HUSKY TOOLBOX REVIEW : Buyer’s Guide and Features (2022)

Here we will be reviewing husky tool box. Choosing toolbox is very difficult for beginner specially when you find different types and brand for toolbox. Toolbox serves only one purpose to organize tools in comfortable and convenient way. But it become compulsory to choose right brand in order to get worth each and every penny you’d spent. Here,  you will get review of one of the prominent brand of tool box – Husky Toolbox. This company will provide you best worth for your money you spent and will provide you satisfaction for your first tool box.HUSKY TOOLBOX REVIEW

In today’s era, most popular and prominent tool boxes companies are- Husky, Milwaukee and Dewalt. Husky was one of that company in past which no one desires to buy or even have  look over it. But, they keep on improving and now they are huge market leader in this segment with great price and quality.Make sure to check our reviews on homak toolbox. They try to focus on quality in less price which make it preferable for everyone. In this article, we will take a complete review about Husky Toolbox.

Why Husky Toolbox?

In order to think about why husky toolbox, first you need to consider how to buy best tool box that suits your requirements. People try to buy quality over price but sometimes they need to compromise quality over price. First Point in order to choose right tool box is to check quality with its price compatibility. Second, look for features and it’s durability, which can provide strength to toolbox for many years to come. Third, it should have some powder coating which can make it rust free and suitable for harsh environment. Fourth, it should provide different department to store tool conveniently and for easy access.

Now when you know which points need to consider in order to get right toolbox, then we bring you back towards our question, “Why Husky toolbox?” This is best and most promising brand these days which offer you all these qualities and features within price which make it affordable to every one of us.

You will get each category of storage tool from Husky company from toolbox to tool chest etc. easily but we will probably focus on Husky toolbox. Find below reviews of various tool boxes from husky. 

Top tool boxes from Husky are:

1.HUSKY 26 in. Mobile Tool Box

2.HUSKY 16 in. Plastic Tool box

3.HUSKY 35 in. mobile Box

4.HUSKY 22in. Compartment Cantilever Organizer

5.HUSKY 25in. Mobile job box

6.HUSKY 21in. Portable tool box.

We will look at the each of tool box one by one.

  1. HUSKY 26 in. Mobile Tool Box

Husky 26 in. Connect mobile tool box is heavy duty mobile tool box. It provides unique way to organize tools. The top have unique latches , which is compatible to other husky products. For organizing power tools, it provide you base unit to store it safely. It has capacity of around 5000 cu. in. It has 8 inch wheels which make portable. It also comes with removable tray and power source.


  • Extendable, telescoping handle for portability.
  • Fully secure with lockable padlock.
  • Excellent quality


  • Not as much as durable.
  1. HUSKY 16 in. Plastic Tool box

This box is constructed with polypropylene with heavy duty metal latch. You can store any tool whether it is small or power tools and it’s heavy duty latch make it easily to uplift. This is best for everyone whether he works as hobbyist or professional. This husky toolbox review can be rated as one of the best in the segment. 


  • Good quality in less price.
  • Perfectly durable.
  • It is portable.


  • Non-waterproof
  1. HUSKY 35 in. mobile Box

Husky 35 in. Mobile job box comes with power cord access. It is helpful to charge powerful tool. It can hold and organize tools capacity of 100lbs. You can attach lock. It provide resistance to waterproof and provide heavy durability. These tool box are out for sale without tools.


  • Highly durable.
  • Best to store and organize small tools.


  • Can only be secured with external lock.
  • Not- waterproof
  1. HUSKY 22in. Compartment Cantilever Organizer

This is 22 in. Compartment cantilever organizer which has cantilever mechanism that provide full access to each tools which you will store. It has full body steel handle which help you to carry this toolbox with ease. It comes with wheels which helpful in rolling. It has 15 gallon connect mobile cart. It is constructed of professional-grade plastic for durability.


  • 12 removable compartment bin
  • Constructed with professional – grade plastic.
  • Easily portable.


  • Not- waterproof
  1. HUSKY 25in. Mobile job box

This is heavy-Duty mobile job box provides a unique way of organizing your tools and parts. The top lid area boasts an innovative cantilever lid that provides integrated organizers. There are 18 customizable compartments, holding your fasteners and small parts. It base compartment can be used for Power tools. It’s wheels can easily transport your tools to any terrain. It is also padlock.


  • Capacity of around 3500 cu. Inch.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Great quality.


  • Smaller in size
  • Expensive.
  1. HUSKY 21in. Portable tool box

This is perfect for professional. You can store large and small tools easily. It comes with removable tray which can be useful to store small tools. This unit is compatible with the Husky Connect organizer. Toolbox and the tray provide excellent functionality and plenty of storage space Heavy-duty resin construction for more durability. It has Removable tool tray offer easy access to small parts. Metal latches keep the lid close. It provides built-in handle for easy comfort and its compact construction allow for easy transportation. It provide built-in padlock eye to provide added security. It is compatible with the Husky connect system.


  • Excellent functionality.
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Heavy – duty resin construction.
  • Removable tray for small tools


  • not waterproof


In  conclusion, this guide gives you all information related to husky tool box. Husky toolbox are performing better day by day and proving to be best choice for each of us. This is best company for Beginners to choose toolbox because of lower rates and best quality. This toolbox never leave any feel of regret after buying it.

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