10 Best Rated Tool Chest Reviews (2022)

In order to organize tool in Convenient and comfortable way we prefer, tool box or tool chest. Tool box or tool chest both primary function is same. But for professional, tool chest prove to be more rightful choice because he need to store and organize tools which  can accommodate a wider array of implements, instruments, gadgets, and hardware that can address various concerns in the home or in one’s business. This will be going to be very useful as your job site.

When to consider tool chest over tool box?

Some may consider tool chest and tool box perform and serve same purpose that is storing tools and organize then why or when I may require tool chest? When you in this specific profession and need to work with various tool that time you need to handle and require vast number of various tools, here you need to go for tool chest. It will provide you much higher security than tool box. It help you produce more productivity in your work as it is best way to organize and handle various tools at a same place. Moreover, also both tool chest and tool box keep tools protective from damage.best tool chest

What are different types of Tool chest?

In this modern, just like humans or computers tool chest has also gone from many evolution and has changed over time and time. Gone are time when tool chest was just box in order to store tools. These days, you will find many tool chests of different material and different types. Let’s explore what type of tool chest you will find on market.

1.Stationary Tool chest :

Mostly tool chest are made big and wide usually increase it’s weightiness, which make them stationary or hard to move from one place to another. These tool chests are best suitable in your garage or workshop as  where you often works. Features about these tool chests are that they have wheels which helpful to move easily in garage or at workshop. It comes with many drawers to organize each and every tool  effectively.

2.Portable tool chest

These tool chest you can also call with name rolling tool chest. They comes with wheel which  make it portable which will helpful to move your tools in tool chest from one to another or sometimes you require to transfer tools from garage. These wheels mostly comes with castor wheels to increase durability and strength. You will find handle attached to these which enable pulling while helpful during rolling. Mobile tradesman get a lot of benefits from these.

3.Based upon profession:

  • For homeowner –

Homeowner who just need to work on DIY projects , will require only hand-carry tool chest only. These types of tool chest will act as tool box Because of its small size. These types of tool chest have many compartment which help you to organize small tools in most convenient way. Material used to make these types of tool chest are chosen with a view in mind that it can easily handle harsh condition.

  • For mechanic that require tool chest to Mount –

 is best suitable who need to Mount tool chest in his truck .This is perfect for these types of mechanic because they need to go from one place to another for their mechanic type work. Tradesman such as carpenter, plumbers and handyman surely love this because they just mount tool chest in their truck and take vast number of tools easily.

How to choose the best tool chest?

If you are looking to buy a tool chest then you must consider your requirements in order to get best worth for every single penny. There is wide range of tools chest from material they manufactured to its size and space which they offer. There are following points which you must consider before buying a tool chest.

  • Material used for tool chest –

Tool chest comes basically in wood, aluminum , steel and synthetic material. Depending upon  your worksite, you must consider material from it is made. Steel  tool chest are best for you, if you require tool chest to have strength and durability. If you require tool chest for loading and moving each time to another worksite then you must go for steel tool chest only. Now, you are only need it for casual work then plastic or aluminum tool chest can work for you. Wood tool chest are only suitable for hobbyist or DIY ones because these are not made of heavy duty material which doesn’t promise much durability.

  • Decide whether you want rolling or portable tool chest-

Tool chest often comes with wheels but it is portable or rolling it’s depends on its weight. Rolling tool chest help to move tool chest in your garage or workshop but not allow you easily teleport from one jobsite to another. On other side of coin, portable tool chest can be hard but it is made in such a way that you can easily move from one workplace to another by mounting in your  truck.

  • Size and space –

You also must consider size and space which you may require to organize your tools, this will help you not to regret it you buy a tool chest which doesn’t store all tools which you have. It has many drawers, you must  consider it tools because it will help you organize different types of tools from screw driver to power tools easily.

 Top Tool Chest Comparison based on Price

Here, you will find a list of tool chest depending on price which this article will help you to decide tool chest depending upon your pocket size.

