Top 10 Best Rated Industrial Tool box (2022)

Ultimate guide for purchasing Industrial Tool box

This guide will bring you best industrial tool boxes available in the market. Which is the best way to organize wide range of tools for DIY hobbyist or craftsman? Obviously, Toolbox. Toolbox is most needed object for you work in garage or industry. Depending upon your requirements it’s comes with wide range of size and types. If you are a small mechanic and what to organize tool in garage then you will require mechanic tool as you work with less tools. If you work in industrial sector and craftsman or mechanic then you will require industrial tool box which will give more space and more convenient way to organize your tools.industrial tool box

What are different types of Industrial Toolbox:

Toolbox has been categorized into different types depending upon size, material they are made and where it going to be used in garage or in industry.

1.Plastic Toolboxes:

These are inexpensive and effective way to store tools for day to day use basis. It is suitable for those who need to work in home, small garage or on work site.

2.Aluminum Toolbox:

It is bit expensive than plastic toolbox but it is a popular choice because of its durability and strength. It is widely use in industrial sector like aviation, transportation and chemical where they need to care of durability and light weight.

3.Steel Toolbox:

This is made of heavy-duty and steel. It is have high durability, strength and wear resistant. This is best for industrial use because if it’s durability. This can last for long.

What are points need to consider while buying Industrial toolbox?

Making right choice for toolbox will return you best value for money. If not chosen right toolbox then it will result into wastage of money. Here, we bring tips which will help you to Choose right and Buy right.

1.It is advice to choose industrial tool box with right coating and colour. Colour which id associated with industrial safety and regulations becomes important and coating helps your toolbox not easily get corroded.
2.Every person need storage capacity according to his needs. In order to organize your tools properly you need to think about space which you need to require, this will help you to decide how deep toolbox you need.
3.Not Only the storage capacity you should consider. You should also focus it’s loading capacity. Someone need to put tools which are heavy, therefore he must consider tool box which can handle his tools weight.

In this list, we will mostly focus on industrial toolboxes. Here, you will get to know best industrial toolboxes ,which you should consider, if you are looking to buy one.

  1. Husky 16 in. PLASTIC TOOLBOX

Husky 16 in. is constructed with durable polypropylene. Metal handle makes it easy to move toolbox around your workspace. It comes with heavy-duty metal latch. For security, it comes with padlock eye. You can store any powerful tool or small tool because of its powerful body.


  • Rich in features.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • Great value for money.
  • Rich in security.


  • Thin and rigid plastic
  • Need to handle with care.
  • Not waterproof
  1. Grizzy H8085 Toolbox

This is heavy-duty with quick release ball bearing slides. It comes with powder coated paint. This made specially to store saws


  • It comes with powder coated paint.
  • It provides durability.
  • Alternative to Kennedy machinist boxes.
  • Specially to store saws.


  • It’s finish scuff easily.
  1. Montezuma Tool box 41 in.

It comes with heavy-duty 20-guage steel. It has 11 drawer featuring industrial grade Stainless Steel ball bearing. Raise and release drawer is one of other features which attracts people’s attention. It’s work surface comes with heavy-duty PVC coated. It provide easy rolling because of 4 casters with capacity around 2000lbs. It comes with 5 years of warranty and black durable powder coat.


  • One lock for every drawer.
  • Durable because of black powder coat.
  • Provide comfortable rolling till 2000lbs.


  • Drawers doesn’t close smoothly.
  • Comes only in black colour.
  • Not waterproof
  1. Waterloo Portable Series Toolbox

It comes with all strength and longevity of stainless steel. It is manufactured with rugged high-impact polypropylene. This make toolbox to be suitable in any kind of environment. You will find no dent or rust gathered on it because of material it have been made. It provide comfort grip with the handle. It has removable tote tray which is helpful to organize small tools.

About waterloo, it is largest supplier of tool storage products with 80 years of trust. This industry is consistent leader in testing and features as compare with other similar types of brand.


  • It comes in 14 inches wide.
  • Easy to afford.
  • One year limited.
  • Comfort grip.


  • Only suitable for storing light tools.
  • Not waterproof
  1. Homak Industrial Toolbox

It is manufactured by most prominent Homak manufacturing which was founded in 1947.First ,this company use to manufacture steel Kitchen cabinet which later they expanded in 1960s and entered in toolbox, tool chest, hardware manufacturing and other accessories. The full product line consists of hand-carry toolboxes, tool bags, parts organizers, tool storage cabinets, workbench, garage furniture, safety cabinets, spill containment systems, P.B & E. products, steel lockers, gun cabinets, fire-resistant safes, ammo storage boxes and accessories. Each item is manufactured to exceed customer’s expectations, and to provide strength and dependability to the customer. This company works for the satisfaction for their customers

This toolbox is manufactured with solid industrial quality. It contains Padlock design with steel tool tray. Lid comes with secure triple-clasp system. It is designed and coated with brown winkle powder.


  • Steel trays are removable.
  • It’s dimension are 32.2*8.6*9.8 inches.
  • Great in quality.


  • Corner protector comes with case which is light and weak.
  • Expensive.
  1. Kennedy Manufacturing K24B

One of the most prominent original Kennedy Manufacturing toolbox, K24B. This brand does not require any introduction, it’s quality speak itself. It is in this business since 1911.

