Top 10 Best Rated Mechanic Toolboxes(2022)

Where to buy the Best mechanic Toolbox?

Best mechanic ToolboxFind the best mechanic toolboxes on sale. Tired with handling so many tools or it’s hard to handle or organize your tools properly and safely. No worries!! We bring here a solution to your problem, toolbox. You can call it – toolbox, toolkit, tool chest or workbox. Its depend upon you what you want to call it but its primary work is to organize, protect and carry owner’s tool who can use these tools in garage or workshop. It is going to be beneficial at every place on earth.

Consider, a situation when you don’t have a toolbox and you going to do some maintenance job over your car. Now, you are in your garage. Thus, you don’t have a toolbox, you will look for tools here and there when you find one you will start performing your work. After this, you need another tool which you may have purchased recently but don’t know where it is. So, again you look for it and continue on your work when you find it. This can be time-consuming and frustrating too if you are a professional mechanic and you need to work with tools and machine each and every time. Here, toolbox plays an important role, which saves time. It saves our money too which we need to buy the tool again when tools are lost in this process.

What are the types of Toolbox?

The tool comes in different types of material and types.

1.Hand carry toolbox

This is important for all, whether you have a large tool chest or not because when you need to go out of your workshop and have to some work outside then this fit best to carry your tools. This comes is plastic and steel portable toolbox. The portable toolbox has the ability to get a fold and have handled, thus making it easy to carry from one place to another.

2.Rolling toolbox

This is ideal for a contractor when they need to move from one to another with their tools especially tools which are heavy and powerful. This is same as you may have a rolling luggage bag in your home which helps you to carry clothes when you go traveling.

3.Tool chest and Cabinet Storage

This comes needy when the collection of your tools grow up. This you easily find in repair where they need each and every tool which they think can be helpful for work. They use to tool chest and storage, a place to keep all there tools safe. These are the large, metal, multi-drawer toolboxes.

How to select best mechanic tool?

To buy mechanic tool you need to take care of followings:
● Look for size and dimension you need to require for your toolbox. It can be waste of your money if you don’t choose preferable size according to your need.
● If you are looking for portable then you must look for boxes that have an inner removable tray which will helpful for separate smaller things such as pencils, levels, and safety glasses. Without the tray, those small tools can get lost in the cluster of the tools in toolbox . The less you have to rumble through a toolbox to find what you need, the better.
● If you look for tool chests than higher quality tool chest must include heavier load ratings on drawers because better drawer sliding hardware and bearings, thicker gauge steel ,more will be time period.
● If you contractor, you need to carry should avoid portable toolbox instead he should prefer rolling toolbox.

Important tip –
● When you buy make sure you check hinges, lock, drawer enough strong which can be beneficial for long use.

We will present those toolkit which are either used by me or by my friends. This is made sure because we want to get best value for your money.

  1. DOWELL 9 Piece Small Tool Kit

This comes in the category of portable toolkit. It has 9 of the most-reached-for hand tools for tackling all assembly, maintenance, repair projects around the home or office. The thing which makes it great is its DOWELL HANDLE, which is made of PP+TPR material, comfortable hand feeling, ergonomically design and ideal force-transmission. Best for working with wet & oily hand.

Features :

Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. TPR materials for the handle, ergonomically designed. All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards. DOWELL Tools are made from durable metal construction giving you the ultimate precision.
Tools are neatly housed in a sturdy handy blow-molded case to keep them secure, clean, organized and easy to find. The compact durable plastic carrying case fits anywhere in your home, apartment, garage, or even the car.


  • Useful for DIY projects and home improvement.
  • Best in quality
  • Easily refundable


  • Product made by China
  • For professional it is a small kit.
  1. Plano 823-003 Contractor Grade Po Series Tool Box

This comes with a dimension of 22″ x 12.5″ x 13.5″ in Graphite Gray & Black. It has Pro Magnum Grab and Go Toolbox With Tray with Pocket. It includes two Stowaway organizers with two lift-out trays which are easily accessible for smaller parts and tools. The heavy-duty construction of the handles and latches make this a durable long-lasting storage option for your tools.