Best tool chest under $100

  1. Chraftsman 3 drawer Tool chest

It is a tool chest which will helpful for you to carry ratchets and sockets to jobsite. This tool is made up of durable steel which make it easy for you to take it with you anywhere. It has three drawers  for maximum organization.

Dimensions and Capacity:
Capacity cubic inches:1539
Width (inch):20.6
Depth (inch):9.3
Height (inch):12.9
Width Range: Less than 26 inches


  • Highly durable
  • Provide enough space for tool.
  • Good and adorable in price.


  • Heavy even when it is empty
  1. Stanley 50 gallon mobile chest

It is made by Stanley which comes with capacity of 50 gallon to organize tools. It has large pull-out steel handle with soft grip. It is portable with deep tote. It features two grooves on lid two-inch by four-inch. I has heavy-duty wheels with enormous capacity.


  • It provide enough space to organize tools.
  • Higher in security because of its lock
  • Durable wheels and heavy duty.
  • Comes with a tray.


  • Not so much durable to use on daily basis.
  1. Flambeau tool cart tool chest

It comes with 31 in. with features lift-out tray to organize tools well. It has sturdy smooth rolling rubber wheels and an extendable handle for easy pulling. The handle also holds the removable tray for easy address to the main compartment. The lid is grooved to support lumber. It is manufactured in a such way that it provide rust-free, non-conductive and resistance to many chemicals.


  • It is only ideal for light tools.
  • Provide enough space to store tools.
  • Portable


  • Lid is thin which reduces it’s durability.
  • Problem with wheels.

Best tool chest under $200

  1. Goplus 3 in 1 portable tool chest

It’s A Perfect Helper To Improve Your Work Efficiency And Reduce Your Labor Intensity. It is made with Premium PP, iron and aluminum alloy, this make it last for many years. This rolling chest has three tier structure. It features flip cover type storage top compartment. It includes a large pull out drawer and one bottom compartment which offers plenty of storage room for your tools and projects. It has two large rubber swivel wheels.


  • High capacity
  • Portable
  • Easy handling


  • Light duty
  • Not for heavy tool
  1. Waterloo Shop Series tool Chest

About waterloo, it is largest supplier of tool storage products with 80 years of trust. This industry is consistent leader in testing and features as compare with other similar types of brand.

It is designed, engineered and assembled in USA. It’s full extension ball bearing drawer slides can hold 25lbs. It has more 30% storage and compare with other tool chest is same segment. It provide security to your tools by internal keyed locking system. Special things about this chest is that it comes with one year warranty.


  • It is easily affordable.
  • Plenty of room.
  • Drawers slide smoothly.


  • Very thin
  • Complaints about locking system.
  1. Husky 26 in. 5 drawer tool chest

It has 5 drawers where 2 are small, 2 medium and 1 large. It has holding capacity of 5,114 cu. Inches. It can be easily moved because of its 2 recessed handle. It is heavy duty with textured powder paint finish that provide rust free and protection from wear and tear ability .it features secure latch retention system. It provides high durability.


  • Highly durability.
  • Fully protected from rust, wear and tear.
  • Provide enough space
  • Easily portable.


  • Non-waterproof.
  1. Rolling tool chest

This tool chest consists of two parts. It has five drawers, two trays, a large bottom cabinet and a top box drawer. It is provided with 4 universal casters, two of them has brake. It has side handle for easy moving and top box has a grip on each side. It is made of solid and durable steel which increase its durability. Its wheels are made of rubber-plastic synthetic material. It comes with EVA mats in each drawer and at the top of lower box to protect your tools and tool chest.


  • Great value for money
  • Highly durable
  • Reasonable price


  • Not heavy duty
  1. Craftsman Homeowner tool chest

The Craftsman 5-drawer tool storage center is made of heavy-duty steel which provides up to 12,097 cu. ft. of storage. It has hinged lid so it can stay open. It’s caster wheels enables this tool chest to easily roll and move this storage center to where you need it. An external keyed locking system keeps your tools securely inside when you are not using them, this enhance tool security. This great for home use or in garage at it doesn’t provide portable facilities.