K24B features grade metal, stronger load capacity and secure tool storage. It has vinyl cushioned. It’s too handle is heavy-duty. It secure your tools by plated locking hardware. Accessories which it include are lift-out tray with socket set divider.


  • It is real Kennedy with signature.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Provides high quality
  • Vintage design and style.
  • Last for lifetime.


  • Non-waterproof
  1. Erie tools heavy-duty toolbox

It contains organizer with foldable auto locking handle and 3 detachable storage compartment . It is a made durable with polypropylene and stainless steel latches. It features comfort grip with foldable handle with plastic latches lids for separating most and bolts. Comes with wheels which make it easily portable.


  • Provide durability in drawer slides
  • Easily portable.
  • Separate pockets for nuts and bolts.
  • Auto locking handle make it secure.


  • None waterproof
  • They say, it is heavy-duty but not actually heavy-duty one.
  • Heavy when lift empty.
  1. Plano 1719-00 68 Quart Tote

It has 68 Quart capacity with molded grooves for sturdy stacking. It contains lockable weather-resistant molding with reinforced removable lid. It’s dimension are 26*11.25*11.5 inches.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes with full security
  • It can easily fit in truck and can easily portable.


  • It has no wheels.
  1. Tankstorm Portable tool box

The box is made of cold rolled steel with industrial Powder coating on the surface which provide rust resistant. It is full-length piano hinge. It provide excellent chemical and scratch resistant. The central locks provide Security for whole box. Its drawer has smooth slides system. Not only this, two latches lock the top lid onto the box body to keep tools in security and safe.


  • Classical design.
  • Price and quality matches each other.
  • Scratch and chemical resistant.


  • No ball bearing glides.
  • Only for small craftsman or DIY hobbyist.
  • Non-waterproof.
  1. Milwaukee Rolling Toolbox

It comes with industrial grade extension handle with 9 all terrain wheels for easily transport of tools. It is made with strong construction material to provide durability. It has heavy duty latches. One interior organizer tray to organize tool in convenient way.


  • Highest quality.
  • Price is lower as compared with quality.
  • You handle easily.
  • Comes with removable tray.
  • Most durable.


  • Complaint about missing tray.

In conclusion, which type of industrial you require it’s totally based upon your pocket size and requirement. If you get a best deal then that toolbox or chest can be used for decades to come. You must decide which tools you need to put in and where you need to work, which will decide whether you need a waterproof tool chest or not. In my opinion you should choose either Kennedy Manufacturing K24B as it is rich in features and provide you with each necessary features which you look for. You hardly find any Cons. Or problems with it. It is best for those who doesn’t want to compromise quality with price. This company itself give your workplace a brand value. Milwaukee Rolling Toolbox is best for those you look for rolling toolbox which make them to move tools effortless from one to another. This provide you best quality of in very low price which often other does not provide. It comes with each necessary accessories which a craftsman look for. It has portable tray, which is removable , therefore can provide you with more space if you require.

Frequently asked question and answer:

1.Which one is best industrial toolbox?

Toolbox which you need to purchase should be based upon your requirements and worksite. You should also Consider your pocket size in order to buy. Best industrial toolbox for you would be toolbox which can satisfy your requirements and is rich in quality with features. In my advice you should go for Kennedy Manufacturing K24B

2. Why are large tool boxes so expensive?

They are made by hardwood or with heavy-duty metal such as, steel or aluminum. This make increase in Man power and cost of labor. Economy is run by basic rule, if demands increase prices are also increased, and if demands decrease prices start to decrease. Same applies here. Because these boxes are high in demand, therefore it is expensive.Also check mechanic tool boxes here.

3.How to remove dust from tool box?

It’s depend upon your toolbox. If you brought one which is powder coated them you just need a piece of cloth to wipe the toolbox and I’m seconds you get back same brand new toolbox. If you hang brought toolbox which is not powder coated them no problem too. Wipe the box off with your used grease rag once in a while and it will last a lifetime.

4.How to make an industrial tool box look pretty?

The best way to make industrial toolbox pretty by using organize which can customize yours tools. Toolboxes and tool chests are all a little different, and the ways people use tools and the frequency with which they use them very. The first step to getting organized is selecting a foam tool kit or other tool foam product. Then you can tailor this foam to fit your needs. You can create a single tool tray organizer or drawer organizer.

5. What type of tool chest is most useful for someone with a wide variety of tool types?

You can use commercial filling cabinets to store tools. Most people prefer front loading models rather than side loading model. Glides should be strong enough to handle load. You should go for chest with more than 5 drawer which will give more space to store and organize tools in best way.

6.Which company’s toolbox or tool chest should I consider to buy?

You should consider buying tool boxes, tool chest or tool cabinet manufactured by these three companies Because these are most trustful and working in this segment from decades. Companies which should consider are Husky, Kennedy Manufacturing and Milwaukee. Best of them is Craftsman. Craftsman is just as good at providing quality storage for those tools. Contractors can benefit greatly from investing in a Craftsman tool chest they can keep in the shop or take on the go. While the quality isn’t what it used to be, they still have their place in some work areas.

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