeWalt also gives importance to the safety and convenience of the users. Hence, also focus on making the safety and protective workwear.

Tool belts or aprons are one of the most convenient accessories or workwear for all tradesmen. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters rely on their tools for their occupation. So, it goes without saying that all tools and equipment should be easily accessible and perfectly organized for high productivity at work.

Electricians are recommended to use tool belts at work. Why?

  1. Tool belts can hold all the basic hand tools like screwdrivers, testers, and clippers in easy reach.
  2. In the tool belt, these tools can be placed in designated spots to perfectly organize the tools.
  3. Electricians can reduce time in going through and getting tools and supplies, every time they need them.
  4. They are constantly required to work on hard to reach places. It is advised to have easy access to tools in such cases.
  5. They have to climb ladders or fix things with both hands almost all the time. Tool belts allow electricians to work handsfree.

Does DeWalt manufacture tool belts for electricians?

Yes, of course! In fact, they make state-of-the-art tool belts with high-quality standards than any other competitor brands.

Almost all the tool belts are versatile and can be worn by tradesmen of all trades. However, DeWalt has designed tool belts specific for certain occupations.

Some of the most popular DeWalt electrician’s tool belt are:

  1. Electrician’s tool belt or pouch
  2. Carpenter’s tool apron and nail bag
  3. Framer’s tool apron and nail bag

Here, we give a review of the most popular electrician’s tool belt from DeWalt

  1. DEWALT Electrician’s Pouch with Pockets

The DeWalt electricians’ tool belt with suspenders has become the most sought for a product by electricians. This DeWalt tool holster is particularly designed for the busy electrician who is required to carry all necessary tools and accessories. It is one of the best electrician tool pouches or belts and is very durable and long-lasting. Since it is made from polyester fabric, it is more durable than other leather tool pouches.


  • 14 pockets of varying sizes to accommodate all electrician tools
  • Web loops and sleeve pockets
  • Made of ballistic poly fabric
  • Reinforced edges for extended use
  • Handy flashlight holder
  • Electrical tape strap
  • Carabiner for keys
  • Rear clip or belt attachment
  • Large main pocket and smaller front pocket
  • Patented pouch handle


  • Buckle or belt clip is thin and snaps off with rough handling.
  • Front pocket not deep

So, DeWalt electrician’s tool belt is one of the best rated and very popular among electricians. Apart from very few flaws, the tool pouch is significantly made of high quality and has established itself well in the market.

What are the competitors of the DeWalt electricians’ tool belt?

The DeWalt electrician’s tool belt has outpaced competitors with its high efficiency and good quality features. Let’s look at some of the prominent competitors of the DeWalt electrician’s tool belt.

  1. Razorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package

This tough electrician’ tool pouch from Razorback is a combo pack and comes with suspenders, gloves and drill holster. This electrician’s tool belt is expensive and has superior features and extras, unlike other competitors. However, it is priced higher than the DeWalt electrician’s tool belt.


  • Built with Duratek 1250 fabric
  • Bar-tack stitching and metal rivets on stress points
  • 18 pockets on the right pouch, 9 pockets on the left pouch
  • Seamless rounded box design in pockets
  • Air ventilated tool belt padding
  • Breathable fabric
  • Duragrip fingerless work gloves to protect hands
  • Carry handles for easy handling
  • Back support tool belt
  • Bucket tote for onsite tool organization
  • Pro-Comfort Molded Air Channel Back Support


  • Velcro on the pouches wear off easily
  • Quite expensive compared to other brands
  1. TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35″ Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo

This heavy-duty electrician’s tool belt from tradegear is well made, and definitely one of its kind. There are many positive features that outweigh this electrician’s tool belt from all other competitors. This belt can carry all of the electrician’s tools with extreme comfort and convenience. It has a 30 days money-back guarantee from the supplier.


  • High-density memory foam padding
  • Contoured back support
  • Air channel ventilation
  • 2 heavy-duty pouches
  • 27 durable pockets of multiple sizes
  • Adjustable belt can be removed from the belt if required
  • High-density Nylon web core interior
  • Reinforced with bar-tack stitching
  • Heavy-duty metal rivets
  • Made from Duratek fabric; very durable


  • Bulky in size
  • Expensive
  • Velcro wears off fast


There are other competitors to the DeWalt electrician’s tool belt like:

  1. Klein pro electrician’s tool belt
  2. CLC electrician’s combo tool belt
  3. Occidental electrician’s leather tool belt

So, a simple comparison with competitors’ products, will prove one thing. DeWalt electrician’s tool belt is one of the cheapest tool belts for electricians, yet very functional and of supreme quality. Also make sure to check top rated electricians tool belts.

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