  • Heavy-duty to increase durability.
  • Huge capacity
  • Locking system which provide security.
  • Worth every penny.


  • Not water Proof

Best tool chest under $300

  1. Waterloo W300 series 26 In. Tool chest

This is 2 drawer intermediate chest. It is for perfect complement to your r3b-265b cabinet and r3t-265b chest. It allows the storage of even more tools in the same compact footprint. It has full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides that can hold 85 lbs. Per drawer.
Special feature – It comes with 7 Year of warranty.


  • Provides lot of space.
  • Highly durable because of its steel exterior and interior.
  • Enhance security by locking system.
  • Sturdy and well maintained
  • Smooth bearing.


  • not waterproof
  1. Craftman 26 in. 6 drawer Tool Chest

It comes with 6 drawers and heavy-duty ball bearing. It provides your enough space when fully extended. Its hinged top storage area adds another storage option for bulky items or other necessary items to make a place for everything. It’s steel body is highly durable.


  • It provide high durability.
  • It can be adjusted with other craftsman tool chest.
  • Provides enough space.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not Waterproof
  1. Waterloo 3-drawer project center Tool chest

It is three drawer project center with storage cabinet and flip-up door. It’s pegboard side panels offer easy access to tools. Its drawer include ball-bearing slides. It comes with capacity of 25 lbs. (drawer) 4 inch casters. It is designed and manufactured in America.


  • Drawer with ball bearing slides.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Enough space
  • One year warranty


  • Less secure
  • Not waterproof.

It comes with heavy-duty handle attached to Side of the tool chest. It provide smooth and comfortable sliding as it’s drawer comes with ball bearing slides. It enhances security with its internal locking mechanism to keep your tools safe. It provide you with an option to adjust self height according to your requirements. It has loading capacity of 350lbs. It has black powder coating finishing which make it rust free.

It’s dimension are:

Product dimensions: 24-1/2″(L) x13″(W) x 34-1/4″(H)

Drawer dimension: 20″(L) x 10-7/8″(W) x 2-3/4″(H)

Bottom cabinet dimension: 24-3/8″(L) x 12-3/8″(W) x 21-1/4″(H)

Four 3″ swivel casters

N.W: 44.9 lbs

G.W: 53.9 lbs


  • Enough space
  • Fully secure
  • Black powder finishing.
  • Removable tray.
  • Great use for home.


  • Locking problem
  • Expensive

Best tool chest under $500

  1. Craftsman 26 inch. Rolling Tool chest.

It is a 26 in. with 4 drawer rolling tool chest. This hard, rough and tough which increase its durability. It gives around 8000 cubic inch. capacity. This capacity easily help you to organize each tool in very convenient way. It comes in full Stainless Steel body which increase its durability and life period. DynaGlide drawer slides provide smooth operation. It has lock mechanism which provide full security. It provide great value for your money.


  • Great value for money
  • High durability
  • Fully secured
  • Easy portable


  • Non waterproof
  1. Gerstner International Tool chest

Gerstner International T24 Oak is imported tool chest. This comes in classical American style. It is constructed of American Red Oak hardwood and red oak veneers. It consists of 6 medium, 2 narrow and 3 full width drawers provide great space for storage. It is made of chrome plated hardware. It provides security to your tools by locking lid.
The overall dimensions of this chest are:
24″ wide x 10″ deep (front to back) x 15-7/8″ tall.