  • Dimensions:

22″ x 12.5″ x 13.5″  coming with this dimension, it provides great space for a number of tools which can be helpful to organize tools easily.

  • Highly durable

This makes it have a long-time period making it value for your money.

  • Two lift-out trays-

This is important when you need to carry small things such as pencil which can mix with tools and can waste our time in locating and finding in the toolbox, so it helps to organize them.

  • Reinforced handle and latches

This shows its strength to last long.

  • Extra deep constructions

Helpful to store a more and maximum number of tools.


  • Two lift-out trays for easy access to smaller parts and tools.
  • Graphite gray with black handle and latches.
  • High life period


  • It comes with no lock.
  • Its not waterproof.
  • It can expose you to TDI chemical which can cause you cancer like health problems.
  1. Goplus 20-Inch Portable Cantilever Metal Tool Box

This is made up of steel which opens with five trays for easy access to parts and tools. This comes with brilliant finishing with paint and full steel handle. It is suitable for each and every mechanic either at home or at the workshop. This is one of the best mechanic Toolbox.


  • 5 Cabinets for Large Store Capacity

This steel cantilever toolbox is equipped with 5 trays for easy access to tools and parts. This can help to store different tools up to 66lbs.

  • Durable Steel with Convenient Handle-

It comes in steel with a full-length steel handle making it is easy to carry. Besides, all-steel construction is finished in durable powder coat paint makes it for years to use.

  • Tool Organizer

It creates the most efficient way to keep your often-used tools organized because of its five trays.

  • Easy to Clean-

The sleek surface makes it easy to clean, just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Red powder coat prevents it to get scratch from tools place in it.


  • Powder coat paint makes it have scratches even after so many years of service.
  • Light in Weight.
  • Out of 5 people, 4 have as its first choice.


  1. Keter Classic Plastic Portable Organizer Tool Box

It gives you the storage you need in the form of a rugged case that makes it easy to bring your tools along with you, wherever you go. It comes in the plastic case, but it made by Keter so we can expect how much strength and durability it can have. It is ideal for those who require transportation and have to work as professional and carry heavy tools. It comes with enough space with integrated removable tray and lid.


  • Removable tray

It helps to keep your smaller tool easy for you to handle and organize.

  • Metal lid-

This prevents the lid from falling back.

  • Easy probability

Its completely portable design with central handle, make you take it with you anywhere in any part of the World.


  • Made by Keter.
  • Space for paddle lock.
  • Rugged polypropylene resin construction.


  • Not waterproof
  • Removable hinders big tools to organize it properly.
  • No Piano hinges.
  1. Keter Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box

Another product from Keter in this list. It is a tool chest offered by Keter. Masterloader is a portable sliding plastic toolbox. This Masterloader storage cart is like a portable shop. It has a central locking mechanism for maintaining security as well as stability during travel. The interior is organized in such a way to organize an amount of available space. There is a tool divider for the easy compartmentalization of the tools. Heavy tools and rarely used items can easily be stored below. The ball-bearing sliders allow you to gain access to these tools without the cumbersome added step of removing the top bins.


  • Organize with Divider-
    It comes with large hand tools compartment with removable divider, and integrated organizer with 2 size removable bins on the lid and compartmentalized bins for smaller tools and hardware.
  • Sturdy-
    Sturdy polypropylene resin construction is resistant to chemical damage and fading. The heavy-duty frame can hold heavier tools too.
  • Locking Device-
    Central auto-locking mechanism for stability and security.


  • Made by Keter.
  • Central auto-locking mechanism for stability and security.
  • Comes with tool divider.


