5 Best Tool bags For Plumbers- Reviews and Buying Guide (2022)

When looking for tool bags for plumbers, you will come across plenty of options. You should check the designing of the bag along with the material used to manufacture it. If you are planning to buy the bag from the online store, make sure that you through the online reviews and the features of the plumber’s bag.best Tool bags for Plumbers

Most of the top-quality plumbing bags are designed in such a way that it enables to carry both hand tools and power tools together in the bag. The bag is made from high-quality nylon to make tool bags for plumbers a durable one. Apart from the quality of the material used, the stitching and padding inside the bag are also done carefully so that user can carry items of different weight in the bag. The double wrapped bag handles make it easy to carry it.

However, to carry the essential tool for plumbing, you can go through the details of the plumbing bag mentioned in the following part of the article.

Top Tool bags For Plumbers Comparison

S/LProductImagePocketsNon USCheck price
1.Custom Leathercraft Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment




Check Price
2.CLC Custom Leathercraft L245-Compartment Tool Carrier42


Check Price
3.Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Tool Bag

(Popular Brand)



Check Price
4.WORKPRO 15-inch Tool Storage Bag 22


Check Price
5.DEWALT DG5543 16 Inch Tradesman’s Tool Bag

(Budget Friendly)



Check Price
  1. Custom Leathercraft Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag

To stay organized when working, plumbers will be helped to use this tool bag. With plenty of bags, it will be easy to carry tools of any size as the bag have a separate compartment for each of them. By easy designing of the bag, plumbers can easily get hands on the items when in work.


  • This among the tool bags for plumbers is conveniently compartmentalized in which both power tools and large-sized tools can be carried.
  • The Sturdy and reliable material used in manufacturing the bag will help to use the bag for long.
  • The zippered panels will prevent the tools from coming out of the bag.


  • The stitching of the larger pockets of the bag seems to come out when the bag is kept on the floor containing all items together.
  1.  CLC Custom Leathercraft L245 18-Inch Tech Gear Dual Compartment Tool Carrier

For top-notch comfort, this bag is the best option. The plumbers are able to carry a wide range of items in the bag that has plenty of compartments. Also, the zip system of the bag is fixed perfectly making it easy for the plumbers to use it.


  • Hand tools and power tools have different compartments in the bag that help in easy access to the items from inside the bag.
  • It has 14 outside pocket along with 42 multi-use pockets. The pockets are also designed in such a way that none of the pockets overlap with each other.
  • To reduce stress or pain on the wrist or hand, ergonomic handle is used in tool bags for plumbers.


  • The size of the exterior pockets could have been a bigger one for the ease of carrying them.
  1. Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Tool Bag

This is a plumber bag of 53 pockets with enough space in the compartments for hand tools, a meter, power tools, cordless drill, and other heavy items. In addition, 8 small pockets are added in the bag that will help in carrying extra items in the bag. Moreover, the zip system of the bag makes it convenient to carry the items.


  • It is made from high-quality nylon that enhances the durability of the bag.
  • It provides maximum storage for carrying all tools together in different compartments according to size.
  • The rugged construction of the bag makes it easy to carry the bag.


  • The space of each compartment could be a bit larger making it easy to carry the large-sized tools.
  1. WORKPRO 15-inch Tool Storage Bag

With 22 pockets, this is among the best tool bags for plumbers. High-quality item is used to manufacture the bag. The setup of the bag is simple, and compartments are made both for power tools and hand tools. Also, the compartments are spacious enough to carry the essential tool for plumbing perfectly.


  • It is made from high-quality, polyester.
  • It contains both exterior and internal pockets in the bag.
  • The zipper is set up for the utmost safety use of the plumber and prevents tools from coming out of the bag.


  • The stitched tends to come out after prolonged use.
  1. DEWALT DG5543 16 Inch Tradesman’s Tool Bag

This 16-inch plumber bag will be of immense help for the plumbers. It has excellent base protection and comes with 33 pockets. The compartments are neatly designed that helps to carry the items properly in the bag.


  • It enables easy tool access due to plenty of compartments.
  • The tool bag is durable since it is made from a heavy-duty fabric material.
  • It is comfortable to carry with all items in it.


  • The zip tends to come out when used for prolonged time.

What is the difference between plumber’s tool bag and tool belt?

Tool bags help in various industrial purposes as it helps to keep the important items organized in one place. In addition, it is safe, secure and ready in the bag to carry to different places. Also, the bags are designed to provide utmost comfort to the user, and high-quality nylon fabric is used to make it easy for carrying. The straps are attached in such a way that it makes it easy for the user to carry the bag. Make sure to check tool belts with suspenders.

Types of plumber tool bags are as follows:types of plumber bags
  • Backpack tool bag
  • Tote tool bag
  • Shoulder tool bag
  • Holdall Toolbag

Similar to the functions of plumber tool bags, tool belts are also available in the market. It is also comfortable to carry the items. This also comes it a comparatively small size that tool bags. It tends to become heavy when all items are placed inside the bag, unlike the tool bag. Though padded belts are used to make it easy to carry the tool belts, the compartments made inside the bag are small in size compared to plumber’s tool bags. Due to the use of padded belts, it becomes easy for the person to carry the bag. The tool belts are suitable ones for carpenters.Also make sure to check the best framing bags.

Duties of Plumbers
  • Plumbers are responsible for installing the pipe system in the home to get smooth water supply in your home.
  • A plumber is also responsible for assembling pipe system, clamps, screws, cement, and plastic solvent. In addition, they also take care of brazing, welding and caulking tasks.
  • The plumbers take care of any leakage problems and fix the pipe problems along with pressure gauge faults.
  • The individual is responsible for modifying the length of pipes, fixtures, and other materials that are needed in a building.
  • The plumber is responsible for choosing materials depending on the budget, level of use and location of the building place.
  • Maintaining health and safety of the building is covered within the responsibility of the plumber.
  • The plumber should also prepare reports documents on the working of the plumbing system and write down the summary of the actions done by the plumber or the plumbing team.
  • The plumber should measures, cut, bend pipes and fit it to the required angle. The person uses different tools or equipment as pipe-threading machines, pipe cutters, and pipe-folding machines.

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