  • Good value for money
  • Reasonable price.
  • It gives you classical feel.
  • Provide security.
  • portable


  • Not waterproof.
  • Need to handle with care.
  1. Waterloo Professional Series Rolling tool chest

Waterloo professional Series is built for serious tool users. It comes with 10 year warranty. It has high durability for heavy daily use. It has posi-latch drawer latching system. This prevents drawer from accidental opening. It’s sturdy 5″ x 2″ casters support up to 1,100 lbs. per unit, and create much less friction on the ground thus making it much easier to maneuver around the work area. It full extension drawer comes with ball-bearing. It provide full security to your tools with internal tubular keyed locking system. It comes with Rugged sidewall-post construction which supports heavy loads without racking.


  • Value for worth
  • Great quality.
  • Easily portable.


  • Not very much rugged
  1. Husky 27 in. Tool chest

Husky Limited Edition Series 27 in. Rolling Tool Cabinet comes in sleek black color. It consists of 5 drawer which are 3 small, 1 medium and 1 large with a total holding space of 8,586 cu. inches. It has a portable design with ball bearing slides and can be moved around to fit anywhere in your garage with capacity of 1,000 lbs. Because of its all-welded steel construction, makes it hold heavier tools without any wear and tear. The outside of the tool chest is coated with a textured powder paint finish that has rust-resistant properties and protecting the unit from the wear and tear of daily use. It features a toe lock for keeping your unit in place Internal locking system with 2 keys means that you can secure your tools and hardware.


  • Fully secured.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Brand which we can trust


  • Not waterproof

Best tool chest staring under $1000

  1. Thor kitchen 72 in. Wide tool chest

HTC7215W comes with lot of features. It is anti-fingerprint stainless steel. It has heavy-duty caster wheels. It provide you multiple cabinets for different tools with different sizes. It has 15 drawers. It’s caster is made up of swivel , comes with brakes. It has lock mechanism to provide security.


  • Highest in quality.
  • Very sturdy product.
  • It is worth able for each penny.
  • Lot of space.
  • Ease to organize tools.


  • Not waterproof
  1. Milwaukee Drawer 16 Tool Chest 46 in.

This tool chest is suitable for both hobbyist and professional craftsman. It is built with a heavy-duty 20-Gauge all-welded steel construction to offer increased durability. This tool storage system has a textured powder coat paint finish to increase resistance to corrosion, weather and staining. It is designed with a lid that features gas struts for improved safety when opening and closing. It has a shelf and a tray, allowing for complete customization of your garage organization system. This Milwaukee tool cabinet is designed with 16-drawers, 7 small, 6 medium and 3 large and features a total holding capacity of 27223 cu. in. providing the perfect storage solution for all of your equipment.

Excellent for smooth operation, it is made with ball bearing slides that can hold up to 100 lbs. to accommodate heavy loads. This tool storage system comes with a computer drawer which provides a secure place to hold your laptop while you are working and slides away to safely store it while not in use. Ideal for keeping your tools secure, it is made with a 3-barrel key locking system so it will offer you peace of mind. This Milwaukee tool cabinet utilizes polypropylene fixed and swivel casters that can support up to 1800 lbs. and has 3 rounded tubular handles, making it easy to maneuver around.


  • Top in quality and in affordable price.
  • Great value for money.
  • 100% secure and safety for tools.
  • Heavy duty increase its durability.


  • Whether you are hobbyist or professional you hardly find any Cons or problems with it.
  1. Knaack 3068 Tool chest

This comes in dimension, H: 37″ W: 30″ L: 60”. This is lightweight tool chest which helpful you to take with anywhere. It comes with one-time lock installation built to increase security. You will find tool tray in this tool chest. You will not regret after buying this.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Classical look
  • One – time lock installation.
  • Value for money
  • Quality


  • Non-waterproof

Best tool chest for Power tools:

  1. Best choice portable Tool chest

It comes with 10 drawers which can hold different types of tools from nails to power tools. It comes with trays lined with form material which can absorb oil. It is manufactured with steel material which increase durability. It has 4 omnidirectional caster with a side handle. It has lock which increase security to your tools.


  • Perfect for daily uses.
  • Great value for money.
  • Enough space.