  • Not waterproof
  • Very poor performance when you need to work on rainy days outside.
  1. Kennedy Hand-Carry Cantilever Steel Tool Box

This is manufactured by most prominent and oldest, Kennedy Manufacturing, which always make sure you have trust in its quality. These cantilever hand carries live up to expectations as best in class because they are built right and built for life. It has been Vinyl Cushioned with Steel Core Top Handle, Heavy-Duty and Plated Locking Hardware. It has original Kennedy Signature and Compartments with Movable or Removable Divider Sets. It has one tray with Socket Set Dividers Metal.


  • Portable-
    Kennedy Transport your tools with ease using this portable tool box. Powder coat finished steel.
  • Ease to organize –
    Removable, adjustable partitions dividers create compartments for organized tray storage
  • Vinyl cushioned handles-
    It gives perfect grip with comfort.


  • Heavy-duty, plated locking hardware.
  • Made in USA.


  • Expensive
  1. Stalwart Contractor Grade Tool Box

This box gives you great flexibility to carry tools and small parts when you need to. It has Separate Clear-Top Lid provides access to the top Tier by itself without having to open the entire box. The top-tier features 15 removable and 3 permanent divided parts compartments for easy organization. The sturdy stainless steel handle makes this easy to move around and transport to any job site.


  • Separate Clear Top lid-

Fully opens to provide access to everything in the box, Separate Clear-Top Lid for access to Top Tray.

  • The capacity of Top Tier-

Features 15 Removable Compartments in Top Tier.

  • Overall Construction-

Polypropylene and Stainless Steel is its composition.


  • Top tray has support legs to avoid tipping, Sturdy Stainless Steel Handle.
  • Made with Polypropylene and Stainless Steel.


  • No lock to provide security.
  • Should not be submerged in water
  1. Stanley 016011R Series 2000 Tool Box

It has 2 lid organizers for small parts storage accessible without opening the toolbox. It comes with a built-in padlock. It has dimensions: 16.00in X 7.60in X 7.21in with estimated Shipping Weight: 5.2815.


  • Dimensions

It comes with a 16-inch toolbox.

  • 2 lid organizers

It has two lid organizers for storing small parts.

  • Comfort Handle-

It comes with Soft, wide rubber-coated handle for easy transposon.


  • Comes with built-in eye for padlock.
  • It has nickel metal-plated latches.


  • Not having much great stability
  • A Very low life period of not handled with care.
  1. GEARWRENCH 83151 3 Drawer Tool Box

This is a black with 3 drawer and 20-inch steel toolbox. The drawers are all 2 inches in height and are on ball-bearing slides. The top area is 2-1/2 inches in height. The box has a keyed center lock for improved security.


  • Ball-bearing drawer

It has a portable toolbox with ball-bearing drawer slides, giving it long-lasting life.

  • Keyed center lock-

Center lock has helped in security.

  • Black powder

black powder coat wipes easily clean and resists rust and corrosion.


  • It has a power source of coded-electric.
  • Comes with one year warranty.
  • Comes with cantilever tray.


  • Very heavy.
  • Sometimes drawers Don’t open unless the top is unlatched.
  1. DeWalt DWST28001 Plastic Tool Box

Dewalt is 28-inch structural foam toolbox with pull out tote. It has a large capacity designed for volume utility. More important, there is all-round water seal to help protect contents. Its portable tote tray is 3/4 inch length design to allow storage of large tools & power tools. It also has large metal rust proof latches with padlock eye enable locking the toolbox.


  • Great value for money

This products adds great value and returns the value of your money. Here you get many advantages in cheap price.

  • Durability

Product is highly durable.


  • Waterproof and sturdy.
  • Great quality.
  • Great value for money.


  • Heavy even when it is empty.


I would personally prefer  Goplus 20-Inch Portable Cantilever Metal Tool Box,  it is personally used by me and work great. This is the best mechanic Toolbox which is professional and portable for usage. I love this product of its feature and quality. I also got great feedback for  Kennedy Hand-Carry Cantilever Steel Tool Box, this was used by one of my relatives, they love branded and royal type things. If you want a brand with its legendary signature then it will work great for him. They say it has not disadvantaged instead anyone who purchase it, will not go for any other product or company.

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