10 Best HVAC Tool Pouches in the Market (2022)

What are the Best HVAC Tool Pouches?

The best HVAC tool pouches can make daily work in the HVAC industry go much more smoothly. Everything from heating device repairs to refrigeration maintenance demands you to have specialist tools to perform the task competently.

Having the best HVAC tool pouches is basically a requirement for the job. It will not only allow you to store, and transport your tools and meters safely and handy but it will keep your stuff organized so that it’s easy to find at any given moment.

This is a lot to ask of one pouch alone, but thankfully there are so many tool pouches that are up to the task. We have brought you top ten HVAC tool pouches that you can purchase for your work.hvac tool pouch

Top 10 HVAC Tool pouches Comparison

Product NameWaist”/SizePocketsMaterialBuy Now
1.FASITE 7-POCKET Small Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch1”- 48″7 600D polyester fabric
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2.Dead On DO-54017 Shocker
Utility Tote
2″-54″ 2
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3.McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown
Professional Electrician’S Pouch
check price
4.Toughbuilt Electrician ClipTech PouchSmall13Polyester
check price
5.CLC Custom Leathercraft 1524
check price
6.Tool Pouch- Shoulder StrapShoulder Strap14Nylon
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TP4 Technician Tool Pouch
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8.Occidental Leather 5500-Electrician’s
Tool Pouch
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9.DEWALT DG5103 Electrician’s Pouch 1″8Polyester
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10.Southwire Tools Electrician’s Shoulder PouchShoulder Pouch16
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Top 10 HVAC tool pouches:

  1. FASITE 7-POCKET Small Electrical Maintenance Tool Pouch

This tool pouch comes with 7 storage pockets, hammer loop, tape dispenser loop and an adjustable tool belt. It is made up of strong 600D polyester fabric and have steel rivets at stress points. This pouch is also waterproof which adds its lifetime. The pouch is detachable from the belt so you can change it whenever you want.


  • Adjustable tool belt
  • Assembled with steel rivets
  • Strong polyester fabric


  •  Belt is weak
  • Smaller than it looks

  1. Dead On DO-54017 Shocker Utility Tote

This is a durable utility pouch and has many pockets including a utility knife pocket with built-in reinforcement. It also comes with a heavy-duty waist belt. You can carry it easily in 3 different ways: belt, shoulder and handle. It has plenty of small slots for utility knives, carpenter pencils, screwdrivers and drills bits. Apart from this,  it also has a huge pocket in the center capable of holding bigger tools like fluke meter, Gaff tape, etc.


  • 3-Way carrying system
  •  Heavy-duty waist belt
  •  Lightweight
  • Heat resistant


  • No D-rings for extra strap
  • Less space for big tools

  1. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Professional Electrician's Pouch

It features T chain clip and have a unique design. McGuire has multiple pockets and loops for storage and includes a metal tape clip ideal for the most taping measures.This item is designed for vertical storage and access to all tools easily. It is made upped of leather which gives it a very good grip and is very attractive.


  •  Rivet reinforced
  • T-chain tape clip
  • Attractive oil tanned leather


  •  Cases are really hard and stiff
  •  Belt not included

  1. Toughbuilt Electrician ClipTech Pouch and Hub

This is a very comfortable 13-pocket tool pouch with belt loop and heavy-duty compact storage for universal tools. It is made upped of good quality material and is durable. This may be ideal pouch for electrician, contractors and plumbers. ClipTech Hub makes it really convenient and can be used by both men and women. Toughtbuilt also has a tape chain and tape measure clip; the notebook pocket makes it unique and everything is adjustable.


  • It has a clip stand
  • Adjustable tool pocket
  • Tape chain and Compatible


  • Less space for big tools
  • Belt not included

  1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1524 Ziptop Utility Pouch

This is one of the best pouches out there. It’s double-pull zipper cover secures tools and it can easily hold long tools. It has an additional large front panel pocket which has extra space for bigger tools and its snap-back feature helps keep cover out of the way adding comfort. Other features are J-clip, tape strap and measuring clip.


  •  Clip on back

  •  Double zip top and Large front panel


  • No strap or belt included
  • Zipper is not durable
  •  No rivets

  1. Shoulder Strap Has 14 Pockets for Tool Storage

This tool pouch comes with 7 storage pockets, hammer loop, tape dispenser loop and an adjustable tool belt. It is made up of strong 600D polyester fabric and have steel rivets at stress points. Shoulder Strap is also waterproof which adds its lifetime. The pouch is detachable from the belt and you can change it whenever you want. 