  • Easily get dents.
  • It is manufactured by light duty material.
  1. Giantex Mini tool chest

This is 2 piece tool chest when rolling cabinet. There are three removable tray from tool chest. This has one large cabinet under tool chest. For movement, they comes with four casters.

Overall Dimension: 17.9″ X11″ X35.8″

Tool Chest Dimension: 17.1″ X9.4″ X10.8″

Storage Cabinet Dimension: 17.9″ X11″ X22.8″

Product Weight: About 27 Lbs.

It has non-slip design which keep tools in one place and prevent it from getting damage. To prevent it from rusting, it comes with powder coating. It’s caster has lock which make it steady during your work at workspace. For security, it provides lock to both the pcs.


  • Best for small power tools.
  • Best for DIYs
  • Very sturdy.


  • Not suitable for industrial purpose
  • Expensive compared to rest


Choice for your Tool chest basically depends upon your tools and budget. Depending upon your pocket size, this article brought top model under specific price. If you doesn’t mind spending much on your tool chest then you must go for those tool chest which offer you best quality, in order to get great life span of your tool chest. You go for brands such as Husky or craftsman which can promise you best quality and best worth for your each penny which you spend. In my opinion of you doesn’t care about brand you just go for quality without caring about money. Then,  you must prefer Milwaukee Drawer 16 Tool Chest 46 in. Because it is suitable for both hobbyist and well as professional. It is rich in features from its durability to security. It is worth for each penny you spend.  It has high life period. You can easily move with heavy tools inside it. It provide you huge capacity and different department to store and organize small tools power tools easily. You will hardly find any Cons for this.

Frequently asked Q&A:

1.What is the best way to organize tool chest?

Tool chest purpose with main to organize tools in effective and best way. All of us have, blueprint IN our mind how to organize and some of us have this question in mind how to organize it properly. Following are tips which can be helpful for you to organize tool chest :

  • Sorting tools, plays an important role if you different types of tools, You can place them in different compartments, this will save your time and you will be well aware where are my different types of tools.
  • Organize drawers in effective way. Upper drawer can be used for sockets or small tools which you require for daily use. Middle drawer can be used for various screw-drivers and wrenches. Lower drawers are best for storing heavy tools which you can require an some point of your work. For Power tools, lower drawers are best option.

2.What is the best tool chest for beginner?

If you are beginner, then should buy a chest based upon your budget, tools and Space you may require. You should start with 3 drawer tool chests for example-  WEN MODEL 74603. It will give you quality more than craftsman in similar segment. Moreover, it give advantage to you to add more drawers if you require on it.

3.What is the best way to  clean tool chest?

It’s depend upon your tool chest . If you brought one which is powder coated then you just need a piece of cloth to wipe the tool chest in seconds and you get back same brand new toolbox. If you had brought tool chest which is not powder coated then no problem too. Wipe the box off with your used grease rag once in a while and it will last a lifetime.

4.Which company’s toolbox or tool chest should I consider to buy?

You should consider buying tool boxes, tool chest or tool cabinet manufactured by these three companies Because these are most trustful and working in this segment from decades. Companies which should consider are Husky, Kennedy Manufacturing and Milwaukee. Best of them is Craftsman. Craftsman is just as good at providing quality storage for those tools. Contractors can benefit greatly from investing in a Craftsman tool chest they can keep in the shop or take on the go. While the quality isn’t what it used to be, they still have their place in some work areas. Waterloo is another company which is growing and trying to provide best quality in affordable price.

5.What type of tool chest is most useful for someone with a wide variety of tool types?

You can use commercial filling cabinets to store tools. Most people prefer front loading models rather than side loading model. Glides should be strong enough to handle load. You should go for chest with more than 5 drawer which will give more space to store and organize tools in best way. More drawer provide more compartment to store and organize different types of tools. Different compartments become useful when you have different types and different categories of tools which make you more productive.


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