Thorogood Maxwear Wedge-Review (2022)

Thorogood Maxwear Wedge Review: 2020

Thorogood Maxwear Wedge

Thorogood shoe company is in business for over 125 years. It is one of the most


classic work boots among the roofers. Thorogood boots attract roofers because of


their rugged look, all-round functionality along with its durability. This makes


Thorogood the most trusted work boots manufactured in the USA. In this article, we


will read about the “Thorogood Maxwear wedge boots”. People use these boots in


rough conditions. Further, roofers prefer wedge sole boots which increases the stability and the balance.

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1. Thorogood Maxwear Wedge
LeatherNo13 x 6 x 4 inches Check Price

Advantage of wedge sole:

  • The wedge sole provides the necessary grip to the hardworking people. They may be roofers, ironworkers, firefighters, and others.
  • There is no heel on the wedge sole and so the bottom of these work boots is flat.
  • Thorogood Maxwear wedge users need not worry about fatigue because these boots offer good support and traction.
  • The wedge sole is responsible for even distribution of the pressure so roofers find it easy while climbing steep roof slopes.

Switch over from Vibram Christy to Thorogood Maxwear Sole:

Since 1964 Thorogood used a Christy Vibram sole for their work boots. It was slip resistantdurable, and comfortable for the foot. To meet up with the competition and increase the lifetime of the sole Thorogood introduced their own sole, “Thorogood Polyurethane MaxWear Sole”. Mainly, Thorogood introduced this because the Vibram sole broke out within a year when used as daily work boots.

However, they decided to design their own sole because they didn’t like the fact that for most people who used them as daily work boots, the Vibram sole wore down in less than a year. This led to the invention of a superior sole named “Thorogood Polyurethane MaxWear Sole”. This sole is designed to be more slip-resistant than Vibram, soft and flexible, and ultra-comfortable. In the case of durability, this sole last 20-30% longer than the classic Vibram.

construction and appereance

Construction and Appearance:

Thorogood boots are made up of full-grain leather which assures great durability. It does not inhibit the free movement of the feet as it flexes with the feet well. Apart from the leather, Thorogood boots use synthetic fiber and rubber. These are used in the accident-prone areas. It might be the toe and sides or edges. Thorogood work boots are both sturdy and fashionable. The triple stitching and the lace to toe system add to the look of the boots.

insole and shank

Insole and shank:

The Thorogood work boots insole can be changed. So, one can change the insole when the need arises. Moreover, it forms a comfortable cushion bed to the foot. The shank is usually made of lightweight fiberglass. But the shank is strong enough to give excellent arch support. This helps the hard-working workers to be free of foot- fatigue after long hours of work. Check reviews on hiking boots for roofing.

Slip Resistant And Water Resistant

Slip-resistant and water-resistant:

The outsole provides excellent support to the roofers while walking on slippery slopes. Traction offered by the Thorogood work boots makes them excellent hiking boots. One can use Thorogood boots in extreme climatic conditions.

Cost and DurabilityCost and Durability:

Thorogood Maxwear wedge boots are long-lasting. This is mainly because of its sole quality and craftsmanship. Sturdy and solid construction make them long hours work-boots. Thorogood boots are moderately priced. Their features balance with the quality and the price.

Why do ironworkers wear wedge boots?

Ironworkers work for long hours continuously. They work on their feet at least 6 to 7 hours per day. The wedge boots provide good comfort and maximum support to the feet.  The work environment of ironworkers may be a construction site so they must not slip or fall. Ironworkers prefer the Wedge boots as they have slip-resistant soles. Further, these boots provide a cushion-like feeling to the feet. Ironworkers prefer tall work boots as they want protection for your feet and the wedge boots satisfy this as they have a high raise.

Wedge Sole vs Heel Work Boots


A wedge sole is made of polyurethane and heel boots are made of various materials like rubber, leather, or cork. Another significant difference between the heelwork boot and a wedge sole is that a heel sole does not have a flat contact with the ground. They provide more lugging options for traction and grip. Wedge boots are safer and avoid tripping, they are easier to clean due to the presence of the shallow pattern. The pressure points are unevenly distributed in the heelwork boots. Thus, one can choose the work boots based on the work and the work environment.

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