  •  Sturdy fabric and stitching
  • Molded bottom
  • Good pocket size and compatible with big tools
  • Very durable


  • Little heavy
  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap

  1. VETO PRO PAC TP4 Technician Tool Pouch

Forming a vital part of the pouch are some two D-rings Nylon plastic belt clip. These hold the tape measures and other vital tools conveniently. They facilitate the safety and transportation of these gadgets.Its panels as doing just about every other part are made of the durable leather material. Lastly, the pouch contains twenty interior and exterior pockets.They vary in size and are hence suited for safeguarding different kinds of tools and accessories.


  • 5-year warranty and Durable

  • Rubber grip handle for comfortable lifting

  • Leather trim panels


  • Quite heavy
  •  Shoulder strap not included
  • No tape clips

  1. Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

In all, this pouch is strong enough to be able to hold the heavy-duty hammers with ease. Its leather construction is pretty strong and reliable in guaranteeing the required support. It comes with 15 pockets and some really huge space. In these pockets, you may slot in your screwdrivers and other kinds of specialized tools


  • 15 pocket maximum storage
  • Backed by a robust customer care regime
  • Special compartment for chains and flashlight


  • Expensive
  • Quite bulky and hard to carry along
  • Belt not included

  1. DEWALT DG5103 Small Durable Maintenance and Electrician's Pouch

Coming in first among the list of its awesome features is the ballistic poly fabric material construction. The material is not only strong but also reinforced at the edges. It is hence pretty resistant to wear and tear.All its pockets are strategically placed. They are clearly visible and within your easy reach. The pouch comprises both the sleeve pockets and web loops. These two give you room to carry a vast array of tools and storage parts.


  • Multiple storage options
  • Lasts longer than is ordinarily expected
  • 2 connection options


  •  Belt clip is not strong
  •  Not good for big tools

  1. Southwire Tools & Equipment BAGESP Electrician's Shoulder Pouch Tool Carrier

This bag is really convenient and light weighted. It has 3 different carrying options:padded shoulder strap, tunnel loop for belt access, or padded handle. This has massive 16 storage pockets and a zipper pouch on the front. Zipper pocket makes it easy to secure access to small parts. It has an open top for bigger tools.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • 16 pouches for maximum tools
  • 3 different carrying options
  • Convenient zipper pocket and big open pocket


  • Not well balanced
  • Tape holder is in a bad spot

Tips before buying a HVAC Tool pouch:

A HVAC tool pouch is an extension of your workwear and provides a portable caddy for you to keep your important tools close by. You can then concentrate more on your work rather than wasting time on finding them in a regular tool box. The simple definition of the best tool pouch is the one that holds every tool you need. This may vary for each individual no matter what type of work they do.

• Fitting- 

If it is too tight or just hangs loosely, it’s not the right fit for you. Number of pockets and space is important too but fitting should be your 1st thing in the bucket list or else the weight of tools can even cause you some serious back problems.

• Comfort-

If you get the perfect fit, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be comfortable using it. Some people sweat more than others and may be allergic to some particular materials. Be careful.

• Durability-

Tool pouches have to go through a lot of sharp things, nails, heavy tools; it has to be really tough to handle all this. Some of the most durable pouches are made up of leather or synthetic fibers like nylon.

• Number of pockets & Space-

Storage can be a big issue sometimes. You’ll have to check the number of pockets for every tool that you need and even some extra ones. Also, check the size of pockets, if your tools can easily fit in them.

• Weight-

Your tool pouch should not be too much empty weight. You don’t want to waste your energy on just lifting your pouch and carrying it to places, do you? So, this check is also required.

Why are the tool pouches good for you?

You can save a lot of time by having multiple items ready just by your side. Tool pouches can be helpful if you’re working on a ladder, you won’t need any special person to help you reach the tools or you won’t have to get off the ladder every time. Make sure to check hvac tool bags also.
If you have a tool pouch, you will know where exactly tools are and won’t have to worry about losing them. If you’re a part-time technician, you don’t want things to go missing around people you don’t know. Overall, pouches help you to stay organized, save a ton of time and makes your work easy.

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